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After their trip to Massachusetts when they got back home, Donald notices a new plumpness to Emma.  They had been indulging in a lot of good food.  He knows he needs to get her back into a regular exercise routine to get rid of the ten or so pounds she must have put on.A couple of morning after their return, after their morning routine and shower, Donald made Emma step on the scale in the bathroom.  It was an old-time doctor’s scale where weight moves across the two bars to gauge your weight.Donald takes elaborate time first moving the bottom weight to one hundred, then pressing the upper weight up and up to where the scale would not move to balance.“Emma, you have gained weight, a bit too much,” Donald chastises her as he moves the bottom weight up to one-hundred and fifty.  This time the upper bar balances at one-hundred and fifty-six.Now Donald does not mind this fuller Emma, it adds to her curves, and the little tummy on her now is delightful, but he does want her in fit form.He spanks both her ass cheeks and tells her they need to up her exercises schedule to help her lose this extra weight.Emma is so embarrassed; she blushes, realizing she has gained back most of the weight she has lost over these months with Donald. Tears fill her eyes.Memories rush back over of her of her father off-handedly chastising her.  Calling her a ‘butter-ball’ in her teens when she gained weight.  Her mother would put her on a diet of cottage cheese and sizzle steaks for weeks until weight dropped off her.  Emma realizes that contributed a good bit to how she dressed before meeting Donald.Now his words bring all those feelings rushing back over her, and the tears spill out.  She hurries from the bathroom and puts on the clothes Donald laid out on herself and leaves the bedroom, and house, for her morning meeting.Donald finds himself standing in the bathroom dumbfounded.  What came over Emma?  He hadn’t meant anything by his words, more just kidding her a little.  He is confused as he dresses and leaves also.  Emma has never acted this way before.He texts her when he gets to the Institute, asking if she is alright.  He realizes she will be in her meeting so is not surprised when he does not hear a reply until almost noon. “I am fine.  If you feel I do need to exercise more to lose weight, I understand.  Whatever you feel is right sir,” is all Emma’s text reply says.Now Donald is more kocaeli escort baffled by her reply.  So unlike the ongoing texts, she usually sends him of late.  He can almost hear the anguish in her voice as she typed this response.‘What is the matter,’ Donald wonders.  He had not seen the tears in her eyes this morning, and now this comment about her weight.  Did he do something to upset her about that?  He knows she does like the time they spend in the basement, he thought she would enjoy the idea of more time there.When Emma arrives home that afternoon, Donald is waiting for her at the door.  The downtrodden look on her face and whole-body stance are worse than the first time he met her.  With his male mind, he can’t comprehend what has overcome Emma.He pulls her into his arms, kisses her hair, and he hugs her closely.  “Emma, what did I do?  Why are you so unhappy?” Donald quizzes her.Emma looks up at him, amazed that he has no idea about how cutting his comments this morning was.  “If you think I have gotten fat, please do what is needed to make me acceptable to you again,” she says in a quiet voice.‘Oh, my, what have I done,’ Donald thinks, as he replies to Emma, “You are fine how you are, you aren’t ‘fat,’ you are always ‘acceptable’ to me no matter what.  I am sorry if I said something hurtful to you.”Donald lifts her and carries her to the bedroom.  Lying her on the bed, he quickly undresses her and himself.  He caresses and kisses each part of her body over and over, telling her how beautiful she is to him.Emma melts from his attention, as she craves for something more from him.  She takes his cock in her hand and strokes it, jerking him to hardness.  All Donald can think as he feels this is, ‘how could I live without this woman?  She now knows how to touch me so well.’Donald quickly hardens, but he wants so to let Emma know she is treasured so by him.  He does now feel bad about his off-handed comment this morning.  He kisses Emma’s neck as he whispers in her ear, telling her how dear she is to him, and he doesn’t care about anything but her being with him. He moves his lips down to kiss down the center of her neck to between her breasts.  The runs his tongue over the first one, and then the other, of her wonderful orbs.  After circling then both, he returns to the first to pay attention fully to Emma’s nipples.  Sucking on them to make them hard and upright.Only kocaeli escort bayan then does Donald move his lips down over her stomach, kissing and licking it over and over saying how beautiful Emma is to him.Emma is enjoying every second of this, Donald’s comments are so dear to hear, but she still is herself worried about the weight it seems she has gained.  But with the immediate attention, she puts those thoughts aside for the time being.Lower and lower Donald goes on her.  Emma feels his tongue running back and forth across her mons.  Then down her hips to her thighs.  Spending so much time nibbling at each of her inner thighs from above her knees up to the creases in her upper legs.  It all feels so wonderful.Emma is throbbing so hard, wanting to feel Donald’s lips, tongue, fingers, and so much more in her pleasure dome.  And he does not deny her.  As he finishes his kissing of her inner thighs so sweet and wonderful to him, his fingers run up to spread her labia to get to the prize.  So close to her special box that her sexual scent fills his nostrils with her heady smell.And as her lower lips open fully to him and he feels her wet release, her wonderful smell does fill the air.  It only takes a moment for him to quickly rush to taste this delight too.  His tongue runs up and down her slit taking in all the juices.  Sticking into her vag to catch what is yet expelled, then up to her clit to lick the wetness from it.Emma wiggles in delight.  All that happened this morning is somewhat forgotten as she feels the decadence of Donald’s tongue on her.She knows he is very hard as her hands run to his crotch over and over to feel him.  She does not want the attention he is showing her to end, but this inner need to feel him hard up in her is taking precedence.  But his tongue does feel so good.Donald continues to service Emma, almost as he is paying penance for what he now knows he has somehow done to hurt her.  He wants her to cum and cum and be back to be his smiling, happy – what is she really to him?  She has been such his sub of late, his sexual partner for months now, his constant companion that he does not want to lose, she is everything to him he now knows.  Life before Emma seems meaningless to him.On he goes licking her clit over and over as his fingers press into her vag dancing around and finding Emma’s g-spot to push against.  Emma response as izmit escort he hopes.  He feels the sides of her vag throb against him as her back raises and arches.  Emma cries out as she feels the tides of delight rush over her completely.What levels Donald is able to bring her to.  His attention and knowing every part of her and her desires could never be replaced by anyone else. When she has come back down to earth, Donald just strokes her body to bring it back to desire once again.  He does so need to release himself in her now.  As she shows such willingness, he moves between her legs.“Emma, is this okay with you?  I don’t have to if you are not up to it right now,” Donald says in such a contrite voice.Emma looks deeply in his eyes and just shyly nods to him.  A small “please” escapes her lips.Donald still overwhelmed with this so different Emma he does not understand, but so wanting to have himself fully in her.  Only then does he ever now feel fully content.  In those moments as he is fully up in her, it is like they are one.  So tied together in mutual longing and need for pleasure and release.As he presses into her completely, he lays somewhat on Emma, his arms on each side of her holding his weight back some.  Once so insider her, at this instant, Donald realizes he does not want to move.  He wants to be fully and completely inside Emma.  If they could function in life this way, he would be in heaven.  He knows that is not possible, but it is moments like this when they are just wholly together as one, that is so magical for him.He lifts up after a few minutes of indulging this feeling.  He feels Emma’s heart beating so strongly against him that he knows she pleasured by this interlude also.  Kneeling between her legs, he begins to pump in and out of her.  He feels her pulsating against him with each inward motion, holding him as a clamp to vibrate against him. This is an intense coupling between them.  Donald knows Emma is on the verge of another powerful climax, and that it will come before he is to the point of releasing into her.  Will she have the power to cum a third time? As these thoughts barely cross his mind, Emma does arch her back again, clench him hard and cry out as she is overtaken by a second climax.  It all is feeling so good to her now.Is it because she has spent the day feeling so negative about herself?  This sexual release exercising all that from her mind for the moment.  Whatever the reason, she is letting herself enjoy this flash in time at hand.  She knows even with that climax and Donald still hard in her, she is going to start peaking any second again.

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