Fire and Ice Part Four

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Fire and Ice Part FourShe moaned at his touch, desperately trying to cling to the logic that this man, this being, was known to be a notorious killer.”So,” she said breathlessly, “devouring virgins..just a day job?”A spark snapped in his saucy expression. He left a seductive trail of kisses down over her chest, her stomach, and her waist before he paused to reply.”Virgins may be great to some dragons, but for me, I prefer a the taste of a woman who knows what she’s been missing,” his tone became empassioned growls as he breathed in the full scent of her sex. He licked her hungrily, his strong firm hands cupping her buttocks to bring her essence deeper into his mouth. Alexis moaned in euphoria, her fingers rushing through his silken hair with urgency. “Please,” she moaned, istanbul escort feeling her own moisture drip down her thighs, “Please take me.”” not yet,” he whispered, his own breath coming out in hot bursts, “Not until I get you close.” She pulled his hair firmly, trying to yank his face away. Instead of pulling away, he plunged his tongue deeply into the opening of her sweet flower. Both of them moaned at the pleasure of it. He ran his tongue within her, swirling it in her sweet tasting orifice until he felt her tighten. As her moans grew louder, her deftly whipped open the threads on the front of his pants, revealing his powerful, throbbing cock. Alexis glanced down, her eyes widening at the sight of avcılar escort it. Nero gazed into her eyes, placing a hand on his erect sword.”Please, ask it again,” he commanded softly, his voice husky with passion, “Only this time, speak my name.””Please,” she whispered, holding very still, “Take me…Nero.”The muscle toned dragon growled in his wanton, bringing the luscious woman down to sit upon his massive sword. He slammed his endowment into her, causing a duet of pleasurable moans to echo through the cavern. His eyes burned with fire now, dangerous and consuming.”Ride me, Alexis,” he growled,”ride me until you come.” She started, her pace eager, and thorough. She pumped gently at first, a strange feeling of romance washing over her. şirinevler escort As the feel of his throbbing essence inside her brought forth more lust, though, she quickened her pace until she was slamming down on top of him. Her body began to shake as she neared her peak.”No!” he hollered, “Not yet!”Before she could ask what was wrong, he had flipped her over, putting her back on the floor, and her ankles in the air above her head. He slammed into her, his growls rising into roars. Just when Alexis felt herself reach climax, e roared loud enough to shake the cavern. The force of his love exploded inside her, making her orgasm three times what it had ever been before. The pair roared in unison as the ecstacy washed over them. Alexis was spellbound, unable to move. A smile as bright as the sun played over her face. Moisture trickled from the corner of her right eye as she lay wrapped in the warm arms of her lover. Revelation washed over the two of them as their smiles met beyond the afterglow haze. For the first time in their lives, The Ice queen, and the Fire king, were in love.

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