Get Down with the Thiccness Pt. 06

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Part 6 is here! Hope you enjoy this chapter. A little info about this series before I begin, I have planned out the rest of the series up to chapter 13 which will be the finale. So if you like this series get ready for much more! I will also begin my short series about my Friends With Benefits relationship soon as well 🙂

“So if I apply I’ll get to work with you? That’s worth the job by itself.” The handsome muscular man smiled and outstretched his arm towards Olivia. She timidly passed over the application form pinned to a clip board.

“I-I don’t know what you mean by that but just fill it out and I’ll look it over later…” She looked around next to her, seeing George and Justin conversing with each other, she took some pride that her staff where getting along well. She looked over to the man she was talking to. It seemed that he was much more interested in checking out Olivia’s inviting cleavage. She lightly pulled her top up to try and hide it but eventually the neck line of the shirt snapped back to her bust, straining under the pressure. She knew that such an old shirt was going to be too tight for her, if only she wasn’t so busty.

It was job fair day. Where small businesses and work placements came to get students to apply for work experience. Olivia thought it best for the student bar, and its major staff members to have a presence at the fair; seeing as days where she was not working where light on staff. Both George and Justin where not shocked to see the stall very popular with the men, seeing as a pretty girl with big boobs and butt was offering people to work with her (Even though the pretty girl with big boobs and butt had no idea that her assets where the reason why so many guys wanted to apply). It seemed clear to the other stalls which where all set up in an orderly line had no chance of getting any new employees, the one closest to the bar was representing a small business which dealt in desk trinkets. Whats worse due to scheduling issues the fair had to share the large space of the field for the campus athletics team, who where training for the big athletics event which involved universities across the country. One racer was already slacking off, busy filling out the form which Olivia had given him.

“Here. Before I get back to training, how about I give you my mobile number? Just so you can call when you want to chat.” He winked and bit his lip, handing the clip board over to the bar manager with a small piece of paper with a phone number scribbled messily on the scrap. Olivia took the application and added the slip to a growing pile of filled out applications. As the muscular man stepped away he looked back to give the cute short haired woman one last look before joining his team mates.

“Want me to get rid of that for you boss?” Justin called as Olivia held the phone number in her hands, she looked over and passed it to Justin who then scrunched up the paper in his fist and dropped it onto the floor. George observed the situation, slowly learning that receiving phone numbers from thirsty guys was all too common for the 23 year old. As the day drew on and the sun moved higher across the sky the fair died down more and more. The three looked over at the track and saw a large crowd forming in the stands.

“The girls just finished their practice.” Justin said as he rubbed a bead of sweat off of his brow, the day was hot for this time of year, and being without shade made it uncomfortable.

“Ah, I see.” Olivia looked from the corner of her eyes to see what George was looking at, he seemed more interested in clearing up the table than the other girls across the field, she smiled a little at the thought.

“George can I have you for a second?” She asked. Justin snorted a laugh and looked over at him, wondering if he caught her poor choice of words. George stopped what he was doing and looked over at them, starting casually over to them.

“Whats up?” He asked coolly to her.

“Have you heard from Lexi since I sent the stuff?” She placed her hands on her wide hips and looked into his eyes. As he looked back he felt his heart beat slightly quicker as he looked into her bright hazel eyes.

“Not since I asked her yesterday if she was safe.”

“I’m really worried for her, she spoke to me a little when she saw John trying to cheat…but since she’s been radio silent. At least she has replied to you, what do we do?” She signed and looked over toward the track, seeing the girls break off into their own little friend circles.

“I think we should give her time. I don’t really know how people deal with breakups but I think it would be best if we just try to be there for her.” Olivia shook her head and looked back to him, reaching up with one hand to play with her hair.

“You’re right…Listen, almanbahis şikayet good work today, we have plenty of people who want jobs. Not many girls applied though. It’s tough being the only girl behind the bar sometimes.”

“I could change that.” a voice spoke proudly from beside them, they both looked to the direction of the voice to see the girl they both recognized as Amy. Wearing a tight white and red trimmed sports bra which compressed her large breasts together forming a cleavage to rival Olivia’s, as well as running briefs of the same color scheme. Olivia blushed and turned her head at the lack of clothing the blonde bombshell wore, showing her toned midriff and thick thighs. She looked to George as her eyes seemed to glow a bight green. George and Justin smiled instinctively at her.

“Hey Amy, I didn’t know you where interested in working here.” Justin said as he stepped forward next to George.

“Well, lets just say that I’ve recently become VERY interested in working with you guys.” She looked up at George and smiled sweetly.

“Maybe the new guy can give me an application if he’s done enjoying the view.” She winked and crossed her arms under her bust, throwing them up to allure him. He blushed and looked down, fumbling with a clip board and pen which where sitting patiently on the table. Olivia looked as she saw him shakily pass the sheet to Amy, her heart sank a little, but did not show her jealousy. Amy took the paper and filled it out quickly, looking over to the quiet Olivia.

“You ok Livvy? I’m sorry about that thing with that guy, I don’t really know him and I had no idea he was with someone.” She looked concerned as she passed the application back to George.

“Yeah, just worried about Alexa, she’s been really quiet and hasn’t come home.” She frowned as she spoke, stepping up to talk to Amy face to face, while she did not blame the thick goddess, she still felt like her appearance should not be intimidating her. Amy nodded slowly and gave a look of concern.

“I hope she turns up soon…you’re her room mate right?” Amy looked back to George and scanned him quickly, trying to hold back the need to squeal with joy. She found the big cocked stud she had been looking for. George blushed and nodded without saying a word, glancing from her face to other parts of her body for moments.

“You’re quite handsome huh?” She started, biting her plump lip as she felt her heart race. “Would you like to go out some time? If Livvy hired you, you must be a great guy.” She giggled cutely and batted her eyes at him, giving the irresistible look which made anyone weak at the knees. George could already feel his cock begin to grow in his pants as he looked at the skimpy outfit which her body was squeezed into. Olivia’s heart sank, she snapped her head over to George and gave a worried look, no one could resist the winner of Miss.Romeo beauty contest 5 years in a row, especially if SHE was the one asking a guy out for a date.

“Sorry, but right now I’m focusing on my studies and this job.” Olivia looked away and covered her face, she could not help but smile a little at her crush…could it really be a crush? she thought. Amy formed a look disappointment at him and a quick glance to the girl next to the man she asked out, quickly noticing the reaction she gave.

“Ok, its cool…If you ever change your mind though.” she leaned forward and whispered into his ear quietly so neither Justin or Olivia could hear.

“I’m as good in bed as I look stud.” George felt something enter and leave his pocket as she quickly leaned back and smiled.

“I’d better go. I need a shower and get out of these clothes.” She waved goodbye to the three and gave George a wink and blew him a kiss before skipping off toward the left side of the campus, her briefs hugging her thick ass as it swayed with every step. Justin looked at George and put his hand on his shoulder.

“You’re insane for passing that up dude.” He patted him a few times before reaching for the pile of applicants. George looked to Olivia who had composed herself; There was a short silence before his manager spoke up.

“I-I think you should have gone on that date…She’s a really nice girl at heart, I’ve been serving her for years.” She smiled and blushed as she looked at him.

“Nah, Shes cute and all but I don’t think I can juggle class work and being with you.” Olivia’s eyes widened and she stuttered cutely.

“B-being with me?”

“I mean working with you…not in the way you’re thinking…I…” George looked down at his shoes, rubbing the mowed grass with the sole of his shoe awkwardly. Putting his hands in his pockets he suddenly felt a scrap piece of paper hidden in one of the pockets. Olivia chucked and smiled, still beet almanbahis canlı casino red from his poor choice of words.

“I know…Hey listen I’d better go, if you need anything or hear from Lexi just text, or call…I’m ok with either.” She quickly turned around and stepped away in a hurry, mixed emotions over what took place. George watched her as she walked, pulling out the scrap paper from the pocket, looking at what was written, neatly written in red ink showed the words

“Follow me Big Boy, you’ll like what you’ll see 😉 Amyla-Lovely”

George felt himself go weak at the knees, somehow she knew of his big secret, how could she know! He looked at the paper, then back up to his manager,back down to the paper…

George slammed the door of apartment 5-D as he quickly searched the profile which Amy had instructed him to do. He quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans down along with his underwear, letting his semi-erect cock spring out. His eyes lit up as the profile loaded. Countless pictures of Amy invaded his horny eyes. Whether is was professional photographs of her in sexy underwear, or gym selfies with similar clothing as to what she was wearing that morning he couldn’t take so much sexy. He grasped his thick long cock with one hand and began to jerk off, moaning as he clicked on one picture of her wearing a sports bra and underwear, posing alluringly in front of the mirror which showed her perfect reflection. George quickened his stroking, moaning loudly as he moved to a different picture of Amy squatting on her toes, sports briefs riding up her ass looking more like a thong than an athletic garment, in the picture she held a water bottle in one hand having the bottle pressed up to her lips looking sexily at the camera which was positioned at the perfect angle to show off her ass, thighs and large tits. George groaned as he felt his large balls tense up, getting close to cumming over her. He suddenly began to hate himself that he rejected her…

“Having fun?” He heard a womanly voice from the door frame. George gasped and quickly stopped masturbating and looked to see Alexa standing close to him. She looked impressed as she stared at his cock. She stepped forward into the room and approached him.

“Fuck…Alexa where have you been?!” He said shocked at her sudden return.

“That doesn’t matter right now, I’m much more interested over who you’re perving on.” She stepped up next to George and gave a long look at the phone which was now between his legs, dropped over the surprise of getting caught with his dick in his hand. She grunted, understanding why he was jerking off to that material

“Jerking off to Amy are we?” Alexa sat on the edge of the bed and looked at him, resting her hands behind her, fingers digging into the bed sheets.

“Well don’t stop on my account. You seemed so wrapped up with masturbating over the hottest girl on campus you didn’t even hear me come in…besides…I had no idea you where packing such a huge cock.” her lips parted as she let a breath escape her. She pressed her legs together as George held his cock in his hands, awkward to want to start again. A slither of precum leaked out of his large head and ran down his shaft, stopping at his fist. Alexa moved fully onto the bed, sitting on her knees as she began to touch herself at the sight of his cock.

“If I tell you what I’ve been up to will you let me watch you empty that thing all over yourself?” George felt embarrassed, but his cock was as hard as it was since Christine had took his virginity. he nodded slowly as he looked down to the picture of Amy, slowly starting to jerk off again.

“Mmmm…Now I see why Christine risked her job to fuck you.” She smiled and began to feel herself instinctively touch her body, running her hands under her top feeling her soft bronzed skin. She leaned down and got closer to his cock, staring at the length and width of it. George let her get close, feeling too aroused to stop his room mate from escalating the situation, besides, he always found her sexy. Alexa planted a kiss on the head of his cock, tasting his precum on her lips as he slid his hands up and down his cock.

“I bet Amy would love to have this thing inside her…shes a real size queen I heard.” Looking up at George she smiled and placed her hands on his forearms, almost to urge him to let go of his shaft.

“What would you like Amy to do to you? maybe suck you off?” Immediately, Alexa started to bob her head up and down his shaft, moaning on it as she got deeper and deeper. George moaned as he felt his toes curl up. His curvy room mate continued to give him this blowjob, moaning as she felt how rock hard it was with her tongue, she felt his precum slowly dribble into her mouth as she sucked and almanbahis casino sucked like a machine, closing her eyes as she felt Georges third leg hit the back of her throat. George jerked off the remaining inches as saliva began to leak out of Alexa’s lips. She resurfaced for air as she breathed heavily, looking over to him, she felt herself get more aroused, looking at men like this made her feel so good these past 4 days, one day one new man to sleep with. Serves John right to cheat on her.

“Maybe Amy would enjoy to suck you balls.” She licked the shaft of his cock, training down to his ball sack. planting her lips on his balls she sucked them hard and moaned loudly, jerking his entire 12 inch length as she suckled his cum sacks. George threw his hips up and felt a hard rush of pleasure overcome his body, he never thought his balls where sensitive, but Alexa found out for him. The hung student wrapped his legs around her as she worshiped his cock, sucking his balls and roughly jerking his cock off passionately. Sucking noises began to fade from the room as Alexa let go of his cock; letting the heavy third leg rest on George’s stomach.

“Or…maybe you would like to fuck her ass with that monster.” She forcefully leaned up which let Georges legs to fall to the bed. Alexa swiftly pulled her top over her head and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts where revealed to George, while not as large as Olivia’s, or as hypnotizing as Amy’s, Alexa had a good pair of natural tits. They where not seen for too long however, as she turned around and leaned over, showing her huge ass to him, peeling her black leggings off inch by inch her bare ass was shown for him. She spanked it hard making it jiggle. George quickly got up from his position and positioned himself at the entrance of her ass. She looked back and watched with a mixture of intense worry and lust. She had never done this before. But she felt like she needed this. George looked over to Alexa and placed his hands on each cheek. He pushed his cock inside her.

Alexa threw her head up and let out a painful moan, George hesitated as he pushed his head into her.

“Fuck. Amy won’t like it if you don’t stop. FUCK MY ASS!” She spanked herself hard, urging George to fuck her harder, which he did. Pushing more and more of his seemingly unending cock into her Alexa she felt more pain rush through her. It felt so good. George started to fuck her, pumping his hips back and forth like a piston as it went deeper and deeper. Anal fucking such a thick ass like hers was a new feeling for the stud, he liked it. He spanked her as he felt more and more confident in the situation. Leaning down he moaned in her ear, she moaned back as she breathlessly panted.

“John, fuck me more baby…”

George fucked her deep, pushing the last 2 inches inside her, balls deep into her ass Alexa collapsed on the bed, moaning as she thrust her fingers into her pussy. He continued to destroy her ass, getting close to exploding. He felt his cock throb hard, feeling he was about to cum he pulled out his monster, jerking off his shaft peeling his foreskin up and down. He moaned once more as he blasted a lead of cum up her back. Thick ropes sprayed onto her ass and soiled her hair as it shot out like a shotgun. Waves of his seed coated her back as she tensed up, cumming over how good he fucked her asshole. They both panted hard, George saw his cock soften and shrink back to its flaccid 6 inch, looking over Alexa who had slowly moved from the bed to standing up, limping toward the door. Without a word she slammed the bathroom door shut. George thought it best to sit back and get changed again.

Moments later, Alexa emerged from the bathroom, wrapping a deep red, silk night gown around her. She saw George who had moved from the bedroom to the living room. She smiled awkwardly as he did the same.

“I don’t think we where thinking about each other there huh?” She muttered as she sat beside him. George shook his head, staying quiet for a moment.

“You’ve been trying to sleep with other guys to get John out of your head right?” He asked eventually. Alexa signed and nodded slowly.

“Thinking about Amy when fucking my ass huh?” She smiled and turned to him, resting her head on her hand. George blushed and scratched the back of his head lightly.

“Sorta.” He said simply. Alexa nodded with agreement. She signed and stood up, turning toward him as she was about to leave for her room.

“This won’t happen again. I don’t hold it against you for wanting Amy in that way. Just think about who’s heart you’ll be breaking if you chase her. Livvy has enough to focus on and relationships have never been her strong suit.” She turned and left George alone to his thoughts.

“I rejected Amy for a reason you know…” George muttered as he looked to the locked door of Alexa’s room. He thought of Amy in that pose which made him go into overdrive, feeling his cock throb hard…only for his mind to wander to the short haired beauty who’s smile made him do the same.

Part 7 coming soon!

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