Good Neighbors Ch. 137

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It was the morning of the big New Year’s party at the office. I woke up on time for once and looked at my phone before my neighbor woke up and wrapped her arms around me. As I made sure there were no surprise texts, she started rubbing my chest before she pulled on my nipples a little. She could hear the intake of breath as she did that.

“Mmm, someone is reactive this morning,” she remarked seductively.

I chose that moment to put my phone down before I turned, rolled so I was on top of her and kissed her deeply. My next move was to take her arms and outstretch them on the bed so I could get closer. She started to react a little surprised but melted when I pushed myself on top of her, effectively teasing her a little at the same time. I started to growl in her ear.

“Good morning, my pet.”

“Good morning, Master,” she breathlessly whispered back.

I started to drive myself into her, taking her a little more forcibly than I normally would. Her response in kind was wrapping her legs urfa escort around me and encouraging me to continue. This went on for a bit until I released her hands so I could put them on either side of her to thrust in better. Her arms went straight to my neck, wrapping me so I was looking deep in her eyes while savagely taking her. It ended with both of us moaning excitedly before I fell to the bed beside her and wrapped my arms around her.

“Fuck. I wasn’t expecting that. Is this payback from last night, Romeo?” she asked.

“Just inspired,” I responded.

To be honest, I had no idea where it came from at all. I just knew I wanted to do that to her, and I was enjoying the freedom to do so without having to walk over first. One of the benefits of being my neighbor’s roommate was the ability to be more spontaneous. It was at that moment she pressed her gorgeous breasts against me and kissed me deeply.

“I’m glad you were inspired. I’m just glad you didn’t urfa escort bayan take my hip out in the process.”

She smiled at me before we both got up for breakfast. As she was making pancakes, I was working on the coffee. We like cooking together mostly because I know my place. She lets me take the lead sometimes, but I also know when I was to fall back and accept that it was her kitchen when all was said and done. Surprisingly, she did the same at my house. I have no idea why except maybe it’s because I am sucker like that.

It was during breakfast that we heard a knock at the door. It was fortunate that I was in a pair of sweatpants and my neighbor was in her long pajamas and robe before Aubrey came in. She looked at us and immediately her face fell.

“Why do I always seem to be the mood killer for you two?”

I smiled.

“You’re fine. What’s up?”

“Did you tell the caterers about the paleo menu option for some of the folks?”

I paused escort urfa before I realized what Aubrey was doing. I texted her the night before while my neighbor was taking her bath to come up with a diversion so I could sneak off and get her necklace. I tried to make it sound convincing.

“Paleo huh? I never understood that stuff. That’s the meat only diet?”

My neighbor piped up.

“It’s lean meat, fish, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. Some people swear by it. I have no idea why.”

Aubrey smiled. I think she was impressed with the fact that my neighbor knew about it. Not as much as I was. I did mention she’s a smart cookie a few times before.

We both dressed a bit more appropriately before she kissed me on the cheek in front of Aubrey. Aubrey looked a little puzzled.

“C’mon girl. That was a lame kiss. I have seen Leo kiss Missy so many times that the good ones don’t faze me. Just kiss him like I wasn’t here.”

Uh oh. I perceived that to be a challenge to my neighbor. She pushed me against the wall again and kissed me so hard that I could barely breathe. I recovered before Aubrey smiled at both of us.

“You owe me for that one, Leo,” she said as both girls started to laugh.

I smiled before heading out the door to my meeting with the “caterers”.

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