Grace 10 – Graduation (4-4)

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Grace 10 – Graduation (4-4)The author kindly advises that this scenario contains descriptions of exhibitionism, rough sex, light bdsm and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.Grace 10 – Graduation Day (4-4)(Uni student Grace Worthington graduates, gets flogged, exposes herself to her parents and fellow students, and inspires her friend)(continued)Maybe I could do an audition for you to see if I’m…eh…suitable…”“Hmmm…” Irene replied and stepped back to check out Elizabeth. She was a pretty brunette, straight dark half-long hair, average height, slim, pale complexion, nice tits, small butt. Irene smiled at Liz, then spotted Roger and briefly spoke with him. She took a sip from her champagne glass as she slowly started to move towards the hallway with her glass hanging in one hand. Halfway she turned around and looked at Elizabeth. She understood and slowly followed her down the corridor. At the end of the passageway they turned to the left. Liz watched how Irene opened the door to her studio. As Irene looked back at her she slowly started to unbutton her shirt. Not a word was spoken as Irene turned on the equipment and lights while Liz simultaneously pulled down the zip on the side of her skirt. Irene locked eyes with her. She was hot and ready as she unclipped her bra, stepped out of her shoes and slowly mounted the king–size white bench under the photo-lights. Elizabeth felt how Irene’s fingers teasingly clipped and pulled down the back of her panties, her hand running down between her cheeks into her crotch.As in a haze she turned around on the bench, slowly slipped off her underwear and gazed into Irene’s photo lens. In slow motion she went up on her feet, squatted and leaned back, closed her eyes and gradually opened her legs wide, presenting her neatly trimmed dark pubic hair and opening red vagina to Irene’s flashing camera.“God this is so horny, tuzla escort incredible,” she softly whispered as she began to understand why Grace did this. She slowly went on her back, moved her hips close to the front while spreading her legs wide. Irene kept on shooting as Elizabeth raised her head an looked straight into the camera, rubbing her clit and squeezing her hard nipples. Irene could almost smell her slit as her camera captured the horny look in her eyes.She brazenly inserted two fingers into Liz’ opening as she told her to start fucking her fingers. She continuously shot images as Liz’s breathing got heavier and her body was writhing on the bench. It was time for a change of position as Irene coaxed her to go on all fours. Liz turned around and got in position, arching her back, pushing her cheeks up. The flashlights went off as Irene shot close ups of Liz’s pubic hair hanging around her red opening. “Turn around and masturbate for me Liz. I’ll keep on shooting but tell me when you come…”Elizabeth heard Irene’s soft voice, turned around and gazed at her with a hint of alarm; “My parents Irene, they’re waiting for me. They’ll be looking…” Irene lowered her camera. Her hand ran down the inside of Liz’s spread legs, groping into her dark pubic hair. “Relax, Liz. I told Roger to tell your parents that you already left with some of your friends. You would grab a taxi to get home. That gives us hours for you to pose, masturbate, …and fuck on camera. So…feel yourself baby…” Liz relaxed as her fingers found her clit and she started to rub herself under the flashing photo lights. Irene urged her to change position to give her different photo angles.Liz didn’t notice how Mike and Celia dos Silva quietly entered the studio and watched her on the bench. They got the word from Roger that Irene needed them for a photo shoot with Liz. Celia watched Liz as she stood sancaktepe escort close to Irene. “Take your clothes off and fuck her, Celia,” Irene whispered. Celia slowly stripped and climbed naked on the bench. For Irene, the contrast between Elizabeth’s pale skin and Celia’s dark complexion made for interesting footage. Liz opened her eyes as she felt Celia’s hand groping her body. She looked at her in shock as Celia grabbed her hair, lifted her head, and kissed her with open mouth. Liz had never kissed a girl before as she felt Celia’s lips roaming her neck and nipples. Her fingers slid in between her legs, opening up her red slit for Irene’s camera. Celia then rose and positioned her crotch above Liz’s face. She squatted on one knee to create some space between her and Liz’s face. Liz had never seen a woman’s dark shaven pussy up close like that. Irene encouraged and guided her as her mouth was around Celia’s shaven opening and her tongue licked her pink insides. She suddenly felt fingers brushing her pubic hair.Hands pushed her legs wide open as something warm was flicking over her wet genitals. Elizabeth released her mouth to catch her breath. Irene heard her panting, watched her face and body contort as her horniness ravaged her brain. Mike had joined in. He went on his knees in between Elizabeth’s legs and slid the tip of his dark long cock up and down Liz’s inviting opening. Her slit was twitching as she looked up and watched Mike’s dark meat slowly slide into her. She felt it deep inside her abdomen as his pubes at the base mixed with hers. Mike was slowly increasing the tempo as he fucked Liz writhing body. Celia kissed Liz full on the mouth before she went on her back and moved her crotch close to her face. Liz rolled over and pushed her arse up. She felt Mike’s cock entering her from behind as she buried her nose and lips into Celia dark üsküdar escort opening slit.At 1.30am Irene’s studio was filled with the smells and sounds of hardcore fucking. Irene moved around the white bench with her cameras, a haven of light in a dark space. She focused her lens on Elizabeth’s frantic red face, as the feeling of Mike’s warm meat rubbing inside her drove her insane. Her world narrowed down to just the white upholstered area as she frantically licked and fingered Celia’s burning genitals. “Oh my god Liz; eat me, yeah there, right there.” Irene filmed Celia’s grimace as she writhed about and was close to coming. Her breathing and moaning became more incessant; a sudden ripple went through her dark body as it finally stiffened up. Celia closed her eyes. She was shaking as she pushed Liz’s head in between her legs, flooding her mouth with her wetness.Irene filmed it all in raw, confronting close up.She urged Mike to up the tempo, a move that drove Liz over the edge. Her red face screamed and contorted, her body trembled; moisture ran out of her red swollen slit as Mike grunted and pulled out. She felt cool air entering her sore opening as white strands of hot liquid hit her back, dripping off the sides of her. As Irene wrapped up her shoot three naked sweaty bodies, one pale- and two dark skinned, were lying entangled on the white bench under the photo lights. Elizabeth raised her head as her eyes met Irene’s who just nodded with a smile. “Incredible, just incredible,” Liz whispered.Around 2am that morning a taxi left The Estate. Half an hour later Elizabeth arrived at her parents’ place. She went to her bedroom, closed the door, stripped naked and frantically masturbated for the next few hours. The events at Irene’s studio had changed her. It opened up a new world for her, a world Grace Worthington had already discovered.Her parents would have been shocked and disgusted to know that their proper and conservative daughter Elizabeth Montgomery had posed naked and participated in porn in front of Irene’s camera.Mike and Celia dos Silva left the next morning for the city. They were looking forward to their adventure with Grace that evening.

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