Flight Attendant Freaks Part 2

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Flight Attendant Freaks Part 2So the last story left of after I fucked Allie who was my girlfriend at the times roommate. Sara, my girlfriend had been out of town working. They were both flight attendants and roommates. Sara had not found out that I had fucked Allie while she was out of town working so I was a bit relieved. Me and Sara had an amazing sexual relationship and I didnt intend to fuck that up. The sex was too good.And the pussy was amazing. Sara was built like the pornstar lisa ann only her boobs were real. I didnt feel guilty about fucking allie I just didnt want to ever get caught. Allie had a more athletic toned track runners body. I was in the clear I figured and that it was just a one time thing. So I thought.A few days had passed and me and Sara were back in our old routine, fucking, hanging out, and more fucking. She was a freak and a nympho for sure a bit of an exibitionist too. I noticed a strange thing start to happen, Sara started to be more sexual and inappropriate with me around Allie. It almost seemed as if Sara knew something had happened between me and Allie. Like we would be cooking dinner and Sara would make out with me and start stroking my cock through my pants with allie in the kitchen. Or one night we were watching a movie and Sara gave me head under the blanket while all three of us were on the couch. I thought Allie would leave the room but to my shock she stayed and sat right next to me as Sara sucked my cock. I gave Allie a bit of a smirk and rolled my eyes as if to say “this bitch is crazy I know”. Allie bit her lip and gave me a look as if she wished it was her down there sucking my cock. Then to my surprise allie started to rub my neck, and run her fingers trough the back of my hair. My cock got so much harder that Sara gagged under the blanket oblivious to what was going on above. Sara would izmit escort bayan have killed Allie if she knew. Allie took my hand and slid it into her sweat pants she was wearing. No underwear. Her pussy was so wet. I stroked her for a while but I knew I was gonna cum soon and all the fun would be over. Allie leaned over and kissed me and at that moment I shot the fattest wad down Sara’s throat. Sara never found out about what had happened above the blanket that night.Sara left that weekend on a work trip and me and Allie fucked again. We fucked all weekend actually and she was just as horny and freaky as sara. I was living the life fucking two hot girls that seemed to be competeing over me. It felt good.Now when Sara returned after the second trip it seemed like she tried to push it even farther with the little sex games. The girls had a big house with a pool in the back yard and their rooms where all on the 2nd floor of the house. Allies room had a balcony that over looked the pool. So one day me and Sara planned to lay out at the pool and tan and swim. Sara invited Allie but she declined. Allie was gonna just tan on her balcony over looking the pool. The girls occasionally did that when the wanted to tan nude, more privacy. I’d be lying if I said that I hadnt watched them before but that is an other story.We get to the pool and sara is in her bikini.She asks me to oil her up. Sara is built like Lisa Ann, thick, big tits and a fat ass. I grease her up and give her a mini massage at the same time. I playfully rub her tits and nipples as I cover them in oil, I flip her over and do her back,play with her ass a bit. Nothing too sexual. Then I lay on my lounge chair and try to get some sun. Sara asks if I want to get oiled but I say no, i dont like all that grease. After about 15 minutes i nod off. I wake up to Sara straddling me telling izmit escort me that im gonna get burnt with out some sun screen. So she rubs a bit on my chest. She starts kissing my neck and playfully biting me, my cock starts to move around as she has her pussy directly on it through our bathing suits. Sara bites my nipples and grinds her pussy a bit harder on my slowly growing cock. Then Sara bites my nipple super hard and I let out a yell. “Shit” Allie pops her head over the balcony and Sara looks up at her and gives her an evil smirk almost as to say “wait till you see what I do next bitch” .Allie goes back to her nude tanning as Sara has now got my cock out. I’m not fully hard as Sara slaps my dick against her lips before taking me entirely into her mouth. She works my cock good and strokes me with her hand. My cock is fully hard as Sara climbs onto me for a 69 position. Allie is on her balcony with her sunglasses on so I cant tell if shes watching or sleeping. I Lick Saras pussy as she suck my cock. Her tongue feels so good on the top side of my cock. Her tongue licking the backside of my head is driving me crazy. I try to concentrate on not cuming. Its intense. I lick her pussy faster and try not to cum. It’s too intense so I throw her off. I dont wanna pop my wad before I fuck her. I stand up and bend her over the lounge chair, I lick her pussy from behind and finger her. I suck on her clit really hard. And occasionly tease her asshole with my finger or tongue. Her body starts to tense up as she’s about to cum.i suck on her clit even harder. Sara is making so much noise. Allie has to hear her I think. The thought of allie so close and maybe watching makes my dick even harder. Sara cums as I hold on to her thighs as she tries to pull away from my tongue. Still shaking from her intense orgasm I stand up and izmit kendi evi olan escort slide my rock hard cock into her from behind. Her body is covered in sun tan oil and is glistening under the sun. she’s slippery and hard to hold onto from the waist or ass. I grab a hand full of her hair and use it to pull her hard onto my cock. I love watching her fat ass bounce off my dick. I keep looking up at allies balcony but shes just laying there with her glasses on sleeping. I rub sara’s shoulders and scratch her back as I quicken my pace, I grab her fat tits and pinch her nipples hard. I can tell she is about to cum again. Right as shes coming I grab two handfulls of hair and fuck her as hard as I can. Sara screams in extacy as she cums again all over my dick. Writhing and twitching I flip her onto her back.I slide my cock back into her pussy and now have to hold on to her shoulders cause shes so greasy. I’m about two pumps in as I look up and see allie stand up and lean over her balcony. She knew sara couldnt see her from our new position. Allie starts playing with her self as I fuck sara. For a second I wish I was up there fucking Allie’s toned athletic body. But Sara’s big tits bring my attention back to her. I pump sara as hard as I can. I feel like Im about to cum so I pull my cock out and place it between saras huge tits. I want to titty fuck her for a bit to give allie more of a show and not cum too fast. Sara squeezes her huge oiled tits around my hard cock and occasionally sucks on the head. Allie has her self pretty worked up as she fingers herself on the balcony, her body is sweating under the sun and looks so fucken good. I cant take much more I stand up and put sara on her knees and jerk my rock hard cock off all over her big greased tits while i look up at allie. Sara takes my sensitive cock in her mouth and sucks out the remaining cum. I have 2 hand fulls of hair as a slowly pump her mouth. Feeling weak from the heat and all the fucking I jump in the water. As soon as sara turns around allie lays back down as if nothing ever happened. I hope allie got off as good as we did.

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