Gloryhole Surprise pt.2

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Gloryhole Surprise pt.2Just as my nose buried in his kinky public hair and my lips wrapped around the bottom of his cock, I heard him moan, “I’m cumming!” and then I felt him shoot his load down my throat. I was caught off guard and pulled back. The second time his balls burst forth the shot hit me in the middle of my face covering me with gooey cum. Then he shot two more times. One got on my blouse the other missed me, so I thought. Before I knew what happen or could say anything the cock disappeared through the hole. Quickly, I began to clean up and dialed my mother back..My grandparents were already at house waiting for dad and me to get home so we could have dinner. They were very punctual, very proper and mom hated to keep them waiting. Mom had been calling to make sure that we were headed straight home without delay. Quickly I pulled myself together and ran out the door. In a tizzy I rushed out of the restroom and turned the corner towards the parking lot without looking. I bumped into my dad who was racing around the corner of the other restroom himself. We both froze and just stood there like dummies, looking at each other..My dad looked at me then looked at the women’s restroom wondering if I was just coming out of the ladies’ room. I too looked at my dad then at the men’s room and wondered if he was coming out of that door. My face felt as flushed as my dad’s face looked. We both realized why we were coming out of the restrooms. He looked at my face as my eyes fell on crotch. He still had a bulge. Again our eyes met..Finally, he cleared his throat and stammered, “Your mom and grandparents are waiting for us. We need to hurry.”.I nodded and trance like followed him to the car, neither one of us said a word. Quietly he started the car and drove home. Silence was a weight pressing down on them on their trip home. Every once and awhile, I would steal a quick glance to see if I could read dad’s facial expressions. But, it was impossible to tell what he was thinking. Even with this pallor of depression hanging over our heads, I found myself also stealing glances at his crotch. In his pants was the cock that I had been sucking for the asyabahis yeni giriş past few weeks and even though it was very depraved and dirty, there was something that about it that turned me on..Finally, he spoke. Because he mumbled it sounded like he said I had gum in my hair..”What daddy? I didn’t hear you,” I answered..”You got cum in your hair,” he said a little louder clearing his throat once again..I looked in the mirror and noticed a long stream of cum highlighting my hair..”Sorry daddy, I thought I had swallowed it all,” I replied without thinking..Unthinkingly, I’d just admitted to my dad that I was a cocksucker and that I swallow. Again, the car went deadly silent as I cleaned my hair. I couldn’t help myself; I looked at his crotch again. Was my imagination playing tricks on me or was his bulge getting bigger? I even seemed to be twitching. Did it turn him on knowing that it was his cum in my hair? Did it get him hard when I told him I swallowed? Was he imaging me with his cock in my mouth slurping on it like the little cocksucker that I’ve become?.”I’m sorry daddy for being bad. I didn’t mean to. It just happened. Please don’t tell mom,” I finally blurted out..”It’s ok Honey. I know you didn’t mean to, just like I didn’t. It was all an accident. We won’t tell mom. She doesn’t have to know that you’re a little cocksucker, ok baby,” he replied.,”Gee dad you don’t have to say it like that. I mean you make it sound so dirty and disgusting,” I answered.,”Well, Sweaty, you were sucking strangers’ cocks in a public restroom. You never knew who you were sucking,” he told me.,”Yea and you where the one who was getting blowjobs from who knows who in that same restroom,” I reminded to him.,We stayed quiet for a few minutes then we both started to laugh at the same time. That was the silliest conversation we had ever had. I was accusing him of getting his cock sucked by a stranger and he was accusing me of sucking strangers’ cocks. After a few minutes of laughing out loud, we settled down and both let out a huge sigh..”Did I do a good job daddy?” I asked without thinking..He sat there quiet for a little while asyabahis giriş then he cleared his throat. “Not the first time Honey, but this last time it was incredible,” he said then he laughed..”What’s wrong daddy?” I asked..”I can’t believe I just told my daughter that I loved how she sucked my cock,” he said..I joined him in the laugh, then told him, “Well I did ask.”.”In that case, you did a great job. I just wished your mother would do that. She never sucks me anymore,” he sighed..”Yea I see why. Even with the wall between us you still made me gag. I don’t think I could have swallowed it all if I tried,” I admitted..”You still did a great job. Thanks Honey,” he replied..My eyes glanced down again at my dad’s crotch. His bulge was bigger than ever..”Well you shouldn’t go into the house like that,” I told him..He looked at me with a confused stare. I pointed to his erection..”I can’t help it. All this talk about blowjobs and swallowing has me all worked up,” he replied with a chuckle..”Well you should take care of it. No telling what Gramma and Grampa will say if they see it,” I answered..”Yea, like I’m just gonna whip it out and jerk off in front of you,” he told me..”It’s not like I haven’t seen it before,” I laughed..”You’re serious,” he said in astonishment..”Well, if you don’t want to do it, I can do it for you,” I suggested..He didn’t respond nor did he move, so I leaned forward a little and reached for his zipper. Slowly I unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing hard cock. Without the wall making it look smaller, it was so thick and long that it was intimidating looking. Up and down my hands went on my dad’s cock..”Oh god Honey, what are you doing?” he moaned..”Taking care of your erection daddy,” I replied..”You like that baby? You like daddy’s fat cock?” he asked..”Yes daddy. It’s so huge and thick and hard,” I answered..”Who am I to deprive my daughter of pleasure?” chuckled dad as he used his right hand to grab a handful of my hair and shoved me down onto his fat dick. Before I could say a word, his cock was gagging me. “That’s it you little fucking cocksucker take daddy’s cock. Fuck yea, show daddy asyabahis güvenilirmi what a good cocksucker you are Honey.” After a couple of deep breaths, he added, “As soon as I saw the cum on your hair, I knew that you were that little slut who sucked cock in the restroom. Oh fuck swallow it Honey, take daddy’s cock all the way down your throat,” he moaned as he shoved his cock deep into my mouth..I couldn’t believe how big and thick my dad’s cock felt in my mouth. The head was hitting the back of my throat every time he shoved my face deeper onto his engorged cock. It was hard to breathe as I swallowed his massive cock. As more and more of his cock was shoved into my mouth, I sucked and swallowed as much as I could. My dad continued to talk dirty as he fucked my hungry mouth..”God Honey, you have such a hot, wet, hungry, mouth and I love how you suck cock, you little whore. You love sucking cocks don’t you baby? Yea, you were born to suck cock Honey,” he continued..Hearing my dad talk so dirty made me hot and wet. I began sucking his cock like the hungry dirty little cocksucker he knew from the restroom. Deeper and longer I took his fat cock into my mouth. My head bobbed as I slurped his long cock. This was way better than sucking it through the wall..”Oh baby, that’s it keep going, take it all baby, suck it good. Fuck you’re the best cocksucker ever. Keep sucking,” he groaned..I felt him tensing up as his right hand shoved my face deeper onto his cock and I literally saw his balls draw up into his crotch. Then I felt the first jet of thick, hot cum blast into my throat. It was warm and gooey as it hit the back of my throat. It was followed by pulsation after pulsation and I felt like my mouth was filling with thick, hot cum. Without skipping a beat, I swallowed every drop. Then slowly I licked his cock clean as he drove up to the house..As he stopped the car, he lay back on the seat and blew out his breath. “We don’t have to tell anyone Honey. It’s our secret,” he said as he smiled at me..”I know daddy. And we can do it more often now,” I told him.“Yea, and you don’t have to use the restroom any more,” said daddy,””I don’t know dad, I would want to miss out on all those other cocks?” I mused.He didn’t answer. We both got out of the car and made our way into the house. Maybe we could keep our little meeting place, and maybe I could keep enjoying other men’s cocks as well. It was going to be a good fall.

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