Goldenrod Ch. 08

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The inside of the structure was a public bath, and ornately decorated compared to anything in the vicinity, or even to the outside of the building. Directly in front of the door was a rectangular pool flanked by marble columns and palm trees growing from cut squares in the floor. Semi-transparent white curtains divided the fore from the background, and fences of crossed wooden strips defined the perimeter. The air was spiced with intoxicants. Bells chimed faintly and birds sang unseen from cages. I walked along the water and through the veil to the far end of the room where a staircase ascended to a great bay window that was totally illuminated by horizontal sunbeams. As if materializing from the glow, a silhouette appeared. Instinctively I paused and watched her as she descended the stone steps.

She stopped near the base and I took in the sight of her. The glistening skin of her pixie cheeks was a light mocha. Her nose was small and upturned to a point and her eyes were serious but burning. Black hair hung to her chin from the part on the middle of her head, and I could see swaying behind her a ponytail tied with hempen twine. On her broad frame she wore a zipped up bomber jacket, but below that a flowing skirt of pale, delicate material which almost covered the golden sandal cords that zigzagged up her calves. Though I was a few inches taller than she was, she looked down on me authoritatively from the step where she stood.

“I’m Tom,” I said quietly.

“I’m Star.”

“That’s pretty,” I blurted.

“It’s shortened. Why are you here, Tom?”

“I don’t know. I’m following a dream.”

“A whim?”

“No, more like a vision.”

“Your own?”

“A girl’s.”

“I see. Come,” she said, and gestured for me to ascend with her the way she came. I nervously followed her up into the light, and as we rounded the bend and kept climbing, the painfulness of the glare subsided. “We haven’t had visitors for some time. Would you like to bathe?”

“I don’t have any money.”

“We’ll have to do something else. What can you offer?”

“Myself,” I whispered. She stopped at the top and looked at me.

“Good.” Then she proceeded into the second story chamber. I did likewise.

The indoor garden was like a paradise. A fogged skylight filtered the vibrant purple, orange, and yellow of twilight, and glorious flowered trees enclosed the octagonal area dusted with turquoise sands under our feet. Fountains shimmered at the walls and the scented atmosphere was tickled with bells. The mysterious girl began to disrobe, and I copied her. She stripped to a dark sports bra and green briefs. etiler escort

“Naked,” she said, and vanished into an enclave. Once nude I was extremely shy, and hid myself in the big basin of pale stone at the center of the room. The surface was cold, but suddenly hot water began gushing into it from fish-shaped nozzles at its northern and southern ends. When the tub was filled, the pouring ceased.

“Tom,” came a voice from above me. I turned to see Star standing on the side of the tank looking as she had when she left, with the addition of an eight inch golden dildo attached to her by similarly flashing bands. Gradually she immersed herself completely in the foaming swell. We stared at each other.

“You have always loved me,” she said, “and so I have shown my selves to you. I care for you as Selene does for Endymion.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”


“I will, but please, tell me what’s happening.” She smiled patiently.

“He who would direct Nature first learns to obey Her.” Upon hearing that, I floated into a spin so that my back was to her. Small waves passing my neck heralded her arrival. We were both lighter in the bubbling pool, and I had only to keep my hands on the edge of the tank and to pivot my toes on the bottom as she wanted. For her it was easy to reposition me, and leap backward an inch in slow motion when we were too close. Hands fell on my rear, and the metal prod was gently inserted. She slowly stroked it in and out, cautious but obviously eager to attain a rhythm. Her confident, regular movement took on speed. Then it condensed into a soft pounding of her pelvis alone. The hands rotated to allow her fingers to clamp my sides. Initiating a repeating cycle of four identical pumps, she freed her attention from the performance. Acceleration continued until it was a spirited, full-body action and I braced myself with my arms. Water seethed around us.

“Do you believe in animism, Tom?” This is a strange time for that discussion, I thought.

“No,” I stammered, suddenly aware I was overwhelmed.

“That’s unfortunate.” By now she was steadily hammering me without applying heavy force. “Biologists would have you believe there are two sexes so genetic variety can increase, to make people more distinct as individuals, and less susceptible to threats as a species.” Her gaze rested calmly on me as she worked her hips and spoke. “But I tell you every part of our universe is alive, and as human knowledge grows exponentially, the perceived world is energized by meaning.” She substituted a pair of short jabs for the etimesgut escort fourth thrust in her routine.

“Ah!” I cried out. “What are you doing?” The steam was expanding to obscure the flora. Her fucking was electrical, an injection of enthusiasm. Tension vanished from my limbs.

“So radical is matter’s refinement that each blade of grass and every grain of sand will hum and shine with their own hunger and ecstasy.” She moved us as two parts of a machine, no longer impaling me but bringing us together in sweet collisions. We bounced as one, like a ball meeting its reflection on a mirror. “You surely understand why your lovers forget their fears and passivity, and join you so lustily. My era is dawning.”

Her arms overlapped mine, and her knees clung to my midsection. She humped me greedily but gracefully in downward drives. Breezes encircling us sparked and sizzled. The surface of our bath rumbled as if boiling. Birdsong above us became louder. My mouth opened in awe. Relentlessly she drove in the golden lance without compassion or malice, but with an almost serene indifference. Water splashed and rippled until all traces of her activity were lost among interference patterns. Hard, cool, strong, she pounded. It stopped so she could speak plainly in my ear, pressing her flesh upon me.

“The gifts that I grant will enable you to flourish in this new eon.”

“You are the Golden Flower,” I said, my eyes wide in astonishment. The immediate response was the sound of a thousand women laughing.

She resumed her resilient riding, sending columns of liquid pluming up like geysers. Each took a shape that tried to burst out of its material prison before being dashed by gravity again into chaos. As the churning grew wilder, every crash broke into smaller and quicker bits. Her golden cock wasn’t a sex organ anymore, but a burst at the seam of reality from life’s overflow. She put her palms on my shoulders and straightened her arms, while slackening the muscles of her trunk, so that her bountiful ass spread out over my own. The mount was wary and animal, with occasional excesses of excitement escaping as jolts of force into my rump. Finally she slid her soft bulk forward in three teasing grinds, testing for any resistance from me. I hovered beneath her, like a spirit in limbo.

Power was transferred from her, through the dick, into me. Like a sacred statue she embodied a ritual pose that echoed with significance to the distant reaches of the cosmos. Through her dominance, the signal closed a circuit. The fluid surrounding us evaporated and mixed with the ambient static etlik escort to create a white haze that deleted everything. I lost the goddess, myself, and any connection with the environment that my senses had provided. What remained was a potent void that pulsed with pleasure. Time ceased to be.

I dreamed. There was an empty manor veined with ivy, and on the grounds hung the stone heads of grinning pagan gods. At the top of the grand staircase was a woman hidden completely in black. She pointed at me.

I awoke in my own bed the next morning, to find a tiger lily in a vase on my nightstand. One email was waiting for me from an address that I didn’t recognize. All the message said was, COME TO THE THEATER.

It was a Sunday so I didn’t expect the place to be busy. When I got there, a broom was stuck in the jamb as on my last visit. I entered and let the door swing shut behind me. On the stage was the same bed from before, but the mirror had been removed. I could see a feminine figure reclining on the mattress with her back to me as I descended the levels of seating.


Her head turned when I spoke, and she rose. She replied while walking to face me.

“Gone to Colorado to get married, and from what I’ve heard she’s a happy husband. Would either of you have felt she was enough, after your long journey?”

“Samantha.” Her appearance had altered radically. A black plastic band adorned with velvet cat ears was in her hair, which was parted on the left and fell to her jawline at both sides. The dress she wore was also black, held on by straps over her shoulders and a shiny leather belt. From where I stood the outfit did little to conceal her pink panties. Black boots ran up to her thighs, and her thick glasses were gone. “If you brought me here to tell me to avoid sorority parties, I’m way ahead of you.”

“On the contrary, I’m yours to command now,” she said. “In learning I still greatly excel you, but in many other ways you’ve surpassed me.”

“Is that jealousy I hear?”

“I think I deserve some of the credit for your growth. In any case, what I wanted to say is that one of the Practitioners has recently departed, and per our custom her house and assets were willed to another in the circle, specifically me.”

“I see. Sorry for the loss, but congratulations.”

“Thank you. That leaves me, then, with a rather large, stately home and a comfortable lifestyle, but no one to share my free time. I’m here to ask if you want to live with me.”

“Yes, Samantha. I think I’d like that very much.” She breathed deeply.

“Good,” she said, stepping down from the stage. “You can move in immediately.” I took her hand.

“The sooner, the better. It should make a welcome change from my current mode,” I said. “I’m tired of letting crazy women bang me in the butt all day.” We exited the auditorium.

“Oh, I foresee you’ll miss that.” She smiled. “Once in a while.”

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