Giving Steve a helping hand part 4

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Giving Steve a helping hand part 4This part of the continued story is mostly fictional the sad part the passing of my mother Beverly is true however now on with the story.Steve’s items that we ordered in our trip to the city started to arrive which was a good excuse for me to go over to Steve’s . In one of the packages there was several skirts some very revealing lingerie, garter belts and several pairs of seem less stockings. Steve had me try on these items and they fit as if they were made for me . Amy Steve said you look so damn sexy i knew that Steve was right i looked over my shoulder at the mirror all i saw was Amy . Steve now had that prominent bulge in his pants and i knew i had to do what Amy would do i dropped to my knees and looked up at Steve with my doe like eyes. Steve just nodded his approval with that i opened Steve’s pants and released his love snake it was coiled and ready to strike. I took all of Steve’s cock in my mouth taking it down my throat until i was sure it would be tickling my tonsils i was now bobbing up and down on Steve’s hard cock and loving every minute of it. After what seemed like an eternity Steve groaned his legs started shaking and his love snake spewed copious amounts of his sweet tasting cum. I swallowed every thing Steve had to offer Steve just smiled and called me his greedy little cock sucker.I felt like Amy in so many ways i was so happy to please Steve but i also knew that the summer was coming to an end and Terry would be coming back home . Amy had to make the most of her opportunities so when ever Steve had me come over to help him i made sure the day would be complete with istanbul escort Steve fucking my boi pussy and liked nothing better than having Steve’s hard member buried deep in my pussy. As we fucked i could feel Steve start to spasm and i loved it when he groaned and moaned god i’m cumming and Steve did filling the condom with his love juices. I loved every minute of this summer until i received a call from Beverly’s work Beverly had collapsed while at work and the ambulance was rushing Beverly to the hospital. I quickly had Steve drive me there to be with my mother Beverly had suffered a massive heart attack and nothing could be done to save her. Beverly passed quickly i was in shock what was i to do ? Steve reassured me that every thing would be alright i was not so sure Beverly ran every thing i had no idea what type of insurance if any Beverly carried. Steve took me in his arms held me close and said Amy you will be alright we will meet with the office staff after the funeral all the details of what your mother carried will be laid out then.The funeral was very trying and making the arrangements for my mother was next to impossible but Steve held my hand i did make it through it just as Steve said i would. I spent the night before the funeral at Steve’s i was in fact his woman Amy you look stunning replied Steve as he ran his hands up under my skirt cupping my ass cheeks and as i spread my legs slightly Steve inserted one finger into my pussy. I spread my legs farther apart and rested my elbows on the counter. Steve was now fingering my pussy with two fingers avcılar escort and also stroking my little 4 inch clit until i was about ready to cum. Steve then raised my skirt up around my waste pulled my panties down and then slowly put his hard cock in my boi pussy this time however Steve was fucking me bare back the sensation of his cock in me with out a condom made me weak in the knees. my pussy felt every pulse of his hard member Steve made passionate love to me i gripped his cock with my pussy muscles and slowly milked his cock. Steve then grunted and said i am going to cum i just moaned fill me up Steve it wasn’t long Steve let loose a thunderous orgasm i could feel every rope of Steve’s cum filling up my pussy. Steve withdrew i could feel his cum running out of my pussy i knew a shower was in order along with me douching i wanted to keep my pussy as clean as possible.After the funeral Steve asked what i was going to do i said i was going home to just be by myself for awhile i needed time to figure out what i was going to do i had a house that i was now alone in no Beverly to run my life pretty scary stuff for an eighteen year old to grasp. My life was forever changing i now wanted to be Amy forever if it meant me having a surgery in a foreign country that would make me Amy i was all for it. I knew that i still had school to think about as wellI had laid down and almost immediately drifted off to sleep then about 3 or 4 hours later the phone rang it was Steve i hadn’t grabbed any thing to wear for over here i could look through Beverly’s but most of them would be to big for me şirinevler escort i asked Steve if it would be alright if he brought some thing sexy over for me to wear tonight Steve replied any thing for you Amy. About a half hour later Steve was knocking on my door i let him in and we embraced he had in his hand the sexy black teddy and matching stockings Steve said this was his favorite by far. I had been wearing it the night we made passionate love. I just smiled i love it and from the tent in Steve’s pants he was turned on again .It took me \very little time to change into that black teddy i then motioned for Steve to sit on the bed my and as soon as he did i had Steve on his back removing his pants and boxers i quickly spread some lube on my male pussy and proceeded to slide down on his rock hard member Steve and i were fucking like this for about twenty minutes when i heard the door open and foot steps out in the hall .It was Terry Steve’s son and my best friend he had gotten in a fight with his mom and caught a ride home. Terry’s eyes got as big as saucers when he saw me riding up and down on his fathers hard cock But Terry wasn’t to pissed off as his hard cock threatened to rip a hole in the crotch of his pants. I motioned for Terry to join us Steve finally saw Terry standing there and muttered oh fuck i just kept riding Steve i was not going to waste the time having Steve fuck me and i was also going to give Terry an awesome blow job. Terry’s cock was similar to Steve’s in both length and width i took Terry’s cock in my mouth with no problem and Steve was now fucking me as hard as he had ever fucked me i guess putting on a show for his son it wasn’t long before Terry erupted in my mouth and as i made every attempt to swallow his cum i felt Steve grunt once and blast my bowels full of his love juice.I was loving it i had taken the cum from both members of the same family this was so awesome i felt like a total woman pleasing her men.

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