Good Morning

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A day of relaxation would be awesome and so enjoyable with you. Waking up with you in the morning- nothing could get any better.

I turn to you, looking at you still wearing your peek-a-boo nightie from Victoria secret in pink and smile. You’re still asleep and I begin to caress your face slowly and softly with the back of my hand. Reaching your soft lips I lightly touch them and smile, leaning in to kiss you, my hands combing through your soft hair.

You wake up from the feeling of me kissing you; you look into my eyes and smile at me. you turn to your side and my hand falls past your shoulders down to the centre of your back, pulling your body closer to me, holding you tighter and tighter- kissing you softly, gently with such passion. Our movement causing the covers to fall off, kissing so passionately, our tongues dancing with one another. Feeling so good as our breathing becomes heavier. I move my kiss from your lips to your neck.

My hand slides under your nightie, my finger tips sliding and tracing the line of your spine, then over to the side, caressing the side of your breast. Your head falls back into the pillow, your eyes closing as my hands and fingers trace the side of the ark izle your body, down to your waist, right over your nice ass. I squeeze it and rub it. Scratching my way down your thighs and legs then back to your side, running my finger tips down your thighs and legs.

“Mmmm…” feeling so good as our breathing becomes heavier.

Moving my hand over your leg, lifting it up and placing it over me, bringing it up as high as I can- opening you up. I slide in between your legs as our waist grind against each other. our breathing rapid as we grind our bodies together.

My hands find their way back over your ass squeezing and pushing you into me. I slide my hand into your panties and slowly pull them down as I push you away from me just a bit. I kiss down to your neck and shoulders and around your collar bone. I start taking off your peek-a-boo top off, exposing your beautiful breast, I lean down to start sucking on each one. Now my other hand is over your pussy, feeling your clit, softly touching and rubbing it. Feeling how wet you are, rubbing it up and down in circles, feeling your flesh- so soft and good. Your clit starts to swell up in my hand, the catch izle your nipples start to harden as my tongue passes over them, licking and teasing each one.

My hand continues to wander around your pussy, sliding down your slit, tracing it up and down, taking my time. I don’t want to fuck, I want to make love to you slowly, take my time with to enjoy you- I’m in no hurry to go anywhere.

I kiss all over your breasts and down your stomach to your aching pussy, sucking your clit, tasting it. I love how your juices taste baby. As I suck on your clit I slide my finger inside you, fingering you. I want you as wet as possible. I look up at you and find that you are playing with your breasts, pinching your nipples, looking so damn sexy. I slide both hands under your ass, squeezing it and pushing you up as I bury my face in your pussy.

Yes baby cum in my mouth- give it to me.

Your legs are wrapped around my head and I can feel your hand guiding my head into your body, grinding your pussy faster and faster on my face.

“Mmmm…” you taste so good baby as you start cumming in my mouth. Your deep breaths sound so good.

“Mmmm…” the chemistry of death izle I love it baby.

as I come up from your sweet pussy I start to slide my cock inside you, feeling so good- damn baby, I feel like you’re going to make me cum instantly- I hope not, you feel so damn good I want it to last forever.

“Mmmmmm…”- holding your body tight as we roll over. Now I’m lying down on my back and I push your body up so you’re straddling me, sliding your pussy up and down slowly on my hard cock.

“Mmmm…”- My hands are around your waist, sliding up to your back and leaning you forward. I suck on your lovely breasts, sucking harder and squeezing them.

“Mmmmm…”- feeling so damn good baby, I want your body all day long.

You continue to ride me; I can feel my cock throbbing inside of you, feeling so close to you. Your pussy is milking my hard cock. I tell you to slow down so I don’t cum just yet.

“Mmmmmm baby…”- damn you feel so good as I pull your body completely down on me, your chest on mine, feeling your soft body. It feels so damn good. I hold you tighter and place my hands on your ass, holding it tight feeling good. I help you as you grind your body and slide your pussy all over me. I feel I can’t take this exquisite torture any more. You move faster- damn baby I need it- I’m so close, make me cum.


It’s my first story- I Hope you liked what you read and are as turned on as I was as I wrote it…

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