Done In The Haunted House – Part 2

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The following Friday I met my lovely co-worker for cocktails and conversation as per usual. After a few drinks, she shyly admitted that our little tryst in the haunted house had awakened an erotic vampire fantasy that she had wanted to act out for years.However, most of her previous lovers were far too straight-laced for such a departure from the “norm”. She then asked if I was interested and I could not say yes fast enough. She would not go into any detail but added there were conditions that I must agree to.Number One: I was to drop her at the house and seal her inside and come back two hours later.Number Two: No running lights or sound effects were to be switched on.I, of course, agreed to her conditions. We then had a lengthy discussion about a safety word, something simple that would not be misunderstood. We agreed that saying my full name and adding “stop” Ankara bayan escort would cause me to cease any and all action.”So when would you like to do this?” I asked.”How about tomorrow,” she responded.So as the sun was beginning to set on Saturday I dropped Tina and a large suitcase off at the house and locked the door behind her. I then retreated to a local pub to wait. It was the longest two-hour wait I had ever had.I returned to the house and fumbled with the locks and chains. I almost forgot to lock the door behind me, such was my anticipation. On a little table just inside the front door was a candle holder with a lit candle, a wooden cross and a note that read: You are a vampire hunter. Your quest is to locate the vampire queen and steal her treasure. This will protect you.I started going room to room with Escort bayan Ankara just the candle to light my path. The house was cold and as quiet as a tomb and the floorboards protested my intrusion and creaked with my every step. My heart rate increased with every room I passed and the blood was hammering in my ears and my senses were on high alert. I expected to be surprised or attacked at every dark corner.My search seemed to take forever as I was forced to move slowly lest any fast forward movement threatens to blow out the candle’s flame. I finally made my way downstairs to the crypt room. Being in the basement of this two-hundred-year-old mansion, it had a musty forgotten smell.It was not as cold as it was upstairs as there were no boarded up windows allowing cold air to enter. I imagined old castle dungeons Bayan escort Ankara being like this, cold, dark and void of any light. The candle illuminated one of the two coffins in the room, one was wide open so slowly I approached the closed one. I knelt and with a trembling hand opened the lid.There she lay, I had found the vampire queen. She wore a beautiful full length sheer black nightgown that did little to conceal her charms. Her lips were blood red and a trickle of blood was at the corners of her mouth; she was pale and quite beautiful. As I stared at her she suddenly opened her eyes and made a hissing sound as she sat up and showed her fangs.”Mortal scum, for disturbing my rest you shall die,” she said in a feminine yet guttural voice.For a moment I was unable to move or think as I was transfixed by this pale beauty. She slammed the coffin lid and approached me hissing in anger, the candlelight reflecting off her long red fingernails and bared fangs. I then remembered the cross in my coat pocket and the warning on the note. I removed it and thrust it into her face, she hissed and recoiled.”Where is your treasure, Vampiress?” I questioned as I forced her back.

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