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Erectus Penis MaximusErectus Penis MaximusA Flaming HOT Duet Erotic PsalmC. Elaine Harris, Spiritual Poetess/Erotic Psalmist”SpritualPoetess”and:John, “Big John” Gallivan, Warrior Poet/Erotic Psalmist”VikingGladiator”www.eroticpsalms.comI am the Spiritual Poetess, the poetess of erotic sex, feminine love, and risqué passion. Amongst the many, I am most indeed the “Chosen One”.I come to you today to sensually express my feelings on one thing… and one thing only ladies:I truly say that there is nothing that greatly satisfies a man more, Than the immense pleasure of your full lips on his pulsating manhood. Read and act upon these words, and your man will surely be brought to his knees.And I am the Viking Gladiator, the warrior poet, the erotic psalmist.And I am here to truly testify this indeed in the Internet coliseum;That nothing is more spectacular and utterly divine, than receiving theIntense ecstasy of breathtaking oral sex in the dimension of a monogamous utopia.From the feminine poetess that I worship, adore, respect, and embrace….I think of her and only her on only two occasions….night and day. The day seems never ending. I await to see my warrior. I feel as though I have waited for this day my whole life. As I watch the clock, the only thing I able to do is think about him.He is strong! He is sexy! He is big and broad! I want him so badly, that nothing else matters. Soon and very soon, I will be in his masculine embrace.Have you ever seen the Irish pink Foxgloves of Westford?Its colors will whisper authentic romance in your ears,And its bonnets will seductively enchant your soul with tempting hymns,And its sensual melodies will penetrate the very inner core of your soul.However ladies, there is something that I must articulate:A delicate woman’s voice calling a man to receive oral gratification reigns eternal.As I look at the love marks on my thighs, I am reminded of the passion he has within. As I feel the pain in my sweet spot, I am reminded of how he moved me. I recall how he pleased me again and again never losing any stamina. As I feel the places he touched from head to toe, I am reminded of how manly he truly is. My body aches for his touch, and needs to have his spirit run through it. The simple digitalbahis yeni giriş touch of my Viking Gladiator seems to melt me and make me flow.Have you ever surveyed the incredible castles of central Dublin?Each one is uniquely designed and originally formed from the greatest historical minds;For every square inch is brilliantly crafted to amaze the human eye indeed.Nonetheless ladies, there is an issue that I must point out:The most spectacular sight ever is my woman’s lovely mouth,Wrapped around my solid tower of hard masculine flesh.My warrior is strong. My warrior is hot. My warrior is passionate. My warrior is painted, and has the most beautiful chest. My warrior is flawless and is all mine. My warrior has a heart of gold, and the touch sent from Heaven above. My warrior is one of kind and made just for me and me only.What do you know of the white orchids of Northern Belfast?Its angelic white can outshine the glory of the heavens,And its light texture can easily captivate the greatest kings worldwide.However ladies, there is something we must converse about:Watching the white girly cheeks of a my woman succulently massagingMy erect engorged penis mesmerizes me infinite everlasting. I gaze into his eyes, and I see only me…and no one else.I can feel his needs and desires in me. I grasp his chest, running my hands through his perfectly placed hair and I instantly get wet. I hold his face in my hands, and I see the rugged b**st he is.I admirably watch as his sword begins to swell, and it longs for my lips. I gently kiss him from his head to the place where his manhood resides.What do you know of the Celtic waterfalls of western Connemara?Its wet liquid will instantaneously arrest your parched throat,And its unbelievable fluid will place you in a universe of nirvana.Nevertheless ladies, this I must wholeheartedly preach:Firsthand witnessing my poetess lick my manhood with pure art formAnd feminine grace mystifies me with unadulterated sexual intoxication.His heart is racing, as he anticipates my soft sweet lips upon his colossal sword.This sword of his is massive, and longs to be sucked. I must have it my mouth now, and I must feel the power it possesses. The tip of the sword digitalbahis giriş is waiting and wanting to be licked. As my tongue runs over and over the tip of his sword, it begins to swell and grow. The hardness of his massive shaft is screaming my name, and longs to be drained.His cock is big and round and seems to fit perfect in my mouth.I want it to touch the back of my throat. His cock is full of juice, just longing to get out.I want his juices to flow within me. His cock is round and perfect, and has no hair to mask it. I want to make him moan. I want him to please him in this way.Perhaps you may have researched the immaculate rings of Saturn.Its circles enveloping the planet have perplexed astrologers for centuries,And rocket scientists are in complete awe of its splendid orchestration.However ladies, there is a matter that we must discuss:Nothing matches watching my woman’s mouth envelope my stiffMonument for her exquisite mouth sucking me makes me tremble.I place his huge love stick in my mouth, and savor the texture it has. I show him by my actions that here is nothing I would rather be doing. As my mouth is pleasing him, my hands gently touch his jewels. They are made for me and me only to play with. I continue to suck his throbbing machine. He moans just enough to make me suck harder and deeper. Have you ever studied the druid warrior priestesses of ancient Ireland?Their devotion and loyalty to their men were unequalled in passion,And their zeal to inspire their males are recognized by every nation on this planet.However ladies, there is something that I must proclaim:Nothing possesses more devotion than my beautiful poetess,Who ceases at nothing to extract my white of love within.I feel his rugged hands on my pretty breasts. His fingers are making sweet circles around my pink nipples. I can feel the heat he has raging from the inside out. His grip is tight and painful, yet so very electrifying. I let the head of his gigantic manhood reach the back of my throat. I feel like I can’t breathe and need to gag. This seems to make him grow intensely, and his moans become louder. Still sucking on his rod of pleasure….. I surprise him I begin to go where we should all go from time digitalbahis güvenilirmi to time. My finger ever so gentle finds his spot…..yes his magic spot of arousal. As I place my finger inside of him, he says “Oh god yes baby don’t stop!”It seems as though he has faded to the platform of pure ecstasy. What do you know about the Queen of Sheba of Egypt?She seduced great kings and emperors with undeniable charm,And her knowledge astonished the most intelligent philosophers.However my female friends and fans, let’s talk about this:The omniscience to grant supreme oral sex to a man is the ultimate indeed,And my spiritual poetess is truly the wisest in that subject.I know that soon, he will let his volcano of fire release in my mouth. I begin to taste the precum from the tip and it is oh so sweet!Sucking harder and harder as I know I must complete this mission, I use my hand for help and begin to stroke him as the time is near. Still pleasing him in his very own special spot, getting a little deeper here as well… The thought of being able to taste him this way, makes me wet.Surely everyone knows of the Sensual Goddess Aphrodite,Who is the Holy One, the Blessed Woman of All Sexuality,Who inspires men like me to minister in Her service indeed:However ladies, I must issue a decree here and now:She is marveled at my feminine poetess,And is well pleased with how she treats me indeed.The closer he gets to blowing his load, the tighter his hands become. I feel pain as he squeezes them tight with his strong hands. I am so not more than a handful for my well equipped Warrior. My mouth is moving at a rapid pace, and my hands are trying to keep up… For my finger is still inside his very own place of passion, And the tension is there, and soon, he will be relieved from pressure that is building. Oh my God he is cumming! His cum is hot, sweet, and all that I thought it would be! I take in every last drop, and let it run down my throat! The taste of the this mighty man inside me makes me burn with passion! Still stroking him with my hand to make sure he is completely emptied, I now lick softly around his enormous wand as to clean it and get every last drop of him. He lays there, just relaxing while we cuddle in that perfect place. You know…… the place where you perfectly in his wide muscular arms. He tells me how pretty I am, and how I so pleased him. He holds me so close, I can feel his heart beating….. Beat by beat, I know that this is why I was chosen among the many My Warrior is mine, now, forever, and always.

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