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Subject: Fat Thor – Chapter 5 I wrote this for a friend as his birthday present. It is very naughty… And yes, do send me fan mail if you like it. And more importantly, please remember to donations to Nifty (using link fty/). Only they can give you that special feeling inside. Chapter 5. A Warrior’s Reward Thor returned to The Milano a hero, showing the others all the jewels he had recovered. He was happy he’d been successful, just a little disappointed that he would never see Altzar again. He left the celebrating to Peter Quill and Rocket, and retreated to his sleeping quarters. There he removed his cloak and found himself gazing at himself in the mirror. He had to admit that he no longer felt like a traditional god, though he could still feel the power surging through his body. It was just located in different places now. As he turned, his hefty tits smacked against one another and he felt a tremor of excitement. His hand ran across his nipple which felt bigger than usual and as he rolled it with his fingers, it grew, sending shivers down inside of him. He let out a little moan and found himself reaching around to his arse, his cunt as the Shi’ar had come to call it, opening it up. He looked around his room and his eyes caught his hammer. He pulled it up, feeling not the weight, but assessing the handle. It wasn’t as thick as either of the Shi’ar cocks, but it was longer. So he rested it on the floor and squatted about it. “Oh Odin,” he murmured as he felt his cunt open for it. It occurred to Thor that he was saying his father’s name, and a thought crossed his mind. “Oh daddy,” he whimpered. He remembered when he was young, he and Loki had spied on his father and mother fucking. They had both been mesmerised by his father’s huge cock sliding in and out of his mother, and then seeing their mother get on her knees and suck his cock. They had talked about it for hours afterwards, playing with their little boy cocks, and dreaming of what it might have been like. Loki had suggested that Thor should try sucking on his cock, but Thor was sure his little brother was teasing him, so he’d said no. For years he was sure he’d made the right choice. Now he started to think what it would have been like to suck his brother’s cock. Thor kept one hand on his nipple while the other one slipped down mersin escort to his cock. It was a little hard, but only a little. Maybe three inches if he was lucky. He played with it but it didn’t seem that interested. His cunt on the other hand was opening and screaming for attention. So he gave up playing with his cock and lent back on the handle of his hammer, taking all of it deep within himself. As he pulled himself up, the ridges of the handle were rough against his cunt’s lining, and he found himself moaning. “Oh daddy,” he whimpered, remembering how it felt when he was young and his all-powerful father had picked him up and sat him on his lap, his boyhood tunic rising up so that sometimes his bare arse had rested against his father’s powerful groin. “Oh Odin! Fuck me!” He screamed and the shuddering orgasm that followed seemed to hit every part of his body. He fell on the floor, his big titties bouncing as he landed and the hammer slid out, covered by Shi’ar juices. The whole action left him gasping for breath. “Thor?” a voice could be heard. “Are you ok? Are you under attack?” He recognised Drax’s monotone voice and for a moment he thought about letting the primitive in and begging him to fuck him. But not only did he feel sated, but he also didn’t think Drax was the kind of guy who understood what he needed. Drax would probably get confused. He was very linear in his thinking. “I’m fine,” Thor called out hurriedly. But without preamble the door to his room opened and Drax stood there, shirtless as always. Thor scrambled up off the floor, naked and with Shi’ar cum running out of his cunt. Drax looked at him, confused more than anything else. “What is the problem?” he asked bluntly. “Nothing, nothing!” Thor said brightly. “I just had… a little accident, that’s all. Just about to get into the shower and wash it all off.” “You look like you just fucked yourself with your hammer,” Drax pointed out, practical as ever. “No, no,” Thor tried to say, as he tied a towel around his waist. “The male prostrate is up your arse,” Drax continued to explain. “Stimulation of it can be very pleasurable.” Thor found himself a little lost for words. He had expected Drax to make fun of his situation. “It has been years since my wife died,” Drax said without emotion. “I understand. escort mersin We all have needs.” “You…” Thor began to say. “I have fought alongside many great warriors,” he said. “I helped all of them.” “Helped… helped them?” Thor queried. Drax walked forth into the room, letting the door close behind him. “Let me see,” he ordered Thor, using his fingers to indicate that the Asgardian should turn around. Thor cautiously did, watching as Drax squatted behind him. He shivered as he felt Drax’s fat finger stroke his wet, puffy arse-cunt lips. “Tsk, tsk,” Drax tutted. “You have it bad.” “I… I do?” Thor found himself asking nervously. “I will help you,” Drax said with finality and without further ado, he slid three of his fingers into Thor’s cunt. “Aaaah!” Thor moaned, stunned at the pressure. “Be still!” Drax barked. “I have not got my whole fist in yet. Your hole is very wet. It will need all of my arm to reach your prostrate. Now spread your legs and pant like a bitch on heat.” Thor steadied himself just in time for Drax to push his whole fist inside him. Just as he started to scream, a pocket of Shi’ar cum melted, covering Drax’s arm. Drax didn’t notice, he just started to pivot his arm in Thor’s cunt. As the Asgardian started to moan and bray, Drax gave encouragement. “Yes big warrior. Feel the strength of Drax. Let him give you the pleasure you need so you can live to fight another day.” Thor had never felt so full and warm. His whole body throbbed as it opened up to accommodate the huge arm of Drax. As Drax pushed further inside him, any remaining pocket of Shi’ar cum that had solidified inside his cunt was melted. As it flowed outwards it sent further orgasms through Thor and he could no longer hold it in. Much to Drax’s surprise — which in his case resulted in one small eyebrow raise — Thor started to pant and moan, his voice getting higher and more feminine. “Ohhhh. Please, please, fill me. Don’t stop now, fist my tight little cunt.” Drax did however stop, though his fist and forearm were deep within Thor. He reached out and stroked Thor’s long, blonde hair. “Do not worry my little warrior princess,” he said soothingly. “By the time I am finished with you, you will desire nothing less than the biggest cock in the world to satisfy your cunt. Are you ready mersin escort bayan my pretty princess? Are you ready for the full power of Drax?” “Yes, oh yes,” Thor moaned, lost in the pleasure of the Shi’ar cum. “Good!” Drax growled, all the soothing tones out of his voice. It sounded to Thor as if he was ready to go into battle. And for a moment he thought to question what was about to happen. But the instant that Drax’s arm started to withdraw, he lost all concern. All he wanted was Drax’s fist back in him. “Oh Odin!” He squealed. Drax laughed raucously as he pushed his fist in and out of Thor. “I always knew you were Daddy’s little princess! Now take the full power of Drax.” The huge warrior continued his assault on Thor’s cunt. The Asgardian had never felt it so wide and open as it was now. He didn’t even realise that his own, barely used cock, was dribbling a constant stream of cum as his prostrate was being hit time and time again. “Ah, ah. Ohhhhh!” He squealed. He felt like he had no control. The moment he briefly thought he could take a break, Drax’s fist slammed into him again. “Yes, yes, ohhhh.. ahhhh. No!” Drax just laughed again. “Such a little princess. Tell Drax how much you want it.” “Ohh I need it. Please. Just leave it in me,” Thor sobbed. “Like this?” Drax asked, before pulling out and plunging his forearm back into Thor. Thor could feel tears streaming down his cheek but he didn’t care. “Oh yeeeessss. Ah, ah, ah, ah…” He felt the fist thrust deep within him and he couldn’t stop squealing. Eventually Drax pulled his fist and forearm out, and Thor fell to the floor, his cunt wide open, his legs soaked with Shi’ar cum and the floor a puddle of his own juices. “That was hot!” Drax laughed. Without any further warning, Drax unzipped his leather trousers and hauled out his impressive cock. “Come on princess,” he chuckled. “Swallow my load.” And he shoved his cock into Thor’s open month. Thor didn’t even think. He started to suck on it until the load flooded his mouth. “Ah!” Drax stepped back and zipped himself up. “Now have a shower!” he advised Thor. Thor struggled up of the floor and spent the next few minutes cleaning his sleeping quarters and then himself. He had never felt so tired, and sated. He couldn’t stop himself. He reached around and touched his gaping cunt. It was sore and so he tried to lay on the bed on his stomach. But his tummy and titties were still too big and he was forced to roll back onto his back. His sore cunt would not let him sleep though, so he was forced to sleep with his legs up.

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