Fawned – A PetPlay Romance Ch. 05

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“-so there may or may not be a video of me going around where I’m moaning in the back of a car, but the thing is- I don’t know if I care? I mean…How would anyone know it was me, right? Like- I don’t even think I sound the way I usually do when I’m In The Moment.”

So far, Barnaby had spent the morning rambling to Jensen about the night before. He’d woken up smiling, thinking, That actually happened. He had no shame. He bragged about laser tag, how he made it through. Sure, he didn’t see half of what was going on, but he considered Not Crying a big win! He painted Gil a hero; not only did he kick total zombie butt, he was a genuine Good Guy. He reached out to Barnaby for more than sex, he was sweet, funny, and holy crap did he know how to put him on Cloud Nine.

Jensen scrolled through his phone, and for a while, the only indication he gave that he at least heard Barnaby was the occasional “Mhmm”. That was normal. But being caught having sex in the back of a car was not typical Barnaby Hirsch behavior, so the blond banked on some other reaction. Something he could see as proof to himself that maybe he was getting braver. Changing.

Finally, Jensen put his phone down, took off his glasses, and rubbed his eyes. Boredly, he said, “You’re gonna be seeing him more?”


The blankets shifted as Jensen stiffly dragged himself out of bed. A moment too late, Barnaby realized his roommate was naked. He looked away, only to spare a glance when he prayed his mind had played a trick on him. But there it was. His heart sank.

Jensen had marks all across his neck and chest. And not just purple spots like Gil had left on Barnaby. Ugly things. Long, red lines and disturbing impressions on either side of his throat. He limped his way to a pile of clothes. “You’re not thinking that someone’s gonna notice? On the chance it gets out, and you’re the one riding his dick all of a sudden?”

Barnaby scrunched up his nose and pulled his knees closer to his chest. He hadn’t thought that. Because- Because what were the chances? Jensen had said it himself: Gil got around. By the time anyone noticed Barnaby’s presence – which his presence was pretty much an attention repellent in itself – one could figure it was anyone’s on the hypothetical recording. He shrugged and answered simply, “No.”

Jensen scoffed and finished dressing but stayed hunched against a wall. He looked like he was fighting not to crumble to a pile onto the floor.

“Jensen, are you okay-?”

“Fucking great,” he spat, cracking a bitter smirk. He sucked in his breath, hobbling back to bed to lie on his stomach.

Barnaby’s brows furrowed, and a frown tugged at his lips. “Maybe you should go to the nurse-”

“I’m fine, Barnaby.” Jensen went right back to his phone, tapping aggressively. “Just enjoying the afterglow.”

Though it wasn’t hard to guess, that confirmed Barnaby’s horror. He hopped off his bed and scurried to Jensen’s side, placing a hand on his friend’s shoulder despite his better judgement. “Who was it? W-We can report them-”

“Alright, chill the fuck out,” Jensen grumbled, immediately brushing the hand away. “It wasn’t anything I didn’t ask for, just—” He sank further into the bed, further away from Barnaby. “Not what I expected. Don’t know what the big deal’s supposed to be.”

Barnaby stood awkwardly. The best thing he could do, he thought, was keep his mouth shut. Probably there wasn’t a big deal. At least, the biggest change Barnaby got out of being with Gil was gaining a friend, and if that was something Jensen missed out on, he would gladly be twice the friend moving forward. He didn’t intend to back away.

Except there wasn’t anything friendly about the way Jensen’s gaze flickered back and forth between Barnaby and his phone, each glance more annoyed than the last. It wasn’t long before he snapped, “Do you mind?”

Only at that point did Barnaby feel obligated to retreat a step, not letting himself be hurt. Jensen was the one hurting. “Sorry,” he said softly, “You know I worry.”

“Yeah, well- don’t,” Jensen muttered, “It’s over. It’s done with. I’m fine. Go see your new boyfriend or something.”

Barnaby bristled, quickly correcting him, “He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Right,” said Jensen, “Yeah, come to think of it, you’re more like- his prostitute.”

It knocked Barnaby’s breath right out of him, punched him into laughing. “Okay, that’s…I’m allowed to sleep with someone, Jensen. If I were- that, you would be too.”

“No, actually.” There was an audible thump as the boy slammed his phone back into his mattress. He whirled around to face Barnaby, glaring him down. “Because I didn’t get any money out of it. Can you say the same?”

The blond shrunk in front of him, not fully understanding what he was hearing. “But that’s-” he fumbled, “That’s not fair. If I waited, it’d be the opposite—”

“You really think I’d ask for your money?” Jensen’s casino oyna face was utterly devoid of amusement or sarcasm. The bags under his eyes seemed so dark up close. “You actually believed I thought you had anything to give me?”

A lump was forming in Barnaby’s throat, preventing him from speaking.

Jensen brushed right past him, making a grab for his backpack. “Does he know?”

Barnaby was still processing. He looked to Jensen for clarification.

“That you slept with him for money?”

He tried swallowing the lump and nearly choked on it. He shook his head.

“Of course not.”

With that, Jensen exited the dorm, and Barnaby was left alone.

He waited a little while before gathering the courage to text Gil.

‘Can I come over? I’m not expecting anything, but I could use the company if that’s okay. If not, I still hope you’re having a good day.’

He received a reply in minutes:


Not the most heartfelt response, but what more could he ask for?

Barnaby put on a turtleneck to ensure his hickeys were hidden and headed for Gil’s building.

When he arrived at the room, the door was already cracked open. He knocked, peeked inside, and found Gil in his desk chair, swiveling around to face him.

“Hey-” His tone was light as he discarded a pair of headphones. “You barely gave me time to miss you.”

Barnaby smiled shakily and stepped in, closing and slumping on the door behind him. “Sorry, I-” he inhaled, sharp. “My roommate and I…had an argument, I guess?” ‘Argument’ seemed like a safe way to word it. “And- I don’t have any other friends, but I didn’t want to be alone so…” He gave a weak show of Jazz Hands. ” Here I am.”

Amusement played on Gil’s lips, but in his eyes? Pity. Without question. How selfless of him to even consider suggesting, “Do you need to talk about it?”

Barnaby swiftly shook his head. “I’d rather not? If that’s okay? I think I just need a distraction- not that it’s your job to be that- Literally, you can ignore me, and I’ll be on my phone if that’s easier. ”

“If I said you could come over just to ignore you, that’d be pretty shitty of me,” was Gil’s immediate response.

Barnaby started to assure him “No, it really wouldn’t be-” but gave up as the man beckoned him with a finger. He pouted and crossed to stand right in front of him.

Gil wasted no time grabbing him by the hips, pulling him into his lap. More or less, anyway. Barnaby was still holding himself up, conscious of his weight. Gil, unfortunately, was not oblivious. “Relax, will you?”

“Uhm- yeah, that word’s really not in my dictionary, so-”



Gil jerked him forward from his knees, and Barnaby had to cling to him for a sense of balance. The chair did not tip or break – although, his worries did not end there. “You’re sure I’m not too heavy?”

“You’re fine.” Gil rubbed at his thighs. Maybe he wasn’t ‘relaxed’, but it was comforting enough to draw him chest to chest. Graceful hands continued up his sides, and Barnaby sucked in his stomach as they passed over his curves. “But even if you were,” Gil said, “I wouldn’t consider that a bad thing.”

Barnaby scoffed, “What if I- crushed your legs?”

“Eh. I’ve been meaning to get rid of them.”

“You-” The boy brushed Gil’s bangs back to get a good look in his eyes. His irises were tinted blue from the natural light of a nearby window, and what he thought was pity was overshadowed by infatuation. The raven smiled up at him, and Barnaby found it irresistible to return the favor. “You’re a little strange.”

“Told you.”

The boy rolled his eyes, and in the process, caught a flash of motion. Behind Gil, on his desk, was a video still playing on his phone. “What were you watching?” He reached out to pause it, freezing a toothbrush-wielding young woman. The title of the video showed up on its own:

Deepthroat Training Guide.

The hair on his neck started to rise.

“Nothing.” Gil twisted around to flip the phone screen down. “Stuff to pass the time.”

“Is that for me?”


Leaning back to look into Gil’s eyes once again, Barnaby almost second-guessed himself. He appeared so utterly clueless.

“Were you going to- ‘train’ me?”

The man’s brows furrowed, and his lips parted with some hesitation. Before he could get a word out, Barnaby closed the distance, kissing him. It was soft, of course – almost too simple. Though Gil held firmly to his hips, he wasn’t kissing back. He didn’t move his lips at all until Barnaby withdrew. “I’m sorry,” he sighed, “You said you weren’t expecting anything, and I wasn’t sure what to do with you…I didn’t think you were going to be upset-”

“I’m not upset.” Gil raised a brow, and Barnaby managed his most convincing smile, aloof but genuine. It was the truth. What did he have to be upset about when a handsome devil canlı casino of a man insisted on having him in his lap? He placed a kiss, coy, onto his nose. “Is that what you wanted to do with me, Gil?” He could feel his face heat up as the reality of the other’s intentions set in with each word. “You wanted me to give you a blowjob?”

Gil lifted a hand to his face, and Barnaby felt a familiar spark of pride at noticing him blush through his fingers. “You make it sound so innocent.”

Barnaby pouted, but that got him considering: what wasn’t so innocent about it? He remembered how entranced the man had been having his fingers sucked, all the praise that earned him. The bliss it gave them both, something so simple. Why should another body part be anymore lewd?

Testing the waters, he gathered up his bravery and rocked down into Gil’s lap. “I’ll do it,” he said, “I want to do it.”

There was a brief debate in the man’s head, but seconds later, he was bouncing a leg beneath Barnaby. “Alright. On your knees.”

The blond gleamed with satisfaction and slid onto the floor. One hand combed through his hair while the other unzipped Gil’s jeans. The next thing Barnaby knew, his semi-stiff cock was aimed inches from his face.

“No rush,” Gil said gently, “Do whatever feels right. Just- don’t use your teeth.”

A faint giggle slipped past Barnaby’s lips as he wrapped his fingers around the base of the cock. He had some ideas based on what he thought would feel good on himself, but surely none of them involved his teeth. On the contrary, he decided to start with a tender, appreciative approach – for being given power at all.

With eyes closed, Barnaby took his time placing delicate kisses along Gil’s shaft. It brushed against his cheek, and though he didn’t doubt it was strange, he felt inclined to nuzzle against it. Breathing in Gil’s musk so deep left him suddenly parched, and it wasn’t long until his tongue flicked out on its own, licking up the cock like a popsicle.

Gil hummed his approval, continuing to pet him, and Barnaby made it his job to wet the member from base to tip, still sprinkling kisses here and there. Even if he couldn’t fit it all down his throat, he wanted to be positive every inch received due attention. The man had used every inch to please him, after all.

“Focused much?”

Barnaby flushed and paused to look up at Gil smirking down at him. “I want to do good.”

“You’re too fucking sweet.” His hair was ruffled only to be smoothed right back into place. “You’re doing great. Don’t think about it so much.”

Easier said than done.

But Gil was already praising him, and he didn’t want to give him a reason to take it back.

He closed his eyes again-

“Hey. ”

Right back to Gil. The man tilted Barnaby’s head back, and suddenly, he felt very small there on his knees.

“Look at me when you blow me.”

His cheeks burned an awful amount. He swallowed, fearing his throat would go dry. Somehow, he managed to make a peep- “I won’t look weird?”

Gil leaned forward, kissing Barnaby’s forehead. Then, he whispered into his ear, sounding so confident, “You’ll look stunning.”

Barnaby doubted that. Highly. But how could a person be told that and not melt altogether, suspending their belief just for a moment? Especially when all he needed was a moment to open his mouth wide and cover the head of Gil’s cock.

Content, Gil sighed and relaxed into his chair, keeping his eyes locked on Barnaby’s. His stage fright didn’t last long; it was a nice view, and judging by the man’s glazed over greys, he must’ve enjoyed the sight too.

Lips curling around the cock, Barnaby continued to take in more. He tried to imagine his throat opening up, tried to psyche himself up to fit the entire length into his mouth – He hardly got halfway when his breath began to quicken. A test, a little bit more, and he nearly gagged.

“That’s okay,” Gil told him, somewhat rushed. He thumbed over the boy’s cheek. “That’s enough. Keep going.”

Barnaby’s brows furrowed, but he breathed in deep and started to bob his head slowly. He didn’t try to go further than half the length; his only focuses were keeping his lips full, his teeth undetectable, and his tongue slick, gradually making the task more and more seamless. He didn’t even realize he was actively sucking him until Gil bit his lip, exhaled a few helpless swears, and tightened his grip on Barnaby’s hair. Correction: Gil looked stunning.

His cock felt like it was weighing heavier with each pump, its veins becoming increasingly prominent whenever Barnaby traced them with his tongue. It became increasingly difficult to even take in half as it neared his throat, and he couldn’t ignore how much it was throbbing.

Breathe – he reminded himself until it was his only concern and everything else fell into a rhythm. He bobbed his head faster, saliva dripped down his chin; kaçak casino his lips swelled from sucking, and when Gil flashed his teeth, he’d wish they were digging into him, devouring him.

He needed some form of his own relief. His eyes slipped shut, and without fault, he lowered a hand to unbutton his pants. Taking hold of his dick, he attempted to stroke it in sync with his mouth.


It was so guttural and commanding, Barnaby froze completely, going wide-eyed as the color drained from his face. Gil’s stones were narrow, but there was little doubt he was biting his cheek to hide a smirk. “What’re you doing?”

Barnaby slid off carefully, his mouth still hanging agape. “I- Uhm- Sorry? Was that- not good-?”

“That’s no good.” Barnaby blinked as Gil pointed – right down to his crotch, where his fingers stayed wrapped around his dick. “Don’t you trust me to take care of you?”

Barnaby scrambled to fix his pants, tucking himself in. He may have retreated if not for Gil grabbing him by the chin, demanding his gaze once again.

“If we’re going to make this a regular arrangement,” the man growled, bringing their faces inches apart, “I have a few rules. Rule number one: I’m the only person that can get you off. Not any other guy, not even you. Sound fair?”

Barnaby wasn’t sure if ‘fair’ was the word he would use, but it certainly didn’t sound negotiable. Considering it, though – he didn’t really mind. He’d never had someone act possessive over him before. Never suspected he’d be worth the trouble.

Curiosity be damned, he nodded, deciding to play along. “Yes, sir.”

He questioned if it was possible for Gil to be happier or hornier.

The man patted his cheek and purred, “That’s what I like to hear.” He straightened up, urging Barnaby closer to his dick. Not that he needed to use much force.

Barnaby gladly took him into his mouth again, eagerly sucking and bobbing his head. Gil rested a hand on the back of his neck all the same, helping to guide him through the motion, never letting him pull too far away. And that was fine – because soon, all Barnaby could care about was getting Gil off. He didn’t want to look away. Not when Gil’s eyes were hooded with lust and desire, all the while licking his lips between grunts and moans. It wasn’t long before his hips started jerking either. Which left even less time for Barnaby to realize he was stuck.

A hand rested on the back of his neck, keeping him in place. He tried gulping for air. He was treated with a thick stream of cum instead.

The instant Gil released his grip on him, he was sitting back, coughing. His jaw ached a little.

“Sorry,” Gil muttered, fixing his jeans around his waist. “Probably should’ve warned you.”

Wiping his mouth, Barnaby managed a smile for assurance. A warning might’ve been nice, but he was flattered by his urgency too. Realizing he had Gil so caught up in the moment that he’d forgotten to speak up – he felt kind of special.

“I hope it was okay,” Barnaby said, getting to his feet.

Gil grinned right back at him. “Better than I expected. And for swallowing..?” His gaze flickered down to Barnaby’s crotch. The boy clasped his hands behind his back, remembering Gil’s rule. He was surprised when he finished, “I think you deserve a reward.”

Before Barnaby could formulate a response, he was being led to the bed. Gil told him to lay down, and he did. Cotton-filled blankets felt like a cloud beneath his back and bottom (especially) when his pants and boxers were diligently removed.

There was heat in his face, but similarly to their encounter in the car, he was chilly from the waist down. Gil lowered himself between the boy’s thighs, and Barnaby inched as close as possible to make up for the warmth, legs hooking over the other’s shoulders.

He tried to keep eye contact – didn’t suspect a switch in position would be much different. Except what Gil soon proved was his ability to pump him with his hand and mouth at the same time, both while piercing Barnaby with an intense, predatory stare. He couldn’t help but be intimidated into closing his eyes. Luckily, he got away without the man scolding him for it.

But eliminate one sense, and suddenly the rest are heightened. He couldn’t stay still or keep quiet – Gil’s tongue wouldn’t let him. He felt it everywhere on his cock – swirling and dragging and tracing over invisible patterns. Nimble fingers followed along, twisting and prodding so gently but so effectively that Barnaby’s hands flew to raven locks, holding on for dear life. It was a sultry, smooth massage as Gil sucked and slurped his entire length, something the boy didn’t notice until his navel was tickled by fringe and Gil’s nose. This, he thought, determined, Is what I have to learn for him.

His words were less coherent, and even Barnaby lost track of what he was saying. Something along the lines of “Please don’t stop” and “Thank you” and “Oh my god – your mouth”. Eventually, it all molded into one word: “Gil”, and he repeated it over and over again. Whimpered it, whined it, sang it – cried it with hips thrashing against the man’s face.

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