Exchange Student Pt. 04

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I was running as fast as I could. It still was not enough. He was too close. He grabbed me and turned me around. I saw his hands covered with blood … my blood. I crawled back and closed my eyes, imagining it was all just a dream. I felt his deep breath as he came closer. I screamed with fear and jumped at him, making him fall on the floor and choking him to death. Suddenly, everything went black around me, making all my muscles stay tense and alert. I looked at the body, but I did not recognize the face. It looked familiar, but at the same time it rang no bells.

I head a soft sound from the behind me and turned around. It was a full-breasted woman with curvy hips and curly blond hair. She kneeled down in front of the corpse and sensually kissed the boy’s forehead.

“Get away from him.” She hissed with hatred in her broken voice, “He’s dead.”

She stood up and approached me, looking at me with her sea-blue eyes.

“He still broke you.” She smiled, running her fingers over my face, “You’re broken.”

I opened my eyes. It was just a dream – a cruel, meaningless, sick nightmare. I looked around and stood up. It was already 5:45. I would have to go to school soon, anyways. I opened the bathroom door and turned on the lights. I looked at myself in the mirror. My shirt was wet again. I took it off and dumped it in the basket. My bruises were almost gone. Yawning, I took off my boxers and started the shower.

Having an extra 20 minutes for a longer shower gave me enough time to think about past month. I was attacked by some maniac at the party. After the accident, Kelly and Chris took me to the hospital where I spent my next two days. My host parents were in shock and blamed it on me, as I had snuck out of the house that night. My host mom claimed I was a bad influence for her child, and that I left no option other than leaving their house. I had to call my parents and tell them everything. They demanded I come back, but after days of long conversations, they agreed to give me another chance, as long as I stopped going out at night.

I did not need them to tell me that. Even the thought of a party made me tremble. I thought I’d have to find a new family, but when Kelly found out about my host parents’ decision, she went to their house, called them assholes, and then talked to her own parents into hosting me. Martha and Louie, her mom and dad, already knew me and once they heard everything, they did not need any persuasion.

Today made it three weeks since I had left the hospital. I still had to see a psychologist, Ms. Raber, twice a week. Going to school was hard at first. I knew everyone had heard about it and no one said anything to my face except for one or two girls who I was not even that close to. I was still friends with Ash and Nick. It was weird seeing them at first, but Nick’s jokes and Ash’s easy-going nature made the ice breaking process way easier.

I started listening to new music. I could relate more to artists like Fiona Apple, Florence Welch, Bjork, and Zola Jesus.

Everything was falling back into place, but it still felt as if I had something left to do. I guess it was my conscience’s way of telling me to talk to Chris. Nonetheless, I never did end up thanking him for that night. As weird as it sounds, that night made me want to avoid him even more. Whenever I would look at him, all I could think of was his uncontrollable aggression, and hands covered with blood. It was an irrational fear that soon transformed into inability to stay around him. Yes, I couldn’t stand Chris. I couldn’t be around the guy who saved me from getting raped by some sick bastard. I loathed him and I could not help it. Seeing him was associated with my body trembling and my voice shaking. I could not take his stare and I hated seeing how that night had changed him. He was not joking in the class anymore. He was just silent during the lessons, and would leave as soon as the bell rang.

The bastard was in jail. His trial would be held in couple of weeks. Thus, I was constantly visited by lawyers and detectives, making me recall that night over and over again. It was a little consoling that I knew he would be punished for what he had done. I was still shocked that he had forced some other guys into sex but no one had spoken up before my incident.

I turned off the water and grabbed my towel. I dried myself, brushed my teeth, and put on some clothes. I went down to the kitchen. Martha and Louie were both up.

“Any bad dreams last night?” Martha looked at me and smiled.

“Nope.” I lied, and opened the fridge to get milk for cereal.

“Good. I’m glad to hear.” She concluded, and went to her room, looking for her purse.

I ate my breakfast and waited for Kelly to finish hers. We grabbed our backpacks and left for school. She parked her car at the school’s parking lot and got out. She joked about something and we ran to our classes, as we were late … again.

*** Our assignment for English class was Nineteen casino oyna Eighty-Four by George Orwell. I had read it before because the whole story mainly revolved around a country similar to what the Soviet Union would have become in the near future. Being Ukrainian, I was simply interested in Orwell’s work. Anyways, we had to write an essay on the freedom of a being. I was pretty happy with my ‘A’ but my mood changed immediately once the teacher turned to Chris:

“So, Mr. Ebron, still no assignment? You could at least get half the credit.”

Chris just shook his head as an answer. He did not even bother to look at the teacher.

“That’s weird.” Mr. Wells laughed cynically, “Everybody, Mr. Ebron did not do the homework. Is this a sign of apocalypse? Maybe Mayans were right after all.”

“That’s like, not even funny.” Kelly whispered to me.

Nobody dared to laugh. First, Kelly was right. It really was not as funny as that asshole Wells thought it was. Secondly, it took some guts to laugh at Chris Ebron. Nobody would want to get on his list. The class was dead silent.

“Now that we all peed our pants laughing, could you go back to whatever you were talking about.” Chris answered lazily.

It should not have come off as a surprise that the teacher did not find Chris’ answer funny.

“Mr. Ebron, leave the class … now! Principal’s office!” Mr. Wells fumed.

Chris got up, grabbed his pen and left the room without saying a single word. I felt so bad. Was it because of me? I couldn’t help but blame myself. Even though he had been like that before, he had become even lazier and more indifferent than ever. I asked the teacher’s permission to go to the bathroom and left class hurriedly. I had to find out because even though I did not want to talk to him, I still refused to become the reason for someone’s failure. I looked around the hall and saw a familiar figure entering the restroom. I followed him and opened the door. His eyes fell on me immediately. I suddenly felt uncomfortable again, choking and wanting to run away. My voice was shaky but I still managed to mumble out few words.

“I thought you were gonna go to the Principal’s office.”

“Fuck that.” He answered with disgust, “What the fuck do you want?”

“I … is everything ok?” I suddenly asked, my voice still shaky.

“What?” He genuinely seemed confused.

“I just wanted to know … if … it’s because of me …” I felt like dying, “You know, you’ve just become … a little … how do I say it? You just care less about school and stuff, I guess. I know you never were a school kid, but lately …”

“No,” he interrupted me, “It doesn’t concern you.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I am fucking sure.” He answered angrily.

“What’s it about then? I wanna know.” I demanded.

“Wait, so we fucking talk now?” he barked, “First, you don’t wanna see me, then you fucking ignore me for weeks, and now you suddenly wanna hear my life stories?!”

“I’m sorry.” I quietly mumbled, “That’s … that’s not your fault.”

“Fuck yeah, I know it’s not my fucking fault.” His voice went higher, “Tell me, Grig, was it that hard to say one thing to me? I’ve been just randomly guessing how you were doing or fucking stalking Kelly to get two words about you. So, was it … that hard?”

“You’ve no idea.” My voice suddenly broke down and I felt tears in my eyes, “You have no idea. Every time I look at you, I have to look down on your hands to see if they are still covered in blood and it sickens me, you know? Knowing that you were the one who saved me and I can’t even fucking look at you anymore.”

Tears streaming down, I rushed over to the door and just as I was about to leave a strong hand grabbed me from the back and turned me back to him. I gasped at the familiar taste in my mouth. I put my hands on his broad shoulders and moaned from the ecstasy. The fantasy sequence ended as suddenly someone tried to open the door, making us break off the kiss.

“Get the fuck out!” yelled Chris.

It suddenly kicked in. We were standing in the public bathroom, still unable to fully comprehend our sexual and emotional frustration with each other. The kiss suddenly felt dirty and wrong … not in a sexy way. What the hell was I doing? I wiped off my tears and looked at him.

“You should get back to the class now.” He muttered calmly, “Meet me after school in the parking lot.”

He left the room and the same feeling of loneliness came back. I looked at the reflection of myself in the dirty mirror. I looked awful. Something had left me. A part of me died that night. I suddenly got the urge to scream and break something. Remembering the therapy lessons, I grabbed the door handle and squeezed it for a minute as hard as I could. Once I calmed down, I checked myself out in the mirror once again and left the bathroom.

The rest of the day went dully. I could not concentrate on the lessons because of Chris’s words. I did not know what canlı casino to do. I kept everything to myself, knowing Kelly and Matt would give me rational advice and – let me tell you, none of what was happening to me felt logical or rational. I just needed to act on my feelings, on my instincts. I needed to feel alive again. They wouldn’t get me.

When the last period ended, my heart started pounding really heavily. I told Kelly I had a club meeting and asked her not to wait for me. Once I made sure she had left, I went over to the parking lot looking for the familiar grey truck. There it was. I gasped nervously and slowly went over. I felt like running away but I pulled myself together. I approached the car and saw Chris sitting there … alone.

I had to draw my breath from just looking at him. He was wearing a V-neck shirt displaying little curls on his chest. He was tossing his head back and forth rhythmically as he listened to what sounded like a Bob Dylan song. I knocked on the window and opened the door.

“Hey.” Getting in the car, I tried to sound as casual as I could.

“Hey … close the door, we are going on a trip, babe.” He looked at me and started the car.

“Wait, what?” my casual tone went away instantly, “Chris, where are we going?”

“We are going at an awesome place at the beach.”

“Not sure it’s a good idea.” I muttered quietly.

“Me neither, actually.” He pushed gas laughing and we left the school.

I did not even bother to make him stop the car. If I wanted to feel alive, I would need to follow my heart for once. Then again, if you had asked me a day earlier if sitting in the car with Chris fucking Ebron was something my heart would be willing to try, I would have said you were crazy.

Suddenly I realized I knew the song. It was “Song to Woody”. I chose not to say anything about it. Actually, we were both quiet, not saying a single word. For the whole ride, I was just looking out the window and listening to the Bob Dylan classic. The level of awkwardness was literally off the charts.

We finally arrived at the destination after 20 minutes of driving. Climbing out of the car, I looked around and enjoyed the scenery for a second. The Sun was up, but it wasn’t hot. A little breeze and the sound of waves made evening a little more pleasant. I decided to take off my sneakers and walk down to the sea. I was wearing shorts, so I was not really worried about getting them wet. I did not go too far though. It was enough just to feel the warm water on my feet. I looked back and realized Chris was not planning to join me. He had sat on the sand observing me. I started feeling emotionally naked all of the sudden. The beach was so empty too. It was just us, a middle-aged couple swimming far away and a freaking seagull stumbling around the beach like a total idiot. The ocean was empty too — huge and lonely. After couple of minutes, I decided to go back to my tour guide and took a seat next to him. I don’t know if it was the calm scenery or the aftermath of an amazing kiss but I did not feel any hatred toward him anymore. The way he was just sitting there smiling … it made me want to let that moment last for eternity.

“Chris, what are we doing here?” I asked slowly, looking at the ocean.

“I thought you’d enjoy the scenery.” He answered with a smile on his face, “There is a cave too. It’s pretty fucking cool. My dad and I used to come here all the time. We should totally check it out.”

“Yeah, sure. Wanna go?”

I helped him stand up and he took the lead me following in the back. He just started briefly recalling the things he had discovered there and stuff like that. I could not concentrate on what he was saying because the memory of telling him how I hated him came back to me. I suddenly felt extremely ashamed. The guy had saved me from a rapist, took me to a romantic place and I was just being a self-centered asshole the whole time. On top of everything, he had lost his usual cocky side and was just sincerely sharing his experiences. Jesus, I really was going to hell.

“Here we are.”

It was an ordinary cave. It was empty and it got darker the further we went in. Finally, he stopped and took a seat on one of the stones. Then he patted me on the shoulder and asked me to sit next to him.

“It’s quiet in here.” He whispered, “Isn’t that nice?”

“Yeah, I guess.” I mumbled as an answer, trying to hide my uneasiness.

I hated the silence. It made me feel alone and abandoned … just like I was that night. I closed my eyes as my heart started pounding faster. I needed something hard to squeeze to calm down. I was starting to freak out but then my left hand touched Chris’s hand. I automatically squeezed it as hard as I could, making him cry out from the sudden pain.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered and let go of his hand, “I’m so sorry. It’s just all the anger.”

“It’s ok.” He whispered back and kissed my hand.

He kissed it again and I realized I kaçak casino wanted him. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips.

“I love how full your lips are.” He growled as he kissed me back.

With each second, the kisses got more and more sensual. I moved my hand down to his stomach and playfully ran it up his chest. He grabbed my shirt and threw it in the corner.

“Do you have the … condoms?” I asked nervously.

“Yeah.” He answered as he took off his on V-neck.

“We should go somewhere lighter. It’s too dark in here.”

“Sure, whatever.”

I reached for his hand and took him closer to the beach. It was perfect. We were still in the cave so no one could see us but there was enough light to see each other … and observe.

His skin was glowing in the sunshine. His strong arms were as tense as ever, making his chest go up and down. His chest hair went down to his crotch in a thin, dark line. I kissed him on the neck, sucked lightly on his nipples and moved further down, step by step, kiss by kiss. Smelling his masculine odor, I felt my boner tightening in the pants. I reached my hand up to his bulge and caressed his manhood. Chris gave me a loud moan as a sign of approval. I unbuttoned his shorts and took off his boxers. I smiled when I saw his dick pop up and slap against his stomach. I grabbed it with my right hand and started stroking him slowly. I tenderly slid my lips over his dick as I swallowed the salty-tasting precum. I started applying more pressure as I swirled my tongue around his head. It seemed to drive Chris nuts because he tilted his head back, grabbed my hair and cried out my name. I chuckled to myself and continued deep throating him.

“Shit, Grig, I’m cumming.”

I felt his veins tightening and suddenly he shot. I had to move my head back not to gag. I tried to swallow it all but some of the sperm ended up on my face. I licked up all the rest and looked up at him. Chris was still quietly moaning, his deep breath getting lighter and lighter. Finally, he looked down at me, slowly wiped all the cum off with his thumb and made me lick it.

“Yummy” I chuckled and licked my lips.

“Ok, your turn.” Chris kneeled down in front of me and made me lie on the ground, “Just relax and enjoy.”

He placed himself between my legs, resting his whole weight on me. He gave me couple of tender kisses and then started sucking on my neck. I had to literally bite my tongue to stop from crying out in ecstasy. He seemed to enjoy it, because he continued moving further down with a huge smirk on his face. As he licked my left nipple, he started twisting the right one so hard it almost hurt. I moaned quietly and pulled his hair gently. As an answer, he teasingly rubbed my throbbing penis and carefully swirled his tongue around the head.

“Now comes the best part.” He growled as he spat on his left hand.

Biting his own tongue, Chris spread my cheeks and put his middle finger inside me. Now, he was sucking me as he searched for my prostate. After seconds of twisting his finger, my loud scream let him know he had found the spot. Realizing I was about to come, he put three of his fingers in my asshole as he deep throated me. After nearly a minute of uncontrollable moans and grunts, I yelled out his name once more and came as hard as I could. He was not a huge fan of the sperm taste, so he pulled his head back on the last second and stroked me as I came on his hairy chest.

I tried to sit up but my knees started shaking at the attempt to move. We just lay on the sand and stones, speechless. However, I then got a weird idea. I place myself on top of him and started licking my own semen off his chest. I had never been crazy about my own sperm. I don’t know if it was because it came off Chris’s yummy chest or if it was just my post-orgasm happiness but I did not finish swirling my tongue all over him till he was clean and wet.

Then he made me lie next to him, putting his strong arm around me. I looked at him and all I could feel was pure happiness. He was gorgeous. The sweat was still running off him and the sunshine made his body shinier. His smell was dizzily musty — mix of his cologne, sweat, sperm and natural odor. He was looking at the beach with a grin on his face. A grin that made me smile as well.

“Hey, we should totally go swimming … naked.” I gave Chris a teasing smile and rubbed his manhood, “What do you guys call it?”

“Skinny dipping.” He responded with a chuckle.

“And then you will fuck me…” I grinned and landed a kiss on his dry lips, “Fuck me with that long, beautiful cock.”

“Jesus, it’s even fucking hotter with your weird accent.” Chris growled and kissed me back.

We were about to start round two of the make out session as something bothering me the whole day, came back to mind.

“Hey, about earlier … I just wanted to make sure that what you said about me not being the reason for your, you know … issues, is true.” I moved my hands to put them around his body, resting my hands on his chest.

“Yeah…I mean, that was true.” He said after a long pause.

“Well, what was it then?” I looked him in the eyes, “Don’t worry, you can tell me.”

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