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Good Girls don’t wear pantiesAn original work of fiction based on real events, names have been changed to protect the guilty.My name is Dennis and I have been married to Joan for five years during that time we have had a good sex life but two years ago it got better when Joan had bought a new dress for a party that we were going to. Joan did not want me to see the dress before the party so she hid it away for a week.On the night of the party Joan emerged at the top of the stairs wearing a red dress that she had bought a week earlier it was short very short, it was a halter top style with a plunging neckline and back line. The dress barely covered her butt because the hemline was only 1 inch below her butt. The dress was very tight and figure forming and could it accentuated their 36 DD breasts and her firm round ass. I was convinced that I got a glimpse of her freshly shaven pussy but I dismissed it as my imagination, when I got a second glimpse I asked her if she was wearing underwear and she told me she wasn’t and said that because the way the dress was that no matter what panties she tried the panty lines showed.I could not believe that she had bought such a revealing dress let alone the fact that she wasn’t wearing underwear as well. As I was processing everything she told me she wanted to feel sexy and hoped that I approved and who was I deny her, she is the love of my life. I simply responded by saying, “I guess you will be standing at the party” she just laughed as she agreed.As we got in the car Joan struggled with her dress as it rode up exposing her and I asked if she wanted to change and she said no to that idea. For most of the drive to the party Joan fought with her dress and continued to say she was fine when I asked if we should turn around and go home for her to change.Two blocks from the party she asked me to pull over, I thought she had finally changed her mind but instead she reached over to my crotch and said “I think I had better take care of that” indicating my hard-on and she proceeded to give me a blowjob as I nervously looked around. It was quite exhilarating and I blew in her mouth quickly. She wiped her face and redid her lipstick as we drove off.When we got to the party everyone noticed Joan as we walked in the women were spitting daggers with their eyes while the men ogled her. Needless to say Joan was the center of attention for most f the night until we left. For her 5’ 6 stature she looked rather Amazonian because the dress accentuated her legs in her black pumps.Throughout the party my male friends and a couple of women had cornered her in conversation and I saw that Joan was being quite flirty with them with her giving me little glances that I could only describe as wicked.We bid our goodbyes and left the party for home and Joan told me what a wonderful time she had, She told me that one of the guys we didn’t know was chatting her up and that on a few occasions when I wasn’t looking tried to feel her up. What surprised me was that she seemed proud of it but I let it go in the knowledge that tonight I was going to fuck her brains out.As Joan talked I noticed that Joan was not fighting her dress as she did on the way to the party and as I thought about that It struck me that she didn’t fight her dress riding up as she got in the car. As I was thinking about this I got another boner and I was so hard I felt like I was going to bust our of my jeans, something that was not lost on Joan.We were no sooner in the door at home when Joan went on the attack for sex demanding I fuck her right there right then. As I turned to lock the door she had already undone the halter and was now pulling the dress up.“Fuck bursa escort me, Fuck me now” she demanded as she pulled at my belt hurriedly fumbling to strip me. Now on her knees and pulling my jeans with my underpants down she launched her mouth at my rock hard cock and began sucking as I tried to take my jeans off. I had never seen her act like this before and while somewhat surprised I was liking it a lot. “What has gotten into you?”, I asked but she continued sucking me until she broke away from my cock telling me she has never felt so slutty and horny in her life. As we fucked like wild a****ls she told me she loved being the center of attention at the party, guys wanting her, women jealous of her as she stood there talking in her slutty dress with no underwear at all and the guy, Brad trying to feel her up.All this talk was making me want to blow deep in her with more urgency now as I pounded her from behind and she could feel the effects it was having on me and then she asked me if I would like it if she kept on not wearing panties. What could I do? I blew my load in her as I yelled out that I was cuming.In out post coital embrace she asked again and I looked at her inquisitively but she wanted an answer and I had to give her one. In my lust all I could say to her was, “Well I guess, good girls don’t wear panties” She smiled at me and agreed that yes she was my good girl.The next morning at breakfast I was thinking about the sex we had the night before. As we sat at the breakfast table in silence until Joan asked me what I was thinking about and I told her which set the fires burning and it wasn’t long before Joan was at my lap pulling my cock out and giving me a blowjob. Suddenly she stopped and asking me if what happened last night turned me on as much as it turned her on. I admitted that it certainly gave me plenty of lighter fluid as she continued sucking on my cock only to interrupt herself saying that she never felt as wicked and free as she did.“What do you mean?” I asked. She again interrupted the blowjob and told me that she felt sexy, naughty and wicked all at once and said that it made her feel very slutty and despite her conservative upbringing she loved feeling that way even though she was always a good girl when it came to such things and asked me why it turned me on so much.I told her that it was very hot to see her dressed as she was and particularly without wearing any underwear and that I thought she was beautiful. She said that after last night she thought she was going to find it difficult to return to normal as it all excited her so much. Then after sucking my cock some more she said that in fact she didn’t want things to completely return to normal because she had unlocked some feelings she always had but had suppressed.I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and again I asked her what she meant which she immediately came back asking me if I would like her to be a good girl like last night. Because I was now close to cuming I asked her what she meant and she said, “Me not wearing underwear or panties” I asked her if she was serious and she said she was. Just before I came she stopped and asked me again, “Well?”. I begrudgingly agreed.Over the course of the next 4 months I began to notice that she was removing clothes from her wardrobe and replacing them with new clothes but not wearing them the panties and bras in her draw were almost all gone as she had stopped wearing them a couple of months earlier.I came home from work to see Joan talking on the phone, still in her work clothes there was talk of a party on the weekend and Joan was keen to go by what I had overheard. When she finally got off bursa escort bayan the phone she asked me if I remembered the couple who was talking to her as Brad was feeling her up. At first I didn’t remember Brad or the couple until she described them to me. “Well Dennis, they want us to go, what do you think?” I asked her if Brad was going to be there and she said she had no idea and asked if I was being jealous.I told her I just wanted to know and she asked if I wanted to go again and I told her well you have gotten all those new clothes and that it would be a shame to waste them by not going at which point she asked if I had been peeking with a wicked smile running across her face. I told her I hadn’t but that I was curious as to what she had actually bought.She told me that they were a mix of work, casual and clothes to go out in and said she was still a little hesitant to wear them. When I asked her why she told me that every time she bought a new outfit she was horny and thought it may have clouded her judgement. I laughed which did not go down well as Joan was also quite conservative about money matters another reason I loved her so I told her I thought it was time she gave me a fashion show.She told me to get a bottle of wine and come upstairs as she ran up the stairs and I followed a couple of minutes later. When I got to the door she stopped me saying she wanted a wine first which she gulped down quickly and handed me the empty glass shaking it for a refill and took if off me as soon as it was full gulping it down as fast as the first before letting me in.She said she was going to show her work clothes first and the outfit she had on was a tight blouse and skirt which was a little sexier than what she normally wore and each outfit was according to her interchangeable and were more and more revealing. The last outfit was quite slutty for the workplace but damn she looked good.She then moved on to her casual outfits which were again progressively more and more slutty but when she brought out the clothes she said were her party or going out clothes she stunned me into silence. ‘Well baby, what do you think or need I ask? she said noticing the boner in my pants. The last dress she showed me barely covered her ass at all and the see through inserts left little to the imagination. She looked every bit a slut and she asked me if I liked it. I was again rendered speechless, my conservative wife was actually considering wearing this patch of cloth out somewhere.It was me now gulping the last of the wine trying to think of an answer which would not upset her. So I asked her where she intended wearing it and all she could say is that she didn’t know but it would be fun finding out. She then told me that of all the dresses she had this one was one she loved the most.She saw that I was somewhat distressed and said that she would always be my good girl, but by now I realised she was awakening to something else all together and she knew it too. Joan came to me saying that she not only wanted my approval but needed it and that she really wanted and needed to let go of what she had secretly desired most of her adult life. She told me she believed it was inevitable that this side of her sexuality would come out and that she was so glad to have a husband who would understand.I asked her if she wanted to fuck other men she said she didn’t really know and that she just loves the attention she gets. Gets? Let’s back this up a little, I asked her about the attention she gets as opposed to what she got at the party a few months ago. She was surprised that I hadn’t noticed that her skirts and dresses for work had be getting shorter and told escort bursa me that she was convinced that a couple of guys including her boss at the office had seen up her dress a few times and that she could feel their eyes on her almost all the time and how excited she gets. This revelation explained her sex drive over the last month.“Baby, you know I am a good girl, you know that I am having a sexual awakening and how much I love it and I think our marriage is benefitting from it, especially our sex life. Dennis baby, I really need you to let me do this but I can’t do it without your support.” I told her I needed time to think about what she was asking of me and she agreed but seemed disappointed. I knew my marriage was on the line on this one so I left the bedroom and when downstairs to think things through.My beautiful wife with whom I have a great marriage with is now asking me to approve of her dressing like a slut to satisfy her sexual desires and fantasies that may or may not involve her having sex with other men and I am supposed to go along with it or possibly lose my marriage and the best woman I know.The only upside to this whole situation was that I was still in the drivers seat and what I said mattered. The downsides was that she would get a reputation which would then reflect on me and us.I reflected on the party where she wore the Red dress that started all of this and wondered again what in the world possessed her to buy it in the first place, I needed clarification. And I was not comfortable giving any answer until I knew and I had to give my answer before we went to the upcoming party.The more I thought about it the more suspicious I was becoming which is definitely not me at all so instead of letting it eat me alive I went upstairs to take to Joan and I found her on the bed naked with her laptop masturbating to Porn for women. I asked her straight out if there was someone else if that was the reason for her buying her Red dress that started all of this. She assured me it wasn’t and told me that one night when I got caught up at the office she was home alone and horny masturbating but couldn’t get off so she pulled out her laptop to watch porn to help get herself off and that one of the girls in the video she was watching was wearing the same dress and that she found her dress attractive.My mind raced, was my wife into women? The short answer is she didn’t think so she just wanted to look hot like her. When she showed me the video I soon realized that Joan and the porn star did look a little alike. I didn’t really pay that much attention to what the movie was about but it had to do with MILF’s and young studs and Brad was just happenstance.Joan had already months ago admitted that she enjoyed the attentions of Brad but didn’t want it to go further, it was more about her own titillation and seeing if I got all worked up over it and that even so she said she was a good girl. I accepted this and said that if I wanted this self-exploration thing to stop it stops and she readily agreed.Friday night rolled around quickly and Joan was excited about the party she chose another of her slutty dresses. This time it was a black strapless mini-dress which only just covered her lovely ass and a pair of Red patent stiletto heels. Again not wearing any underwear at all asking what I thought and I told her she looked hot but I noticed her makeup was considerably heavier than usual. She asked me what I was looking at as she threw something in the kitchen bin and as she did she said, Goodbye forever” I told her that her makeup was a little heavy and she said she wanted her makeup to be a little slutty as I interrupted asking what she was saying goodbye forever to and she said “Panties baby, my last pair in fact” with that she asked if I was ready to go have some fun tonight and with that we walked out the door to the car.Continued in Part 02

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