Girlfriend displayed and used on Spanish Beach

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Girlfriend displayed and used on Spanish BeachYou will see in my profile a bunch of short clips of the time I had with a young girlfriend on Capobino beach near Malaga in Spain. Here is the background story on what happened.Prior to the trip I had enquired on various web sites to find where dogging type action might take place near where we were staying in Malaga. All I could be sure of was the Capobino beach which various guys told me would be a good place for some action. I was told it was a bit gay, but that hetro action also takes place there.As you will know from other real tales and my vids, I am young middle aged guy and have been lucky to have a few youngish gfs in recent years. The girl I took on this trip was early 30s, small, petite (about 49 kg), long dark hair, asian and very small titties with lovely nipples. She has had a fair bit of cock, but not a slapper.We hired a car and arrived about 11am. We went straight to the nudist area and into the dunes. There were some couples canlı bahis around but mostly men and we seemed to be the first couple to go in off the beach area into the dunes. I didn’t mind as I was looking for men to use my gf, but she was a bit conscious of there being no couples fucking as she had wanted to watch as well as be watched.We found a quiet spot and stripped. I was aware that this was the first time that my gf has done this kind of thing and so was hoping she would not have a bad first experience. I began fucking her doggie style.Luckily as we had just arrived we had not been seen by loads of guys and a single guy saw us and started wanking quite a way off. I beckoned him over. He got closer and closer as I continued to fuck. He then came right up and watched. I asked the girl if she wanted him to fuck her and she said ok. I offered him a condom but he said no, he didn’t want to fuck her! Shame! Anyway, he did come right over to her and started foundling her tits and bahis siteleri he wanked. I videoed this and eventually he came; rather too gentlemanly, he came on the ground near my gf, not on her. Anyway, a good first experience!We then made the mistake of deciding to try a new place but then ended up with a dickhead following us very very closely and really putting off my gf. I told him to fuck off, but he persisted. After about 10 minutes we found a new place. The guy was still near us but my gf was less freaked out and I began fucking her again. The follower guy came closer, as did another guy. I stopped fucking my girl so that the guys could get a good look at her cunt. She was on her hands and knees, her cunt pointing directly at the men. I started wanking her clit and she helped. The first guy fingered her a bit and eventually she came nicely. I gave a condom to the annoying guy and offer her cunt to him to fuck. He prepared his cock and eventually started fucking her, but he came bahis firmaları really quickly! This was a shame. The other guy had moved to my girls head and was wanking near her face, no doubt hoping to get a bj, but that was not going to happen; not least cus he had a very ugly cock!We then had another 2 guys come over and the first one with a really nice cock put the condom on he went instantly soft and stomped off upset with himself! Spaniards eh!? Another guy got a condom on and with my girl still on her hands and knees he got on board, but he went soft after only a few strokes! He got off and then out of the corner of my eye (I had climbed back on myself to keep her warm!) I saw the guy take off the condom and carefully give it to another guy with a real big cock! Never saw condom sharing before! Anyway, the second guy climbed on board and gave her a nice fucking. He came in her (with condom on) and when he pulled out we were able to see that he really was a good cummer!! The condom was nice and full!We had one more group of 5 guys around, a bit of touching and lots of wanking, but no more fucking sadly. After that we went to lunch. A great first time for my girl and she really loved it!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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