Ghetto Females are Vicious too…

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Ghetto Females are Vicious too…During orientation, we were informed of the danger of exploring too far off campus. Our surrounding neighborhood was notorious for there rampant crimes against our student body. The best that the administration could do was to warn us about the dangers.Most of us knew to avoid certain areas and some of us would venture out into the areas around campus that was considered dangerous. It was on a night coming up to a holiday that I was made aware of a party a few streets over from the campus. Knowing the neighborhood and how to get back to campus quickly, I decided to try my luck and go to the party. It was a rocking success, the booze flowed and the music was great. Some where around two o’clock, I decided that I had had enough and was leaving the house.As I exited the court yard I noticed a strikingly cute young lady and smiled generously saying ‘…wish you had been here earlier…’ She glared at me and called out for some guy, I knew than I had to hurry up and get out of Dodge.I turned one corner too many and had to double back and ran right into her and her boyfriend. Now the girl was fairly good looking and some what physically fit. Her boyfriend was no slouch, he was an inch taller than I and at least forty pounds heavier, well built and highly upset.Without much of a word he grabbed me in the throat and slammed me against the wall of an old empty warehouse. His girlfriend came over and slammed her fist into my stomach with such force, I thought she had broken a rib or my back bone.Her boyfriend released my neck and I crumbled down into an mass of withering painful human garbage. I could not make out the conversation, the guy was disagreeing with what ever she had in mind and she was insisting that he do as she say.The two of them managed to drag me into the bahis siteleri building and back away from the front of the structure. I was in great pain as the girl fumbled with my belt and the guy took hold of my wrist. My shoes and pants were stripped from me, I barely was able to see that the girl was removing her pants and standing over me naked from the waist down.She squatted over my face and I distinctly heard her command me ‘…alright you preppy bitch, you wanted to taste my pussy, now you gonna have as much as I can give you…’ She lowered her vagina down as she held my head and begin to ground her wet slit into my face.Holding me by my hair, she hunch and slid her vagina over my face ordering me to “…suck my pussy bitch…stick that tongue in my ass hole…suck my pussy…suck my pussy…’I was gasping for breath and struggling to free myself all to no avail, finally she stood over me and told her boyfriend ‘…fuck this bitch in the ass, I want hear him squeal…’ Her boyfriend hesitated for a minute only to have her command ‘…fuck this bitch in his preppy ass or get the fuck out of here…’ My wrist was released and the two of them argued briefly till she turned back towards me and grabbed me by the hair again.She turned me over to my stomach and squatted down on my back pulling my head up between her knees telling her boyfriend ‘…come over here and get your dick sucked, get over her I want to see him sucking your damn dick…’I could not see what he was doing but heard his zipper and the rustle of cloth. Next I smelled the aroma of his crotch and felt his penis brush across my face. He gripped my chin and pinched my jaws till I opened my mouth, he pushed his penile glans into my oral orifice and cautioned me ‘…bite me and I’ll stomp your head into the ground…’With his canlı bahis girlfriend pulling my head back into her stomach and him pinching my jaws I could do little but take his penis into my mouth. His girl friend said ‘…that’s it baby, make him such your dick, the bitch wouldn’t suck my pussy but he sucks dick nicely…’I could feel his penis as it throbbed in my mouth and begin to grow larger, he pushed more of his penis into my mouth till I gagged and his girlfriend squealed with excitement saying ‘…that’s it baby make the bitch gag, make the bitch gag…’She released my hair from the grip of her left hand and took hold of her boyfriends penis as he slid it back and forth in my mouth. She said to her boyfriend ‘…this bitch got your dick rock hard baby, you gonna fuck this bitches ass for me, yeah, you gonna fuck this bitch, and he’s gonna eat my pussy while you fuck him or else…’The boyfriend pulled his penis from my face, his girlfriend dropped my head and stood up. I started to try to get up, the boyfriend stomped me in the small of my back saying ‘…no body told you to move, keep your ass down…’My feet was kicked apart and he knelt down between my legs, I heard him spit and his fingers part my buttocks. One of his fingers probed my anus till it was knuckle deep, he bent his finger and pulled roughly at my anal opening stretching my anal sphincter.I cried out as his girl friend squatted down at my head, gripping me again by my hair she pulled my head up to her vagina and ordered ‘…lick this pussy, lick this pussy…’ Her boyfriend removed his finger from my anus and I felt him lower his body to mine. His penis probed my butt crack and he slid it up and down till he found my anal opening and pushed viciously into me.I opened my mouth to yell, his girl friend pushed my face into bahis firmaları her wet vagina and cried out ‘…eat this pussy bitch, eat my pussy…’ With her boyfriend hunching into my butt and her pulling my head to her vagina I had little choice but to do as she commanded.I stuck my tongue out and into her vagina and she squealed ‘…yes, lick my pussy, shit drink my piss bitch, drink my piss…’ A warm stream of fluid squirted from her vagina and into my mouth and over my face.Her boyfriend took hold of my chin and throat and grabbed hold of my hair pulling my head as far back as he could. His girl friend laid down on her back and cried out ‘…make him eat my pussy baby, make him eat my pussy…’Her boyfriend pushed my face down into her vagina as he ground his stiff penis into my anus. She reached down and took hold of my head rotating my face around her vagina squealing as she did so.This seemed to invigorate her boyfriend as he picked up the pace of his grinding and hunching into my anus. I was gasping for air as the two of them had their way and enjoyed their debauchery. The boyfriend called out ‘…I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum…’ She answered ‘…fill his ass, fill his ass baby…’I fell him squirting his substance into my rectum, as soon as he finished he pulled out of my anus and got off of my back. His girlfriend quickly got up and pulled me over to my back and squatted down over my face hunching her crotch into my face.She had hold of my head and her knees were pining down my arms, she told her boy friend ‘…I’m gonna cum in his fucking face, I’m cumming in his fucking face…’ She twitched and hunched as she squirted a warm fluid from her vagina, moaning and grinding her crotch down into my face.She groaned and rested over my face as the warm sticky fluid seeped from her vagina down over my face and head. She finally stood up and the two of them stepped away, she called back to me ‘…let that be a lesson to your preppy ass, we’ll fuck y’all when we want to…’Ghetto Females are Vicious too…

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