Gone Fishing

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My name is Darren. It had been a rather long winter, or at least it had certainly felt like it. Now late spring, I was jones-ing like most everyone else I knew, to get out in the nice warm sunshine and do something to shake off the winter cobwebs. It was the middle of the week. In addition, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, to spend a little alone time with Mother Nature and some much-needed solitude.

I live in an area where there are plenty of mountains close by. And where there are mountains, there are rivers and streams. And where there are rivers and streams, there are usually plenty of fish.

Better still, I knew of a great place. It wasn’t that far away, easy to get to, and had always provided plenty of action with some nice-sized trout as a reward for my efforts. I had decided to go up during the week, figuring with any luck, I’d run into maybe one…or two other anglers while I was there. Thus leaving me with plenty of my own solitude to find a spot, sit down, and simply relax. Work had been hectic enough as of late, and I was looking forward to some much-needed down time to get away from it all. After a short scenic drive up the mountain, I pulled into the small parking lot, which was adjacent to a picnic area, and from which the trail led off making its way down towards the large stream where I planned to drop my line in.

To my surprise, and disappointment…there were well over half a dozen cars in the lot, along with three or four mountain bikes as well. I immediately realized I wasn’t the only one who had a severe case of spring fever, and had decided to take advantage of it by coming up here. I could only hope that not all of them where here to fish. Though I took some comfort in the fact that, there was plenty of good holes to fish from, though I hadn’t planned on having to hike a goodly way in order to do that either. Still, the excitement of tossing my line out here soon, chased away whatever initial frustration I might have felt as I parked the car, and hurriedly gathered up my fishing gear, heading down and towards the trail that ran parallel along side the stream.

As I headed down the trail, I spotted one guy who had picked out a spot on my right, thus deciding to head left and go upstream where I knew there were several great spots to choose from. I could only hope some of them hadn’t been already taken, as I really didn’t want to have to spend another half hour simply looking for one. To my delight, I looked ahead further up the trail, and where I could also get a pretty good look at the stream as well, and saw no other anglers currently fishing there. I smiled inwardly, maybe luck was with me after all, and that my coming up here today would prove to be worthwhile anyway.

I had no idea at the time.

As I said. I hadn’t seen anyone else yet, and certainly no one was set up down along the streams bank, so I began to angle off, making my way towards a particular spot when the sounds of voices actually reached my ears.

“Shit!” I said silently to myself, and then began scouring the area looking for where ever the sounds were coming from. And it wasn’t even ongoing conversation so much that I could hear, as it was some sort of strange sound, almost like an animal grunting at times that I could hear, though in between that I could also hear the occasional laugh too. “Strange,” I now added to my initial thought, and began walking purposefully, yet quietly towards the place where I knew the sounds to be coming from.

I don’t know what it was I was expecting to find when I got there, but it certainly wasn’t what I first saw as I neared. Even then, I had to look twice just to make sure I was seeing what I was actually seeing when I did. Some guy’s ass as he stood there with his back turned towards me. His pants were currently down around his ankles. And by the movement he was making, it was obvious to me that he was standing there jerking himself off. But why? I took a few more cautious, and now curious steps forwards. As I did, the reason, if you want to call it one, became clearly evident. Though even then I had trouble processing what it was I was now witnessing.

Just ahead was one of the few really good spots I enjoyed fishing. There were a few really nice boulders you could sit on for one, and for another, there was a small cleared out area where you could actually set up a nice chair, and even spread out a blanket if you were so inclined. It was now obvious someone else had been extremely so inclined, but certainly not for the same reasons I had come here for.

And even though I was now somewhat exposed at this point as I stood there, it was obvious that everyone else was too busy, or too involved to worry about anyone else coming up on them. Though I did notice that there appeared to be a fishing rod and tackle box sitting off to one side, and one guy who was obviously wearing a fishing vest, though very little else at this point, as he stood there bare-assed naked from the waist down. With tuzla ukraynalı escort a woman currently holding onto his rather large cock, though she likewise held onto another one as well, furiously jacking it off, I felt almost trapped as I stood there briefly watching all this.

If you think I’m going to say this gal was drop-dead gorgeous or something, you’d be disappointed because she wasn’t. Though she certainly wasn’t ugly either. I guessed her to be in her mid to late forties perhaps. She had maybe just shoulder length hair, dirty blonde in color. Pleasantly plump the polite term, though I’d never had a problem with so-called voluptuous, or curvy women. After all, my own wife was similarly built so as far as that went…I found that stimulating enough to continue to stand there for a moment until my brain had a chance to catch up with me here. A quick count of men who were either standing around watching, or currently engaged (including the first guy I had seen who was still standing there slow-stroking his own prick while looking on) was five, not including me now if I decided to stay and watch. Which I was already giving thought to now, as I looked further on up the hill. I had a couple of choices, none of which made me smile.

One…I could go back the way I came and try to find a spot down past the first guy I had seen fishing when I came in. The problem with that was, the better spots where actually all up this way. Two…I could simply head up the hill go around these guys, and then slowly find my way back down to the stream once I’d bypassed them. The problem with that one? I’d have to fight through the brush, which was fairly thick through here before being able to do that. And three? The simplest and easiest perhaps would be to simply continue on, though I’d have to walk right by where all the action was taking place. By this time, the gal had turned more of her attention back to the angler, whose “rod” as it were, was sticking well out in front of him now, all purple and angry looking. I was surprised that I could actually stand there and find this fascinating for a moment, which I was doing. Two other men where actually completely naked, and continued to stand there stroking themselves while looking on, totally oblivious to anything else, and certainly to any newcomers as I continued to stand there for a moment looking on. Suddenly, tail-shirt guy as I’d named him, sort of waddled over, his pants still down around his knees as he edged closer to the group. His intent obvious, though the gal who was still kneeling there on the blanket smiled up at him knowingly, and even reached out, now grabbing his cock as he drew close enough for her to do so. I stood there transfixed, unable to move one way or the other. I guess the best way to describe it is that phenomenon of standing there at a train-wreck. You really don’t want to stand there and continue to look on, but you can’t walk away from it either.

And then the laughter again. She began doing so, almost playfully, now urging Mr. Shirt tail to release his load on her, which he began doing almost immediately.

“Oh yeah baby…give it to me. Give me all that hot nasty cum!” She exclaimed as she continued to furiously work the man’s prick, and as it discharged streamer after streamer of his fresh hot spunk all over her breasts.

I guess it was at that point that I realized I too had a hard-on, though unlike everyone else standing here, I wasn’t currently playing with it, or having it played with. But it certainly throbbed enthusiastically inside my pants as I continued looking on.

I now watched as this gal milked out every last possible drop of this guys semen against her breast before wrapping her lips around it briefly, sucking it…smiling and looking up into his smiling face as he only then stepped back, simultaneously reaching down to gather up his pants again, putting them back on. I was almost grateful for that, though my attention once again drawn to my fellow angler as he stepped back into the semi-circle, furiously pumping his own prick now in what I knew to be the home-stretch of another impending orgasm here. As he did that, I caught the woman’s eyes as she glanced over towards me, once again smiling, and swore I caught a little head movement as though being invited to step over closer. And I think I actually did take a step, though I immediately told myself it was because I was in need of reestablishing my balance more than anything else. Though shirttail guy had now tucked it in, once again completely dressed, he continued to stand there looking on, as was everyone else. Once again, the woman had turned towards the angler, this time cupping her fairly large breasts, holding them together now. She had large areola, (which I like, and which my lovely wife also has) with thick elongated nipples which she now pulled on as further enticement perhaps as Mr. Angler’s knees seemed to buckle somewhat, and as he likewise simultaneously, stepped forward, leaning tuzla rus escort forward, now laying his meaty looking sausage in the cleft of her pressed together titties.

“Yeah baby, give it to me,” she said once again. And I nearly obliged her myself, without even doing anything! “Oh fuck yes!” She literally screamed out in joy as the man’s prick suddenly began to unleash a torrent of cum all over her magnificent breasts. He moved it back and forth across her like a fire-hose attempting to put out a fire, though if anything, he was creating one as she gathered up a quantity of his semen from off her breast, one hand going down between her legs now as she began using it obviously, to finger herself with. Only then did my fellow angler step away, though he made no movement to gather up his clothing or fishing gear, content to stand there looking on, still slow-stroking his recently spent member, though it had quickly gone flaccid moments afterwards.

Once again, the woman looked at me, still smiling, still fingering herself, as I felt myself take yet another step, now two. I guess the movement enough to finally alert the first guy to my presence as he only then turned to look at me, sheepishly smiling, blushing even, and then stepping back behind me as he actually began to make his way back up the trail towards the parking lot.

However. The immediate question was, “Now what?” Two more steps and I’d be standing in the same place the first guy had been standing in. A dozen steps after that, I’d find myself well around them and further on up the trail. I took two more steps; saw the look of approval and joy in her eyes as she watched me do so. I sat my own rod and reel along with my tackle box down onto the ground, not too far away from where the other guy was. It was here that one of the two naked guys who’d been standing back behind her actually stepped up. I watched curious, fascinated, as one of them actually placed his prick on her shoulder. Feeling it, she reached up without looking, one arm crossing over her breast briefly concealing it, as she now sandwiched the guys prick against her shoulder and as he began to thrust himself against her that way, grunting and moaning as he did so.

By now, the second totally naked guy had stepped around, perhaps to gain a better look, though it became obvious as he did, he was merely repositioning himself so that she could simultaneously reach over and began fondling his prick whilst her shoulder was being rub-fucked.

“So? Let me see it!” She said suddenly looking towards me, though she continued to hold one prick against her shoulder, while fondling and playing with the hard stiff prick of the other guy. Now it was my turn to feel somewhat sheepish and embarrassed, and for the first time really, wondering what the fuck I was really doing here. I looked up, caught the smile and expression on my fellow angler’s face, his own cock surprisingly starting to get hard again. He nodded his head at me, grinning.

“Go for it,” he said simply. “Trust me…you won’t regret it, though you will if you decide to walk away.”

One of the first men she’d been stroking when I’d first arrived there was standing back and off to one side, almost out of the picture now entirely. I noticed a bike helmet laying on the ground next to him, his spandex style shorts still sporting what proved to be a rather obvious tell-tale bulge as he stood there rubbing it through his pants. Seemingly content to do that as opposed to actually taking it out again and stroking it that way.

“To each his own,” I thought, smiling inwardly and perhaps outwardly as well, as I felt my hands seemingly with a mind of their own now, pulling down on the zipper on my pants. Before I knew it, I was now standing there, my own pants now down around my ankles as I began to slowly tease and fist myself, still looking on. Hearing movement, I turned my head slightly looking back. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. There was a much older looking gentleman, now standing where I had been initially, he too with a look of surprise on his face, tackle box in one hand, fishing pole in the other. I could only imagine what he was thinking now, just as I had been. However, the urgent, sudden raspy grunts we all began hearing alerted us to the fact that the guy who was still standing behind the kneeling woman was about to put on a display of his own. Sure enough, he tossed his head back, closing his eyes, and began grunting out his climax.

The first couple of spurts flew well past where the woman was kneeling. I along with everyone else seemed to follow the almost slow-motion jettison of spunk as it leapt from the man’s prick. I even think I convinced myself that I could hear it actually splattering on the ground, the sound of leaves, or twigs perhaps suddenly being rained upon. He continued to thrust however, the remainder of his rapidly diminishing torrent, now flowing from his prick tip to dribble down off her shoulder, and escort bayan onto the upper slope of her right breast. Perhaps it was in fact this orgasmic display, which triggered the next one of the guy who had likewise been standing there as she simultaneously knelt, stroking him. To my surprise however, he took cock in hand, now feeding it to her, which she took greedily. It was obvious to me, along with everyone else, that she was actually draining this guy’s cock, her cheeks puffing outwards slightly as she sucked, swallowed, and sucked again.

Hearing movement, I again turned. The older guy had actually stepped forward a bit. I noticed upon turning, he had also set his gear down on the ground, and unlike me…he had taken his prick out, and was playing with it. To be perfectly honest, I was actually impressed, especially for an old guy. And though he probably wasn’t quite as big as our fellow angler friend, he had a sizeable helmet on that shaft of his, which he stood palming and purposely teasing. And…he was actually grinning from ear to ear as he continued to walk forward, now standing next to me, looking over at my own prick, giving me a knowing nod, and then back towards the action there on the blanket, just as the blonde finally took her mouth away. Purposely, she grinned with a mouth still full of cum, allowing it to first drool, and then dribble out and around the corners of her mouth where it fell with a rather erotic display to splatter against her already soaked and cum-covered breasts.

“Nice tits lady!” The old guy said, not at all shy, still polishing his massive knob as he took another step forward, asking…”May I?”

“Be my guest,” She smiled, even sitting up a little as he reached down clasping one of her large breasts in his hands, beginning to fondle it.

Admittedly, I was a bit surprised. Though unsure why I was…or should be. Her breast was clearly covered in a substantial amount of fresh semen. Yet he played with her tit in an exploratory way, even going so far as to smear the combined essence of several men’s spendings into her breast, likewise coating, covering, and using it to tease her nipple with.

I hated to admit it…even to myself, but it was fucking hotter than hell seeing this old guy standing there doing that. Even the first angler friend seemed to want in on the action giving up whatever reservations he might have had, stepping over, his prick once again stiff and straight though I had seen it spurting out torrents of semen only a short time ago. He too began playing with, and caressing her other breast, as she now once again reached up, taking the older guys cock in hand, as well as our angler friend’s prick. I was even more surprised, when she somehow managed to bring the two prick’s forward, touching and now rubbing them head to head as her tongue simultaneously flicked out, now snake-like busily lapping away at the two of them.

Another groan briefly off to one side captured my attention. I was just in time to see the biker in the spandex shorts, having just pulled them down in time…now standing there humping the air, his prick releasing several strong streamers of spunk, all of which arched up into the air, soon after splattering on the ground a short distance away from me. Almost as quickly, he turned adjusting himself, and then leaned over; picking up what was obviously the bike he’d left before climbing onto it, and peddling back the way we had all come from initially. Though at this point, my attention was again drawn elsewhere, as the old man was suddenly huffing and puffing away like a freight train

“Oh yeah, make it cum baby!” He begged, still clenching her breast, almost painfully perhaps, though it seemed she didn’t mind. If anything, the expression on her own face was one of extreme ecstasy. Releasing the other man’s prick, she now turned her full attention onto the old guy. And even though he had only unzipped, she still managed to get both of her hands on the length of his shaft, now twisting, and working it in opposite directions, and yet still working it up and down, back and forth simultaneously. Like I said, the old guy wasn’t shy, though neither was she by the looks of it. Working his cock the way she was, pointing it directly at herself, I was anticipating the inevitable explosion any second now. What surprised me, and startled me just a bit, was his uninhibited cry of release. Now admittedly, I am sure the rapidly flowing stream of water must have drowned out some of the noise, but not all of it. As I watched the first massive spurt of the old guy’s cock erupt, he cried out in wild abandon as he did so.

“Oh yeah, fucking take it you beautiful fucking cunt! Take my fucking sperm in your beautiful fucking face!”

And boy did she. Laughing hysterically in fact, jacking and working him until every last remnant of the man’s spunk had been milked from him. She in fact had lines of semen crossing her face, up and over, even into her hair, taking a moment with one hand to swipe away a bit of it that had perhaps actually gotten into one eye, though she continued to fondle the old guys prick, now thumbing and smearing the last vestiges of his spent fluid around the tiny eye-slit in his still rather impressive looking mush-room shaped head.

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