Getting Caught With Mum !!!!

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Getting Caught With Mum !!!!Mark was a typical teenage boy. Ever since his hormones took over, most of the time, all he could think about was sex. In the last year, he had found that he was growing like a beanstalk and was rapidly approaching the six-foot mark. Though still thin, he was starting to fill out but not just his body. His cock had somehow turned from a small worm into a fat slug overnight. And that was when it was soft. Fully erect, it stuck out like some curved pole. He was quite proud that when he had a really big hard-on, his hand could just encompass its circumference. He also managed to measure its length once and found it just came over 7 inches. The k**s at school took the mick but he didn’t care. They weren’t the ones who were going to give a girl shagging of her life.Lately he found that his sexual urges were getting more and more powerful. Not only did he have to wank first thing in the morning, he also started doing the same as soon as he got home from school and, of course, before he went to sleep at night. Not only that but he found that he was steadily taking longer to cum as his experience grew. More and more often, he risked being late for school and it was only his mum banging on the door to tell him to get up forced him out of bed, with an aching erection still waiting to be satisfied.As time went on, he got more obsessed. He finally got to a point where he was sizing up every female (girl or woman) he saw. No one was safe from his gaze. This eventually included his mother.For the last few months, ever since his birthday, the boy had started taking notice of her. She was a statuesque woman who was in her early thirteys. Still attractive (though a little old for his tastes), he knew that she was not having any sex since his father had left home 10 years ago and she had not been involved with anyone since.However, he didn’t become obsessed with her until that fateful day when he came home from school early. He had just slipped into the house when he saw his mother, stark naked apart from a towel wrapped around her head, coming out of the bathroom. That was when he found out what a woman his mother was. He watched how her big milky-white breasts swung heavily as she walked, her large but shapely arse swaying back and forth, and her dark hairy pussy Suddenly, the boy found that he had a steel pillar inside his trousers like never before. Once in the sanctity of his bedroom, he had to wank himself off before his erection died.After that every time Mark saw her, he instantly got an erection and every time he masturbated, his mother was the woman he fantasised about. When she was not looking, he would lustily gaze at her, noting how her breasts jutted against her dress or blouse. Since the weather was hot at the moment, she would often have a few buttons of her top undone and sometimes he would be lucky enough to get a flash of her heavily laden 38C bra.For as long as he could remember, him and his mother would spend a fortnight each year visiting his aunt and uncle, the aunt being his mother’s best friend since c***dhood.It was boiling hot on the first day of their visit, so his mother decided to go swimming at the local river. Mark was only too happy to go with her, eager to see more of her body. As they came out of the water, he could not help but notice that his mother’s wet swimming costume was clinging to her body. She wore an old-fashion one-piece suit and the soaked material was moulded against her figure. He couldn’t help but take in her big shapely breasts, the large nipples perky like fingertips. Below, between her thighs, a very prominent and bulging cunt mound was sculpted by the waterlogged costume. Immediately, images of his mother naked coming out of the bathroom that day came back to him as Mark stared at the his mothers goodies. To his embarrassment, he realised his mother had noticed him looking at her and that he had a hard-on which he was trying to hide. She looked away, clearly embarrassed herself.Nothing was said and that evening, his mother, his aunt, his uncle and he all went out for a meal. After they had got back to the house, he decided to go straight to bed while the others stayed downstairs for a nightcap (or two).In bed, Mark felt a twinge in his loins as he remembered the incident down the river. He had already shot off two loads of spunk and his cock was started to get sore. But he still felt horny.He had been tossing and turning in bed for about half an hour and when a light tap on his door and his mother peeped in. She wore a dressing gown and her dark brown hair was losehang down over her shoulders. Immediately, he felt his penis starting to stir back into life. Sitting beside him on the bed, she asked what he was reading, how he was finding the holiday and other small talk. Her scent filled his nostrils and sent his head spinning, such the fairness of her face. He could also smell the drink on her breath and seeing the slightly glazed look in her eyes, he realised that she was slightly drunk.”Are you too old for your mother to still kiss you goodnight?” she asked.Well, she hadn’t kissed him goodnight for ages and he eagerly lifted his head up for her to kiss him, his cock now a huge thick pillar throbbing painfully under the bed sheets.Mark couldn’t stop himself, as his mother went to kiss him on the cheek; he found his mouth on hers. He was surprised that she didn’t pull away. Instead, the kiss lingered for a long moment. When he heard his mother mutter “Oh!”, still making no attempt to move away from him, he found himself putting his arms around her; pushing his tongue to her lips and feeling her mouth slowly open, her body trembling. Their kissing continued, getting more and more passionate. Mark now on automatic, driven on by his huge throbbing hard-on, he slipped his hand inside her dressing gown and cupped and squeezed one of her big 38C breasts.”Oh, darling,” she moaned and he saw her glance at the tent in his sheets made by his rampant hard-on.Suddenly she pulled away from him.”Noooo! This is wrong, We can’t!” she cried out.”Mum?” Mark said, all bewildered. But his mother tore herself away and fled from his bedroom. He never felt so horny, so frustrated. Though still a virgin, he had kissed and fondled girls his own age, but his mother’s kisses and the feel of her body was the best he had ever known. Now she had left him with a raging hard on. It never felt so hard.God! He wanted so much to fuck her, fuck her so badly. Even in his lust-driven mind, a small voice told him that it was wrong to do such a thing, that the chances were his mother would throw him out for daring such a thing. He could lose everything and what if his uncle and aunt heard? But he had wanted her and his need to fuck his own mother overpowered everything else.With his erection throbbing painfully, he got up out of a bed and tiptoed along to her room. Not wishing to risk announcing himself with a knock at the door, he went in to find her sitting before her dressing table brushing her long hair.When she turned, her eyes were wide as she glanced at the tent raising from his groin. Her large tits jutted out against her nightie.”What are you doing here? You should be in bed.”Ignoring what she was saying, he moved across the room to where she was now standing.”No, you mustn’t. It’s not right!” she protested as he took her in his arms. His body pressed into her yielding flesh and his upstanding prick pressed hard against her plump hairy cunt.”I’m your mother. Oh! This is so wrong …(umph) ” She gasped as he forced his mouth onto hers. Mark could feel her resolve weakening as he started rubbing his stiff shaft up and down against her hairy cunt mound, which pressed back then began to push back meeting his thrusting.He guided her across the room and lowered her over the bed, her legs dangling to the floor.As he pulled at her nightie, he could feel that she actually raised her bottom and lifted her arms so that her lovely body was quickly revealed. Before him her 38C breasts hung down and he buried his face between them, clasping each globe and sucking hard at the nipples.She fell back so that her opened thighs were directly opposite his face. The cunt hair on her mound was a thick dark bush, curling about a parted slit that pouted and showed the dew of aroused lubrication. Mark put his mouth to it and sucked the lips, his tongue piercing the warm wet recess.His mother raised her knees, gripping his head and pushing her cunt against his face, muttering, murmuring and sighing, aroused beyond caring as the Mark sucked and chewed on her wet cunt lips.”(Oh God) this is so wrong,” Helen moaned, “But it’s been so long. Oh do it, Mark darling. I want it so much. Do it, do it. Fuck me!”Mark felt a shiver as he realised that his mother was actually asking him to have sex with her, and to use the word fuck. He’d never heard his mother even say damn before. He went between her legs and groaned as he felt her grip his hard shaft between thumb and forefinger, guiding it to her hairy bush.The sensations Mark felt as he slowly pushed his young penis into his mother’s hairy pussy almost blew his mind. He could feel the rippled walls of her wet sheath slide tightly down his engorged erection as he slid inside. He couldn’t believe it, he was finally fucking.Helen groaned as if in great pleasure and moved her pelvis forward to receive his full length, feeling the knob enter her womb.”(unnngh) Christ! You feel enormous!” she gasped, making her Mark tremble even more.Finally he had penetrated her up to his balls, her cunt was tight, moist and warm.”Oh Mum, ” Mark moaned, “This feels so good. Tell me you love it to.””(oooh) Oh my God! I do Darling, you naughty boy,” Helen whispered back. “(oooooh) Oh it’s so lovely, but terrible what we are doing! We mustn’t, we shouldn’t.”All the same, her legs locked behind his knees and her buttocks lifted from the bed in great heaves.”Oh Jesus Christ! It feels so good! Oh my baby boy, you feel so good. So big and hard.”Getting more turned on by the minute, Mark started returning his mother’s thrusts, first pulling halfway out of her hole before ramming his entire erection back into her up to the hilt.”Oooh! I’m cumming, CUMMING! Push harder, darling. Shove it right in!”Such was her frenzy, he felt she was going to buck him off her but clasped tight by her hands and legs. Unable to hold back, he thrust his young erection into her up to the root and held himself there. He listened to his mother groan as her cunt stretch around the base of the Mark shaft, and unable to hold back anymore, he started squirted his potent sperm into her cunt, again and again.Finally, with both of them gasping, they both rolled apart.His mother pulled a sheet across her nakedness as if ashamed to let him see her breasts and vagina.”Oh my God! What have we done?” she said terrified, “You must leave at once! What if we were heard?”With his lust gone, Mark realised what he had done. With a sob, he ran out of her bedroom back to his own.In the darkness, Mark just lay there in his bed. His mind was at war. A part of him was disgusted at what he had done. He had forced his own mother. The other part enjoyed it. Not so much the actual forcing her, but the fact he had finally had sex with someone. His own mother in fact. Finally after what seemed like hours, exhaustion overcame him and he fell asleepWhen he woke up the next morning, he remembered what happened the night before. He could not believe what he had done. He had fucked and cum inside his own mother. The mother who had looked after him all his life, especially after his father had left. How could he have done it? Sure he had fantasised about her but he was sure a lot of boys his age did that. Doing it in real-life was something altogether different. At first he blamed his mother. She did come into his room after all and allowed him to kiss and fondle her. But that was no excuse. She was his mother and he should respect her, not lust after her. Besides she had been drunk.Mark lay there in bed thinking what had happened last night. He could not help but to picture his mother underneath him as he fucked her. The feeling of her hairy cunt wrapped around his hard young cock. The more he thought about it, the more aroused he became and the less guilty he felt. He suddenly realised that more than anything, he wanted to fuck her again.Trembling with lust, he pulled back the bed covers, he quickly fished out his now aching erection and started to fondle it. As his passions mounted, he started to stroke himself harder and harder, reliving güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the moments when he was lustily fucking his mother. With a large groan, he came, shooting large spurts of white cum into the air.As soon as he felt satiated, the guilt returned.Getting washed and dressed, he went downstairs for breakfast and found his mother wasn’t there. His aunt informed him his mother was a little under the weather. It was obvious that his mother could not face him after what he had done to her. Feeling ashamed, he decided to spend the morning down at the beach.That afternoon, when his aunt and uncle were out for a local race meeting in Chester, he tapped at her bedroom door. The guilt was still there and he was also worried that he may have hurt her.”Who is it?” A voice said softly on the other side of the door.”It’s me.” Mark replied.There was a pause and then she told him to come in.She was lying in bed, her face wet with tears. On seeing him, she pulled herself up so that she was sitting upright. Immediately the Mark’s gaze fell onto his mother’s breasts as they swelled out against the fabric of her nightie. He groaned inwardly as he felt his prick lurch within his pants. Tearing his eyes of her boobs, he sat next to her on the bed.She looked at him. “I am so sorry.” She said and then she burst out crying again.His lust forgotten, Mark took her in his arms.”Why are you sorry?” he asked.His mother suddenly stopped sniffling as she said: “It was so wrong what we did last night, what I allowed us to do.”Hearing the upset in her voice, Mark pulled her head to his chest, his remorse suddenly overpowering his feelings of desire.”It’s not your fault. It’s was mine. I f-f-forced you.” He said.On hearing that, Helen pulled her head back and looked straight up at him.”No! Don’t ever say that!” she said, “You are young and could not help yourself. I have forgotten how lusty boys — I mean young men your age can get.” Then she added “BUT you never forced me.”With a surprising show of strength, she pulled Mark’s head against her breast.”Please, darling. Please don’t ever think that. It was my fault! I should have never have come to your room.””But Mum, “protested Mark, “If I didn’t come to your bedroom after and…””No darling, “interrupted Helen, “You did not force me.” She pulled his head tighter to her chest. “It was not if I put up much of a fight.”They said nothing for a few moments. Mark felt his mother’s large breast’s against his face. Images of her breasts naked appeared in his mind and he felt his arousal starting to overpower his feelings of guilt.”Oh, Mum. I-I-I know I shouldn’t say this.” Helen lifted his head up. “Yes, darling.” She said, looking into his face with concern. She had stopped crying by now.He looked at her.! She looked so good. So horny. So fuckable. Taking a deep breath he said: “It did feel so good. I-I-I never thought it would feel so good.”Seeing his mother’s mouth in surprise, he quickly added “But if I hurt you in anyway… Im sorry”She looked at him for a few seconds before replying.”Oh my God, No,” she admitted, “You did not hurt me. Not at all. In fact…” she caught herself before she said anything further. His cock sprung to a full erection as he realised that his mother almost admitted that she had enjoyed last night.She had enjoyed their fuck.She then looked up at him. “But it was so wrong what we did.””But it felt so good.” Mark said again.”But it was wrong. I am your mother and you are my son. We shouldn’t do things like that — no matter how good it feels.” She said.Mark’s face was only inches away from his mother’s. He studied his mother’s lips. Christ! He wanted to kiss her. He had to kiss her. That thought caused his hard erection to throb even more painfully.”Mum? Can I kiss you.” He blurted out.She looked at him and then offered her cheek.”N-no.” he stammered, “I want to kiss on the lips.””What?”, she said looking up at him in surprise.”Please? Just this once.” he pleaded.”No. It is not right.” his mother sounded hesitant. Ignoring her pleas, he gently kissed her mouth. She did not kiss him back. He pulled away.”Mark darling. Don’t” she gasped as he kissed her again.”Mark..” a third kiss.”No.” a fourth but this time he felt her return his kiss.The fifth and her kiss was stronger.He had won. Groaning, he brought his mouth firmly onto hers. His tongue snaking inside her mouth to duel with her own. He heard her moan as he grabbed hold of one of her breasts through the nightie.Trembling with lust, Mark pulled away and started undoing his trousers.”That’s what you do to me.” Mark said, showing his mother his large erection, causing her to gasp, “Can I put it in again like last night. Pllleeeassee mum! You know it’s so nice.”In anticipation, he pulled off his shirt, noting how she kept staring at his stiff erection. This time, he helped her get off her nightie. He wasn’t about to have it any other way and with kisses and pleas and endearments, he had her with the bedcovers pulled back, laid before him in all her glorious nudity. He fondled and kissed her lovely 38C tits, inspected her hairy cunt from close range, placing little kisses on the parted lips and inserting his tongue tip to lick her clitoris.As he sucked her clitoris, Mark pushed one then two fingers into her now soaking wet cunt. By now his mother was ardently responding to his caresses.Suddenly, she got up, pushing the Mark on to his back. Then quickly, almost desperately, she straddled him, positioning the opening to her hairy vagina above the purple head of his young erect penis. In one swift movement, she impaled herself onto the prick of Mark, causing them both to cry out.”Oh Christ! you feel so good.” She moaned. Comfortably mounted, she started sliding her wet pussy up and down his hard shaft, moaning aloud, her full lips parted excitedly.Helen began to slowly raise and lower her hips, sliding up and down his hard young rod. Mark placed one hand on her arse, as he continued to play with her breasts with the other.Mark loved the feel of her as she continued to fuck him slowly. Sometimes she would roll her hips from side to side, really screwing in a mild way, and sometimes she paused at the bottom to grind her pubic hair against his. Up and down his Helen’s beautiful big arse moved, creating the most delightful friction as her wet cunt moved up and down his young cock.Gradually the his Helen began to speed up, grunting a little with each down stroke now, her belly smacking against his as she rammed his erection to the extreme depths of her vagina. Her gasps became louder and more insistent.”Look (ummph) what you are (huff) making your me do, ” she panted, “look at (unggh) her fucking your hard cock! Christ! (ooohhh!) You don’t know how much (unnngh) I wanted us to do this. (hummph) Oh the times (oh god) I would lay in bed at home, knowing (oooohhhhh) that you were only in the next room, wanking your (gasp) hard cock! Wishing that every inch of your hard cock was (unngh) buried up my hairy pussy! All the times (oh god) I would see your cum (huff) stains (ooohhh) on the sheets or my knickers!” (uuunnnghhhh) All this talk from his mother was making Mark want to cum.”And when you (uuunggghhh) Fuckedme last night. I couldn’t (ooohh) believe it.” She gasped.”I couldn’t help it, Mum. After that kiss last night. I love you.”Helen smiled, her face flushed. “Oh I know, darling. I love you toooooooooooooooh!”At that moment, his mother suddenly stiffened. She was fully impaled on his erection, her groin straining against his. “Oh oh my God! I am going to oooooooooooohhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!”Mark just lay there, not moving as he watched his mother started to shiver. Her face screwed up and she let out a long drawn out groan. He realised that she was cumming.At the same time, he felt something tighten around his erection causing him to gasp. She was squeezing him with her cunt. Slowly the shaking stopped and she looked down at Mark, a smile illuminated her face.”Oh darling. That was so good. Oh I do love you. You are such a good boy.””Did I do ok?” gasped Mark, trying to keep his passions in check for the moment.”Oh you did”, she moaned her face growing serious, “Did I love that.”Then after a pause, she said “You are still hard.””That’s (arrh) because I haven’t c-cum yet.” He gasped as he felt his mother started to again squeeze his cock with her cunt muscles.”Oh you haven’t have you?” she asked with a mischievous look in her eye, as she slowly started to move her hips up and down, slowly moving her wet hairy cunt up and down on her Mark’s cock.”Oh God!”, he groaned, “y-yyyeah”.Mark could not believe the change that had come over her. No longer was she hesitant or unsure. Now seated on top of him was a wanton female who wanted to give sexual gratification to them both.”Well, we can’t have that can we.” And she started to move a little faster, squeezing him a lot harder.”Oh fuck mum! (unnngh)”, moaned Mark, “This feels so good! You are so wet! (unnngh) I wanted to fuck you so much too!””I know”, she whispered, her eyes staring into the Mark’s. “And you have got your wish.””(oooohhhh)” gasped Mark.”But now I want something.” She said.”Y-yes? (oooh)” Mark gasped as she squeezed his cock even harder.Taking one of his hands of her hips, Helen placed on the lower part of her stomach. “I want this filled.””Eh?” the boy moaned, not understanding.”I want what ever in these”, his mother reached behind her and grasped his young balls, “to be ejected into here” pointing at her belly. Mark felt her sink down on him, taking every single inch of his hard-on into her hairy cunt.”I want you to cum in me.” Helen gasped, as she started to squeeze his cock with her cunt in earnest. At the same time, he felt his mother’s hand started to gently squeeze his testicles.”Oh shit!”, he gasped, “this feels so good.””Yes, honey. I can feel you getting even stiffer. You are ready, aren’t you? Ready to cum in mummy. Ready to unload your balls. To fill me with your cum.”Mark groaned out loudly. His mother’s words were enough to make him want to cum. Moaning constantly, feeling his mother’s tight wet sheath tightening around his aching erection.”I-I-I’m going to cum.” he moaned, twisting his head, his eyes closed.”Yes, darling, but look at me. I want to you to look into my eyes as you cum.”He felt her hands cup his head, turning it to face upwards. He opened his eyes and found himself looking straight into his mothers’ face.”That’s it. My baby, shoot your hot cum in me.”That did it. Hearing those words, Mark’s body stiffened. He pushed his groin as hard as he could against his mother’s and felt his balls tighten.”Oh I love you, Mum!”Holding on to her as hard as he could, he felt his spunk starting to ride up his stalk of an erection. Using his muscles, he tried to keep the flow back but it was no use. With a loud cry, he felt his sperm literally erupt from the head of his cock, straight into his mother’s womb.”Oooh! My darling. I can feel it. I can feel you cumming inside me.” Helen moaned, as she gently but firmly massaged his ejaculating cock with her cunt muscles.Mark felt his mother’s soft hand on his brow as he again and again ejaculated inside her. He felt his mother nurse him as he finally finished cumming.Panting, his mother leant back, her arms holding her up. They were still linked at their loins and Mark noticed that he was still semi-hard.”Did you enjoy it?” she asked him.”Did I! It was even better than last night.” Mark replied. Then after a pause, “Did you?””Oh God! You bet I did!” Helen replied.The two of them stayed in that position with him laying on his back with his mother comfortably mounted on him, his semi-erection held firmly in her hairy vagina.”Do you want me to get off?” his mother asked.”No. You feel great.” He said, “especially your erm hairy pussy over my cock.””You naughty boy!”, she giggled. “I still can’t believe we have just done this.””And we did it last night as well. ” Mark boasted.”Yes,” she sighed, “we did didn’t we.”There was a long pause.”Mum?””Yes, darling?””Did you mean what you said just now” he asked, referring to what his mother said whilst in the throes of passion. “Always wanting to have sex with me”.Helen looked embarrassed, “Erm.. I didn’t realise it at the time but yes I suppose I did.” she said quietly.”Why?” asked Mark.Her blue eyes fixed on his.”I think it was because I had found my knickers with your cum on them, and found it turned me on.””Oh!” said Mark.”That is what got me to notice you.”Mark gave a slight smile.”But when you made love to me last night, I couldn’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri get over how well endowed you were, so much bigger than your father or any of the rest I have been with!”.Mark felt his cock twitch as it started to get stiffer in side her pussy. Helen noticed it.”(oooh) You randy little bugger. I see that you have not finished with me yet. You are going to wear your old mother out at this rate.””I can’t help it. You turn me on so much.” He hungrily eyed his mother’s large breasts, “a-and your breasts, your tits are so big and lovely!”Mark groaned as he felt his mother’s pussy tighten around as his erection.”Your cock was so big and hard. Christ, darling, no-one has ever made love to me with so much power as you have done.” She lent forward and kissed him lightly on the lips.”Now it’s your turn.” His mother said, tracing a finger down his chest. “You said that you had wanted to make love to me as well.””Yes.” Mark said as he looked at his mother’s full pouting lips, her 38C breasts hanging invitingly in front of him. He started to move under her.”Christ! You are getting stiff again. How long have you wanted to fuck me?” she asked, as she started to squeeze Mark’s growing erection again with her cunt.”I always thought (gasp) you were sexy but when I’ve saw you naked and playing with yourself,I really wanted to have fuck with you”.Helen was surprised. “Naked? (yes they were always very open at home. Seeing eachother naked) But when did you see me playing with myself?”. She slowly started to raise her body up and down.”The other week, when you just had a bath and went to your bedroom.” Mark groaned, his hands grabbing her hips and he slowly started to thrust under her.Helen chuckled. “You know, I didn’t even know my door was open.”His erection back at full strength, he started to thrust against his mother even harder. “Oh Mum, you were so beautiful. I could see your big boobs and lovely hairy pussy. I was so turned on, I had to go to my room and (gasp) w-wank myself off.”Helen was now moving up and down at a more rapid pace as her excitement mounted. “Y-you had to play with yourself three times (uungh) because you saw me playing with myself? Oh you poor darling!””Yeah!”, he replied as he started to put more power into his thrusts, meeting his mother’s lunges halfway before she pushed him back into the bed. (unngh) “I wanted you so much. I almost rubbed myself raw.””And what were you thinking about?” she huffed.”You” he moaned.”What about me?” Helen moaned back.They both could hear the wet slapping of their bodies as they thrusted against each other.Mark gasped. “That I wished I (unngh) could have gone up behind you….””And?” panted his mother.”and grabbed your lovely tits and bum””(oooh) and?”. Helen said””That… that I….I could have fucked you!””Oh!” In her mind’s eye, she could see her son stripping off and approach her with his huge young erection and that within minutes, he had her on her hands and knees in the middle of the her bedroom, with his hard cock shoved up her from behind.”Ohhh! Darling. I –I-I wished you had!” She gasped as their thrusts got more and more rampant.”Oh Christ, honey.”, she continued, “If we keep this up, I think we should (oooh) go home. I (ooofff) don’t want your aunt and uncle finding out about this.””But.. won’t they become sus-suspicious?” Mark moaned.”They will if w-we stay here.” She gasped as she felt her son grab hold of her swinging tits. “W-w-we’ll just say I don’t f-feel very well and have (oooh) go home early and t-that my b-baby will look after me (unnnnghh)””Oh mum! I will definitely look after you!” Mark groaned as he imagined them naked in his mother’s bed, fucking away. “I love you my darling (uuumph)” Helen saidGrabbing hold of the back of her head, he brought his mother’s face down onto his, their mouths coming together hard. Their tongues entwining as he pulled her tight against his body. Thrusting his hard young shaft to the hilt of his mother’s wet cunt, Mark then rolled them over so that she want on her back with him on top. Helen mother then brought her legs up around Mark back, while her arms encircled his neck as she proceeded to hang on for dear live as her son started thrusting her again as hard as he possibley could. Mark did not care how long he lasted, all he wanted to do was empty his balls of his spunk into his mother’s pussy.For a little while after that, all you could hear coming from inside the bedroom, were the sounds of gasps, moans and groans mixed in with terms of endearments accompanied by squeaking bedsprings (along with the headboard banging against the wall) which were getting louder and louder as the activity got more and more frantic.******************************************For 15year old Mark, to say that the last 24 hours had been life changing was an understatement. What he thought would be another boring weekend with his mother, Helen, at his aunt and uncle’s; turned out to be the complete opposite. He still couldn’t believe what happened when his mother came to say “goodnight” to him the other night. Or what they have done since. Even now, he was lying in his mother’s bed while she was mounted on top of him, her back to him as she slid herself up and down his young hard on. “W-we need to stop soon, baby.” He heard her say. “Your aunty Bronwen and uncle John will be back soon and…oooohh!” She was cut off as he thrusted himself deeply inside her. “Jesus, darling.” “She moaned. “You are so bloody big.” Hungry to feel and taste her, Mark lifted himself up, nuzzling into her neck while his hands slide round and grasped his mother’s tits. A squeeze elicited another moan. No, life could not be better for the lad. But then the bedroom door opened and his life came crashing down. “Helen, you should see what I … OH MY GOD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???!!” The two of them froze and saw that Bronwen was standing next to the bed with some bags of shopping. Immediately, she dropped them and fled the room. “Bronwen? Oh no!” His mother cried out as she quickly jumped off Mark and scrambled off the bed. “Mum…?” “Get dressed and go to back your room.” She said as she started putting on some clothes. “But, Mum…” He wanted to be with her when she talked to his aunt and uncle. “Mark, just do it!” Mark obeyed and retreated to his room. As he lay on his bed, he could hear the shouting coming from downstairs. After what seemed an age, there was a knock on the door. His mother came in. He could see that she had been crying. “Mark, get your stuff together. We are going home.” Mark got up from his bed and started gathering his things. “What about Aunty Bronwen and Uncle John?” He asked. “Just get your stuff.” And she left the room. Downstairs, his uncle was helping in packing the car while his aunt stood by the front door. Once the packing was finished, Mark and his mother went to leave. “Bronwen, I-I’m so sorry. I-I…” Helen started to say. “What are you so sorry for, Helen? For having sex with your own son? For doing it under my roof? Or for getting caught for it?” Helen tried to say something else and he could see that she was trying not to cry. “Just go, Helen. Take your ‘boyfriend’ and go.” The car journey home was done in silence. Mark tried to speak to his mother but to no avail. He eventually gave up and just before dusk, they arrived at their house in Rhyl. “Could you bring in the cases.” His mother asked before walking into the house. When Mark had finished unpacking the car, he popped his head around the kitchen door to tell her. “Mark, we need to talk.” Helen said matter of factly. Oh! Oh! He didn’t like that tone. Gingerly, Mark came into the kitchen and sat at the table opposite to his mother. “You okay, Mum?” “No, I’m not. My best friend Your aunty Bronwen, caught us together and threw us out of her home. We are lucky that she didn’t call the police.” “Will she?” Helen sighed. “No, I don’t think she will, thank God.” “Oh.” “But I have just lost one of my best friends.” “I’m sorry, Mum.” Mark said, not knowing what else to say. His mother gave him a smile. “It’s my fault too, honey. I am the adult. I am supposed to be the responsible one.” “I’m sorry about what happened with Aunty Bronwen and I wish it didn’t happen.” “So do I.” “I-I mean that I wish it didn’t happen at Aunty Bronwen’s. I don’t regret us doing it.” “Oh, Darling.” Helen groaned. “You don’t know what you are saying Mark. What we did was wrong.” “But I love you and before Aunty Bronwen caught us, you said that you loved it.” “But it isn’t right.” “T-then you don’t love me.” Mark said. Gently, Heln took his hands in hers. “Oh darling, it isn’t that. I love you so much.” She squeezed his hands. “More than I should.” “Then I don’t understand. What are we doing wrong if we love each other? It’s not as if my Dad is around anymore.” “Mark. Mothers and sons do not do that sort of thing.” “Not even if they love each other and it feels good?” “Not even if it…” Helen stopped, shaking her head. “I’m not debating this with you, Mark. This is WRONG!” She pulled her hands away. “Why did I ever come to your room last night?” His mother started to cry. Mark got up and quickly came round the table. He pulled his mother up and took her into his arms. “Well I’m glad you did.” He held her tightly. “But it was so wrong. I am your MOTHER. Not a young girl.” Mark brought his mother’s chin up so that she was looking directly up at him. “I don’t want a girl from school.” He said fiercely. “I want YOU!” “But Mark.” Helen started to say Mark felt her sliding her hand onto his cheek. “You don’t know what you are saying. All because your stupid mother couldn’t keep her handsMark was conscious of her soft mature body pressing into his. H. Helen looked at him intently. “God! You are so handsome.” She murmured. “Oh Mum.” He whispered and even without thinking, he brought his mouth to cover hers. For a moment, he felt her stiffen in his arms. Then she was returning his kiss. Her body pressing harder against his, even as her lower half pushed against his sudden hard-on coming out of his groin. Time seemed to stop as the two of them grasped each other tightly, their mouths and tongues duelling together. Mark groaned as he tasted his mother’s saliva even as her lower body continued to tease his now raging hard on. Then suddenly it was gone as his mother pulled away from him. “Oh God! What are we DOING???” For a moment, she stood in front of Mark. Her mouth open, her lips wet from their kissing. Her eyes locked onto the huge lump in the front of his jeans. “Oh God.” And then she rushed out the kitchen and headed upstairs. Mark wanted to go after her but instead he went to his own bedroom and to bed. In the dark, Mark lay in his bed. He had tried speaking to his mother through her bedroom door but she just told him that she would see him in the morning. Dejected, he stared at the ceiling. What is happening? He wondered. He replayed the last 24 hours in his head. Why did his aunty Bronwen have to find out? He thought of his mother’s hot lips on his. The feel of her big tits in his hands. Her hand on his stiff cock. And her hairy pussy, when he… Oh fuck! Mark groaned as he felt his arousal increase. Even now, he could feel his cock aching under the sheets. Impatient to get back into his mother’s hairy cunt. A part of him knew that it was wrong to think of her like that. She was his mother after all. But even if he wanted to find a girl of his age at school. There was one girl he liked in particular – Jenny which at one time he thought she was going to let him fuck her. But she said no when he tried to feel her.Sure she was pretty but Jenny was just not his mother. Even before all of this, when he did look at girls on the internet, he preferred older women, who looked like his mother. Again, Mark found himself thinking of his mother’s nude body. How pale her skin was. How lovely her breasts were. The roundness of her arse. The thickness of her dark public hair. The wetness of her pussy. The taste of her mouth. His cock jerked, causing him to groan with need. His thoughts were interrupted as there was a knock on the door. Mum? “Can I come in?” She asked. “S-sure.” Mark answered nervously as he switched on his bedside lamp. He watched her as she came and sat on the edge of the bed. He noticed that she was wearing the same floral dressing gown that she wore the night she visited him. He found his throat going dry as he noticed how it moulded around her body, causing his penis to thicken even further under the sheets. Christ, he wanted to fuck her. “Darling. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I am sorry for what happened downstairs.” She said as she leaned over him. Mark had to use all his willpower to keep his eyes focused on her face. But he could smell her perfume. His cock throbbed. “I’m sorry too mum.” He said lamely. “I don’t know what is the matter with me.” She sighed. “I knew it was wrong when I kissed you in the kitchen. Like it was wrong what we did in Blackpool.” “Well I liked it.” His mother was beginning to frustrate him. “I know.” She smiled. “But that is no excuse. You are still only a young boy and I am a grown woman and your mother.” Mark felt his heckles rise being called ‘a boy’. Hadn’t he proven to her that he wasn’t? “But I’m fed up of being alone, Mark.” She continued. “I thought after all these years, it would get better but it hasn’t. It’s getting worst.” “But I keep telling you that you have got me.” “I know that, darling and that’s the problem. One day, you will leave me.” “Why? I love you? Why would I want to leave?” “Oh sweetheart,” She sighed. “You won’t want to be around me forever. You will meet a nice girl and will want to settle down. ” “But I do want you. I can look after you properly.” “I know you think you can but…” “But I can.” Mark protested , “Oh darling, it’s not as simple as that. There are things you just don’t understand.” “You keep saying that. But I do understand.” Mark protested. “I can love you like any man does!” Swiftly, he pulled back his bed covers, revealing his naked body and rampant erection. His mother gasped. “I can give you what they give you. What you need.” He went on. “No…” She whispered, but he noticed that his mother’s eyes were staring at his straining prick. “Please, Mum. I can help. Let me help.” Desperately, he grasped her hand and pulled it down to his erection. “Oh darling. No.” But despite the protest, her hand never moved away. He lifted himself up, moving his face towards hers. “Please, Mum. Let me help.” And he kissed his mother. “N-no…” He heard her whisper but did not pull away. “Please…” He whispered back, reaching around to the back of her head so that he could kiss her more fully. “N-no.” She cried, finally breaking away. “I’m doing it again. I shouldn’t have come.” Helen tried to leave the bedroom but Mark was on her. Pushing her against the door. “Please, Mum.” He pleaded, as he pressed into her from behind, his face nuzzling her neck even as he pushed his hand round to grasp her chest. “No, Mark…” She protested. “Please…” He said again. “N-no…” She whispered. “Please, Mummy.” “Oh God! Please help me…”Helen said”” In one swift motion, Helen span around in his arms so that they were standing face to face. Her soft body pressed against his young naked one. For a moment, she stared intently at him and then her lips were upon his. Her arms around him as she pulled him to her. “I…just…can’t…fight…this…anymore.” She gasped between kisses. Her mouth reclaiming his even as he felt a hand grab his swollen shaft. Ahhh! “Christ, you are hard!” Helen whispered. Mark felt himself being pushed back, falling onto his bed. His mother stood over him, looking down. “Oh God. I know it is wrong and I tried to stop myself.” She glared hungrily at him. “I do love you so bloody much. I thought I loved your father and the others, but you…?” Mark watched wide-eyed as his mother pulled open her robe. Revealing her pale naked body underneath. Eagerly he drunk in the sight of her meaty breasts, her wide hips, the thatch of dark pubic hair in between her legs. “M-mum…?”Hastily, she dropped the robe to the floor and started to advance on him. “I have tried to fight this. God I have tried.” She got onto the bed and started to crawl up over his body. “You don’t know how bloody sexy you are! I know I am your mother but I just can’t get what we have done out of my head.” Mark just lay there, stunned over the change that had come over her. “Mum…?” “Shhh!” She was sitting on his waist, her finger pressing down on his lips. “Do you love me?” At first he didn’t answer. “Well do you?” Her voice urgent. “Y-yes.” “And do you want me? To be with me? To have sex with me. To fuck me, your own mother?” At the word ‘mother’, Mark felt her hand grab hold of his rock hard erection and squeeze. He groaned. “Well?” Another squeeze. “Y-yes.” Mark gasped as his mother slowly bent down and started to nibble his ear. “If we do this, you will be mine.” His mother wanted him for herself? But he didn’t care. All he wanted to do was fuck her. His mother gently sucked on his earlobe. His mother slowly slid her tongue down his cheek and onto his neck. I will need pleasing every night!! “And believe me, you have the equipment to do this…” She squeezed his cock again “…to get the job done.” Ahhhh! “Well?” Her mouth slowly moved up to his chin. She was blowing his mind. “Well?” She said again. Her top lip touched his bottom lip. But Mark was gone. Fiercely grabbing her head, he urgently pulled her mouth to his. His tongue pushing forth to find hers. For long seconds, the pair held each other as they snogged each other hungrily. Finally his mother pulled away. “Oh darling.” She panted heavily as she laid on top of him. Quickly, they rolled over so that Mark was on top of his mother, between her open legs. Hands slide between their bodies and his stout erection was guided to its destination. As soon as the swollen head touched those wet lips of his mother’s hairy cunt, Mark shoved his hips forward with everything he had, causing his mother to cry out. He felt her warm wet pussy lips slide over him as his mother’s hungry cunt consumed his huge hard-on. The two of them gasped heavily as he barrowed in deep, their pubic hairs intermingling as their groins finally collided together. Mark loved how tight she felt around him. He felt his mother’s legs come up around his arse – gripping him. He look down at her face – flushed with their joining – their mating. “Oh God, Mark. This is so wrong!” She whispered as she pulled his face down to hers, kissing his mouth. But despite her protests, he felt her move against him, forcing him to precipitate. Starting with short jabs, his thrusts quickly increased in length and speed. Until he was frantically ramming his young cock into his mother’s wet pussy. His teenage hormones taking full control of his lust. Nor was his mother placid in their joining. Years of sexual frustration, of forbidden love for a boy who was her son burst forth. Her legs tightly gripped her son’s rebounding arse, while her vagina stretched tightly to contain Mark’s young penis. Holding on for dear life as her son valiantly fucked her with everything he had, she shoved her hips to meet his thrusts. “That’s it! That’s it!. Take me! FUCK ME!!” She gasped as their mouths broke apart. But he was not listening. He didn’t even feel the pain that his mother was inflicting on him as her fingernails dug in deep. His young mind already lost in their bout of fucking. Relishing in the wet sensation of burying his teenage cock repeatedly into the tight confines of his mother’s hairy cunt. The bed creaking loudly, as it was going to break under the urgent actions of the copulating couple. And it was simply mating. Both were answering their call to fuck with neither showing the other any tenderness. So focused were they on the act. Their energy boundless. The intensity never letting up. Harder and faster, Mark shoved his cock into his mother’s ever wetter cunt. Ever deeper as he slowly felt the pressure in his balls building. His cock swelling. His mother’s cries getting louder as their end slowly approached. Then he felt her stiffen. “CUM! I want you to cum inside me. I need you to cum!” He heard her gasp. Unable to hold back any more and with a loud cry of his own, Mark who was a virgin just the day before, shoved himself as deeply as he could inside his mother and let himself go. Through the stalk of his throbbing erection he felt his cum shoot up. Exploding from the swollen helmet in thick white spurts as it swamped his mother’s insides with his essence. Mark groaned with every release as if his very life force was draining from him. Both Mark and Helen shuddered and cried out as their climaxes rolled over them. Their fluids mixing freely deep within his mother’s belly. Finally, his heart hammering wildly in his chest, Mark felt himself getting dizzy as his mother relaxed her grip and he slowly fell on top of her. His still half swollen cock slowly sliding out of the wet confines for his mother’s soaking hairy cunt. Allowing their mixed juices to slowly trickle onto the bed. Finally sleep claimed him. Mark awoke to find that he was in his mother’s arms. “Are you okay, my darling baby?” She asked soothingly, her lips touching his forehead. “Yes, Mum. As long as you are.” His mother nodded. “As best as I can be. I am still trying to get my head around all of this.” “Oh.” She pulled him closer. “But I do know that there has only been one man in my life. You.” She slowly stroked his face. “I know it is wrong but I can’t help it. You are such a lovely looking boy.” She quickly corrected herself. “Sorry, lovely looking young man.” She reached down and took his hand in hers. “I have always loved you more than I should. Even more as you got older…” She sighed. “I think it finally dawned on me when I saw you with that Jenny girl. I was jealous.” So that’s why his mother never liked her. I didn’t want to see you with Jenny. I didn’t want to lose you. Was that wrong?” Both knew the answer to that. “I don’t care. I just love you, Mum.” And he was awarded with a kiss. Followed by another and another until they were making out hungrily. Finally his mother pulled away. “S-slow down, soldier. I am not as young as I was.” She grinned. Mark made a move for another kiss but his mother stopped him. “Oh no, darling. Time to get up and have a shower.” Later, they were still in bed. “Mum?” Mark said after a while. “Yes, darling?” “Did you mean what you said last night?” “And what was that?” She replied as she nuzzled against him. “That you have whated to fuck me for months” His mother brought a finger to his lips. His mother pulled herself up. Does that bother you?” In answer to his mother’s question, Mark took her hand and pushed it onto his cock. From its condition, helen knew the answer. “You horny git.” She laughed. “I just take after you, Mum.” Mark laughed back. And both could feel the sudden urgency. Eagerly Mark mounted his mother again, his re-energised erection poised at the entrance of his mother’s wet hairy sex hole. “Okay, big boy.” She breathed. “See if you can give your old mother a orgasam..oooohh!” The last word being cut off as her son slid his solid erection into her. Despite the recent sessions, they fucked urgently. Mark came quickly. “Wow! You certainly came qwickly.” His mother gasped as they slowed. But the Mark was on fire, his penis hardly losing its stiffness as he started again. “Oh my…” Exclaimed his mother. Six months later, Helen sat drinking a coffee at her local Costa’s. “Hi, Helen.” Said Bronwen as she came over to join her. She had phoned Helen a few days earlier. “Hello, Bronwen.” Helen coldly replied. She really did not want to be there but her ex-friend had insisted. Bronwen sat down across her and smiled. “I am so sorry on how I reacted Helen.” Helen did not say anything. “You must admit it was a bit of a shock seeing you in bed with your own son Mark.” Helen still said nothing. “Oh, Helen. Please don’t be like this. I have missed you.” “Well, I suppose I am grateful that you didn’t call the police.” Helen finally conceded. “Oh I would never have done that. You must believe me, Helen. I was just shocked more than anything. And you know what I’m like. Too proud to apologise afterwards.” Helen gave a small smile. “Well you were always stubborn.” Bronwen laughed. “Look who’s talking.” They both chuckled. The ice finally broken. “How have you been Helen? Are you and Mark still errrr “together?” “Yes.” “And are you really happy?” “Very.” “I can see.” Bronwen glanced again at Helen’s face. You look so amazing and healthy, he must be doing a good job at looking after you!! “Oh believe me, in that department he certainly does.” For a moment, Helen wondered if she said too much but quickly relaxed when Bronwen laughed. “I’m so glad that I finally called you.” The two women rose and cuddled. After some small talk, Bronwen asked: “Do you regret what you have done? Being with Mark your own son, I mean?” Helen looked Bronwen squarely in the eye. Bronwen. I am happy that what we have a loving relationship together. I know one day he will leave me and get married, but untill then we are both loving life. Bronwen stood you and so did Helen and they hugged. Helen im so happy that we have made up and im even happier that you are both happy together.

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