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All through February, Emma and Donald are in their own wonderful bubble.  They become more and more in tune with each other, leaving the rest of the world behind.  Valentine’s Day, they are in bed all day, leaving only to get drinks or food to enjoy together and play with.  The whipped cream that Donald squirts up Emma to lick away sends spasms through her, and feeling the butterscotch harden over his glans and shaft before Emma nibbles away is an extraordinary experience for Donald.Towards the end of the month, they come back to reality some and become conscious that their future plans are affecting others, and people dear to them are going through turmoil.First, they notice that Karen and Julie seem different.  They were so happy when they heard the news of Emma’s and Donald’s engagement, but days later, they seem to withdraw some and are not as open to them as they had been.Julie and Karen continue to complete all their duties, cleaning, changing sheets when needed, massages, and cooking at times, but it is just that, completing their duties.  There is little conversation, and as soon as they finish a task, they leave.Emma first, and then Donald when she mentions it to him, becomes concerned.  What is happening?  As far as Donald considers, nothing will change when he and Emma marry, but that might not be true.Emma arranges for Karen and Julie to come to dinner one night in mid-February.  She cooks the meal and has everything ready for their arrival.  The two women are guests and are not expected to help in the preparation for this meal.Karen and Julie join them for dinner at the dining room table.  Both are rather quiet and subdued.  Emma tries to get a conversation going on different topics, but all fall flat.  That is until she asks how each of their thesis are going to complete their master’s degree.  Suddenly a waterfall occurs.  Both women’s words tumble from them in a cascading manner.  Not so much about their final projects but concern about what them finishing their degrees will mean.Emma calms them enough, while Donald’s mind is whirling with what is being said and not said about this all.  But finally, it all becomes clearer.Both Julie’s and Karen’s theses are more or less finished, they gush with thanks for the data Donald provided from the institute and Emma’s clear head suggestions and comments during the last few months as they worked on them.  Their papers are submitted.  All that is left is their defending them before the board, which will be happening in March.But, what is such a concern to both of them is what their future will hold.  Even without final acceptance of their theses, the university is offering them both paid internships while they complete their doctorates.  Julie and Karen are very excited about this opportunity, but with the changes, Emma and Donald are bursa escort planning with their lives, them getting married,  Julie and Karen are worry what their status will be.They love their cottage and helping here, but they will be rather consumed with their internship and work on their next degrees.  They understand fully if Donald, and Emma, want to get someone new to do what they have been doing, but it will be hard for them to leave this the wonderful little universe they have built here.Both are almost in tears as they confess their concerns.  Emma jumped up to hug them both.  Donald is not sure what to say, but Emma says it all.“Of course, you will stay here.  Why would you ever imagine us wanting you to leave us?  You are part of us, part of the family we have.  Which truly is rather small, so why would we want to lose any of it,” Emma consoles them.“You will stay in the cottage if you can still give your wonderful massages occasionally that would be a delight.  And perhaps on weekends when not so busy do some cleaning.  But we will hire someone to come in to do the main things.  And it is time that Donald and I take care of ourselves in terms of cooking and preparing meals.  Which you must regularly join us for,” Emma continues.“Your studies are first and foremost.  When they are finished, we will figure out an even better plan for us all.  For now, the cottage is your home as long as you want to be here.  I am so sorry that you worried about it,” Emma winds down.Julie and Karen are overwhelmed at this generous offer.  Donald is a bit dumbfounded as Emma began, but by the end, he knows it is what he wants for Karen and Julie too.  On his own,  it would have taken him a good bit of time to come to that conclusion.  Once again, Emma shows what a gem she is for him to suggest what deep inside he wants to offer to others but can’t always put into word.Dessert and the rest of the evening is so relaxed and enjoyable for the four.  Perhaps more so as Karen, next to Julie, moves her hand up Julie’s inner thigh to rub against her cunt through her panties.  Julie tries to hide the sighs she gives off from Karen’s touch, but she is getting so hot and bothered by the attention.Julie squirms in her seat, lifting up to Karen’s fingers to have more pressure against her clit and vag opening.  Oh, she is so close to cumming but tries to conceal it.  They will need to leave soon so Julie can fully fill this rising passion between her legs.But Julie should not be too concerned about her squirming being noticed as Emma is doing much the same.  In appreciation of her assurance to Karen and Julie, Donald’s fingers are playing at Emma’s crotch also.  First rubbing up and down her inner thigh to make her automatically spread her legs for him to have full access to her lower camber of pleasure, Donald bursa escort bayan sneaks in at the leg of her panties to give his fingers direct access to Emma’s wet and dripping slit.Mid-sentence Emma leans her head back against her chair, knowing her legs are spread fully, hoping she is not brushing against Julie’s leg.  The feel of Donald’s fingers dancing up and down her slit, finding their way into her pussy to press and squirm against her sides, is mind-blowing.  And the idea they are doing this secretly in front of others.Emma’s leg spreads fuller at Donald’s touch and does brush against Julie’s also spread legs.  Both their legs are trembling against each other from the wonder secret sensations they are experiencing.  And feeling the other’s leg in that condition is exalting to each.They glance at each other, and the lush on both their faces tells all.  Julie lifts her leg up over Emma’s, and they rub thighs and calves as each is pleasured by their partner.Donald and Karen carrying on a conversation of sorts though all this to hide what is going on.  Julie and Emma just nod at times to act like they are following what is being said.While for propriety’s sake, what is happening under the table needs to be hidden from the group, something about another woman’s thigh on each other, rubbing as each is being fingered to a mind-bending climax just adds to this lustful adventure.  If Karen or Donald knows what other secret delights have been added to the attention they are offering, they do not show any signs of it.But for Emma and Julie, they turn to look deep into each other’s eyes, knowing both are so close.  A slight nod between them seals the unspoken agreement that they will try to cum in unison.  Just to add to this passion building in them.Staring at each other, they watch their faces redden with excitement, see each’s breathing deepening, and the trembles coming over each of their bodies.  This is such a new and amazing development.  Emma has never cum in sequence with another woman, seeing the effects of a climax before her as she displays herself in a similar state.  This new situation is adding to her tremors and lustfulness.She can tell Julie is experiencing the same sensation.  How is it watching someone else cum at the same moment as yourself, when you are not responsible in any way for it happening so exciting?  Is it a voyeur type thing?  Is it understanding that your climax is not just from the attention being paid to you?   But also from what you are seeing being revealed in front of you?Emma can not take her eyes off of Julie.  And the same in return.  Their mouths open in unison to gasp in air as the final wave crashes over them in harmony, and they both let out an audible sigh as they cum.Their leg still entwined, they surprise Karen and Donald as they lean to escort bursa each other and kiss.  To their observers, this is a surprise.  Each in themselves knows they have just satisfied their partner, but why being so pleasured are Emma and Julie reaching out to each other as they never have before?Emma and Julie both blush deeply when they realize what they have just done, and in front of their partners.  They stammer some meaningless sentences about being so glad that they will all still be together here.  Donald and Karen stare at them and then look at each other, and something in both their eyes tells the whole story of what just happened.The four end up laughing and all kissing each other in the joy that things will, for the most part, stay the same between them for the future. But things were not so simple when they visit Sasha for their Friday appointment.  Actually, they had not seen her for weeks now.  Donald and Emma canceled their appointment the first week when they were in such bliss over what was going to happen between them.  Then for a few weeks, they had to have another tech as they were told Sasha was unavailable.And Sasha hadn’t been texting Emma like she used to.  Emma had tried reaching out several times to her but got only short responses if at all.So, the Friday in March when finally they are told that Sasha will be who grooming them today, they are excited to see her again, and a bit worried about what is going on.  Sasha knew about their engagement and had sent congratulation if seeming a bit half-hearted, but they have not seen her in person since this major change in their relationship took place.  They are a little concerned that perhaps Sasha will feel their impending marriage would change things between them.When they enter the spa room, both Emma and Donald are taken back by Sasha’s appearance.  She is so thin and listless.  Her usually bright and bubbly personality is totally missing.Emma reaches for her and pulls her into her arms to hug and hold her.  This act of kindness starts Sasha crying onto Emma’s shoulder as she pats Sasha’s back.  Donald overwhelmed, comes to the circle, and encloses both women in his arms, alternating kissing each of their heads.Sasha cries on and on for several minutes in woefulness.  Emma and Donald are dumbfounded about what is happening.  When she calms a bit, they help her to the back room and sit her between them on the bed.  Each caressing and kissing her to let her know everything will be okay.Finally, after a half-hour, Sasha begins to compose herself enough to try to explain.  Emma just holds her and tells her to take all the time she needs to unwind to be able to talk.  Donald gets glasses of wine for each of them, and they sip on that for a few minutes before Sasha begins her tale.It seems that things with that man, Doug, she began dating last fall, had quickly gone sour and ended in an awful experience.  Something she got herself into and did not know how to get out of for the longest time.  He was controlling and dominating in a very negative way.

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