Fantasies can come true,, : )

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Fantasies can come true,, : )It all started for me when I joined this site and met another nice guy from Calgary who I discovered shares my panty fetish. I’m calling him JT and his wife Jess. He is married and his home page here is full of awesome videos and pictures of him and his wife with the sexiest collection of panties in the world. Most of the videos have Jess in a sexy pair of panties, legs spread wide so I can imagine what her pussy looks like. Some of the vids show her pussy slit through the fabric of her panties, in some she pulls the crotch aside so I can see her shiny wet pussy. I can tell she’s not faking it, her pussy is wet and in some I can hear hear moaning with pleasure. The main theme for JT’s vids is Jess is lying there, sexy panties on, legs spread wide and JT is kneeling between her legs rubbing his big hard cock up and down her pussy slit and all over her swollen pussy lips. Jess’s pussy is one of those pussies that puffs up around the lips and mound when she is excited, it is awesome, I never get tired of looking at it. Anyway, JT is usually rubbing his knob against the panty covered pussy slit, sometimes pushing it in a bit so the fabric goes inside her and little and if the panties are the right color, a wet spot shows. That makes me so horny watching that. Usually you can hear them moaning with excitement a and JT”s trademark is to squirt all his cumm over her crotch and tummy and where ever it lands. Some vids she rubs it over her pussy, cream pie style and he has big loads of cumm that drip everywhere. I can’t count how many times I have jerked off watching their vids and I don’t know how he keeps the camera so steady as he cumms, fantastic wetshots.I used to cam on this defne escort site wearing and showing my panty collection to anyone interested, not much response but it always turned me on to wear them and splash them with my cumm with someone watching. All the panties in my collection are from old girlfriends and friends wives so they all had pussy in them before I got hold of them, some were even freshly worn and that really turns me on. Some of the pics in my profile show what I have been up to with them. Anyway a few moths ago I get a message from JT and he asks me if I want a pair of Jess’s panties for my collection. For sure I said so we met up and he gave me an awesome lacy white thong to bring home and tribute as I watched their home vids. I tried to time my ejac so it was the same as his and it felt so horny thinking about her pussy in them. Then a little while ago he says he has another pair for me and that he has been talking to Jess about having me over for a 3 some. I said fantastic and the pair he gave me were one of the ones where he really gets her going and leaves a giant load dripping on her panty covered slit. I practiced with that pair a lot, red polka dot, bikini style with a black ruffle on them. There is a picture of them in my profile. Then last week I get a message from him saying she is ready to have me over for a 3 some. No fucking but he says she wants to see me stroking my cock with her panties and then see what happens. I can’t believe my luck when I first see her, she is gorgeous, tall, slender long dark hair, a beautiful smile and the sexiest eyes I have ever seen. His plan was to lay a bunch of her panties out for me to nazilli escort admire, pick favorites and rub my knob on while she watches. That went well, some of the pairs were from their live videos and I told her how much I liked seeing her pussy in them. I picked 2 of my favorite pair and was sitting across from them, sniffing and licking the crotch of them and rubbing them on my knob. We were still a little nervous for the first time then JT says, “this is great, you and I love playing with her panties and Jess wants to watch you stroke off with them”. We all relaxed a bit then and she was wearing a sexy black skirt, sitting with her legs slightly spread so I could see the red panties she was wearing that night. This was so sexy and I was so horny. Then JT kind of took over, giving directions, telling her to spread her legs and for me to rub my knob against her pussy slit, I love doing that. Then he said to put my face between her legs and sniff and lick her panty covered pussy lips, I took my time and she seemed to like it. Then he told me to pull the red panties aside and put my tongue inside her, she was wet wet wet. Then he said to start licking her clit and to enjoy myself. Did I ever! She had got his zipper down and was sucking on his cock as I buried my face in her pussy, it was so wet and tasted so good. I could feel her starting to react as I picked up the tempo and licked her clit faster. I was in heaven, JT was talking to her, asking if she liked my tongue inside her. Then I felt her hands behind my head, pulling my face even harder against her pussy as she began to climax. A nice wet orgasm, bucking up and down, moaning as I fingered beşiktaş escort and licked that beautiful shaved pussy. She was still wearing the red panties were soaked from her pussy juices, awesome.From there we went to the bedroom and we all undressed. She has beautiful breasts and I couldn’t keep my hands off them. Rock hard marble sized nipples that popped up at least a half inch. JT was still giving directions and he had lie on her back, him and I kneeling on opposite sides of her head. He slid his cock up for her to start sucking then told her to suck on mine, switching back and forth, even sucking on them both at the same time, making these yum yum sounds with them in her mouth, what a feeling. Then lucky JT crawls up between her legs, pulls the crotch of those red panties aside and starts to put his cock inside her. She is still sucking on me but his cock is big and I can feel her start to moan as he gets it in deeper.I can see how wet and shiny his cock is after just a few strokes so I think everybody is having fun tonight.Then he had me lie on my back and had her straddle my cock, pushing her wet panties against my shaft. I could feel her pussy lips wrapping around my cock, right through her panties. Then he had her straddle my face, pushing those wet panties down on my lips. I love being face ridden by a wet pussy. I managed to get the crotch of the panties pulled aside and my tongue back inside to lick her to another climax. Wetness galore, yummm.Jt’s idea for the finale was her lying on her back, legs spread and us taking turns rubbing our knobs on her panty covered slit. Was awesome to watch and I couldn’t resist, pumped my cock a bit and I was ready to cumm, splashing my cumm all over the crotch of her panties and even some up on her tummy. JT must have liked watching that because he did the same thing, both of our cumm all over those red panties.What a night, I totally loved her panty collection. She gave me pair of leopard skin panties for my collection and I put some pictures of them in my profile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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