Grandpa’s Christmas Treat Ch. 02

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Grandpa’s Christmas Treat

Chapter Two

Apologies for how long it has taken to provide this next chapter and for the unseasonal time at which it has arrived — I hope those of you who enjoyed the first part of this story still enjoy it despite the fact that Christmas is well and truly over!

In the morning, Rose was up bright and early, tip-toeing past her grandpa’s bedroom. She made her way to the kitchen and started cooking breakfast; well, scrambled eggs on toast. Food ready, she spread the scrambled eggs over the slices of toast on two plates, put them on a tray with two glasses of orange juice, and made her way upstairs.

She considered just walking in to her grandpa’s room but suddenly remembered her lecture to Lily at her parent’s house. She knocked on his door and then turned the door handle, letting herself into the room as Bill quickly pulled the covers over Lily’s head.

“No point in trying to hide her gramps, I know what you two have been up to. You made enough noise last night to wake the dead,” smiling as she walked towards the bed and laid the tray down on the covers. “Come on Lily, I know you’re under there.”

Lily emerged from under the covers, a sheepish look on her face.

“Sooo,” said Rose, “I imagine you two don’t want mum and dad to find out about this?”

“Damn right we don’t Rose — and if you mention one word of what’s happened here to your parents, not only will I never speak to you again but I’ll write you out of my will,” stated Bill.

“Calm down, gramps, calm down,” soothed Lily, “there’s an easy solution to this that leaves everyone happy.”

“How much do you want, Rose?” enquired Bill, “I’m willing to reach a settlement.”

“Grandpa — what on earth do you think of me? What have I done to deserve such a low opinion? It’s not like I slept with you to become your favourite granddaughter.”

“You bitch — you fucking bitch,” cried Lily, “I didn’t sleep with gramps for his money — I slept with him cos I love him.”

Rose looked at her sister, taking in the passion in her face and the rage in her eyes. “Sorry sis, that was below the belt — I believe you — sorry to insinuate otherwise.”

“So,” started grandpa, “if it’s not money, what is it that you want Rose?” Her grandpa eyed her suspiciously.

“Easy gramps, and it won’t cost you a penny. Just let Davy spend some time here with me after Christmas — like Boxing Day — and when I say spend some time — I mean nights as well. If it’s okay for you two to screw, why should I miss out on the action?”

Bill looked at her, “I’d rather give you some money Rose — are you sure you wouldn’t prefer some cash to spend on yourself?”

Rose sat on the edge of the bed next to her grandpa, “Gramps, I have needs just like you two — and yes, I know I have a boyfriend but, like Lily said, I know it is very likely that he is going to cheat on me. I’m thinking of dumping him and I really like Davy — it’s not like it’s a one-off — we really got on well two years ago when we stayed here for the summer holidays. Please gramps, I don’t want to blackmail you, but….”

When Bill reached out and stroked her cheek, she knew it was out of love for her.

“Okay, Rose — but, and I mean this, he must use condoms. I said it before and I’ll say it again — I don’t want you to fall pregnant or catch something while you’re under my roof.”

“That’s fine gramps, I’m sure he’ll be okay with that,” Rose flung her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips, lingering briefly as she felt a little spark inside her. “Now, you two, eat your breakfast before it gets too cold — you don’t get me cooking for you too often.”

They watched Rose exit and looked at each other.

“Sorry gramps, I guess I was a bit too vocal last night,” said Lily, looking guiltily at him.

“What’s done is done Lily, and I don’t regret a moment of it. In a way, I suppose I was being a bit of a hypocrite, wanting sex with you here and not letting Rose have anyone, especially as she is so active in that area.”

They tucked into the lukewarm breakfast, both eating heartily after their exertions in the night.

“Would you like me to continue what I was doing before we were rudely interrupted?” enquired Lily, after she had placed the tray on the floor.

“Nice as that sounds, honey, maybe we should get up and spend some time with your sister. I don’t want her thinking that we are going to ignore her all Christmas just so we can fuck each other senseless.”

Lily pouted but she realised her grandpa had a point. “Okay if I use your shower again gramps?” she asked.

“Honey, you never need to ask again. When you are staying here, except for if your parents are here as well, this is your room. You can come and go as you please; if you want you can move your clothes in here — there’s plenty of space, that second wardrobe is empty — it used to be your nans.” A brief look of sadness crossed Bill’s face and Lily moved over to cuddle şişli escort him.

“We all miss her gramps, but we have to move on. She’ll always be in our hearts but, yes, if you don’t mind, I will move my clothes into her wardrobe.”

With that Lily got up and went into the en-suite, turning on the water and walking into the shower. Bill finished his orange juice and placed the empty glass on the tray. He was about to get his dressing gown on and go downstairs but decided to peek into the bathroom. He stood in the doorway, watching Lily lathering her body, her hands soaping her breasts and her stomach. She lifted her head and noticed him, she smiled and he suddenly decided that he needed a shower too. He opened the door to the shower and walked in, taking hold of the shower gel, he started to wash her back.

“When I was in here yesterday, I was fantasizing that you were here with me, washing my body, gramps. I’m so glad it’s come true,” Lily purred, as she writhed under his touch.

His hands coated her back in soap, then moved down to her arse, running lovingly over her arse cheeks. He bent in and kissed her neck as he slid a finger down her arse crack, once again running circles over her anus. To his surprise, Lily let out a moan.

He lent forward and whispered in her ear, “You know honey, I have a creed that I live by; never say no to anything until you’ve tried it — you never know you may like it but if you don’t try, you’ll never find out. If you don’t like it, you simply never try it again.”

“But you’re so big gramps, maybe I should try anal with someone a bit smaller?”

“Maybe, honey — but I would love the opportunity to take your anal virginity — and, with me, you know that I’ll be as gentle as I can and if you want me to stop, I will straight away.”

“Let me think about it, gramps — meantime, how about you fuck me in the shower?”

“Love to baby,” said Bill, as he placed his hand between Lily’s thighs, parting them, “Bend a bit baby, lean against the wall,” instructed Bill, as he rubbed his cock head against her sweet pussy lips.

As he started to push into her, Lily was groaning. She reached down and started stroking her clit, alternately rubbing and pinching her clit, as she felt his cock moving deeper and deeper into her.

“God, grandpa, I don’t think I could ever get tired of your cock; it feels so amazing.”

“That’s great honey, cos I want to make love to you for as long as I can. Obviously, when you find a man you want to spend the rest of your life with, I’ll have to stop, but until then I want to be the one who satisfies your pussy, baby.”

“Yes, grandpa — I’ll struggle to find anyone else who fills my pussy like you do. Fuck me gramps, fuck me hard.”

Bill needed no further encouragement, gripping her hips, he started to power his cock into her, enjoying the feeling of the hot water spraying over their bodies as they rutted like wild animals. He moved his hands up and down her sides, stroking her body as his cock stroked her pussy, grunting as he ground his cock deep into her wet vagina. Lily was groaning and struggling to catch her breath as each thrust seemed to knock the air from her lungs. Her fingers were stroking her clit harder and harder, faster and faster as she felt her orgasm building. When she felt Bill ejaculate inside her, she pinched her clit and her orgasm almost made her collapse onto the tiled floor of the shower; only Bill catching her as he noticed her legs about to give way prevented her from falling to her knees.

Bill stopped pumping his cock into her pussy, slowly retracting from her as he held her firmly.

Panting hard as she leaned back against him, she eventually managed to say, “Thanks Grandpa, that was incredible — maybe the best orgasm ever.”

“Thank you, honey — you made all this happen — you have made me a very happy and satisfied man,” he responded.

Turning around, Lily took her grandpa’s face in her hands and, standing on tip-toe, stretched up to kiss him. He returned the kiss eagerly, his tongue pushing into her mouth as he held her arse in his hands, squeezing the cheeks as they kissed passionately.

“You going to dry me too, gramps?” she asked, as she pulled away from him, her hands on his chest, toying with the hair.

“You want me to dry you? I’ll dry you, but I might get you wet at the same time,” he smiled, as he ran his hand between her legs, feeling the cum leaking from her pussy.

“Gramps!” laughed Lily, “I thought you were the one who wanted us to spend time with Rose!”

“And you are the one asking me to run my hands over your body, sweet girl. There is no way I can dry you and resist the temptation to show my appreciation for your sexy curves — look at you! If I didn’t know better, I’d swear they modelled the Venus de Milo on you!”

“Gramps,” Lily laughed again, “If I were that old, I’m sure you wouldn’t fancy me.”

Bill opened the shower door and let Lily out. He grabbed a towel, asking her to sit on the side of the bath as he lowered to his knees and started drying beşiktaş escort her feet. His eyes kept roaming up between her thighs to her honeypot as he moved the towel to her calves, drying the soft flesh.

“Okay baby, could you stand for me now, please,” he said, his voice becoming husky, as he admired the naked figure before him.

As Lily rose to her feet, she smiled down at her grandpa, “Enjoying the view pops?” she asked, as she put her hand on her hip and struck what she considered a sexy pose.

“Baby, this is a view I will never get tired off,” he moved the towel to her thighs, drying them slowly, his hands moving the towel gradually up her legs. As she parted her thighs to make it easier for him, he could resist no more.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed, as he moved his head forward and licked a few drops of water from her pussy. He held onto her legs as his mouth engulfed her lips, licking and sucking on her labia. Lily gasped as she felt his tongue on her, she placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself as she felt her knees begin to buckle.

“Oh God,” she moaned, “Gramps, no-one has ever done that — it feels amazing.”

Bill continued to lick and kiss her pussy as his hands moved around to her arse, squeezing the fleshy orbs. He moved one hand to her clit, starting to stroke it, as he probed with his tongue, eventually finding her hole and starting to push into her. Lily gripped a handful of hair with one hand, pulling him tight against her as she moaned louder and louder. As he continued to push his tongue into her pussy, Bill’s other hand began to caress her arse, moving closer and closer to her crack. Lily was squirming under the feel of his attention to her pussy and clit, almost oblivious to his fingers nearing her anus. When he slipped a finger against it and started to spread the water droplets over it, she twitched a bit, her pussy pressing harder against his mouth. Bill began to tongue fuck her pussy as his fingers stroked and pressed on her clit, his other hand pressing gently on her arsehole.

Reacting to her moans and the movement of her hips, Bill removed his tongue from her pussy and replaced it with two fingers, starting to finger fuck her as his mouth moved to her clit and sucked on it hard. As he felt Lily’s legs start to tremble, he pushed a finger into her arse; the scream that Lily emitted was as loud as any he had ever heard and he instantly regretted his decision, immediately pulling his finger out.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh God,” cried Lily as she collapsed into her grandpa’s arms, “that felt fucking amazing. Grandpa, no-one has ever made me feel like that — you must do that again and soon.”

Smiling, Bill said, “Anytime you want baby — you want me to eat your pussy — my pleasure, you want me to suck on your clit — just say when — you want my finger, or my cock, in your arse — well, I think you get the gist.”

Getting the strength in her legs back, Lily bent down and kissed her grandpa passionately. “I am yours, grandpa — yours today, tomorrow — yours until you get fed up with me. Now, I think I had better finish drying myself or we may never leave the bathroom today.”

Grabbing the towel from Bill, Lily started to dry her torso, her eyes looking down at Bill’s hard cock as she did so.

Following her eyes, Bill looked down at the woody between his thighs, “Don’t worry honey — he can wait till we get a chance; I never got to shower, so I’ll do that while you dry yourself.” Bill entered the shower and turned his back to Lily to avoid the temptation that she presented, grabbing the shower gel and starting to clean himself.

After Lily had finished drying herself, she left Bill’s bedroom and made her way, naked, to her own room, where she quickly dressed and did her hair, once again styling it differently. She found Rose in the living room, playing a game on her phone with music blaring out in the background. As soon as she entered the room, Rose pounced on her.

“So how did it happen? What’s he like? I take it he can still perform?”, bombarding her with questions.

An amused look crossed Lily’s face, “You’d know the answer to those last two if you had taken him up on his advances — now you’re interested!”

“Well, it’s only natural for me to be inquisitive sis; after all, you did get him on the rebound!”

Lily considered her response before speaking, wondering if she should tell her sister she had tricked their grandpa into thinking that she was Rose. However, affronted by the suggestion that he had approached Lily on the rebound from Rose’s disinterest, she decided to spill the beans.

She described in detail the plan she had executed to seduce their grandpa, admitting to borrowing her clothes and having to promise to buy her some new gear to compensate for the fact that their grandpa had screwed Lily in Rose’s skirt. Rose told her to keep it now as she could never wear it again.

“So, when he was screwing you, all the time he thought he had his cock buried in me, did he? How did that make you feel? Knowing that he taksim escort thought he was screwing your sister and not you?”

Her face blushing, partially from embarrassment and partially from the rage welling up inside her, Lily said, “Okay, so yeah, when he said “I love you Rose”, it hurt — I mean, why would he love you more than me but the sex was so great, although it hurt a bit at first, but — when I confessed to him and everything was fine, well, him thinking I was you didn’t matter anymore. I knew he enjoyed making love to me, screwing me as you so crudely put it and now — now I just can’t wait to feel him inside me again.”

“Wow,” blurted out Rose, before breaking out into a rendition of “it must be love, love, love.”

“So,” continued Rose, “it hurt, so I take it you were a virgin and grandpa took your cherry?”

“No and no. I have had sex a few times before but never have I seen a cock that big — it was twice the length of Sam Greenaway’s and thicker too.”

“Wait, I mean I know Sam’s not particularly big but twice the size — surely you’re exaggerating — I mean, that would make grandpa about 9 inches.”

“Yeah — nine inches of heaven sis — and it’s all mine,” smirked Lily, leaving the room to get herself a drink.

Rose got up and followed her, “You are kidding right? Just trying to make me jealous — I’ve caught dad masturbating and his pecker is only about 5 and a half — maybe six inches tops — if grandpa had a whopper surely dad would get that too — it would be in the genes!”

“Oh, there’s plenty in grandpa’s jeans alright — more than plenty sis. I hope Davy’s got enough to keep you happy cos grandpa is all mine.” Lily winked at her sister, as she took her drink into the living room, turning off the music and telling Alexa to play some Christmas music.

After that, Rose spent the next fifteen minutes trying to get more details from Lily, but Lily had decided enough was enough; she had, she felt, scored some points against her sister and now she wanted to keep all the raunchy details to herself. Before Rose could entice Lily into telling her more, Bill entered the room, noticing how the conversation abruptly ended as soon as the girls were aware of his presence. He also noticed how Rose’s eyes were staring at his groin; he smiled to himself before saying, “I guess you were talking about me, seeing as you’ve both gone quiet now?”

“Sorry gramps,” said Lily, “as soon as I came downstairs it was like an interrogation so I told Rose about some of what happened last night — she knows I tricked you into thinking that I was her.”

“No need to apologise Lily, I guess there was always going to be some discussion needed to clear the air. You happy with what you know now Rose? I mean, I hope you’re not expecting us to give you a blow-by-blow account of what happened?”

“Blow-by-blow, I like that gramps — so who blew who first? Though to be fair you don’t call oral sex on a girl a blow job — so I take it you mean she blew you more than once? Well done sis!” Rose was in her element, she loved talking dirty and to do it in front of her sister and grandpa was an added bonus.

“Rose!” the anger in her grandpa’s voice apparent, she looked at him meekly.

“Sorry gramps, just having a bit of fun. By the way, Davy has said he can be here on Boxing Day and doesn’t need to be back home till New Year’s Eve — I told him to bring a month’s supply of condoms.”

“Okay Rose, I don’t need to know how many times you two are going to fuck — just so long as you practice safe sex, that’s all I ask.”

“Sure gramps — a deal is a deal and thanks, I know I sort of put you in a position where you couldn’t refuse but still, I’m grateful.”

After he left the room to get himself a beer, Rose whispered to Lily, “Are you seriously telling me he has nine inches of man meat cos I couldn’t detect a lump at all in those jeans.”

“I promise you sis, I mean I didn’t get a tape and measure it but it was like….” Lily held her two hands up and indicated the length of their grandpa’s cock.

“Wow — and I mean wow — how much did you take sis? Two thirds, like 6 inches, 7 inches?”

Lily smiled smugly at Rose, “I took it all Rosie — all nine inches and it felt amazing — abso- fucking-lutley amazing!”

Rose looked at her sister in amazement, “We can fit nine inches of thick cock inside us — wow — I need to find a man with a nine-inch cock.”

“You sure do sis, cos you ain’t sharing mine — even if he did think it was you at first.”

Just then Bill returned to the room, “Still talking about me?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Sorry gramps, it’s just that Lily has always been the saint in the family and now she’s right up there with the rest of us sinners!” stated Rose.

“Okay, enough of that Rose. You’re right, Lily is the saint in the family and nothing about that has changed just because she has expressed her love for me in a physical way. We all love each other as a family but sometimes,” he paused, not sure where he was going, “sometimes our emotions, our feelings are so strong, we need to express them physically. That is what Lily and I have done; yes, we are related, yes, it is incest, but no-one will convince me that what we have done is wrong; because our love for each other transcends any physical laws.”

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