Gloria Returns

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Gloria, my secretary, my friend, my fantasy and now, my lover. I had known her for more than ten years and wanted her every day of it before I finally had her. I knew she’d be good the first time I ever saw her, but I didn’t think I’d ever find out for sure. She’s married and happy to be. Even now, after we’ve fucked each other silly a number of times, she’s still in love with her husband. And that’s fine with me. I’ve been married more than once and I know it’s not for me. I’d try again for her, but not unless I could give her at least as good a life as she has now. For all of those ten years and more I enjoyed what I could of her. Her friendship, beauty, and the occasional peek up her skirt or down her blouse were all I thought I would ever have. All the while I was in love with her and falling deeper every day. For ten years I watched as she turned down every pass that anyone made at her. Then, after all that time, things just seemed to fall into place and, with a little nudge from me, we fell into each other’s arms. I was walking on air and I couldn’t wait till we were together again. She had turned out to be so much more than the fantasy that I found it hard to believe.

Gloria. Four foot eleven, with hair of golden brown, cut so it just brushes her shoulders. Most people would say she’s a blonde because you have to know it already to see that it’s really brown. She’s really a brunette, but only a small tuft of hair above her pussy gives it away. She has brown eyes and legs that can hypnotize a man; strong, but smooth and soft. Small breasts. Small ass. Small everything in fact. There are times when she barely weighs ninety pounds, and she seldom lets herself go above a hundred. Until you’ve experienced it for yourself you don’t know what it is to fuck a woman this small. You can do anything; it’s like you’re Superman or something. You can see in her face that she’s not a child, but you would guess her to be at least ten years younger than the forty years she really has. From the back or at a distance you might mistake her for a teenager. To me she’s the picture of beauty, my dream girl come to life.

I’m not a bad-looking guy, if I can say that without showing too much of my vanity, and I’ve never really had a difficult time finding girls. This one though, was different; in lots of ways. For one thing, she was the first married woman I had ever approached. In all my life I never had hit on a man’s wife, not for real anyway. I’ve always been a little flirty and I didn’t care who I flirted with. I knew and they knew and, more importantly, their husbands knew that I was just being playful. There was only one other time that I felt myself really going for someone’s wife. He was a good friend and so was she. One day I realized that I was getting a little too close to her. I was thinking about her a lot and playing over in my head what I should say to let her know how much I wanted her. Then it struck me that I shouldn’t do this. These were my friends. They trusted me and loved me as friends do, and it was obvious that they loved each other dearly. I couldn’t intrude on that and I couldn’t stand the thought of their love and friendship turning to hate. I saw that, no matter what the result, if I opened my mouth that would be forever gone. I chose to let the friendship stay, but I quit going to see them. I’d rather have friends I didn’t see than to make bitter enemies of them.

Now this isn’t to say that I never stole anyone away, far from it. Back in high school and up into my late twenties I stole plenty of girlfriends from other guys, even guys who were my friends. In fact, one of my friends used to make a joke of it. He once said, “If I were a knight in the Middle Ages going off to fight in the Crusades, and I gave you the key to my wife’s chastity belt and told you not to use it except in dire emergency, I bet I wouldn’t be a hundred yards down the road before you came running up behind me yelling, ‘It’s the wrong key!'” Well, except for the wife part, I guess he wasn’t so far wrong. I did steal three of his girlfriends, so he had a right to say something like that.

With another friend I can remember I stole a girl from him with him standing there; or rather walking ataşehir escort I guess I should say. We had all gone to a concert together, Jefferson Airplane (That’s Jefferson Starship to those somewhat younger than me, and ‘Who?’ to those of you who are a lot younger than me) and we were walking back to the car after the show, all a little bit high. There was Kenny on one side, Linda in the middle and me on the other side as we half walked and half stumbled along. Now and then I’d look at Linda and she looked too good. She had long straight brown hair, parted in the middle as was the custom at the time, pretty blue eyes that always seemed to be smiling, full lips that would just draw your eyes to them, long legs that were tanned and smooth, an ass to make your mouth water and a set of tits that were unreal, you couldn’t get two hands around one of them on a bet. Anyway, Kenny had his arm around her waist and was really struggling to keep his feet under him and I just reached over and took her hand. She looked down at my hand, then up at my face and I saw this little smile spread across her. We kept walking and I noticed that she kept getting a little closer to me all the time, and she kept that little smile. When we got to the car we let Kenny pass out in the back while she snuggled up to me in the front. We dropped him off home on the way to her house and I drove away with my new girlfriend. Kenny was mad at me for about a month, but he got over it. I made the mistake of taking a friend with me to visit Linda one day and he took her away from me. What goes around comes around, as they say.

I see I’m off track here. The point is that Gloria was my first in lots of ways. She was the first married woman I ever approached, she was the first one that made me so hot that I didn’t mind eating her pussy after I fucked her, she was the first (and only) secretary that I’ve had come into my office for a little sex play during the day, she was the first friend I’ve had turn into a lover and still stay my friend and she’s the first woman I’ve had who could wear a size zero dress. There are lots of other firsts with her, but that’s enough for now.

Back at work on Monday, after our first time in the sack, she seemed a little distant during our early morning petting session. She still sat in my lap and let me run my hands up and down her body, searching out all the hidden places, but she had this thoughtful look on her face and she wasn’t returning the favor. She was very quiet. This went on all week and I got a little worried by it. Then Monday came around again and after a few minutes she got up out of my lap and sat across the room. For the rest of the week she wouldn’t sit in my lap at all and she only came into my office when it was really business. By the end of the week I was at a loss. I knew that this was the weekend when she was free to meet me and I wasn’t sure whether I would get to see her or not. So, I confronted her and asked her what was going on. Why had she been so distant all week? Would we see each other on the weekend? What had I done? What could I do?

She told me that she was scared and that she felt guilty for what we had done. She was afraid that all would be found out and that she would lose her home and family. She said that she couldn’t do it anymore. I was heart-broken and at a loss for words. How could I argue with that? The last thing I wanted to do was to cause trouble for this woman who was, after all, still my friend. Oh, I know I could have used this to my advantage and threatened to expose her if she didn’t continue. It probably would have worked, but then I’d lose my friend. I didn’t want that, so with a sad heart I walked away. I am, still, a pretty decent guy in spite of all this. I have a certain code of honor that I follow even if she had made me cross a few of the lines. I couldn’t be mean and selfish with her, not just to satisfy my own urges.

Each day seemed to drag on forever. At home I relived the days we had spent together, stealing time from work, and the Saturday we had spent fucking and sucking till we couldn’t go on. I’d try to think of something that would turn her around again and bring her back into my arms and kadıköy escort my bed. At work I’d look up expectantly every time I heard footsteps outside my door, hoping that she would come in and say she wanted to try again. When she actually did come into my office I would savor the moments, looking her up and down, drinking her in with my eyes, watching for the slightest sign that she might be softening. But she was only doing her job in her usual, efficient manner. She would come in, ask for my opinion, give me a message or whatever had brought her in and then she’d go. This went on the best part of a month and I had just about given up all hope that she would ever be mine again.

Then one day I noticed a change. I might not have noticed at all if I hadn’t been holding my breath waiting for just such a sign. It seemed so innocent at the time that even so, I almost missed it. She came in to show me a letter that she had typed and, as I looked over it, she stood by my side waiting. It didn’t occur to me until after she had left that she stood next to me while waiting, not across the desk from me as she had been doing. Then later she came in again and asked me to look over something that had come in the inter-office mail. She wasn’t sure what kind of response she should send. While I read it over, once again she stood beside me instead of across the desk. I was tempted to test the waters, but I didn’t want to be rebuffed if I was wrong, so I let it pass. The next time she came in was the next day, Wednesday, and it happened that I was kind of sitting/standing on the corner of my desk when she did. She was looking for some supplies that I keep in one of my desk drawers for easy access. She kind of brushed up against me as she passed and when she came back she did it again. I reached out to take her hand and she crumbled.

She leaned up against me and put her arms around me. She buried her face in my chest and hugged me. She said she was sorry for pushing me away and that she had missed me so much more than she thought she would. I sat fully up on the desk and drew her to me so she was standing between my legs and told her that she didn’t have to be sorry. She turned her face up to mine and I kissed her; I couldn’t stop kissing her. It was like I had never kissed anyone before her and I couldn’t get enough. My hands roamed her tiny body till they came to her ass. I took both cheeks in my hands and pulled her to me as my cock began to swell between us. I could feel her pressing her belly against it and I slid off the desk, bending a little at the knees so I could press it against her mound. We stayed like that for a long time, grinding our pelvises together in an imitation of what we really wanted to do.

I began to work her skirt up her legs and she let me. When I had it up to her waist I thrust one hand down the back of her panties and felt an electric shock run up my spine as I cupped one of those perfect cheeks in my hand. I pushed her panties further down so I could reach, unhindered, to her hot, wet cunny and I slipped a finger into her slick little pussy. It was so hot and wet and she started moaning into my mouth and working her ass back and forth in a little fucking motion, all the time rubbing herself against my cock. I turned us around and sat her up on my desk and leaned down until she was lying across it. Then I rose up and pulled her little red satin panties down and off her legs. She looked at me through slit eyes and I couldn’t resist taking a good long sniff of her panties while she watched me.

The hunger in her seemed to grow as she watched me do this and she pulled her knees up, spreading her legs as did so. I dropped the panties beside her head, grabbed her thighs and pressed outward, pushing her legs even further apart. Then I bent down and sniffed at the source of her wonderful aroma before I slowly stroked her with my tongue from her tiny puckered asshole to her hard little clit and back again. She whimpered at first, and then let out a long, low moan. I began to work on her in earnest now; a lick between her lips, a nip at her clit, a probing at her asshole, then sucking one lip or the other, pressing my tongue inside her and wiggling it bostancı escort around, sometimes with a finger on her hot spot or pushing into her, sometimes a finger barely penetrating her ass while I sucked on her clit. I kept busy and I made sure that she couldn’t guess what was next. In a little while she was bucking and heaving under my mouth and her breath came in gasps. Soon she was saying, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” in an insistent little-girl voice, almost as if she was in pain, and pushing my head away from her dripping snatch. I took a moment to tell her, “Now is not the time to push me away, you should pull me closer”, and she did. I latched onto her clit, sucking and tickling it with the tip of my tongue as she moaned loader and louder. I was afraid someone might hear her outside the office, so I reached up with one hand and pressed it down on her mouth, never letting up on her excited little love button. I could hear her pushing air in and out her nose, still moaning deeply as her pussy bucked and rocked beneath me.

After a while I relented. I rose up to watch her gasping for air and looked down at her pussy, throbbing and clenching, still coming. There was a small pool of fluid that had dripped out of her and unto the desk. Only a few drops, but it carried her scent and, I knew, her taste. I dipped my finger in it and raised it to my lips. I sucked her juices off my finger and dipped again, this time offering it to her. She still lay gasping, but when I touched her lips with my finger she sucked it in. I dipped into it again and said, “I want to taste your pussy while I fuck you”. Then I used it to coat her lips while I lowered my zipper.

My cock was hard and hot and throbbing as I took it in my hand. I took her by the wrist and guided her hand down between her widely spread legs until my shaft rubbed against her palm. When she felt its heat she squeezed it and stroked it a little before I pressed down on her wrist, then she placed it at the opening to her still spasming pussy.

“Do you want this?”


“Then tell me. You told me to stop, now tell me to start again.”

“Do it.”

“Do what?”

“Put it in me.”

“Say it.”

“Fuck me, please fuck me. I want to feel your dick inside me.”

So I did. In truth I would have anyway. By then I couldn’t have stopped for anything. I think I would have raped her if she had tried to back out. But I’ll never know. I didn’t have to because she wanted it as much as I did. I pushed the head inside and she was every bit as tight and hot as I remembered. I leaned over her and put my arms against her sides. Reaching up I turned my palms up and grabbed her shoulders, then burrowed into her. She pulled her legs up and locked them behind my back and began bearing down with her sweet little cunt, opening the way for my insistent, probing cock. When I felt my balls resting against her ass I kissed her and tasted the woman-come on her lips. I licked it off as I began to rock in and out. Things began to shake and some things fell off my desk as I fucked her and all the time she was speaking to me, saying dirty little things that she knew I wanted to hear.

“Oh, it feels so good to have you inside me again. I feel your balls slapping against me. Fuck me. I wanted you to fuck me all along, but I was afraid you were mad at me. Push your dick in me hard. Make me come, please make me come. My pussy was so lonely without you. I want to feel you shoot, fill me up…”

On and on it went and I loved it. I don’t know how much of it was real and how much of it was just because she knows I want to hear her say it. (She doesn’t normally talk this way. She’s very cautious in what she says.) It doesn’t matter. When I hear her talking like that it makes my blood run hot and it makes the come boil in my balls. I eat it up. This time was no different. I began to pound into her with everything I had. The desk began to walk across the floor. She had reached down to grab the edge of it to brace herself against it and her luscious ass began to turn red as if she were getting a spanking instead of a fucking. Her teeth were clenched and she sucked air between them. I felt her pussy clamp down on me and I began to shoot.

“I’m coming!”

“Yes, baby, come in me. That’s what it’s made for, flood me, fill my pussy. Oh! Ah! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

So I did. Then I collapsed on her, out of breath and out of my mind with happiness. Gloria had returned.

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