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I wrote this story so that the reader could place herself in the text and enjoy!! We both knew why I invited you over. There was no doubt that trivial, obligatory conversation wouldn’t be needed that night. It wasn’t that we didn’t enjoy the brief company we had kept in the past or talking late into the night, but we were both so ready for this night. There was nothing that could prevent it.

* * * * *

As the doorbell rings, I quickly make the final preparations. I answer the door wearing a pair of dark tan dress slacks and a flat collared dress shirt. You look absolutely stunning wearing a black tight dress from the middle of your thighs to your shoulders. Your hair is pulled back into a ponytail, which I love. You enter and as the door closes behind you, I swiftly move against you, embracing you tightly as I place my nose just against yours. I can already feel your heart pounding as your chest pushes against mine. I slowly lick your bottom lip, pressed against the door. Your light moans are a good sign of louder things to come. I place my hand on your cheek, parting your mouth open, taking your bottom lip into my mouth, sucking and licking. You then press your mouth toward mine, pushing our tongues into each other, deeply, passionately.

I pull your hair out of the pony tail and it looks so hot falling to your shoulders….. I pull you by the hands and lead you into the room of this gorgeous hotel. You see a hot tub already filled and bubbling, and candles only light the room. You see massage oil also over a candle, warming up. Your thighs have shots of nerves running through them at the sight of all of it. I sit on the edge of the bed… as you stand between my leg kiss upward from your hand, up your arms. I look at you and see your eyes are closed, with light moans of pleasure with each kiss. You smell so wonderful. I then draw your shoulder straps down ever so slowly so they hang on the tops of your arms. I stand enough to begin to kiss and lick at your neck. Up and down on the side, up to your ears, nibbling and sucking. I move down to lick the top of your chest, but not yet to your breasts. You have a strapless bra on, which makes for easy kissing and caressing.

After a couple of minutes of this, you feel my hands sliding across your tits through your dress, driving you wild. I can feel your nipples growing even through the material of your clothes. You then eagerly drop the straps to your waist, revealing those hot tits that I’ve waited so long to touch. At this point, you know that you’re given almanbahis şikayet completely over to me for the sake of pleasure. Nothing is off limits, because it all feels too good. The few times we met in the coffee shop and book store built up such a tension between us and it needed to be relieved right then.

I suck and bite gently on the tops of your breasts while you still have the bra on. Slowly I work the bra off and embrace you so that I can feel your chest against mine… as you slowly unbutton my shirt, kissing my neck and chest as you go, quickly returning the favor. I then take a seat on the edge of the bed again, licking as I do so. I then stare into your eyes as I squeeze and caress your tits cupped in my hand, then squeezing just your nipples in my fingers, making them so hot and hard. My mouth draws close to the edge of your tit, licking all along the side and in large circles around it. Slowly, I make my way toward the center, until my tongue flickers fast across your nipple, aching to be sucked and bitten. I take one into my mouth as you let out the loudest noise yet, which certainly turns me on, as I feel an ache beginning also. I continue to bite and suck, following the noises for where I should go next, and how I should lick and suck on you. I turn to the other and pay equal attention.

As I continue to lick on your tits, I slide my hands up the backs of your thighs, lifting up your dress, encountering a black lace g-string. I can’t see it, but as I kiss on your chest and begin to caress your ass, it is a tremendous turn on. I stay there, in no hurry, but only wanting to make your pleasure last as long as possible. I then pause, where I tell you to slip of your clothes and hop in the jacuzzi! You eagerly do so, teasing me as you slowly remove your dress and undergarments… staring me in the eyes the entire time… as I stroke myself through my pants.. I then slide my clothes off once you’re in the giant tub; teasing you as well… I hop in next to you and slide near you. I kiss down your neck. the warm water and jets feeling so good… you then slide down a bit to open your legs under the water. as our mouths kiss, my fingers slowly caress your hot nipples, tracing their way down. They then skip to your inner thigh, where they tease you a bit. Moving ever so slow and deliberate, until the finger of my hand traces the length of your slit. I can feel quite a difference between your smooth wetness and that of the water.

I bring my finger up to lick it for you, then to give you a taste. My almanbahis canlı casino hand returns, to slide a finger in between your cunt lips, massaging each of them and as usual following your moans for how to continue. My middle finger rubs against your swollen clit, then taking it in my fingers, squeezing and pulling at it to make you squirm under me. Your eyes are closed, head back and enjoying it, giving me the pleasure of hearing how much you love your pussy played with. I slide in my finger to rub just the right spot inside, sending you immediately into an orgasm, feeling all of your muscles contract on my finger, you’re so tight. I begin to slide another finger in, then another, and repeat until my four fingers are pressed as deep as I can wiggle them into your cunt, wagging my hand back and forth driving you again to climax.

You then pull out to sit on the edge, with your knees to calves still in the water, as you begin to play with your own tits and out loud, begging me to lick you up with my tongue. I eagerly sweep your thighs with my wet tongue and waste no time moving to lick the lips of your pussy. I turn my head as if to french kiss your hot and shaved pussy. I love just looking at your wonderful cunt, so soft with its thick lips. I slide my tongue in, kissing as deep as I can as your hands help to press my face into your forceful hips. I then tell you to turn around. As your smooth ass stares me in the face, I begin to lick at your pussy from behind, darting my tongue in and out quite fast, then pausing to lick and suck as much of your cum as I can, my faced pressed into you.

I then take my hands and spread that hot ass apart, staring at it. Moaning, “hmm…. ” I say. You reply, “You like what you see?” “Most definitely, I do. ” You tell me that it is all mines. Rubbing my wet fingers I slide them across your tight little asshole, causing you to shiver. I then take my tongue and slide it in gentle circles around the outside until I come to the center. You begin to relax, allowing my tongue to wet you nicely, as you feel a finger slide in the place of my tongue, moving ever so slowly into your ass, giving you just the right amount of pressure. I then slide out of the tub to get that warm massage oil. I bring it over, dipping a finger in, to return to your waiting ass. As I slide my finger in now further than before you let out a sigh of relief, aching to have yourself filled completely. While fingering your hot ass, I kiss your pussy with my mouth and tongue. AS you completely relax I press my almanbahis casino middle finger completely into your tight ass while pressing my tongue into your fuckhole. “Oh fuck!” you cry out as you cum yet again, your juices spilling out as I eagerly drink them up. ” You’ve got to fuck my ass,” you say. I eagerly get behind you, standing in the hot water, and put the head of my cock on your ass, rubbing it on your asshole. Then down to your pussy, I quickly fill your cunt to get my cock all wet. I then rub on some of the massage oil to my dick. Your hand finds your clit to begin rubbing, as I grasp my cock in my hand and begin to press the head into your tight hole.

Inch by inch as you expand, you feel so full and so good. You dig your fingers into your pussy so that you feel my cock through the wall inside. When you’re ready you tell me to “fuck me good, fuck my ass good!” I begin to slide in and out of your hot ass, the tension mounting with each stroke in and out, pulling out just to the tip then grasping your tits to pull you back onto my shaft. I then shove all the way in and allow just your own body movement and muscles to contract around my cock as you rub your clit and finger yourself like only you can to bring yourself to climax. You then enter into a world of your own as you cum uncontrollably while I’m buried in your asshole. As you feel my moans gaining in momentum, as you finish your orgasm you quickly drop to your knees while I stand in the jacuzzi. You grasp my oil soaked dick and begin to stroke it with your hand, while licking the head and inch by inch with each stroke of your hand, beginning to have me now fuck your mouth, the last hole to be filled. The slurping sounds and your moans are too much and I begin to swell.

You know it’s coming and you can’t wait. You move even faster, shoving as much of my cock as you can into your mouth, and your hand stroking as you pull away and back on to me. I grasp your head and fuck eagerly, hitting the back of your throat, as you moan loudly. You pause to wetly stroke me, licking my head saying, “Please let me have your cum, please, now, now. ” I begin to slowly spurt and throb. As I do you shove your mouth on me, allowing the first shots to enter deep into your throat. Then you pull off, exposing your tongue as I shoot cum into your open mouth, you close it, letting some drip down your cheeks, and you continue to stroke me as I shoot cum onto your face, down to your tits and into your hair. You then put me in your mouth softly, and suck and lick on me, until my spent cock lies relaxed in your warm mouth.

We climb into bed, and I lay behind you. You take my soft cock from between your legs and massage it, while placing the head on your ass, moaning.. “hmmmmmmmmmm.. and to think… we’ve got the rest of the night… “

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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