First time with old man Russell

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First time with old man RussellIt was the middle of March with three feet of snow on the ground. Being Wyoming, it was drifted up to four or five feet. But thanks to aggressive 35 inch tall tires and tire chains, I plowed through the stuff pretty easy out to Russell’s ranch. It was a friggen cold Saturday, but I had promised if the high pressure oil pump came in for his truck I would come out and fix it. I also had to get Russ some groceries, without his truck running he was snowed in and had been for two days now. The road out to his place and a handful of other houses wasn’t plowed, because the plow was mounted to the non running Ford in his garage. Plus between four of us we still couldn’t get another guy’s John Deere grader running. Although I was promised steak for lunch for the trouble of coming out in shitty weather to fix his truck and I am easily persuaded to do work with food. Granted playing in the snow with my truck is reason enough to venture out into the cold. The highway had been plowed; I put the chains on before heading down the unplowed dirt road. I only worried about getting stuck once, but eventually pulled up to the cleared off pad in front of the garage.Russ poked his head out of the side door. “Any problems getting out here?”“Only getting the chains on. The dog food is in the back, the rest is in the cab.” I said as I walked to the back to get one of the fifty pound bags.“I sure do appreciate you pickin some stuff up for me.” Russ said as he moseyed over to get the bags out of the cab. He was never in a hurry, but then no one in Wyoming is ever in a hurry. He was as stereotype cowboy as you can imagine; Stetson hat, cowboy boots, oversized belt buckle and bow legged from riding horses for fifty years. He might have been five foot eleven when he was younger; now at sixty I think he was only five foot eight. Getting the things inside was a chore since the dogs wanted to help, and we were trying to keep some heat in the garage. Working on cold equipment is miserable, you can never wear gloves because the bolts are too small or the space too tight to even get your bare hand in. After a few minutes we had everything inside and Russ took it into the house while I set about taking the old pump off. It was not a hard job, couple lines and a few bolts. Clean up the area; install new gaskets, the new pump. Then snug the bolts down and hook the lines back up, probably only took twenty minutes at most. Russ just leaned against a fender and watched; usually he was a little more talkative. Still you could see how happy he was when that pickup started up for the first time in nearly a week. He smiled as he shut the truck off. “Glad that wasn’t too hard to change out. I am sure everyone will be happy to have a clean road.”Inside the ranch house was equally as stereo type as the cowboy who lived here. Old west photography, rustic furniture, a couple mounted deer heads and the radio tuned to old country music. I always thought it was too warm in the house; Russ had gas heat so why he had a roaring fire going I never could figure out. Any time I asked he just said he liked them. Now inside I could shed my coat, insulated bibs and snow boots.“It’s thirty below out and you still wear a t-shirt and blue jeans, don’t you get cold?” Russ asked as he headed tunceli escort into the kitchen. “Coffee?”I followed him and sat in a kitchen chair. “Sounds good. I wear t-shirts and jeans year round. Of course I don’t get cold; that is what all the other stuff is for.”While he grills up steaks we talk about work, other plans for the weekend. Hunting, fishing are always topics of discussion. Lunch is delicious as always, Russ likes his steaks cooked the same way I do, medium rare and few seasonings. It doesn’t need more than salt, pepper and little Worchester sauce. After lunch he is a little bit quiet again.“Got something on your mind?” I asked after we cleaned up our plates. Russ looks at me and seems to be gathering his thoughts. “I know you and the other guy joke about a lot of stuff, but I wonder if it’s all jokes with you.” “If I can’t make fun of myself, I shouldn’t tease others. Though I am pretty open minded I guess would be a good description.” I said and sipped on my coffee.Russ sat quietly for a little bit. “You know I heard that once before. She opened my own mind quite a bit during our time together.”“That is usually a good thing.” I said and was a bit nervous. “I have a hunch and just a hunch but you and her had something in common and didn’t know it.” Russell said and leaned forward his eyes staring into mine.“I guess I don’t follow you.” I said.“This ain’t easy, but its gotten a bit lonely out here… in certain aspects.” Russ said and held up his hand to stop me from saying anything. “And if you are as open minded as you claim, I could use a little help with something else.” It took me a moment to figure it out, because it wasn’t something I; or likely anyone would have thought he would ask another guy about. I managed to mutter “Well, I am bisexual. Had sex with three different guys… You don’t strike me as anything but arrow straight.”“My wife was rather adventurous throughout her life and, lets just say after our lengthy marriage, I turned into a bit of a pervert.” Russ looked a bit nervous himself. I imagined this was a pretty big leap for him to take.“Okay, but what does that have to do with me being open minded?” I asked and finally looked up at him.Russ smiled. “I still have the knowledge and tools to use for an open minded person, so if you were willing, I could use them on you.”I looked at Russell; he was not exactly what I would have considered as a sexual partner. I know he wouldn’t do anything that would actually hurt me, and as much help as he has given me over the years… Would it be so bad to just do anything he wanted? Thanks to the internet, there are a substantial number of things I would like to try. Living in the least populated state did not give one many willing partners for certain things.“You know what, I am willing. I’ll do anything you want me too.” I said with more confidence than I think I actually felt. I trusted him and respected him a great deal, but this was still a big step into something new.“I have a feeling you are going to enjoy it.” Russ said and stood up. He walked over to an old saddle and picked it up off the stand, setting it aside. Underneath the saddle was what looked like a short, padded sawhorse. He pulled it out further into the living room and I noticed uşak escort for the first time, it had metal eyelets in various places on it.“So what is that?” I asked, though I thought I had a good idea.“It’s a breeding bench.” Russ said after he got it where he wanted it. “And it’s one of the first things I am going to introduce you too.”Well so much for not being nervous any more, my pulse was pretty high. Russ disappeared into a side room for a moment and came out with a dark blue backpack. “Alright, I am ready to start.”“Okay, what do I do?” I ask.“Well, first you get naked. Then you lay down on this, head at this end.” Russ pointed to the end closest to him.As hot as it is in the damn house, at least I won’t be cold for whatever is about to happen to me. I strip down and lay on the bench as instructed. Russ kneels down by my left side and after a moment he is tightening a wide strap around my waist. Actually he gets the strap a little tighter than I would like, before I can say anything my left leg is tied to the leg of the bench followed by; my right leg, right arm and lastly my left arm.While Russ stands back to admire his work, I pull against the bonds. I am not going anywhere, and I am not getting out of this quickly. From this position, the bowlegged cowboy looks rather tall. I am nearly a foot taller and at least twice his weight, so my current helpless position is odd. He walks around behind me, and places a rough and callused hand on my ass spreading my cheeks a little. He hums before saying anything. “Looks like you already fooled around.”I was embarrassed for being examined like this and apparently leaking lube. “I have a few toys.” “I guess I don’t have to worry about you not liking part of this.” Russ said and ran a finger through the lube.He teased just around my sphincter; I moaned which got him to chuckle. I watched as he walked over to the bag and pulled out a few more things, one of which was lube and the other looked like a belt. The third item I found out after a brief moment was a butt plug. It wasn’t large, but big enough to stretch me a little and stay firmly in place.“So what’s the belt for?” I hesitantly asked.“Well, it’s for spanking.” Russ said and did not wait for me to say anything. He just swatted my ass with it.I wasn’t sure what to make of it, it stung, but wasn’t real hard. The next one stung more and the third hurt a little. I looked back when a fourth didn’t come.“Keep going or stop?” Russ asked.“I could take more…” I replied sheepishly. I don’t know why I said that, and bit my lip when the fourth one stung like hell. I counted ten in total, and they all stung. My ass felt warm from getting spanked with a belt. At the moment I could say I wasn’t a fan, though if he liked doing it…Russ played with the plug a little, getting me to moan. “Now for the fun part.”The plug buzzed to life, not hard but kind of a soft dull vibration. Enough to get my semi flaccid cock to harden, being bound and watched was pure ecstasy; I didn’t mind the sting I still felt on my ass from the belt. Though what came out of my mouth was a bit embarrassing, as quiet as I said it I am surprised he even heard me. “You know I could… suck your dick…”I wasn’t sure if he heard me, even as he got up. He pulled a chair yalova escort over and dropped his worn jeans and boxers down. He sat down on the edge of the chair and right at my eye level was a wrinkled, low hanging ball sack, with large nuts, and a thick flaccid cock. I couldn’t stop myself and let out a little snicker.“You offered, so what’s so funny?” Russ asked a bit sternly.“Sorry, I thought you were bowlegged from riding horses… Not bowlegged because you hung like a horse.” I said and had to stretch my neck out to still not reach them.Russ gave it a little thought before he scooted closer. “I guess I can’t fault you there.”I reached out with my tongue and lifted one of those big balls up. They were heavier than I would have thought; he smelled like old spice cologne, sawdust and campfire smoke. Actually it was a bit pleasant as I licked his balls and with a little work got them both in my mouth. Lightly rolling them with my tongue and sucking got his cock to rise up. It was thick and veiny, close to eight inches long with a large head. It was also just out of reach.“Um, a little help.” I said and just waited with an open mouth a thin string of saliva running from my tongue to his balls. He pushed it down so I could get my mouth around it. Not having the use of my hands made it a little tougher, but I managed. I did get a moan out of him finally as I took his entire cock in my mouth and down my throat. This brought up something I never would have thought I would be doing; sucking someone’s cock, bound, while ‘The Last Round-up’ by Gene Autry played in the background… Probably a good thing I had a dick in my mouth or I would have laughed. Not usually the music I listen to when having sex, actually I don’t listen to country music at all if I can help it. Russ put a hand on my head as he shot a thick wad down my throat. I struggled to swallow it all, though now I know how he fathered five k**s. While Russ went to get a towel to clean himself up, then he kneeled down in front of me. He took a dry towel and wiped the cum and drool from my face. “I never thought I would say this to a boy, but you are pretty good at sucking cock.”“Well didn’t seem fair that I was getting off and you were not…” I said sheepishly. Though I am not sure why, I was embarrassed about it. Not it being the blow job, but it being praised over it. The plug was turned up to high and Russ wiggled it, I moaned like a girl and my dick hurt from being hard for so long. Russ left the plug in as he freed me from the bench. It hurt a little to actually be able to move again. However sitting was not really an option, so I laid back and looked up at the ceiling. The taste of Russell’s cum still in my mouth. I heard Russ ask “Aren’t you going to take care of yourself?”“Right here?” I replied.Russ chuckled. “That is part of the experience.”Oddly after everything that just happened, jerking off was the most embarrassing thing. I did need the release though and after cumming I laid there exhausted. Which is weird since I couldn’t really do anything for however long I was tied to the bench; I do know it was an experience I hoped would happen again. It was a little bit of a weak legged walk to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I can also say the person in the mirror looked rather happy. I got dressed and headed back out to the living room where Russ was still sitting on the couch. “So?” Russ asked as I put on all my winter gear to head for home.“I will be willing any time.” I said with a smile. Though I did curse myself for owning a one ton truck, the ride home was uncomfortable.

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