Duty Bound- part 2

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Duty Bound- part 2The red stilettos, though new, were surprisingly comfortable as Hannah stepped out into the warm evening air; her cock bulged with excitement under her tight leather pencil skirt, her black silk top with chiffon sleeves capturing her sweet feminine shape perfectly. She met Simone and Babs at a bar close to Transcendence; the other two equally sexily dressed. They had a few drinks and then walked the short distance to the new venue. Inside, the girls were not disappointed with the new club; it was all tastefully appointed and the music and lighting were soft. It had the feel of a gentleman’s club rather than a nightclub and the patrons there in numbers all seemed very well turned out; many gurls and males all looking the part, gone was the shabby raucous feel that the old venue had had; the girls felt immediately at home, secure from the teasing rabble who had frequented it before. They could not know that there were eyes on them that belonged to far more dangerous adversaries than drunken males on stag nights. From a secluded corner the man who had been at Fifi’s earlier spied the three sweet t-girls; his cock swelling immediately he viewed them; they were special, Hannah particularly, and he and his accomplice who mariobet güvenilirmi sat next to him, had designs on the pretty girls.“See what I mean? The blonde and the black haired ones are sweet, but the auburn one with the red stilettos; phew! Imagine the price we’ll get for her. I want to sample her before we ship her out, my cock has to have her!” The other man stared fixedly at the trio as he chuckled his confirmation; his cock was rigid too in anticipation of ‘packaging’ these three, and yes, the stiffness of his cock was in no small way, mainly down to Hannah; he’d want those sweet red lips around his cock too, before she was shipped out. He smiled.“You say all three are baggage free? No one will miss them?” The man from Fifi’s was rubbing his crotch as he looked longingly at Hannah.“Yup; I’ve done my homework, because of their nature, two of them work for themselves, the other only does casual and is known to flit from job to job. They all live independently and have managed to avoid serious relationships, pimps etc. amazingly enough. That horny little redhead has Al Wasid’s name written all over her; just look at her milky white skin; he’ll pay whatever we ask!” The two made their plans as to how to get mariobet yeni giriş the girls back to where they could prepare them. Both males were unassuming looking middle aged men, in good shape, well groomed and outwardly attractive to t-girls who had a penchant for mature masculine males. A third man of a similar appearance entered the room, he signalled to the other two, who gestured toward the girls; he made a point of brushing past the girls, turning and apologising, ensuring he was noticed. Tall mature and handsome, the girls tittered politely back at the broad male in a sharp suit as he walked over to the other two. Simone’s cock tingled.“He’s lovely, I bet he likes to spank and tease.” The others laughed, but both had similar feelings; their natural submissiveness already accentuated by alcohol. Hannah’s bottom tingled as he watched the large male sit with the others.“I so need to have my bottom in the air and feel the strong arms of a man holding me as he glides into my pussy!” Babs gasped and nearly lost her drink through her nostrils as she laughed involuntarily.“Hannah! Don’t be such a slut! Besides, I saw him first!” The three did not take much notice of what had happened, but the seed had been sown. mariobet giriş As he sat down in the seating across the floor the others greeted the man.“Well done Hal. Those three aren’t just going to walk out of here with us without a little hard work.” Hal looked back over at their prey.“You certainly have found three beauties this time Scott, I’ve a mind to take that redhead for my own and fuck the business! She smells as good as she looks; I can’t wait to see her trussed ready for sale.” The three men took turns in getting drinks and ‘parading’ to the lavatory; they wanted the girls to feel like they almost knew them before they made their move. Professional in every way appearance wise, the girls could not have guessed the true nature of the three suited and well groomed men. Frank, the other trio member made the first move; he was the ‘charmer’ in the outfit and just casually took the direct line, on retrieving a round of drinks he looked Hannah square in the eye and was simply being honest when he commented.“You are absolutely stunning, I’d love to hear your story; can I buy you and your friends a drink? Why don’t you join us over there for a chat.” Hannah and the girls hesitated only slightly, they smiled at each-other, what harm could they come to? And all three were horny already Hannah’s erect cock pulsed as she looked at this mature and attractive male. They agreed on a drink, Frank bought them and all four walked across and sat in the secluded corner with the other two males. The trap was set.

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