Gunnie Jonte and Ramzy on Cruise

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Gunnie Jonte and Ramzy on CruiseGunnie Jonte and Ramzy on Cruise5 – 6 november 2018We both wanted to take Ramzy on cruise with Cinderella to let him see what we have done before so got us an trip with the cruiser and took Ramzy with us. We took the bus to the ship and this excited boy afgan Ramzy he took up his chalkpen in the bus already lucky we sat in the back we had talked about my Turkish lover Benji to him so he signed for him too.When we got to pur ship I had got the text off me and we checked in and got to our cabin with doublebed Ramzy was soo hot I just got in the cabin he got me on the bed and he pulled upp my short white skirt and no pants under so he found his way in directly entering my pussy with his hard big cock Jonte just stood there watching when Ramzy took me hard hard fast fast and he just shaking and moan and cum filling my pussy mmm soooo good he is. Wonder how many times he will take me on the trip.We changed clothes and was going to go out in the ship a put on my white shirt and blue leather skirt and my white leather bootsStop Ramzy says can I write on you before we go out want everyone too see that your my Granny Gunnie with me.Ok I said so Ramzy did it I felt a little nervous when we was going around the ship. He had paint a pignose and pig on my head and Ramzys Slut on my white shirt and his name in red on my chest and shirt. But it went down well some people looked a little funny but some smiled att us and said lucky young boy. I got a little bit randy and wet when we step around so I said to Ramzy we have to go to our cabin I want you. He followed me direct he was also horny.As soon we got through the door I climbed up on all four on the bed and he pushed his hard cock deep in my pussy again fucking me hard felt him deep inside he got me so wet a squirt all over his cock and he gave me a big load felt ir deep inside my pussy…mmmm. Jonte was out in some bar so we was alone. I took a shower and change clothes again.Still got my blue lether skirt but a leopard blouse and black leather boots and Ramzy there again with his chalkpen.Ramzy on my head and a pignose and pig on my breast with arrows that shows my tits.Come he canlı bahis says we go out again you’re my Granny Slut Pig oh yes I’m Ramzy.We got down to the restaurant and joined Jonte there we sat down and eat some food people looked at me smiled and I see how they whispering I can imagine what they think this old slut with a young teenage boy from afganistan.But I don’t care because he is a wonderful hot young lover. When we where finished I felt Ramzys hand and fingers under my skirt I have no panty under felt his fingers in my cunt so wet I’m. Jonte we must go back to our cabin and I smiled I’m horny after Ramzy again. As fast as we could we got through the elevator and to our cabin and quick inside. On my back in the bed legs up high and wide open it took Ramzy a second to get his pants down and all over me pounding my pussy so wet and horny I was Jonte was just standing there looking at Ramzy took me so hard my luvely young boy 16 I think he is and he got me so wet I squirt all the time and Ramzy pound me hard filling my pussy with his big cock and then screamed ooo Gunnie here I cum cum and hoe he cumm soo much sperm flooding over mmm god he is soo wonderful. When I sat up he wrote on my back Jontes Slut.Felt more like Ramzys slut he had take me three times already. It was time to get dressed for late night dancing to where my really sexy clothes those I love the most black see through blouse chain bra and chain thong with my pvc skirt and stayups and overknee leather boots.And Ramzy was there again.Cum now my young bpy say no we can go down I looked in the mirror ooh can I go like this Jonte well we have trust Ramzy he said and smiled he had got it right so far. People really starredand whisper when we passed on our way down we got to the club and it only took one minute before I was on the dancefloor guys where just crazyafter 10 – 15 dances with different horny guys I sat down between Ramzy and Jonte ooh god my loved ones I’m horny they just smiled at me clock was over one in the night so we went up to our cabin when we got inside Ramzy said…wait a minute Gunnie I want to wash your face and chest and make another text and take you for a walk bahis siteleri before we go to bed ok Ramzy do that I said and smiled at him. And he did that randy young boy.And he really took me for a walk and everyone we meet ohhh yes I want to fuck you I said no to 10 to 15 guys and they touched me all over breast ass legs they where sooo horny those guys I whisper to Ramzy take me back to our cabin now now…I got away and into our cabin I just through myself all over Ramzy got his cock out of his pants ride him hard on the bed Jonte was just sitting in his chair I see his face he looked so happy for me. I ride Ramzy hard fast juped him hard and he just give me a big load again wonder how much sperm he has my young lover. Then we all went to bed Jonte took me at once and cum inside my pussy I gave him a great big kiss and we went to sleep a lay on the side in the middle and after while I felt a cock on my rear end Ramzy slowly find his way deep in my pussy and he so slowly push it in and out really slowly without waken jonte up. Slowly and gently he fuck me for a long time and then he stops and I feel him loading my pussy with his sperm again mmm fifth time wonderful Ramzy.When we waked up in the morning it was almost 8 oclock Ramzy rolled over on me and took me again so horny and hard he was sooo good having a good morning fuck he filled me up again wow he is fantastic. Taking a shower and get dressed for go out to eat something.Took my black blouse and my white skirt and before we got out Ramzy was there again with his pen. Wrote pig on my head and some fuck hole and slut on my face finshed with Ramzys Slut on my chest. Then we got to go out and eat something.Got down to the bufee and as normal all the people starred and whisper but I didn’t mind so far it has been a wonderful horny trip thanks to Ramzy. We got some bread and food and drinks and stuffed ourself I was so hungry after all sex but it wouldn’t take long before I could feel Ramzys finger between my legs and touching my clit. I could nearly sit still just started squirting out my pussy. Ramzy stop now I whisper we must go to our cabin jonte you can stay and eat but I must take Ramzy bahis şirketleri to our cabin now now.We got up I notice that many people watch us when we got away guess they see the wet spot on my white skirt when we go.We came as fast as we could to our cabin I took off all of my clothes and got on my back in bed and Ramzy couldn’t wait a second he came down pushed his hars big cock deep inside my pussy again and pumped my pussy god I feel sooo wonderful make me cum Ramzy take me hard and he really didfelt his hard cock deep deep inside me..and he loaded my pussy again with his wonderful sperm. Got up took a shower oohh so great I felt got out of the shower… on the bed is Ramzy with a hard cock again so I get down and suck his cock all the way down deep in my throat wanking him sucking and he cums againg big load swallow it all tasted soooo good.Jonte came up after a while it was soon the end of the cruise so we had to pack our things and get dresse for the bustrip home. Got my black shirt on and a black skirt no pantys when it was time to leave Ramzy was there with his chalkpen again Writing on my face chest and arm again but I wouldn’t mind because he had made this trip to remember a long time.When he was finished he said Gunnie I want you from behind before we leave oh god he is so young and virile I stand in the window looking out on deck and people got by and Ramzy pushed his hard cook again in my pussy felt him soo soo deep pushed me hard pumping slaping my ass ooo so horny he gets me I could not keep quite a just moaned high and higher and Ramzy screamed and cum in my pussy again god so wet I was and just time to wipe the worst of and then go out off the ferry to our bus luckily we could find a place to sit in the back on our own. But that wasn’t the end of the road…smile.. after a while Ramzy said come sit on my knees Gunnie and when I looked he has his cock out of his pants soo of course I sat in his knee…his cock went deep inside and we just sat there enjoying the time… we moved a little now and then… then Ramzy whisper Gunnie I will cum now.. and he realy did could feel his cock loading out his sperm his pants was really full of sperm and my juice we had to wipe of the most before come to our bus stop and get our things and finally we droved Ramzy home and to our house. That was the best cruise I have been on I think Ramzy was so wonderful. Thanks to him.

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