Double Dip Anniversary

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Rubbing his hard cock lightly through his khakis, he waited for the red light to change. He stared at the red burning bulb, his mind terribly distracted. Tonight would be a huge risk. They’d been experimenting, exploring, taking things further, but this, well this could cost him dearly or get him off in a whole new way. The thought of success was so enticing, he had to try it despite the chances of a major fail.

The light changed, but it wasn’t until the car beside him moved, that he stirred from his thoughts and gassed the car through the intersection. Driving home, he thought about the days when he didn’t think he’d make his fifth anniversary. After three years of marriage, they’d run into a lot of problems. They’d fought, avoided each other, and he’d had far more dates with his hand than his wife.

When things really blew up, they took a night and sat talking over coffee, letting everything out. A few hours in, he thought it was over. After listing all their gripes, they sat and stared at each other not saying a word for nearly an hour. When finally she spoke again, she said simply, “I still love you.”

He hadn’t been sure and hearing it that night, after all the bad words and trying months, he felt like some huge second wind had come up behind him and lifted him to new heights. He’d gotten up, kneeled in front of her, and said, “I still love you too.”

They’d spent the rest of the night listing good things about their lives then started sharing dreams, which led into sexual fantasies. He smiled as he thought of that night. It was like a chance to talk her up anew and re-dream of what their life together could be like.

When she told him details about one of her secret sexual fantasies, he’d listened intently. Testing their new truce, he quickly agreed to it all and they’d enjoyed making her fantasy a reality before daybreak. It unleashed an abundance of hidden fantasies in both of them.

As they struggled to work through their problems together, they rewarded each other in the bedroom. Over time, they’d learned to share their desires in bed, speak of them more openly, and even created some together.

Driving the last few blocks home slowly, he went over and over the guidelines they’d set. He was in charge of their anniversary celebration and she wanted everything about it to be new – different foods, places, clothes – everything. They’d decided to try to make it a night to set the tone for even more explorations in their future years.

He’d been surprised how willing she’d been to add new elements to their lives; from little things like brands of products to big decisions like living on less to pay off bills. They both really made some changes and both applied the same rigor in the bedroom. The day she’d shyly asked him to fuck her ass, he’d nearly cum in his shorts. Even now, thinking about those words dropping from her mouth, made his cock jerk.

Arriving home early, he left the car parked in the driveway. The garage was full of things he’d been gathering for their celebration. An all new evening was a tough order, especially on the limited budget they had both agreed to follow. Over the last few weekends, he’d been hitting a lot of flea markets and garage sales. He had everything set to transform their garage and deliver a little themed step back in time.

Briefly entering the house, he dropped his briefcase, threw on work clothes, and grabbed a beer. In the garage, he pulled the tarp off the mysterious growing pile of stuff. As it had grown, he’d made her promise not to peek. She had enjoyed his secrecy and ongoing secret missions. Putting things together, he knew if nothing else, she would appreciate his efforts.

At least he really hoped she would.


She was in the break room slumped on the couch, a few others chattered away at the big table a few yards away. They didn’t bother her. In fact, she was scarcely aware of them. Work had been a struggle all day as her mind wandered to the night’s festivities.

This morning they’d only shared a quick kiss and anniversary greeting because he had to rush to work, or so he claimed. He’d been sneaking off a lot lately, and she knew it was for their anniversary. Her curiosity about his plans had been growing every single day since they’d agreed he would do everything.

When she’d gone out to her car in the morning, she couldn’t resist looking over at the tarp covered lump in the garage that had been steadily growing for weeks. Even with walking slowly around it, the shape revealed nothing. She’d been checking balances on their cards and accounts and there were no extra withdrawals. He had been absolutely close lipped about it, not offering a single clue. She had never been so eager for any of their anniversaries before.

Checking her watch, she noticed only a few minutes of her break remained. Unfortunately, it was still hours before she could head home. Hard as she tried to put it out of her mind, she could not. She’d been distracted all day and frequently almanbahis şikayet lost herself to steamy scenes she’d shared with him lately.

Hopes for something even more steamy had left her pussy wet many times throughout the day. She’d even thought about calling him to tell him, yet couldn’t find the nerve. Even as they’d explored so much more in bed lately, she still felt it should be private, like they were deviants or something. It had been so hard to open up to him about her desires, and still, there was so much more she was holding back.

Getting up slowly, she stretched, and forced herself back to work. She had tons of paperwork to complete still; her boss had already noted errors in her earlier work. Taking a deep breath, she vowed to stay focused.

It wasn’t but twenty minutes later when her hands sat motionless on her keyboard and her mind pictured him stepping out of the shower this morning. Water glistened on his tanned skin and more than anything she’d wanted to put her hands on his hairy chest and push him back into their large tiled shower. Smiling to herself, she wondered if there were any positions they hadn’t yet tried in there.

Despite frequent lusty daydreams, she did manage to get her work done and even reviewed it before leaving it on her boss’ desk. Gathering her things, she couldn’t remember a workday ever seeming longer. Her excitement too much contain, she walked past the elevators and bolted down the stairs, taking them two at a time, and happily blowing off some nervous energy. Walking briskly out of the building and across the lot to her car, she smiled broadly and felt so lucky to be eagerly awaiting her fifth wedding anniversary celebration.


Opening up a piece of mint gum, Tom leaned on the back of his truck parked a few doors down from Dan’s house, his boss of nearly four months. Tossing the gum in his mouth, he chewed it quickly as he always did when he was nervous. He checked his watch again, about two minutes after he’d checked it earlier. According to Dan, timing was crucial.

Tom stood, straightened his tie, and then walked to check his hair in the side mirror. Running his hand over his hair, he wondered why he was so nervous. He didn’t mind that Dan was his boss. It wasn’t any long term job he feared losing and he had been looking forward to this deliveryman gig. Stepping back to the tailgate, he thought maybe it was Dan’s behavior that made him nervous, like he could be an innocent bystander when things exploded.

After taking a few deep breaths, he opened his tailgate and rolled back his truck bed cover slightly. He put on the last bit of the costume Dan had given him earlier and then closed up his truck. Placing his chewed gum back in the wrapper, he put it in his pocket and began walking slowly to the house.

Taking his time, he breathed deeply and tried to relax. Waiting out at the edge of the lawn a couple minutes, he kept an eye on his watch. He timed it nearly to the second, knocking on the small door at the side of the garage promptly at seven.

Inside he heard Dan exclaim, “That must be the deliveryman with your present!”


She looked at her husband and asked, “I thought all this was my present!”

“Oh no, our New to the Seventies Night has barely begun Mandy. Just remember you like it so far and give me a little a leeway here okay?”

She grinned and cocked her head, ever so curious about what else he had in store. They were already on their second bottle of Boone’s Farm Strawberry Hill wine and she was feeling ready for anything in their garage turned groovy and utterly tasteless seventy’s pad.

She watched as Dan went to the door and opened it. There stood a really hot younger guy also dressed in a tight crazily patterned shirt, thick ugly tie, and bell bottom jeans. In addition, he had a big red ribbon around his neck.

She laughed and walked over and said, “I don’t get it, what are you delivering?”

“Hello Mandy,” he said and held his hand out, “I’m Tom, your anniversary present.”

Her jaw dropped and she stood staring at him as he held his hand out. She was gripped with surprise, then embarrassment, then utter shyness. Absolutely terrified about what Dan had told him about her, she bolted out of the garage and into the house. Once the door closed behind her, she stood with her back against the wall and tried to settle down. With a little time to herself, she suddenly realized all she’d done was chicken out.

Dan came inside then, startling her. He put his hand on her shoulder and said, “I’m sorry Mandy, I can ask him to leave…”

She looked at Dan and felt nervous as she asked, “Do you want me to…”

He put his finger on her lips and said, “I want you to do what you want. If you don’t want this, neither do I. I thought another partner would really open things up for us, and well, I sure would like to be in your ass with him in your pussy.”

“Two at once?” she exclaimed, “Oh that is almanbahis canlı casino so much more than…”

“Okay, okay, I’ll send him home, I’m sorry, I took it too far then,” he said and put his hand on the doorknob.

Without a thought, she stepped forward and put her hand on his and said, “No wait.”

He stood, staring at her, thrilled she’d even give it a thought.

Looking at his hand on the knob, she took deep breaths then said, “I’m so nervous.”

He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her and whispered, “Your call Mandy, I’m feeling some nerves too, but I think if we can get over them, we’ll have some very new kind of fun tonight for sure.”

She giggled and replied, “How about we all have a glass of that crappy wine and see how it goes?”

“Sounds good to me Mandy,” he said and opened the door.

Walking in slowly behind her, he gave Tom a quick wink. This was one of many possible responses they’d covered. He had a few more tricks up his sleeve yet. She apologized to Tom and invited him to sit down. As he plopped down on one of many old beanbag chairs around the big square of brightly colored deep shag carpeting, Dan handed them all glasses of wine.

Showing more boldness than he’d expected, Mandy held up her glass and said to the men, “Here’s to new things.”

They toasted and as Mandy sipped her glass, the men, as planned, quickly chugged their wine, then set the glasses down and began undressing. As Mandy watched, surprised and fascinated, they took off items nearly as if mirrors of the other. They both tossed their ties away with the same flip action in the same direction. When they began unbuttoning their shirts in synchronized exaggerated movements, she began laughing, knowing they’d rehearsed it.

Sipping her wine, she felt herself quickly surrender to whatever else they had planned and enjoyed as they pulled off their ugly 70’s shirts. These too were thrown away in the same patterned manner. For their white undershirts however, they moved forward and kneeled in front of her with their arms up.

She laughed, finished off her wine, and set the glass aside. Looking over both men, she opted to pull the shirt off her husband first. Moving in close to him, she pulled his shirt free then hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear, “You’re not going to let me chicken out, are you?”

“I just work here ma’am,” he replied.

She giggled and kissed his cheek, then emboldened by the wine and the laughter, moved to Tom and pulled up on his shirt. Once the fabric was up over his head, she left it there, and ran her hand slowly down his pale slightly sunken chest to his belt buckle. His light skin ran smooth and hairless over his very lean body. It was obvious he was a runner. His arms still up and his face covered by the fabric of his t-shirt, Tom said, “Just remember, I’m the ugly one with the little dick.”

She burst out laughing and looked over at Dan. Unfastening Tom’s belt, she said to her husband, “You thought of everything, didn’t you?”

He shrugged, his eyes lustfully drinking her in.

Staring at Dan, she deftly removed Tom’s belt and opened the fly of his jeans and pulled them down until they fell to the floor. He stepped out them and slid off his loafers. She stood and pulled his t-shirt off and smiled at him. He smiled back then stood awkwardly for a moment as they stared at each other with his erection clearly outlined within his boxers.

Dipping a finger in the waistband of his boxers, she turned to Dan and said, “Get naked.”

Wasting no time, he kicked off his shoes as he unbuckled his belt. Watching Dan undress, she slid her hand down into Tom’s boxers and gripped his cock and ran her thumb around his tip. He shuttered and moaned softly. Watching Dan toss his boxers away, she felt very nasty and ached for their cocks. She knew Dan had thoroughly played her and she didn’t care.

As she reached for Dan’s hard cock, she asked Tom, “Would you take off your boxers please?”

He nodded and quickly wiggled out of them as she held both hard shafts. Holding the two cocks, she paused for many moments and looked back and forth, feeling such an intense thrill all through her body. Taking a deep breath, she released the last of her apprehensions and said, “I’m not sure what to do next, but I want to do it all.”

“Uh,” Tom said, raising his hand, “I have a whole lotta suggestions ma’am.”

She grinned at him, then kneeled and ran her tongue around his mushroom tip. Popping it in her mouth and giving a suck for just a few seconds, she then moved to do the same to Dan. The men moved closer together as she moved back to Tom. This time, she took his cock further in her mouth, getting it well coated in saliva. As she moved to take in Dan’s cock, she moved her hand up and began pumping Tom’s shaft.

Soon both cocks were well coated and she was thoroughly relaxed and enjoying herself as she alternated pumping and sucking cocks. Even though looking at almanbahis casino their shafts, she could feel their eyes on her as they moaned and rocked their hips. Pumping stiff meat in each hand, she stood up and looked at Dan.

He grinned and said, “Tom, help me, let’s get this woman naked.”

“Yes boss,” Tom replied, and began to unbutton Mandy’s blouse.

Dan moved to her side and unbuttoned her skirt in the back. He stopped cold when Tom pulled her blouse open and revealed what she wore underneath. Mandy turned to face Dan and said, “Your anniversary present.”

Dan smiled broadly and then kissed her passionately, her hand still pumped his cock and charged him up thoroughly. He pulled away, looked her over and shook his head as he said, “This is so much hotter than I ever dreamed.”

Working her long sleeved blouse off her arms, Tom said, “Damn fine gift!”

Dan stepped back in front of Mandy and put his hand on Tom’s shoulder pushing him away and said, “Tom, buddy, I need just one minute here to see my anniversary present.”

With a chuckle, Tom stepped back. She released both their dicks and stood with her hands to her sides as Dan undressed her, then kneeled down to look her over. He pumped his throbbing cock as he drank in every detail. He could not believe his wife stood before him in a black lacy bustier and tiny thong panties. He reached out and ran his hands down the thin soft material and whispered, “You are so beautiful.”

She smiled at him and he stood and took her in his arms and kissed her deeply, running his hands up and down her back, then down to squeeze her bare ass.

“I like my present too,” she said softly to Dan while looking at Tom.

Tom winked at her as Dan stepped back beside him and they both stood staring at her, their cocks in their hands. She looked them both up and down and unconsciously licked her lips, then stepped back and sat down on the beanbag chair. Dan gestured to Tom to go around as he moved to kneel before her. Pushing her legs open, he laid down between them and began covering her inner thighs in light wet kisses.

His eyes running up and down her body, Tom kneeled down near her head which hung back slightly from the low chair. She reached out and guided his cock to her lips. Enjoying his look of amazement, she took the head of his cock into her mouth as Dan pulled aside the thin strip of fabric of her panties and began kissing up and down her slit.

Moaning loudly, she reached up and grabbed Tom’s tight ass cheeks, squeezing them firmly and pulled him closer sucking his cock in deeper. Dan’s tongue dipped into her slit and lightly ran over her clit and made her gasp out in excitement and pleasure.

Dipping his finger in her pussy and pushing down lightly, he watched her suck Tom’s cock and felt more aroused than he ever expected. It was almost like meeting her again, this wild sexual woman he had no idea lurked inside.

She sucked Tom noisily and he watched her body writhe in pleasure as she had lost every last bit of her inhibitions. He kissed her along the thin lacy waistband of her panties, then in a moment’s lust, ripped them open with his hands.

She arched her back and pushed her pussy towards him, obviously pleased with his action. He quickly removed the tattered fabric and scooted in closer and began rubbing her clit with the head of his rock hard and eager cock.

She turned her head, dropping Tom’s cock from her mouth and moaned out loudly, “Ohhhhh Dan, yes!”

As Tom pushed his cock back in her mouth, Dan rubbed her clit faster and harder, sliding his cock up and down her wet pussy. Her hips began bucking and he watched her struggle to suck on Tom. When he could resist no longer, he pulled her legs up and then guided his cock slowly into her hot tight pussy.

With a loud deep grunt, he pushed all the way in, slapping his balls against her. She gave a loud muffled moan as he began fucking her hard, his head absolutely swimming in lust. His eyes glued on her tits bulging out the bustier, he pumped into her and felt such incredible pleasure and disbelief. The excitement of her like this made his balls ache so hard for release. It took everything he had to hold back. He felt so good pounding into her tight opening.

When he could take no more, with a long forlorn groan, he pulled his cock out of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, wanting more. Tom moaned and panted, fighting to keep his load as she sucked him hungrily, taking out all her heightened desires on his shaft. Pulling her legs from around his waist, Dan stepped back and went over to a flea market shag rug covered chest of drawers, and pulled out a bottle of lube and a pack of rubbers.

Tossing the box to Tom, he opened the lube and poured it all over his cock. Tom missed the box, but with a long drawn out grunt, pulled away from Mandy’s wonderful sucking mouth and bent to pick up the box. Dan put his hands out to Mandy. He helped up then turned her around. With one arm wrapped tightly around her, the other began massaging the lube up and down between her ass cheeks. Tom leaned against a table, rolled a rubber down his aching cock and watched Mandy, her eyes closed, moan in pleasure as Dan rubbed, lubed and relaxed her ass.

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