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Subject: Fields Where Love Grows: Chapter 2 In this chapter I focus more on building the relationship between Lucas and Tyler. Most of this chapter is building the bond between them but there is a little something to loom forward to towards the end of this chapter. I would like to take this second to thank all the positive and constructive emails I’ve received from the first chapter of Fields Where Live Grows and courage anyone that wants to reach out to me for any reason well it be constructive criticism or just letting me know your thoughts on the story so far. Email me anytime I will respond to all of them as quickly as I can. You can reach me at ail Wanted to give a special thanks to chaosmode who took the time to help edit this story and help make it the story it is today so please go check out his work is truly master pieces of literature on this site. https://www.//authors.htmlchaosmode If your able please donate to Nifty to help readers to keep on reading and Authors to keep on writing. Every penny fty/donate.html Fields Where Love Grows Chapter Two: An Unforgettable Day After the departure of my mother and Officer Spacey. Dan still smiling turned to Tyler. “Tyler why don’t you show Lucas the bed he will be sleeping in.” “Sure thing dad.” “Oh and Tyler come here for a second.” Dan said continuing to smile and waving Tyler over. Tyler walked over to Dan looking puzzled. Dan went right up to Tyler’s ear and whispered. Tyler looking annoyed stepped away from his dad. “Don’t think we have to worry about that but sure thing Dad.” Tyler said sounding annoyed then looked at me and half smiled and waved me on towards the house. After entering the house I immediately noticed how much nicer it looked than mine. Shiny wood floors, newer looking furniture, a brick layered fireplace, pictures and paintings that covered the walls. The house also smelled of apples and cinnamon which reminded me a lot of my grandmother that passed away a couple years ago. As much as you think it would sadden me I didn’t have many memories with my grandmother but the ones I did have with her were good ones. One of those memories in which was me and her making ten apple and cinnamon pies for my school bake sale when I was in second grade. I proceeded to follow Tyler upstairs. I was curious what Dan had said to him to make him change moods like that all the sudden, but I was too nervous and shy to even try to start a conversation with Tyler. I don’t know what has come over me all the sudden I’m not normally afraid to talk to anyone but things are different when I’m around him. I feel different like my heart begins to beat fast, my hands become sweaty and my stomach feels fluttery. I’ve never had this feeling before so I’m not sure what this feeling even is. All the while I cant stop staring at him which I feel would make matters awkward if he noticed my excessive staring. We reached the top of the stairs and walked down the hallway to the last room on the left. Upon entering the room with Tyler I noticed a dark brown antique looking desk with lots of papers and textbooks on it. A bookshelf around six feet tall full of books and from what I can tell mostly fantasy books. Such as Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, and Game of thrones just to name a few. There were two beds, a twin size bed with a light blue comforter on the right side of the room and a full size bed on the left side of the room with a gray comforter. “We will be sharing this room. You get the twin size bed I hope that’s okay?” Tyler asked “Yeah that’s fine.” My stomach started to feel bubbly and palms even more sweaty. I would be sharing a room with him. I don’t even know If i snore. I hope not. Do I talk in my sleep? Please tell me I don’t. What if I sleep walk? That would be so embarrassing I think I would just want to die at that point. I looked back up to Tyler with a terrified look on my face. “Don’t worry Lucas. It will be fun. Unless you think you’d rather share a room with Lydia? But she snores very loudly like if a monster truck came rolling down the street in the middle of the night you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two” I began to chuckle. Then immediately covered my mouth and began to think to myself how stupid my laugh sounds and covered my mouth. I look back up to Tyler and he has a puzzled look on his face looking down at me. “Where is your bathroom?” I asked “Same side of the hall right next door” I immediately rushed into the bathroom, turned on the faucet and splashed cold water on my face then looked up at the mirror above the sink and said to myself. Why am I acting like this? I’ve never been this nervous before. I saw in a movie once when someone started to act like this it was because they liked the person they were with. Do I like Tyler? We just met how can I come to that conclusion already? Wait Tyler is a boy and a adult how is this possible? I thought boys could only like girls that are around their age? Is this normal? Is there something wrong with me? I have to get it together he is waiting on me this is no time for a mental breakdown. Just pretend he’s your friend even if I do like him I should get to know him first that’s what most people do right in movies. I splashed more cold water on my face, dried off my face and went back out to Tyler’s room. “Sorry I took so long.” “Its okay. I know this all may seem strange being in a house full of people you don’t know but it won’t always feel this way you will adjust. Just like I did.” “What do you mean just like you did?” “I was adopted around 8 years ago. Around the time I was your age actually. It was rough at first but Dan and Carol are great.” He says they are great but I started to think back to when Dan whispered something into Tyler’s ear and he looked annoyed. All of this just made me want to ask even more what Dan had said to him but if he whispered, it must have been none of my business. “Hey, sınırsız escort want a tour of the farm? If you’re gonna be helping out it’s best you know where you’re going” Tyler asked. “Sure” “Okay follow me.” I put my bag down on my bed then followed Tyler back outside to the front porch where he stopped and looked down at me. ” Hey you see that little old white shed over there” Tyler said pointing towards a small shed in the distance about a football fields length away. “Yeah why?” “I’ll race ya there. First person to there doesn’t have to shovel manure tomorrow morning” “Okay deal!” I said with a smirk and readied myself to run. “Ready….Set…Go!” I ran towards the shed as fast as I could. Lucas only a few feet behind me seemed like a pretty fast runner. The only reason why I was so fast was because I got lots of practice running from Alex and his friends at school. We were nearly tied all the way up to the point when we were about less than a fifty feet away then I began to take the lead by several feet and almost ram into the side of the shed when I touched it first. “How the hell did you get so fast? Do you have some Olympic medals you didn’t care to mention before racing me” Tyler said while catching his breath. “Nope. I’m just not an old man like you.” “Oh ha ha you think your funny” Tyler then picks me up and throws me over his broad shoulders. I started to laugh and tried to get words out but I couldn’t. “Could an old man do this?” Tyler said as he carried me on his shoulders and proceeded to walk to the doors of the shed before putting me down. “No I guess not” I laughed and began to feel my cheeks flushing. Tyler looked down and noticed I was blushing then smirked and ruffled my hair. Tyler opened the double wide shed doors and inside was shiny newer looking red four wheeler with white stripes. Tyler grabbed two black four wheeler helmets and handed me one as he was putting his on. “Wait we are riding this?” I said with excitement. “Well yeah… if we walked it would take us forever to do this tour.” Tyler hoped on in the front of the four wheeler and I sat on the seat directly behind his and leaning up against Tyler. “You’re gonna have to wrap your arms around me if you don’t want to fall off” Tyler said kind of loudly so I could hear him with the helmet covering my ears. I felt nervous again from the fact I would be wrapping my arms around him but didn’t see anyway to get out of this so I wrapped both of my arms around his upper stomach. His stomach muscles felt strong but in a way felt comforting and made me feel happy. Tyler started the four wheeler and took off like a badass out of hell. The sound, the vibrations, the fast air against my skin was so exhilarating. I felt alive and free nothing could make this moment unforgettable. All these feelings and thoughts going through my mind I almost forgot the fact I was now holding onto Tyler tighter than before. I felt something strange coming on from below that felt kind of familiar and I was afraid for it to be true. It was hard again. This ride suddenly became less exciting and more nerve racking. It was so inconvenient. Why now? Why me? If only I could reposition myself so that I’m not up against Tyler I would. But I couldn’t let go or move back because I could get extremely hurt but at the same time If Tyler felt this he might freak out. All I could really do is hold on hope for the best. The four wheeler than came to a stop near a big red rustic looking barn. Tyler hopped off and took his helmet off. “This is the barn where we keep the horses. Here hop off and I’ll show ya” Embarrassed to expose my hard penis I sat there trying to think of an excuse not to get off the four wheeler. “Look Lucas if you’re embarrassed about your boner it’s normal and it’s fine. I already know about it because halfway through the ride I felt something poking my lower back. It happens to all boys. Now follow me. I wont stare or anything.” Even more embarrassed I started to blush as I slowly started to stand up with my boner poking out the front of my loose jeans. And stood frozen. “Just do what I do sometimes tuck it in your underwear waistband so it’s not noticeable if you’re embarrassed about it. I’ll look away.” Tyler said as he turned around. I quickly did what he suggested and unbuttoned my jeans, undid my zipper and grabbed a hold of my boner and tucked it in my underwear waistband. I then buttoned my jeans and zipped up my zipper and walked over next to Tyler. “Thank you” I said to him Tyler looked down, smiled then patted my back and guided me into the barn. We were in the barn for a good thirty minutes looking at all six of the horses they had and telling me the names of each one. The one that stood out to me the most was Ghost because he was all white with a gray mane. Tyler told me that most of them either eat hay, carrots or apples. Tyler also mentioned this would be the place me and him spend most of our time tomorrow cause they need feed, watered, bathed and their stables need cleaned. I had never been this close to a horse before but it fascinated me. I’m sure it’s hard work but I was happy finding out I would be spending most of tomorrow with the horses and Tyler. We then left the barn, put on our helmets and got back on the four wheeler. Tyler drove me further into the farm this time only a minute or two away from the barn and stopped. I took off my helmet and looked around to see a dozen or more chickens in a large pin. Attached to the large pin was a very large coupe that was the size of an RV. “This is our chicken coupe we won’t spend hardly anytime here cause this is Lydia’s job. I just wanted to show you where it was.”Tyler said as he hoped back onto the four wheeler with his helmet on. We had made a few more stops on that trip that included a field of hundreds of apple trees in perfect symmetrical rows. We also made a stop şırnak escort at their grape field that appeared to go on for what seemed like a mile. Our final stop is where they kept the cows, pigs and sheep. There were about twenty cows that were kept in a pin the size of a football field. Around ten pigs kept in a pin that was about a quarter of the size of a football field. Then the sheep I estimated to be around twenty five that were kept in a pin half the size of a football field. It was nearly dark when we returned to the house. I followed Tyler to the dining room as it was time for supper. The shiny wood flooring in the living room continued into the dining room I now believed to be the trend through the entire first floor. The dining room table was rather large and dark brownish color wood table. It had three chairs placed on each of the two sides and one chair at the head of the table. The centerpiece is a large blue vase full of sunflowers. Five blue glass plates were set at the table next to each plate on a white napkin sat a fork, spoon and knife along with a glass cup. Carol came from the kitchen with a large plate of streaks and a bowl of green beans that smelled heavenly. “Take a seat boys I’m just finishing up supper” Carol directed towards Tyler and I. Tyler sat to the right of the table near the head of the table. I had a few options two of them would either result in me sitting with either Carol or Lydia assuming Dan sat at the head of the table. If I had to sit next to someone it was going to be Tyler because I knew him best. In a way I think Tyler knew I was going to sit with him because of the way he pulled out the chair next to him before I even started walking towards it. After sitting in the chair Tyler nudged my arm with his elbow then leaned towards me “The are real sticklers about table manners just an FYI” Tyler whispered as he put the napkin from the table in his lap. I know what common table manners are I just wasn’t accustomed to them. Mostly due to the simple fact I had dinner alone every night since my mother started working two jobs. When we had food in the house that is. It didn’t bother me much that I ate dinner alone. I usually just watched youtube while I ate which is something my mother wouldn’t let me do if she was home. Carol shouted upstairs to Dan and Lydia to let them know it was time for supper. Lydia rushed downstairs and froze in the dining room archway when she saw me sitting at the dinner table. “Lydia it’s not polite to stare” Tyler said with a chuckle. “Shut up Tyler. I wasn’t staring I was…” Lydia scrambled to make up a quick excuse. “I was looking for mom” “Wow…great excuse sis” Lydia glared angrily at Tyler then sat at the seat across from me at the tabe. Lydia now looking down lap started to blush. It was like she was avoiding eye contact with me on purpose. I wasn’t sure why she always blushed and avoided eye contact with me until I put two and two together. That’s when I realised that’s what I was doing when I first met Tyler because I like him. I hate to jump to conclusions but that was the only thing that made sense to me. I wanted to ask Tyler’s opinion on this but couldn’t just come out and say it with Lydia here. I pulled out my phone and opened the notepad and started typed. “Do you think Lydia likes me or something?” I then nudged Tyler and secretly handed him my phone. Tyler looked at it and by the looks of his face tried his hardest not to burst out laughing. Then Tyler began to type and handed the phone to me.“I thought it was pretty obvious that she does like you. Do you like her?” I stopped to think for a minute. Do I like Lydia that way? Not to be rude but I don’t feel any strong feelings towards her or any girl in that matter. My thoughts began to shift towards like they did when I almost had a mental breakdown in the bathroom and I stopped myself and began to type on my phone notepad. “Not to be mean but I don’t have any feelings towards her and it’s not because she’s your sister”. I handed my phone to Tyler he read it then typed and handed my phone back to me and it read. “Its not mean at all. A feeling isn’t something you can force.” Dan then entered the dining room and I quickly put my phone away. “Sorry it took so long for me to come down stairs. I was finishing the chapter of the book I’m reading.” Dan said while walking to his seat at the head of the dinner table. Carol then walked in with a pitcher of what looked like iced tea and sat it in the middle of the table next to the steaks and green beans. “Okay everyone help yourselves” Carol said and smiled. I was going to let everyone else get what they wanted before I did, but Tyler stabbed the biggest steak with his fork and slapped it onto my plate after adding two big scoops of green beans. Then handed me the pitcher of iced tea and I poured it in myself. Awkward silence filled the air during supper. Only the annoying sounds of silverware tapping and scrapping the glass plates along with the sounds of chewing up food was heard in the dining room. I thought it would be nice to talk while we ate but I was enjoying the steak and green beans too much to even try to start a conversation. Normally for supper I either had nothing at all or different variations of hot pocket or cereal. When everyone finished dinner Carol picked up the bowl of green beans and the empty plate plate that now only had the juices from the steaks on it and looked to me. “Would you like anymore green beans dear?” “No thank you ma’am thank you for supper it was great.” I replied. “I’m glad. Everything you had tonight came right off of this farm. The circle of life sure is a beautiful thing” Carol smiled while rounded up all the dirty dishes and took them to the kitchen. Carol really did seem like a genuinely nice and kind person. I haven’t got a good reading on Lydia or Dan yet but they seemed pleasant. I started to yawn then taksim escort looked over at the clock to realised it was just after 9pm. Tyler stood up from his chair at the table. “Ready to hit the hay Lucas? We have to be up at 5am tomorrow.” “Yeah” I said as I stood up and followed Tyler out of the dining room. We continued through the living room then upstairs to his room. Tyler shut the door then took off his shirt and jeans to the point he was only wearing his blue and white patterned boxers. I tried not to stare but I was helpless. Tyler’s tan muscular arms, chest and developing four pack stomach reminded me of something you would see on an adult male actor in a soap opera. Which my mom used to watch a lot of when she had the time. Despite being nineteen Tyler hardly had any hair on his torso besides some near his belly button leading to his lower area. I tried looking away quickly before he noticed but he looked up and our eyes connected. “So Lucas not that it’s any of my business but I know you said you didn’t see my sister in that way but are there any girls at school you like?” “No not really to be honest. I haven’t really had any feelings like that towards anyone” I lied. “Girls never really interested me much either” “What do you mean?” I could see where this was going but I decided to play dumb. “My dad, mom, Lydia and Mike don’t know but I’m gay meaning I only like guys” “Why are you telling me this?” “I don’t know. You seem different than my family less judgemental I guess you could put it.” “How do you know if your gay?” I cant believe those words came out of my mouth. My stomach started to feel sick again like it did earlier today. It took all my willpower to hold me back from running to the bathroom again. “Well I guess I realized it when I was around your age when I started to feel woozy around boys. My hands would start to sweat, my heart started to beat fast.” I started to feel even more sick as I realized he described exactly how I was feeling earlier on today. Without even thinking I blurted out the first thing that came to my mind. “I think I am as well.” My heart started pounding harder than ever. I feel as though I was going to faint. Why did I say that out loud? I sat down on my bed and started breathing heavily. Tyler came over and put his hand on my shoulder. “Lucas it’s okay. It’s nothing to be scared or ashamed of. If that’s how you feel then just accept it for what it is.” “It just feels wrong plus I don’t even know for sure so I don’t know why I even said that” “You want to know for sure. Go to a boy you like at school and just make a bold move. Do something spontaneous. That’s how I knew for sure.” I sat there taking in his advice. When have I ever been known to take bold spontaneous actions. Never. Aside from shoplifting from the corner store. All that did was get me in a heap of trouble. I looked back up to Tyler, our eyes connected. Getting lost in his blue eyes again was easy to do. Just staring at each other I could feel the electricity between them sending encrypted messages back and forth like binary on a computer. My heart insists on making a move. My mind telling me this was wrong and it was too soon. He’s an adult and why do I feel this way towards him? Only seconds had passed but it felt as though it was hours. I closed my eyes, cleared my mind then leaned up towards his head that draped over mine and planted my lips onto his. Everything aside from my feelings towards him were yelling at me to stop. At the same time it felt so right. They were soft like I always imagined a kiss would be like. I could feel the fire and steam within me release as though nothing else in the world mattered but this moment in time. The hours of interlocked lips that only lasted seconds in real time before pulling my head back and lips apart. I opened my eyes to see him staring back at me. Speechless I didn’t know what to say or if I should even say anything to begin with. I was scared he was mad at me. I was scared of these new feelings and my mind was unable to register what just happened. I felt my eyes begin to swell up as tears roll down my face. Tyler then sat on my bed next to me and gave me a hug. “Hey… it’s okay Lucas. You’re okay. I know this is a confusing time for you. I went through these emotions as well” His hug was warm and comforting just like my mother’s. “Was it wrong what I did?” I said as I sobbed. “Lucas what you did wasn’t wrong at all. Is that how you feel about me?” I was afraid to answer that question and wasn’t sure how to answer it. “It felt like the right thing to do” I blurted out. “Well it wasn’t the wrong thing to do at all then if felt right. The longer you fight your feelings the more you will resent yourself. I’ve learned that the hard way. I will say it was a little unexpected and its fawned upon by most of society for a boy and a man to kiss like that. I wouldn’t want either of us to get caught. I would be face some serious charges that could put me away for a while.” I understood what Tyler was saying but It sadden me even more because I enjoyed those few seconds our lips were intertwined. “So we can’t do that anymore is what you’re saying?” I asked. “Lucas I’m not saying I don’t feel the same way towards you but it’s very risky. You act much older than you are but your physical age is what makes this illegal.” “Can we just do it when no one is around?” “Thats something I will have to thinking about and discuss with you later on but its getting kind of late and I think we should sleep on it and see how we feel in the morning” “Okay” I looked down feeling sad. Tyler lifted my chin with his index and middle finger. “Don’t be sad I said I would think about it” Tyler smiled then kissed my lips for a brief second before he got up, went to his bed, covered up then turned off the lights. “Good night Lucas” “Good night Tyler.” I was up a while thinking about the first and brief second kiss we had. I hoped that it would happen again. I really liked Tyler. He was kind, funny, understanding and from what I could tell he made any situation into a positive one. I shut my eyes and drifted off to sleep being hopeful for tomorrow. To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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