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Amber Ivy

Subject: Hard Mike (6) This is a purely fiction story about a hot hairy man i had met online some years back. He was this incredible looking guy I found on a image sharing site. All porn of course. Mike is Straight, but didn’t mind guys commenting in his supwr hot images. And via that we kind of chatted via messages at that time. Then I sometime later fell off the site. And when I got back on it. Mike was gone. All I remember was his scorching images and a few videos he had on his page at the time. Him and his buckets of cum eruptions. Ohh to find this hunk again for real. Again Mike is Straight. So I would not presume he would necessarily go for a man on man romp. But he seemed extremely friendly back then. So one would hope he may be up to it This one is for you Mike. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hard Mike (6) … Mike moaned softly as my mouth moved over his dick. I had dropped to my knees for the hairy hunk to suck on his big cock again. All for the fucking he was going to lay on me. I was to get it nice and hard to get it ready for my ass. The ass he loosened up some with the hot finger fuck he had given me. “Yeah man. Suck!” He crowed “You have the best fucking mouth buddy” His hand reached for my head as I sucked izmit escort that dick of his. He then started to gently push his hips at my mouth. Giving me more cock to suck. Pushing more inches into my face. “Yeah man. Just suck on my fucker” he grumbled “Suck on it real good” I grabbed at it. Grabbed at the long meaty shaft. I had to keep him from thrusting all of that dick into my face. For I would surely gag if he did. I wrapped my fingers around the base of Mike’s shaft. Holding it so I could slurp on the head and the inches I wanted to consume. He tasted soo good too. The head was dribbling out some precum.and I could taste the delicious liqueur that it was. Ever so slightly salted in flavor. “Suck man. Suck” he grunted at me “Eat up yet mans bug dick dude” “Cuz I’m gonna slam that hole again” I looked up at the stud again. That awesome hairy body he had. That strong masculine face. He smiled down at me as he continued to feed me his dick. I reached my other hand up to his hairy chest and grabbed at his pec. He groaned slightly as I squeezed at his chest. “Yeah. Ohh yeah” he moaned “Why don’t you pull on my nips.” It’s what he wanted now. For me to pull on his nipples. He reached down and grabbed my other hand. The one holding his dick. Then he pulled it up to izmit escort bayan his chest. So I now hand a hand on each of the mans pecs. It felt so goos as I felt his chest and fur under my fingers. He pulled them over his nipples. I could feel the knobs under my hand. “There” he said “Now pull” So there I was on my knees, sucking on mikes very big cock. Bobbing up and down the inches I could. My hands on his chest. One near each nipple. He rubbed them over them. Cooing as my fingers raked over the tits. Then my fingers grabbed for the nipples. Grasping each one between my digits. Then I gently squeezed each one between my fingers. “Hmmf. Fuckk!” He grunted “That’s it baby. Fuckk!” “That’s what daddy wants” And that’s when his hips thrust his huge dick hard into my face. Pushing it into my throat. So much cock in my throat too. I of course gagged and had to pull back so as not to choke on his monster. “Ghlarpgh” I coughed to pull back and off his schlong. “God that’s big” I sucked up some.much needed air as I looked at the long tube before me as it hung there. Hard and ready for more. It was covered in my drool and the head looked wet. There was still precum bubbling up to the tip of it. Needing to be sucked out. I swallowed again as I prepared to take Mike’s dick izmit bayan escort back into my face again. “Get back on daddy’s cock man” he said to me So I opened up and moved my mouth back iver his dick again. Mike softly groaned once more. Again he started to thrust as my hands played at his hairy chest. Gagging me again and again. I had to release one nipple from my fingers to reach down and grab his dick. Holding it to keep it from choking me again. Holding the first few inches in hand while I went back down in the remaining inches. Slurping and slobbering hungrily on the mans God cock. “Yeah man. Suck my dick” he huffed “Your mouth is the best fucking mouth” “Eat up yer mans dick” “Awee fuckk that’s good” And I kept slobbering on Mike’s big dick. Like a kid on an ice cream cone. Lovingly licking and sucking on it. Then Mike stopped me as he was getting too close to eruption. Pushing me from his dick. “Stop!” He crowed “Stop or I will bust” So I did. I sat back as the mans body jerked a few times. So close to blowing he was. “Lets get to the bed man” he then ordered me. “I wanna eat some pussy hole” So we did. We moved to my bed and i climbed up on the bed for the gorgeous hairy stud. Disposing of my underwear as I crawled up on the bed. Then mike fell behind me and pulled my ass to the end of the bed. He wasted little time and then shoved his face to my wanton ass. “Ughnn. I grunted as he did…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued

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