Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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Don’t Ask, Don’t TellMy lovely wife just came in from an evening out. It’s 3:30 AM. She nudges me to see if I’m awake. As I acknowledge that she awoke me, she has me roll over on my back, and as soon as I’m in position, I feel the heat, smell, and wetness of her juicy drippy and gooey pussy surrounding and almost smothering my upturned face. After a moment, I get my nose clear for proper breathing. I then immediately get busy licking and sucking the flowing and draining juices running and oozing from her very wet, and obviously very fucked pussy.Tonight she doesn’t provide me any hand pleasure to my aroused prick. She seems only intent on grinding her sloppy snatch on my face as well as encouraging me verbally to suck her pussy.I tongued her off and she got two orgasms in the process. She was very happy with my actions. Moments later, she rolled off my face and fell asleep. She left me with a face covered with smeared fuck slop, and the taste of the same, that she and some stud made in her pussy.I have to say that my vivacious wife and I have to attribute the success of our 12-year marriage to the same policy the US Military has applied to gays.The philosophy in our marriage is rather simple. I don’t ask her about many of her activities and she doesn’t tell me everything that she does. That’s not to say I don’t know about her activities. The truth is that there is plenty of evidence to make me wonder about her faithfulness.She’s quite a dark hair beauty. Slim to medium build with 38C tits, a 24-inch middle and 36 inches of the most provocatively shaking hips that’s always turning heads. This is all packed in a 5’6″, 120 pounds frame.I on the other hand am a class A nerd. An unpretentious one at that too, and not much taller than her or anywhere as handsome and muscular as the type of men that turn her on. Then you say, how did I attract such a knockout? Well, I’m not totally sure myself. Well, don’t let me lie. I know why. It’s because I adopted the “Don’t Ask” part of our current marriage philosophy before we were married.You see I didn’t ask whose semen was in her juicy cunt the first time she fed me her gloppy hair pie. Which incidentally was the first time she let me lick her pussy too. She claimed she was that way from being so aroused by my presence. She assumed I didn’t know what a fucked cunt looked or tasted like.My experience as a cream pie eater went back to the time a cousin tricked me in to sucking her fucked pussy, several times after she came in from dates. I was nineteen at the time. I was 22 when Marie served me up a fucked cunt in my face.I felt bad about being thought so little of, but the absolute look of pure delight as I gave her that first probing lick and then went in for full mouth to cunt contact was etched in my memory. I knew then I’d do whatever it took to please her and keep her gorgeous self mine – so I could enjoy that look, if for nothing else. The taste of her creamy, semen flavoured pussy was comparable in taste to that of my cousin, who didn’t look half as beautiful as Maria. However, the mere thought that I could please such a beautiful woman was almost like an erotic addiction.It almost went without saying; we both knew my little prick wasn’t going to do the job of providing her the sexual pleasure a woman like her wanted or needed. As you’ll later see she told me that size in that department doesn’t matter when there is love between two people. At least not on me is what she meant, but very important on her lover studs. Anyway, more to come on that. However, while we were dating, and during our engagement, she only permitted me tongue time in her juicy snatch, which 9 out of 10 times always had some other man’s sperm in it.She let me know that we were not to have full intercourse until we were wed. However, I suspected she was sleeping around and being a slut for several other guys the whole time we were going steady and engaged. I said nothing but thought of myself as the patient tortoise, as I lapped and sucked her sloppy slimy pussy for over 8 months prior to our wedding.The wedding was beautiful, even if I say so myself. However, it’s still hard for me to believe today, some f******n years later, how much fuck slop I lapped and sucked from my new bride’s reddish inflamed pouting gash before I even got her to the bridal suite.It all started after the reception when we returned to her mother’s house to undress in preparation for departing on our honeymoon early the next morning at 4:30 AM. It was 10:00 PM when we arrived at her mom’s place.Not long after we got there, about a dozen guys showed up. They wanted to see Maria one more time. Many had been at the wedding. I recognized them. Many had winked at her she marched down the aisle. I pretended to not see their supposedly sly actions.I caught Maria on her way out of the bedroom to greet them dressed only in a flimsy robe. It was obvious, she was virtually nude underneath.”Maria darling, I’ll tell them that you’re indisposed now and that you’re sorry you won’t be able to…””Oh don’t worry Malcolm dear, I’ll talk to them. You help mom in the kitchen while I talk to the guys.” She said as she blew me a kiss and walked away to see the noisy group of men.”B-But…””Oh don’t worry about her. Come help me with the dishes and stuff. You have to trust your new wife sometime. Plus, we need to spend some quality time together, son.”I blushed slightly at my new mother-in-law’s words, as she stood behind her daughter.As my new mom-in-law and I washed dishes, rather loud music and dancing could be heard from the room down the hall where Maria and the uninvited guests -at least I didn’t invite them – were now apparently dancing.Maria’s mother repeatedly refused to let me leave the kitchen and even blocked me from leaving on two occasions. After the second time I obediently sat down to enjoy her forced company as I worried about what was happening to my scantily clad Venus of a new wife and more than likely a room full of relatively well intoxicated men.Maria’s mom didn’t seem worried in the least.About an hour later, Maria came into the kitchen where we two were now looking at TV.I was so relieved to hear and see her. At least I was glad to hear her voice. When I did look around to see her, she was holding her pussy lips. “Malcolm darling, from all that dancing with the guys and thinking about you non-stop, my pussy is over flowing with love cream. Be a dear and suck it out for me.””M-Maria! Your mother is present!””Oh go right ahead, she’s told me all about how you eat her pussy, err, love cream. You have nothing to be ashamed of. You’re with family here. Go ahead and suck that pussy, after all, it’s legally yours now. She’s your wife, remember?”No matter how much I tried to not do as my new bride desired, the two insisted and persisted. It wasn’t until after a stream of viscous fluids began to run down her inner thighs when the two women began to get a bit edgy and forceful with me. It was also at that moment that my mom entered the kitchen.After a brief greeting, and a quick rundown to her of my shyness, she too was on my case. With the three of them looking on, I was shamed into dropping to my knees and performing oral extraction duties of what I, and I’m sure everyone in the room, knew was a hefty load of cum from one or more pairs of balls in the room down the hall. I was supposed to be the naive one.In a hurry to lessen my shame, I quickly slurped and sucked and licked my new bride’s obviously adulterous cunt. Even I knew I was being treated even more terrible than before. I decided to say nothing, after all, I had over eight’s month’s invested in this relationship and I wasn’t about to lose my new bride on my wedding night even if I had to compete my tongue against probably bigger and better endowed dicks, just down the hall from me.”Thanks darling. I knew you wouldn’t want your new bride dancing with other men and have pussy juice running down her legs.” Maria said as she kissed me on the forehead and darted back toward the room with the blaring music and probably more dicks and balls to be emptied, waiting for her to return.”You did good, Malcolm, I can see why my Maria is so blindly in love with you. You suck pussy good. Here’s a towel to wipe her love juices from around your mouth.” Maria’s mother replied as she handed me a paper towel to wipe the gooey gunk from my face.”I’ve told him many times, when he’s bahis siteleri complained about Maria only letting him suck her cunt, that the husband who sucks his wife’s pussy real good, is a husband that holds onto his wife through thick and then.” Mother spoke out boldly, which caused me to turn a deeper red.Mother and Maria’s mom kept me occupied in discussions while my new bride was down the hall partying. Maria returned about 20 minutes later wanting more tongue action from me. Again her pussy was filled with “Love Cream” from her thoughts about me.I thought to myself “Give me a break”, but it was apparent that the three wanted me to repeat my earlier actions, which I did. However this time the pussy slime was so viscous and mucky, my mouth seemed glued together. The hot coffee I was drinking really came in handy to help me to loosen it so I could swallow it down.”Bravo son, if you keep that up for your lovely bride, you’ll never have a need to worry about losing her.” Mother said.”As long as you exhibit such tender loving care toward my daughter, you’ll keep her love forever.” Maria’s mom added.”T-Thanks.” Was all I could think of saying at the moment, as I was too perplexed about the surrealism of the situation that was happening to me at the moment.Here I was in the kitchen talking with my mother and mother-in-law, while my brand new bride was down the hall partying, and obviously, willingly, getting a train pulled on her. Then when my new bride’s pussy gets too full or sloppy, she brings it to me for refreshing so she can present it to some other lucky big dick who only sees her as a loose piece of ass, instead of the beautiful heavenly body, I do. To further add to the bizarre situation, I’m vacuuming her slimy fuck slot while both our moms are looking on and applauding and encouraging me on.Before the party was over and the un-invited guests left, Maria made 7 trips to the kitchen and to my sucking mouth and slurping tongue. It was obvious the stuff she was feeding me was filling, as I never got hungry and didn’t feel like a late night snack as I usually do.Maria claimed she was tired from dancing and went immediately to bed after giving me a deep French kiss. It was so obvious her breath reeked of jism, but I said nothing.For the three hours of sleep we were to have prior to catching our flight, I slept fitfully. Maria slept soundly as she lay beside me. Before we retired for our pre-flight nap, my request for any kind of sex with her was soundly turned down. “Wait until we get on our honeymoon honey, don’t be too anxious, I’ll give you some. You’ve earned it. But for now, get some sleep. I’m tired.” She said yawning. Seconds later, she was out like a light. All I could do was look at her beauty all curled up next to me and place my arm around my new slut wife, who I’d yet had the opportunity to fuck.As I laid there sleepy, but in a vexatious state, I thought back to the past.HOW WE METI met Maria at a church social. I’d just moved into town after having graduated from college. I was working for an established company in town. Everyone made the assumption that if you worked for the company, you were doing well. Anyway, I hoped that the saying was true, because I’d been poor all through college and I needed the money to pay off loans and to buy clothes and a car and such stuff.Maria seemed completely out of place at the social, but later found out that she frequently donated her time to church activities. The first time I saw her, she was serving food in a buffet line at a church dinner.One of the church busy bodies whispered to me that Maria was looking for the right man to marry and that I might just be the one. I assured her that my success rate with women was almost zero. “Besides, with a girl that beautiful, I’m sure she has plenty of better looking men and I might add, with more money than me, beating down her door to take her out or to make offers of marriage.” I told the lady who was attempting to be Cupid.”You men place too much emphasis on looks and money. A woman often doesn’t place as much emphasis on that as you think. Being there for her emotionally, may mean more than all that other stuff combined.”You seem to be a sweet young man that is not pretentious or have a macho ego and thinks he’s God’s gift to women. With a success rate of zero, does that mean you’re virgin too?” The lady asked. I was totally caught off guard.”Ma’am, I-I didn’t say that.” My slight stammering as well as the slight flush on my face caused her to smile, as if she could see right through me.”There’s no need to be ashamed of being in that condition young man. It may be an asset. I’m going to put a word in Maria’s ear about you. Bye now.”I never got the woman’s name and really never thought much more about meeting. However, I did think about Maria and how pretty she was.To my utter surprise, a week later she called me at home one Friday evening as I was settling down to the beginning of another boring night and the beginning of an even more boring weekend.She apologized for being so forward to call me. She had gotten my name from the woman I’d talked to at the church last week. Maria was wondering if I could help out as a chaperone for a church sponsored Sock Hop dance at the Church gym that evening. The other fellow that was suppose to be there had to cancel.Well working the teen dance with her changed my life. We had many things in common, the same type books, similar TV shows as well as Stamp collecting. Her collection was modest compared to mine, but it was delightful to know that she was no dumb beauty.One social led to another and then to dates and then to another and so on and soon we were at the altar and married.Prior to us being married, Maria’s policy that would be no intercourse as she was saving that for our wedding night. However to cool our passions when we were dating, she ended up jacking me off and eventually, after we became engaged, I went from being able to caress her cunt with my fingers to being able to tongue her to delightful orgasms.Even though I had been taught how to lick and suck pussy by a relative -and tricked into eating cream pies – I was not really that experienced sexually. I also never told Maria that I’d sucked pussy before. So when she wanted me to suck her cunt, I knew I was good at that and played coy and ignorant as she proceeded to teach me how she wanted me to “properly lick her pussy” – her words. She’d revealed she was not a virgin but offered no background on her previous lovers or her love and sex life. I felt it better not to ask. After all, she always said that marriage was like starting over with a clean sheet and those two people make a clean start. I took that to mean that we shouldn’t pry into each other’s past.THE HONEYMOON”Darling, you didn’t last long, please do me a favour and give me some of lovely tongue of yours to finish me off.” She asked of me after I’d finally able to put it in my new wife for the first time.Wanting to make up for my not being able to sustain myself for an adequate periods of time to get her off, I did as she asked of me, even though I’d never put my face in a messy pussy before. However I did so because I assumed it was just our mess. However, as I tried to just lap her clit, she pressed my head tightly to wet syrupy runny pussy and not only demanded I lick her but suck her cunt out also. I could tell she was in the throes of passion so I accommodated her seeing as how excited I was making her. It’s always a good feeling when a guy can make a women feel good like she was responding.I was pleased at my efforts and the fact that I gave her two very rousing orgasms with my oral efforts. However, as I was doing so, it dawned on me that she seemed to have more whitish coloured fluids that looked a lot like semen in her delectable snatch than I’d put in there. I knew I could never shoot off the volume I thought I ate out of her. I had a few glasses of champagne, but I wasn’t that mellow or tipsy, or was I?”That was so delightful Malcolm darling. They say, the type of love you make on your wedding night, you should do it all the time. I want you to suck my pussy from now on after we make love.” Maria said sweetly and in the loveliest of voices.I tried to respond before she turned over and went to sleep. But the viscous nature of the slime from her pussy had my mouth so gluey I couldn’t speak readily. I had to wash the gooey canlı bahis slime with some champagne. When I returned to bed she was sound asleep.It had been a busy day for us and I was very proud I’d been able to lose my virginity as well as give my new bride such sexual pleasure that zonked her out so pleasantly.We were too poor to have a proper honeymoon, but we did go away for a weekend at a nearby resort.After the wedding, and during our brief honeymoon, Maria reiterated to me that she valued trust very highly in a marriage.”Malcolm, the lack of trust has ruined countless marriages. I hope ours won’t be one that is plagued with us not trusting each other. As you know, men cheating on their wives is much more prevalent than the other way around. Because of that, I might be more questioning of your activities. You should expect that, after all you’re a husband who will be out working and away from home more than I, your domestic spouse. However, if you truly love and trust me, you will accept my explanations, when and if I decide to provide them, about my activities with my friends.” She told me.”Isn’t that a little one sided?” I asked.”Dear, see you’re already saying you don’t love or trust me.”I assured her I did and not wanting to cause a fuss over what I was sure was just an inconsequential thing, I told her that I would accept her outlook on things.”Thank you Malcolm. Now so that you won’t get upset, some of my friends have said they’ll be dropping by to see how I’ve been doing since having my name changed to yours. Some will be my old boyfriends. They’ve asked if you are the jealous type and possibly insecure and not trust your new bride going out to lunch or dinner or dancing with old friends. I assured them you weren’t that type. I told them you trusted me completely. Was I wrong darling?””O-Old boyfriends… Dinner… Dancing?” I stammered as I sat down to try and sort through what I’d heard my new wife tell me. These were not inconsequential activities.”Do you trust me or not Malcolm? That’s the question.””W-Why yes Maria dear, you know I do, b-but y-you know h-how other people talk a-and h-how easily rumours get started. If I was along with you and your friends, people wouldn’t be so eager to…””No darling, you must trust me. I’ve already told all my friends you do. If you’re tagging along with me everywhere I go, they won’t think you love me, as love and trust go together. Also, since they’d suspect you were there to watch over me, they’d lose respect for you as a modern husband. They’d see you as insecure in your manhood not to trust me being alone with them. I’ve already committed my word to my friends that you trust me fully. Are you implying that I don’t have equal rights in making commitments in this marriage, or that you’ll support my commitments?”The idea of my manhood coming into play made me re-think what she was saying. Plus, I didn’t want anyone to think I didn’t support my wife when she made commitments.”I-I’m sorry Maria dear. I do trust you and I do support your commitments. P-Please forgive me if-if there was any hint that I…””You don’t have to say anymore darling. Thank you for being so understanding and your love and most of all for your faith and trust in me.”A TRUSTFUL MARRIAGE”Maria, you just kissed that man and l-let him feel all over your ass.” I said in an alarmed tone as my wife walked in the open front door.”We were just saying goodbye and I thanked him for dinner. Remember our agreement on trust? If there was something to what you saw that threatened our marriage or my love for you, I certainly would’ve have mentioned it to you. Unless I do, don’t worry in the least darling… or for that matter, don’t even ask me. Okay?””If-If that t-the way…””Yes darling that’s the way I want it. Now let’s enjoy ourselves. Honey, I need your love so badly. Would you please come suck my pussy? I really feel so sexy and in need of your tongue and sucking lips right now.”I did as she wanted. She didn’t wait to go to our bedroom, she just hiked her dress up and asked me to pull down her crotch-wet panties.Almost in a flash, she pulled my head in her very wet and slick gamy muff. It was obvious someone had been playing in her pussy. I could assume it was just fingers having been put in there had it not been for the amount of obvious sticky semen I was sucking out and knew now by taste.I got her off. Actually she got off twice and wouldn’t let go of my head until she thoroughly ground her wet syrupy muff tightly against my face for those two rousing orgasms.When I inquired about letting me put it in for a quickie, she told me to save it for Friday night, our regularly scheduled night for sex.The above scene is typically repeated at least 2 – 3 times a week and virtually every Saturday night, after she comes home from being out with one or more of her men friends.I’ve met many of her friends, all of whom have been men so far. They praise me for having such a beautiful wife.It’s nothing for me to come in from work and find one or more of them leaving. They always like to shake my hand when they do so. Whenever I come home and men are leaving our house, no matter if they shake my hand or are waving bye to me as they are backing out of our driveway, I know my wife will have this burning desire for me to eat her out. Since trust and love go together, I say nothing but show my love by going down on her and doing my part to keep my wife happy. I guess I should be glad there is nothing going on that will threaten the stability of our marriage. I assume if there was she’d tell me. So far, as she hasn’t said anything to me about it.At our two year anniversary party, she presented me with a present. It was a report from her OBGYN. The report confirmed that we were 7 months away from having an addition to our family.A few days later, friends of hers hosted a party at our home to celebrate her pregnancy. The invitees at the party, which were friends of hers and a few of my co-workers quickly applauded our good fortune. I too was caught up in the moment. However later, after I was sipping on my celebration drink and kissing my inseminated wife, it dawned on me that for the last three months I hadn’t had regular intercourse with Maria. During that time, she either had jerked me off as I was sucking her sloppy cunt or we did a sixty-nine.It was next to impossible to get close to her after my celebration kiss so I could tell her that the report might be in error. She was dancing constantly with our guests. I guess there wasn’t much I could say. After all, she was the only woman present and it would be impolite for the host’s wife not to spend some time dancing with the invited guests. I made a mental note to remind her next time she gave me a surprise party to be sure and make sure she have the guys bring their wives or girlfriends along.To my total surprise, after talking to six of my office mates, three of whom are married and the others single, I discovered my wife had also been out to lunch with all of them and had dinner with several of them more than once. They said she’d wanted to know more about the work we did after meeting them at the office Christmas party I took her to which was about six months after our wedding.”Yeah, Malcolm old boy, she said she wanted to hear about what we did from a different perspective than you gave her. She really took an interest in what we and the others did for the company. She had so many questions that I know it took me five lunches and four dinners to address them all.” Spoke Kyle who was slurring his speech due to the amount of champagne and beer he’d swigged down.As I worked the crowd, my other co-workers had similar stories and quickly praised me not only for my wife’s charming assets but also her interest in the operations of our company.I guess I should’ve been pleased, but all I remembered from Maria was how boring my work sounded, even though I brought home a decent pay check. However, all the co-workers she went out with were from the Marketing and Public Relations part of my group. They were all gabbers, and handsome hunks who were so slick and skilful, they could make a pile of beans seem exciting.During the rest of the party, she and one or the other of the men were constantly going into the kitchen and other parts of the house. When I would try to find her to talk to her, some the other guys would always intercept me and want to talk. güvenilir bahis They were persistent and so as to be a good host, I couldn’t be impolite and desert them.After all of the guests had departed and as we were cleaning up, I let Maria know that it was possible that the report was wrong about her being with c***d, due to the fact that she and I hadn’t had intercourse in over three months.”Oh no Malcolm darling. I’m certain. I’ve missed two of my monthlies and I really feel like a mommy to be. No darling, you’re going to be a daddy of our baby.” She said as she kissed me and warmly embraced me before we went off to bed.As usual, she wanted me to kiss and lick and suck her wet gooey snatch. Her kisses also had a similar flavour as the stuff in her cunt, so I had a suspicion she’d probably been sucking cocks at the party too, while the others kept me occupied. I said nothing of my suspicions, because that’s all they were. I had no real proof other than the apparent jism I was currently digesting as I buried my head in her very moist, warm, soft hairy crotch.I knew if I continued with this line of questions, I knew I was bound to conflict with the issue of trust, so I thought it best to avoid that subject. Besides, it was apparent whoever the father was, she hadn’t planned to leave me for him. It appeared our marriage was safe. After all, she did say it was “our baby” and that I would be the “daddy”. However, on further thinking, I realized she didn’t say I was the father.TWO YEARS LATERI came in from work early one day to see my lovely Maria wearing only her bra, but it was off her tits, still hooked but under her exposed luscious tits. She was sitting on a towel with her legs spread slightly cocked up. It appeared her pussy was draining onto the thick towel she sat on. She had a martini in her hand.The other disturbing thing was that there were three men in the room, one of them was my co-worker Kelly. I remember him leaving work early.The three gents were all nude and their clothes strewn in a various piles nearby. It was apparent an orgy had taken place in our front room.”Hi honey, I didn’t expect you home so early.” Spoke Maria as if nothing was out of place or wrong. “I took the baby over to moms for the afternoon.” She added.”O-OH, I-I see.” I replied slowly still surveying the room.Kelly as well as the others also waived as well as gave me with a casual verbal greeting. I almost couldn’t believe this. It was indeed surreal.”T-T-The air conditioner a-at work w-went out. T-They let us o-out early.” I stammered nervously.”Darling your timing is impeccable. My pussy could use a good tongue lashing and sucking right now. C’mon over here and do me please.” My wife said as she spread her vivacious legs and scooted her crotch up so that more of it was exposed. The sight was unbelievable. Her usually well trimmed bush was a total mess as well as coated with glistening slime. I could see a ropy strand oozing out of her stretched slit.Judging by the size of the men’s penises in the room, it was apparent that she’d been well stretched.”W-What? N-Now?” I stammered more in shock than anything else.”Of course. You fellows don’t mind do you?”There was an instant almost simultaneous reply as the three gave their blessings to me doing as she asked of me.”M-Maybe t-this is-is a b-bad time for…” I tried to reply and walk toward the rear hall. To do so I had to pass the three nude men sitting on a nearby couch.”C’mon Malcolm darling. This is fine right here. You can kneel right on the carpet here. After all, I might leave spots on the floor if I walk too far. I’m quite juicy.”One of the men named Nelson, stood up, he didn’t block my way, but he was a head taller than me and his standing was a bit intimidating, especially in regard to what he said as he stood.”C’mon Malcolm, after all this is your house, your castle. You have the right to eat your wife’s pussy anywhere in it you want.”When I took another step, the other two gents stood up and blocked my path out of the room. I took that as a signal, that they wanted me to suck on the snatch they’d all apparently had their dicks in earlier.I turned and looked at my wife, who now had the sweetest smirking smile I’d ever seen.”W-Well, if-if y-you insist dear.” I-I said meekly.I put my attaché case down and laid my coat aside as well as removed my tie before keeling. All the while all I could stare at was her reddish distended messy running slimy muff and thinking how I had to put my face there with those men looking on.EIGHT YEARS LATERWe have three beautiful k**s now. My wife has surprised me each time she came to me pregnant with each one. She is currently 4 months pregnant. This time she didn’t give me any warning, but just pulled out her maternity wardrobe. For a six month period prior to her pregnancy, all I got from her was a slimy wet drippy cunt to suck and hand jobs.In fact, it was somewhere in the four months into this six month period that our third c***d was conceived. I distinctly remember her telling me that she was two months pregnant about the fourth month. Even at that, she still didn’t let me put it in until 2 months later, despite my pathetic begging to let me do so.It was sort of odd that here I was fucking my own wife for the first time in about for the first time in 6 months and here she was 4 months pregnant.To make a long story short, I came to realize that many times the only way I was going to get some pussy was to suck it. That became a mainstay of our marital arrangement as well as her or me jacking my meat off for relief.The idea of masturbation and the normalcy of it for me has become almost institutionalized in our marriage. Many times when my wife seem to want to embarrass me even more, she would dictate for me to masturbate myself while she looked on and supervised me, no matter how I tried to wiggle out of doing so.The first time I refused to do so for her, she told our Moms. In no uncertain terms, both said that as her husband, I should consider that as normal as intercourse, and that I had an obligation to perform in this manner. “And especially so if you’re aroused” – my mother said in an imperial tone to me. They threatened to use corporal punishment if I didn’t comply with my wife’s wishes, since – in their viewpoint – the only reason I wouldn’t do this for my wife is that I was saving it for another woman. No matter how I tried to dwell on the subject of masturbation being less manly and humiliating, it carried no weight with this female inquisition team of my wife and our Moms.The end result, I was forced to agree, in writing, that I accepted jacking off myself, as being an accepted form of sexual intercourse, that is, when my wife did not want to have intercourse with me. Additionally, she would have the right to supervise me at any time, as well as our Moms. I really fought the idea of me doing it for our Moms, but my concern was not even considered. My humiliation was complete when I was told then and there to drop my pants for the group. I didn’t want to, but mother stressed that she wouldn’t tolerate disobedience. The look in her eyes told me I’d better do as I was told. I did. I truly felt like I was a mama’s boy as I blushed and unbuckled my pants.To my utter embarrassment, I was made to jack off as the women raised their dresses and exhibited their womanly and arousing cunts. The group urged me to stroke my meat at their directions. I was also made to lick each cunt before me as I kneeled and masturbated myself under the group’s supervision.I was highly perturbed. The written statement I had to sign didn’t even have such words “As not in the mood”. It simply stated if she “didn’t want to.” Oh what a cruel gauntlet we under endowed, easygoing males have to walk.The issue of me being unfaithful seem to be another area where there was continual scrutiny where I was always put on the defensive to prove my faithfulness to my wife. Both her mother and mine, seemed to continually dwell on that point.As part of this continual surveillance of my activities to ensure I was being faithful, all my time had to be accounted for when I was away from home. If I got caught in traffic and was a bit late coming home, as much as by 15 minutes, I had to write a reason and put it in a log, which was reviewed my not only my wife but by our Moms also. I am intensively interrogated if they are suspicious of any of my reasons.So readers, as you can see, despite the ordeal I’ve had to endure over the years, love, trust, and the policy of not asking questions I may not want to know the answers to, has kept my marriage intact and cohesive.####END####

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