Getting back at the bully

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Getting back at the bullyHi, my name’s Rose Marie, and though you may have already guessed, I’m a hermaphrodite. Don’t let that fool you though; I’m not some wimpy little girl. I’ll admit I can get a little rough, but I can be laid back too. I just turned 17, and just like a lot of other people, the good ‘ol hormones are ragin, but I do a lot better job of hiding them from most people, when I want to that is….I’ll be a junior in high school this year, I’ve had a mostly quiet summer. I have dark red hair, I put some white streaks in it with one of those hair styling kits, I’m not trying to be the center of attention, but I like how the white streaks look. I let my hair grow out like I wanted, it’s all the way down, just past my hips, I think it’s cool. I’m actually somewhat skinny for my age, but I’ve got some muscle though, nothing crazy like a body builder, but I’m not a stick figure and my arms aren’t twigs. While I have quite a few friends; I also have some enemies, too. Some of those enemies I’ve managed to turn to my side though, a couple were, how should I say…. sexually enlightened? To start off, I’m not a violent person, but I’m not about to let anyone have power over me.Last year around the end of the year, I’d had enough of this annoying bitch Lizzie. Every opportunity she got, she’d harass me somehow, whether it was simply tripping me in the hall, or name calling, or even throwing stuff at me when no one was looking. So the day before this year started, well every year before the first day, all the students get to roam the halls and just explore. Find their rooms, meet their new teachers, or say hi to old ones. My ex-boyfriend and I are still good friends, so I asked him to dig up some info on Lizzie for me. When he asked why I simply said “Because I’m going to get that bitch back for everything she’s done to me…” Normally Jack was more of a pacifist, which simply meant if he could ‘avoid’ a fight, he would, but that didn’t meant he ‘couldn’t’ fight. I’ve seen him tear up his fair share of bullies, which is mainly why we became friends in the first place, whenever I had a guy messing with me, he’d use his size and strength to get them to back off. However, he’d NEVER hit a girl, well, aside from his sister, but they were little back then. He just said ok, and went digging. It was only 9 in the morning the day before the start of the first semester when we met up again. Standing a solid 6 feet tall, I’m 5’9″, he had that usual satisfied smile, the one that he always had the moment he saw me. Not many girls are lucky enough to have a guy who’s just happy to see them. I saw he also got breakfast from the McDonalds he works at on the way here; he would get a sausage egg mcgriddles and a medium coffee, 2 cream, 1 sugar. And he’d get me my favorite, hotcakes and sausage.”Morning!” he said as he handed me the hotcakes. “Morning.” I said back. We sat at one of the lunch tables then he started telling me about the ‘info’ he went digging for, I’d almost forgot. “Ok, so most of her classes are going to be on the 3rd floor, starting with Mr. Weaver’s at 10. Next she’ll head for the gym for softball practice, if you want to catch her; you’ll have to nab her just after she leaves Mr. Weaver’s. If you can keep it fast and quiet, you’ll be in and out like a ghost.” (oh he has no idea) I was wearing my favorite pair of jeans and a long sleeve bathing suit, firstly because the admin board approved of the addition of a pool next door to the gym (my idea, thanks for listening people! finally…) and secondly because I could move quickly and quietly, that and I was planning on going swimming anyway, my breasts are only size 34b, I really don’t think massive tits are that attractive, I have however been caught once or twice with hard nipples, I tend to daydream when I’m not focused, and 9 times out of 10 I’d be imagining having sex, or watching a porno in my head. I’m quiet though, I’m like a statue when I daydream, so thankfully I’ve never had one of those embarrassing moments where I’d be up on the desk air guitaring to AC/DC in my head… yes I’ve seen it happen. I was wearing my favorite jeans since that’s all I really ever wore, the fabric felt nice against my legs, I’ve actually gotten quite a few hard-ons from it, I also had my hair back in a pony tail. Jack was wearing his usual; a white t-shirt with a cotton tank top under it and blue jeans with a shiny new leather belt. His hair was somewhat long too, just past his shoulders, he almost always had it tied back, and under his favorite ‘Coka-Cola’ hat “Thanks, you always take care of me.” He just smiled at me, and then he had a straight face. “I know what you’re going to do, (what the hell? how did he figure that out?) I know because of what you’re wearing.” I couldn’t help blushing. “Just, don’t get caught.” dammit, my whole body might as well have been red… “Anyway, I’m gonna get started, and I’ll catch up with you later.” He smirked and stood up to leave. “Ok. Thanks again.” I checked my watch, it was a special made Red-chrome Rolex Jack got me for my birthday last year, it still had the etching in blue on the back- “Always here for you- Jack” That’s why I still love him, he always knows what to do, what to say, although, it doesn’t always go well, he sure means well. So it’s 9:30, alright, I’d better hurry…I sprinted up to the third floor, having spent most of last year in our ROTC class helped me build some muscle, not much, I have a 6 pack, but other than that I have a somewhat small frame, it doesn’t show but I could bench 200 easy, which shockingly isn’t even a dent compared to Jack being able to bench 680, damn…. he’s like a 21-Ton Giant in human form. As I got to the third floor I looked around, most of the rooms have been re-arranged from last year, why the hell do they do that anyway? Well at least nobody’s around yet. I ran toward the girl’s restroom, lol at least they can’t move these! Bingo! – Just down the hall was Mr. Weaver’s room, and they didn’t move his. I moved toward the air duct just between them.As I got closer I heard footsteps coming for around the corner at the end of the hall, “Time for my small frame to pay off!” I thought. I jumped to the wall closest to the air duct and grabbed the old bar that used to hold one of the security cameras last year, (yeah I pay attention to a LOT of details) as I grabbed the bar I swung myself up into the air duct ‘CLANG!’ as I flew in I almost panicked and dropped the cover, but I got it back into place quickly enough. Just In time to hear a voice that was familiar, “What was that noise?” AHA! It was Lizzie. Right on schedule. “Whoops! My bad!” Wait Jack’s up here too?! Aw jeez… I could see most of what was going on through the cover, I saw Jack, and he was walking toward the end of the hall carrying a large steel plate when Lizzie noticed who it was. “Hey there, sexy, so when are you going to take me out on a date?” WTF?! She’s always trying to ask him out, but luckily, “Uh, how about never?” he-he, that’s right, no guy in his right mind would want you! “Are you sure you don’t want some of this?” She grabbed her crotch and ‘tried’ to grab his, but he stopped her,” Uh no, the last poor bastard that did wound up in the ER downtown…” I had to grab my mouth to keep from laughing out kartal escort loud, I was almost in tears at the next sentence, “Wait, what poor bastard?” She said trying to sound cute, I just rolled my eyes. “Oh, you know, Steven Hawking…” I almost lost it, “Hey, he learned, now he’s one of the smartest men alive.” like I said I was almost in tears. Anyway Lizzie scoffed and stomped away, “You know one day you’ll get over that bitch and you’ll want me….” yeah, sure…. “Yeah, I’ll be over her, and want you to get out of the room! HAHAHA!” that’s my Jack…. comedian in training.After Jack went down the nearby stairs, Lizzie went into the bathroom. “Alright, it’s showtime…” I mumbled to myself as I moved down the air duct until I was over the sink in the girls restroom, there was just enough space for me to crouch. As I heard the door open I moved back from the cover and carefully worked off my new tennis shoes, then my jeans, then I took the electrical tape out of my jeans pocket, Jack works on cars, he told me that electrical tape is a better option for medium to long term use. I moved back over the cover to get quite a surprise, Lizzie was in front of the mirror, had her pants off, she had her right leg up on the sink and was fingering herself, in front of her own reflection, I couldn’t stop my erection, I was already dripping pre-cum.She started to mumble, “I just want a nice person, with a nice cock. Why the fuck am I such a bitch to everybody?!” I eased the roll of tape over my wrist, quickly opened the cover, jumped down, and in the blink of an eye, I already had her hands bound and some of the tape over her mouth. “It’s funny you should ask that, Lizzie…” The look of shock on her face just screamed ‘WHAT THE HELL?!’ I caught a glimpse of my own face in the mirror, damn, am I that terrifying? Well, if you take into account that I just snuck up on the biggest bitch in school, almost like I’m Sam Fisher… yeah. I couldn’t see my own eyes because of how my bangs were hanging just above my eyes, and the dim lighting, awesome. I hiked her up with her belly on the sink and pressed her face to the glass, I spread her legs as wide as they would go, and just let her feel my hard-on, I could feel her wet pussy through my bathing suit, and her heart was pounding so much I thought she might have a heart-attack. “You know, this is an awesome opportunity bitch… you want a nice hard cock, and I want to know what a nice tight pussy feels like. (I’m actually still a virgin, even though most people think Jack and I have had sex on multiple occasions, even after today, I’ll technically still be considered a virgin, because I haven’t had sex in my vagina before, I tried to see if I could stick my own penis in my vagina sometime back, but it wasn’t big enough, even then it would only be considered masturbation) She started crying, but I felt nothing, “What’s the matter? Isn’t this what you wanted? Well I’m not a guy, but if you’d been nice to me in the first place, I’d have been open to doing this the right way, you know.” I moved the slip of my bathing suit to the side, and pressed my shaft against her, then I leaned up to her ear and whispered, “And guess what, it’s real!” at this point she was almost literally crying a river. I heard her trying to mumble ‘No, please no!’ I just looked back up into the mirror, “Now why the fuck should I listen to you?” I crossed my arms over her butt and started to grind my shaft along her pussy. She tried to scream ‘I’m sorry, please!’ I whipped her around and kept grinding between her legs, her pussy was soaking wet, and so was mine. “Oh, you don’t want this? But you’re all wet for me…” I ripped the tape off her mouth, still sobbing she whimpered, “No, I want it, so bad… please just don’t **** me!” I almost lost it, “And you honestly expect me to listen? After all the shit you’ve done to me, I oughta make you blee—” she jumped in “I know, I’m sorry, I don’t have any other way to say it, but I’m sorry, I’ve been so mean to you…” I was trying to get my sanity back, “And why the fuck is that?” I placed the tip of my penis against her pussy, she started talking faster almost like she was afraid to scream for help, which is a good thing because if she had, half the people on this floor would have heard and we’d both be in really deep trouble. “I was jealous…” I wanted to know a little more, so I put a little anger in my voice, “Why? What on earth are you jealous of me for?” she was still sobbing a bit, “You’ve got every guy AND girl in the school looking at you, it’s like you’re just naturally that fucking attractive, and I was just so jealous.” I was a little surprised, that many people think I’m attractive huh? I calmed down a bit, but my penis was as hard as steel ‘I’ beam. “And? That’s you’re excuse?” she stopped crying for a moment, “Not just, I’m bi, I’ve had the hots for you since the first moment you walked in the building, everyone did, but when you started dating Jack, all the guys started thinking they could scare him off, while all the girls kept trying to mix around their schedules to just be in the same classes so they could talk to you. Why do you think Jack got into so many fights last year? Both our star quarterbacks were in the hospital for broken ribs and the coach was forced to forfeit a few games until they could either play again or find new players.” I smiled, “That’s my 21-Ton Giant alright…” then Lizzie looked up from my penis, “And then there’s you…” I was annoyed again, “What about me?” She had a straight face for all of two seconds that immediately turned into a frown, “Every guy wants you but can’t get near you, every girl can get close enough, but they feel they can’t say anything. You have the figure every girl in this damned place would kill for, the Giant of the school is you’re ex boyfriend, and we all want to know why the fuck did you two break up? And now, here you are, and 8-inch throbbing cock aimed at my pussy, the somewhat twisted fantasy I’ve had since the first time I’ve met you, is right in front of me, and it’s not even completely how I wanted it—” I had to stop her because she was raising her voice, so I clapped my hand over her mouth, “Ok, so why couldn’t you just talk to me?” I moved my hand away and she started sobbing again, “Because I’m a little afraid of you…” wow, that’s unexpected… “I mean, look at how you just snuck up on me like that? What the hell are you the daughter of Sam Fisher?! You even had the sole intent of r****g me so violently’ I’m sure I would have woken up in the stall with a puddle of sperm dripping from my pussy, like maybe 7-8 girls who found me, and then the whole school finds out I’ve been ****d, the entire time everyone’s under the impression that you and Jack are just wandering the grounds. I’d be humiliated, and you’d have gotten away with it simply because the god-damned medical community is so slow, hermaphrodite sperm can’t be traced! Yeah I want you to fuck me, so bad, but I don’t want it to go that way…” (Wow, psychic much?)Now my heart sank… “Well then, if you ask nicely, we can do this right, AND STOP TREATING ME LIKE SHIT!!!” I mumbled angrily. Lizzie modded and stopped crying as I untied her hands. She immediately kissed bostancı escort me like we were lovers, wow, amazing how a little brute force can change someone huh? “Ok, please, take my virginity, Rose?” now it was my turn to be shocked. “Wait, you’re a virgin?” She nodded, “Yep, I’ve only ever used a vibrator, I found the one you kept hidden in your gym locker- (oh son of a bi–) – but I kept it a secret.” thank god, wait… “You used my vibrator? More importantly you went through my locker?” She just nodded again, “At the time I was so turned on by the idea of you using it just after me, I couldn’t stop myself.” I smirked, “You pervert…that’s kind of hot actually.” She kissed me again; I was still right up against her pussy so my new erection spoke for itself. “Ok, as long as you’re not a screamer.” I whispered, she giggled, “Sure as hell not in here…” then I thought for a moment, “Wait, not in here, it’s a little grody, now that I think about it…. let’s go to the teacher’s lounge on the 4th floor.” with that I put my cock away as Lizzie put her pants back on. I jumped up to the air vent and reached in to grab my pants and shoes. “Damn, how do you do that?” Lizzie whispered. “I’ll tell you later.” I kissed her one more time before we walked out of the restroom.When we got into the teacher’s lounge I locked the door behind us, luckily this particular door only locks from the inside, and the janitors are too lazy to fix it. It was quiet, a little dark, cozy, just like I remember it. I used to sneak up here for study hall, or after school, if I didn’t want to go straight home. Mainly because one of the teachers from last year hid a collection of pornos behind the soda machine, and they put one of the dvd players in here too, so naturally I would come up here to watch some of it, I also would come up here to sleep sometimes since there’s always something going on near, or at my house. I wasn’t adopted, but I don’t have either of my parents’ last names, I don’t much care to know who my real mother is, but I know my father, he’s a professional drag racer, back before he started his career mom left him, he couldn’t take care of me, and he didn’t want me to have her last name. The most I know of is one day when I turned 12 he showed up at the adoption place, he was in his racing suit, there were a lot of people outside, whom I later learned were called paparazzi. When one of the reporters asked why he had me, he told them, “I came back for my daughter, I couldn’t take care of her back then, but now I can, and that’s what I’m going to do.” I usually have the house to myself in the summer since dad races all over the country, whenever there’s an event in the state, he’ll drop by and pick me up, I always go because I’m into cars, he still loves me, and I know I wouldn’t be here now if he hadn’t come back for me. As for the porn I stay away from the bdsm stuff, I don’t go for the hair pulling, hitting, name calling, the rough stuff just isn’t my thing, I prefer simple. I came across one of the dvds that has something called the ‘Shemale’ fetish (oh gee, I wonder where this fetish came from) I remember one of the scenes really well, it was just a woman with a really big penis and a teenage girl, it wasn’t that great because when the shemale would moan, it sounded like a guy trying to squeal…weird. The main reason I watched it the most is because it ends with the girl getting a creampie, I’ve always liked that fetish; there’s just something about exploding into a girl’s pussy that really gets me off.As I locked the door Lizzie asked, “No one will know we’re in here?” I smiled, “Not unless they have thermal vision or a lock pick, they won’t.” Ok, I confess, I play a lot of video games in my spare time, and the Splinter Cell series is my favorite, Tom Clancy is an awesome story-teller. As Lizzie sat on the love seat in front of the t.v., I stopped her, “Hey, pants off, now! That pussy is mine for the rest of the day.” She giggled being a little kinky, “Yes, master.” I blushed, “And don’t call me master, that’s weird…” She just shrugged, “Ok, then.” I turned on the a/c because it was a little warm in the lounge, then I took my pants off. When I looked over at Lizzie she had her pants off, and was rubbing her pussy again, which made me want to rub mine. For most hermaphrodites, our genitals are arranged into one of 4 different orientations, I have the most common, I have one testicle in place of where my left ovary would be if I were just a regular girl, and my penis sits just above my vagina and they’re separate, I could, honest to god, fuck myself… While Lizzie was rubbing her pussy, my penis made itself known again, being that it was inside my bathing suit, it was just a massive bulge while part of the slip was just inside the end of my pussy. Lizzie’s eyes got so wide, and then she kneeled in front of the love seat, “Can I have it?” I eased the slip to the side, “Of course, you can. I walked over and as soon as her lips touched the tip of my penis, a massive shock went up my spine; I was as hard as I was gonna get. I took my hair tie out and tossed it over to my pants letting my dark red hair flow, about now it’s down to my waist, I think long hair is sexy, and I’m not sure why I just don’t like things in my hair when I’m having sex. Lizzie was sucking my cock and rubbing both our pussies vigorously for about 10 minutes when that urge to cum decided to come around. I did the first thing that came to mind, I grabbed Lizzie’s head and shoved my cock as far down her throat as it would go, with both my arms around her head I came, so hard, I felt it shoot up her neck and out onto my crotch, I must have cum a bucket load, I couldn’t move for a moment. When I finally pulled out of her mouth she giggled and started to lick up my cum. “Holy shit, was it that good?” she giggled again. I was huffing, “Yeah, lol, you know we should get you a penis so you can try it. Lol” After she licked up as much cum as she could, she looked me in the eye, and swallowed all of it. Now it was my turn “Was it that good?” She smiled and started to rub my cock, “It tastes, really sweet. That says you’re in good health.” Then I had to sit down, I flopped on the love seat, then Lizzie straddled me, “Ready for more?” I was rock hard again, “Yes, I am.”As she started to guide my cock into her vagina, she also was rubbing my pussy again, hot, she went really slow, fine by me, she was really tight. “Wow, haahhh, you’re really big.” She kept wiggling a bit to see if that would help. “Yeah, and you’re really tight!” When my cock finally slipped into her pussy, she let out a quiet yelp. “Eeep!” I couldn’t say much, “Sshh!” She just giggled and started to ride me, I couldn’t believe what I was doing, but I didn’t want it to stop, after a minute, I looked down and saw a little blood, not much, “Wow, I thought you were joking about being a virgin.” She shook her head, “Nope, you just took my virginity, and whenever you want me, just say so, anytime, anywhere. Rose Marie, I’m all yours.” That just shot me to the end of the line, I came almost instantly, I grabbed Lizzie’s ass, and held her in place with so much force, again, so much cum, even more than the first time. Which is interesting when maltepe escort you think about it, any normal guy can only ejaculate a normal amount of sperm after eating. However a hermaphrodite like me, I can jizz bucket load after bucket load without any sort of refreshment and not have a problem…After I came, Lizzie looked down, “Oh my, so much cum, I didn’t even take my pill today…” I could barely muster the words I was still trying to calm down, “I’m not fertile, and the doctor said….haahh… the doctor took an exam of me, I’m not fertile, we could do that all day, and you’d be fine.” She just kept smiling, “I’d just be full of cum, how erotic…mmm.” She was still rubbing her clit a little. I was still hard so Lizzie just moved her hips slowly.After about a few more minutes I unlocked the door so Lizzie could go rinse out her pussy, don’t get me wrong, I’ll fuck a room full of clones of me all day long, but after a while my own jizz is a little uncomfortable. As I unlocked the door, we heard footsteps run up to the door; I tried to lock it again—too late.Lizzie’s best friend Angie flung the door open, almost hitting me in the face, luckily for the moment I was out of sight. “There you are, I was looking all over for yo-….. why are you naked and why is your pussy dripping cum?” I managed to put the slip of my bathing suit back over my penis since it shrank a little, and I walked out into the open, “Angie what are you doing here?” Her face turned to disgust, thankfully she didn’t see my bulge, “Why the fuck are you two in here together, what the fuck is going on?!” she was starting to shout, so I punched her in the face which knocked her out.I had tape over her mouth and her hands and feet were bound with my electrical tape when she woke up. She started to panic, but Lizzie stopped her, “It’s ok, we’ve had a truce, but you started screaming so we had to knock you out…” Then she tried to talk through the tape, thankfully I’ve learned to interpret these kinds of things so I knew what she was saying. ‘What’s going on, why can’t I move?!’ Lizzie calmed her down again, while I was getting a drink from the soda machine, having also learned a bit about electronics, I just popped the panel out and got it to dispense a mt dew for free. “It’s going to be ok, but now that you’re in the middle of this, you can’t tell anyone what’s going on.” The confused look said it all, so I worked up my nerve, exposed my penis, and walked up behind Lizzie so Angie could see, the shock on her face? Priceless! She tried to speak again, ‘That dirty fucker’s a guy?! No wonder Jack left yo-‘ “Hey,” I pointed, “the term is hermaphrodite, and Jack didn’t leave me, we’ve both got more important things to worry about than relationships right now, also ‘I’ said we shouldn’t be together, because of all the trouble that was getting started because of us, he doesn’t even know about me because I can’t help but think he’ll be disgusted and never want to see me again.” She stopped panicking. ‘Can you untie me? Please?!’ I had a straight face, “Ok, but if you try to scream, I’ll hit you so hard, you’ll be out for weeks…” She nodded ‘Mmhmm.” I pulled the tape off. She stretched her mouth, “oow…ugh. Wow, so it’s not just some act, you’re a real one huh? I thought that was just plastic surgery they use for porno shoots…” I smirked, “Nope we’re the real deal alright.” As I lifted up my penis so she could see my vagina too, “Well, I am anyway; I don’t know anyone else who is.” She looked aroused, “So do you get hard as often-“ I cut her off, “As a guy? I’d have to say more often.” Angie had a horny look in her eye now, “Do you think you could…” I got a little hard, “Take your virginity too?” She was confused, “How did you know I was?” I just pointed at her pussy to make something up, “Because your lips are tight, there’s no sign of stretching to them. Which tells me you’ve never had a real penis, maybe a vibrator at least. So, do you want it?” As I held my penis in the palm of my hand, it wasn’t the least bit erect, like I said, I can hide my arousal when I want to. She nodded so fast it was like she was going to lose her head. I set the can aside and rubbed my cock a little. “Ok, but if you tell another living soul…” Angie was blushing, “I won’t, I swear. And, um, can you at least untie my feet. I’m not sure why, but I like the feeling of having my legs spread…” Now I was rock hard again, “Ok.” I pulled the tape off her legs, but left her arms bound, laid her on her back, and spread her legs. Lizzie didn’t want to miss out now, she straddled Angie and they started making out. I just licked Angie’s pussy for a minute until she asked me, “Can I have your cock now?” I wasn’t about to turn her down now. I rubbed the tip of my penis against her clit, while she and Lizzie made out. When I started to push in she moaned, “Be gentle?” I thought I was going to cum right there. I got a hold of myself and started to pump in and out, nice and gentle, every few thrusts, I’d switch and put my cock in Lizzie, and vice versa, damn talk about horny; I thought out loud, “This would make an awesome porno.” Angie moaned, “Mmhmm.” Lizzie stopped for a second to say, “You’re damn right it would.” After fucking both girls for about 20 minutes, I had to cum again, now here’s where I got creative, I pulled out of Angie, then I eased both girls just slightly so their pussies were together, then I couldn’t hold it any longer, as I came I quickly shot into Angie’s pussy, jizzed once, twice, then as fast as I could, while I was still cumming, I rammed into Lizzie’s pussy, and jizzed two more times, then I was amazed I was still going, so I switched again, and once more, shooting what hot sperm I had left so deep into Lizzie’s pussy, you’d think I shot right into her stomach. As I pulled out of Lizzie, they both started to rub their pussies together, holy shit, that’s awesome. Lizzie was still grinding when she looked at me, “So, how do you like your new fuck buddies?” I was still hard and dripping, my pussy was so wet there was a puddle under me but I hadn’t noticed until now. I stood up and leaned over Lizzie so my penis was along her pussy, and the tip of it was in Angie’s. I kissed Lizzie, “I love you, both, which is why the two of you are going to be here, every morning, 2 hours before first period, and we’re going to have more fun every day, until we graduate, and on the weekends, you’ll be here no later than noon, right?” Both Angie and Lizzie kissed each other, then Angie kissed me, then they both huffed, “Yes, ma’am.”After we cleaned up we headed our separate ways, Angie and Lizzie needed to figure out their schedule for the first semester, and I needed to let my boner die down, I’ve always found it amazing that I can be tired as hell after sex, and my penis is still rock hard and ready to go. I found Jack waiting in the lunch room, he’d always give me a ride home. I sat down next to him, and hugged his right arm, there were a lot of other people in the lunch room now, and they were looking, but I didn’t care, he looked down at me, “So, how’d it go?” I smiled, “My bully troubles are over, and I have two new fuck buddies.” I whispered the last part so only he could hear. He nodded then before we stood up to leave, Angie and Lizzie were walking by headed for the gym, Jack looked down and we kissed, just like we used to. I heard Lizzie comment, “I knew they wouldn’t really break up forever.” Then she stopped and whispered, “But I do hope we can keep our appointments?” She winked. I just smiled we started walking to the door.I think this year is going to go very well.

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