Early Morning Heat

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Early Morning HeatEARLY MORNING HEATbyChristopher PierceHow did I wind up getting jerked off by a total stranger in the garage of my apartment building, praying that none of my neighbors would walk in? How did someone as shy as myself end up with my shorts pulled down, rubbing my crotch against another man’s anxious butt?Who could say? It had all started normally…That morning I had gotten up at 5:00 AM, which was normal.It was cold outside, which was normal.I had gone to the gym and worked out at 5:30 AM, which was normal.I had driven home at about 7:00 AM without my shirt on, which was also normal.When I was pulling into my garage, I glanced behind me and saw that the car behind me was slowing down instead of speeding past. And the guy driving was staring at me.That was definitely not normal.I had just spent an hour and a half at the gym surrounded by hot guys. All around me were biceps curling, abs crunching, calves flexing and faces straining. It was a feast for the eyes.Concentrating on my own workout, my eyes took in random flashes of the men around me.Backwards baseball hats cocked on heads.Tattoos on bulging triceps.Freshly-grown goatees.Clean pale skin.Dark tanned skin.Pretty blue eyes.Full athletic bags slung over sexy shoulders.Blond hair hanging down foreheads.Tight shorts covering even tighter asses.Pecs covered with hair.Pierced ears, pierced nipples, pierced navels.Chests smooth as a baby’s cheek.Dripping sweat.Friendly smiles of sparkling white teeth.Nice full baskets, their contents packed tight inside.I might as well have been watching at orgy in a porn movie.It was really hot, but as usual I felt like an outsider. A lot of people had told me I was good-looking, but I never really felt like I was. Especially not at the gym, surrounded by all those incredible guys.I felt kind of invisible, actually. I always kept to myself, didn’t talk to anyone, just did my workout and left. Knowing that I was being anti-social didn’t help — I was too shy to do anything else. The friends I had were from high school or even earlier, not people I’d met in the last few years.I wondered what others saw in me and caught my reflection in one the mirrors that covered the walls of the gym. Looking at myself, I wondered if I’d ever cruise someone who looked like me.Probably not.Just a plain face, maybe too angular, with short brown hair. Good body but not great. Pale skin that didn’t tan.Strong legs, but abs that weren’t washboard.Nothing special, I thought.Some of the guys probably thought I was stuck-up and full of myself because I never talked to them. The truth was I was embarrassed around them. It was like junior high school physical education class, where I always felt out of place, uncoordinated, the least athletic of all the boys.I had been awed by my more sports-oriented classmates, just as I was awed by these guys at the gym, years later. They were so masculine, so sexy. And the variety — some stoic and stern, some playful and mischievous, some full of jokes and laughter, others containing a smoldering sensuality, or cheerful, happy, open to the world and all its experiences. Comfortable with themselves and their environment, they walked and moved with confidence, captains of their destinies.Suddenly the thought of them finding me conceited almost made me laugh out loud.I didn’t think I was better than them.I thought they were better than me.But at least I had the courage to actually get up and go to the gym — some of my friends were so painfully shy they could hardly go to work, much less something as potentially ego-damaging as a workout at a gay gym.Anyway, I left that morning after my workout all sweaty and hot. My shirt usually came off during my curls so I could watch my chest while I was doing them. I never put it back on afterwards. I hated the feel of sweat between my skin and bahis siteleri the fabric of my clothes.So I was driving home with the windows down, loving the early morning wind whipping through my car.But it seems like someone was heating up just as I was cooling down.Because, like I said, I pulled into my driveway and hit the button on the remote that would open the gate. While I waited for it to slide open I checked the rearview mirror. What I saw surprised the hell out of me.The car behind me had slowed down and the driver was making deliberate eye contact with me in the mirror.Oh well, I thought as I drove through the now open gate into the darkness of the garage. No lights on. Cheap landlords, I thought.I glanced back at the mirror and was startled to see that the car had driven further up the street and was now making a U-turn.A U-turn? Someone doesn’t make a U-turn in the middle of the street unless it’s really important. I had to check this out.As I pulled into my space I remember one of my friends telling me when he was involved with an insurance battle he had been followed by a private investigator.Was I being followed? What did I do? What was going on?I knew that I should get out of my car, toss my bag over my shoulder and head up to my apartment. I had to be at work in two hours and I wanted to shower and eat breakfast without rushing.But my curiosity was too intense to resist.I got out of my car and headed for the gate. As an afterthought, I went back and grabbed the gate remote.I didn’t know why I did it.Or maybe I did.I reached the gate, half-hoping I’d see nothing and the car would be gone. The other half was hoping for…what?Probably hoping for exactly what I saw.The car was parked on the street and the driver was getting out.It was a black BMW. I wondered if private investigators made enough money to drive cars like that.I doubted it.And private investigators certainly didn’t walk right towards you with their eyes boring into you, like this guy was.He was dressed really nice, like the winner of the Mr. Gay Corporate America contest. The whole deal, pressed white shirt, power tie, dark slacks.And the face, broad and tanned, with bright blue eyes and golden hair.In a word: stunning.And he was heading right for me.My stomach dropped out and I turned to walk back to my car.Okay, so he wasn’t a private investigator.He was just the hottest guy I’d seen in years.Maybe he was a bounty hunter or hit man or something.You don’t really believe that, I said to myself.Why not? I asked back.Because if you did you wouldn’t have hit the OPEN button on the gate remote like you just did.I did what? I thought, and with astonishment heard the clang clang of the gate rolling open again.Oh my God, what am I doing? Don’t look back, just head for your car and get your stuff and…I got to my car and unlocked it, reaching in to pull out my bag.Standing back up, I saw that the unbelievable had happened.The guy was in my garage.He had followed me all the way down here.The dark swallowed him up but the shape was still there, heading right for me.I was trembling with fear. Or was it excitement?What would he say? What would I say?Nothing.Because without any hesitation, the guy walked right up and put his hands on me.What was he doing? Was he nuts?The feel of his hands was electrifying.I could hear his breathing getting harder and faster.Up close, he had lost none of his heat. Having him this close was intoxicating.What if someone came in?My neighbors would be coming down any minute to get in their cars and leave for work.The guy roughly yanked the waistband of my gym shorts down.My hard cock jumped out into the early morning air. Instantly his hands were on it.”Why…” I said, hardly able to talk.He continued to feel me all over, his hands reaching behind me to fondle my ass-cheeks.”Did you…did you canlı bahis follow me?” I asked breathlessly.”Yes…” he said, his voice deep and full.”But…why?””Because you’re so hot.” he said without a pause. “I saw you driving with your shirt off and I had to touch you.”I couldn’t believe it.After I’d spent all morning thinking about how sexy the guys at the gym were? After spending years of thinking of myself as nothing more than average?Because you’re so hot.This guy was crazy. Or was he? He had followed me into a dark garage where anything could happen.I could mug him.Or k**nap him.Or even murder him.But he risked all that anyway.Because you’re so hot.It didn’t even occur to me until later that he could have done any of those things to me just as easily.My mind was tripping, trying to wrap itself around this concept.The guy’s breathing was getting harder.His fingers were probing and reaching in between my cheeks, trying to find my asshole.He leaned forward and started kissing me, his mouth curious and hungry.A noise.Someone was coming.Instantly he stepped away. I pulled my shorts up and slid back down into the still-open car door.My dick was painfully packed against my body and my face was hot.My neighbor, a middle-aged woman, walked into the garage and headed for her car. I busied myself with my stuff, hoping she wouldn’t speak.”Good morning,” she said.”Good morning,” the guy said pleasantly. “How are you?””Great,” my neighbor said as she got in her car. “I hope it heats up today.””It will.” he said, looking at me. “I guarantee it.”With a smile she was gone, heading out to the street. Before the gate clanked itself shut we were at it again.This time his hands were rougher and more insistent. He yanked his zipper down and pulled out his own dick. It was nice and big and hard as a rock.He started jerking it off with one hand and feeling my chest and abs with the other.Because you’re so hot.It bounced around my mind.Then something snapped in me.I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him down. He dropped to his knees on the hard cement.I moved forward and he took my dick into his mouth and started greedily sucking it. He made slurping noises as he caressed it with his lips and tongue.It felt so fucking good I could hardly stand it.I saw his other hand rapidly jacking his rod.Oh no you don’t, I thought.Grabbing his arms, I pulled him back up to his feet. I flipped him around so he was facing away from me and jammed my cock up against the back of his pants.My arms slid around him, enfolding him. I loved the feel of his shirt under my fingers, the fabric rough and alive with tactile sensuality. I slid my hands between the buttons to feel his warm skin underneath.Then I tightened my grip on him with one hand and took ahold of his jutting dick with the other. I started jerking him off and he started really panting.He was loving this as much as I was!He pushed back against me and I ground my solid cock up and down his pants, pushing it between his butt-cheeks.I was humping him dry.At this point I didn’t give a damn if any of my other neighbors came in or not.’Cause I wasn’t stopping for anything.I jerked the guy faster and he started grunting with pleasure.”Oh man,” he whispered. “Oh you’re so fucking hot…yeah, jack me, dude, come on, that’s it, I’m almost there…”I leaned into him and started licking his neck and breathing hard into his ear. His dick was getting harder and harder in my hand. It wouldn’t be long now before he blew his load. My hips ground against his butt, as if my cock was trying to break through the fabric and into him.He started moaning. It was too loud, he was going to draw attention to us.And I didn’t want to be disturbed.I slid the hand that was holding him up to his face and covered his mouth with it. He went crazy, bucking in my arms like a wild horse. I held güvenilir bahis on to him tight, moving with him as he writhed in pleasure. I could almost feel the orgasm rocketing through him, and I knew he was coming.In the stillness of the morning I could hear the almost inaudible splattering of his come on the concrete.I held him until his breathing was back to normal.Then without a word he slipped out of my arms and got behind me. He slid one hand around my waist and the other took hold of my now-dripping dick.”Yeah, you’re so hot, man…” he whispered into my ear as he started jerking me off. “When I saw you I knew I had to get you, had to have you — I knew if I just went to work I’d think about you all day, totally daydreaming about what might’ve happened if I’d followed you…”It was so incredibly intense it’s hard to describe. But there we were, never met before, hardly even talked, in my dark garage with my car on one side and my neighbor’s Porsche on the other…He had followed me in here. I didn’t ask for this, but it happened. He sought me out. Maybe he just needed to get off with someone, anyone…but he chose me.Me.He thought I was hot enough to risk his life to follow me into the dark.Most of the world was asleep. We were wide awake in the darkness and the chill, acting out some primeval sex ritual.Him in his office clothes, all clean and shaved, smelling of expensive cologne.Me in just my shorts, all unshaven and sweaty from the gym.I had never done anything like this before.And it was fucking hot.I was going to come.I thought about the surprise I felt when I saw him slow down, the shiver of excitement all through me when I realized it was me he was after, the electrifying kisses and his hands on my body, the feel of him in my arms with my dick grinding against his butt……and the sensation of his hand jerking my cock off and his other arm wrapped around me.He was holding me tight.I had a feeling he would hold me until he gave me as much pleasure as I gave him.Even if it took all morning.But it didn’t.Because a second later I was shooting.Because you’re so hot.It felt so fucking good I wanted to scream it out.My jism jetted out of my dick to join his on the floor of the garage.Together we had made a puddle of it so thick, it started to run off towards the drain grill.He squeezed me, then let me go.I turned around to face him.The sun was getting higher, I could see him better now.And man was he good-looking.He must have seen me better to, because he smiled.I reached down and pulled my shorts up, and he pulled his dick inside and zipped up his pants.Then he leaned forward and kissed me.”I have to get to work.” he said.I nodded.”Thanks for spending time with me.”I smiled at the statement’s simplicity.And then he was walking back towards the gate.He turned back once, to glance at me.Time stood still in that instant.The whole experience played back in my mind.It had been amazing.And now it was over.And I would probably never see him again.But then again, maybe I would. So far, this much had happened and the day had hardly begun. Who knew what else was waiting for me? My time stretched out in front of me indefinitely, limitless.I could do anything.I reached into my car and clicked the gate OPEN button on the remote. It was my way of letting him know it was okay, that I wished him well.He gave me a little salute, and then turned and headed out through the clanking gate.In a second he had disappeared out into the morning.Because you’re so hot.And I was. For the first time in my life, I believed it. I grabbed my gym bag, tossed it over my shoulder, and headed up to my apartment.I knew it was still cold out, but I didn’t even feel the chill.All I felt was the early morning heat.I knew it was going to be a good day.Who knows?Maybe when I was driving home from work I’d glance in my rear-view mirror and see a black BMW following me. For the first time, I didn’t wonder what it felt like to be one of those hot, sexy, confident men at the gym. I knew — because I was one of them. And it felt good.Damn good.THE END

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