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Doctors aimed at sub ladiesYou are waiting outside the doctor’s office to see him about a wrist sprainEnter!Good morning miss Now I understand that you have a bad wrist sprain?Speak up – Yes doctor!Now as you know I am a complimentary medicine practicionerPardon?Good then please turn around and place your palms on the wallRight now lets see if your clothes are part of the problemMy word this top is far too tight – take it offThats better a far nicer view – not wearing a bra for the doctor’s is perfectNow what else have you got on – ahh short skirt, stockings, high heels and ‘stand still’ ah yes suspenders and panties gosh crotchless panties!Well let me see I always recommend nipple clamps what do you thinkHere we are please put them on for meNo! tighter than that here let me – that’s better your nipples are much harder nowNow, push hard against the wall and stick your bum outyes, just as i thought your pants are a bit tight let me ease tham adiosbet yeni giriş down a bittut tut you’ve been naughty and not been punished for a long time have you?speak up woman!well my 1st course of treatment is a good whippingnow shall I use the fondle whip, cat o nine or the vibro whip?You know how naughty you’ve been which do you think?Good choice Arse out a bit more so i can pull your panties down a bit further ah perfectNow remember you deserve this one for being youtwo for being dressed up as a slutthree for being a slut and a final one for keeping the doctor waiting Now on your kneesFace the wall and stick that stinging arse up in the airI’m going to put this leather collar on you because if you are in the doggy style, you slut, you should be treated as one!Good now sit while I get ready for the next course of treatment…keep your eyes on the wall you weren’t given permission to look at meoh dear such disobediance adiosbet giriş means that those nipple clamps are going to have to be tightenedAren’t they? Yes doctor not just yesRight I’m ready now, I always work better when naked – eyes back to the wallNow let me see – yes I think a good licking down between the hole in your panties would be a good startFeel that?My word what a wet little thing you are – please don’t spread your legs that farDear oh dear you really are bad!!!!Sit back – hands up – now how do you like your new handcuffs?Good now resume the positionI’m just going to ease my tongue in and open up those lipsyes you are very very wet aren’t you?Let me just like along the whole length of your pussy and press harder onto your clitDoesn’t that little thing get quite big?The more I flick it with my tongue the harder it gets!Now turn your head round and look into my eyes!Do I look happy or angry?Am I gonna pleasure adiosbet güvenilirmi you or fuck your arse?You’re lucky today it’s your pussy that needs a seeing to..Feel my tip going in?Yes Master NOT yes Doctor slutFeel my cock right deep inside you?Feel my balls just resting against your thighs?Now I’m going to fuck you very hard and very fast – feel like having pleasure today and fuck yoursKeep looking into my eyes as I start to pick up speedFeel my fingers playing with your clit?Feel my balls slapping against your arse now?I can feel you bucking and pushing back into me but I’m feeling generous because your pussy is so tight around meDeeper harderFeel the whip?Oh yes I can feel you spasming Time to join youCan you feel my cum exploding inside you?Good I’m pulling out now – you can clean me up with your mouthI’m going to untie one hand now so you can retrieve my cum from your pussy and eat it.Now – no playing with yourself again without permission – if you are such a weak willed slut you need tobe taught properly.Next time you phone and ask permission – All you need to say is May I – I will just say Yes or No depending on how I feel and how you have behaved!I’ll untie your other hand now.What a glorious day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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