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Subject: Hard Working Brothers, Ch. 6 ATTENTION! This story contains sexual content of a homosexual nature between consenting adults who happen to be related. Everyone in this is fictional, and if any of the activities in this story, namely sex between men, specifically between adult men who are related to each other, happen to offend you or are in violation of what your jurisdiction deems appropriate for you to read, you should probably not continue. Feedback, suggestions, and comments are more than welcome to be sent to shawndilf@proton.me , along with if you enjoyed it enough to get off (love hearing that I made you cum hard). Thank you, and have a great day. Also, a reminder that Nifty works off of donations. Consider dropping a tip to Nifty if you’ve been dropping your pants. Copyright 2022 Hard Working Brothers Chapter 6 “I still think that you’re insane for having a regular cab truck,” Jason complained. He wasn’t driving, so that meant that he nothing but free time to needle his brother. “You drive a dinosaur-” “A CLASSIC!” “A dinosaur,” Shawn repeated louder, “that doesn’t even have AC. I know it’s a classic, but until I can load a 2 ton condenser, case coil, lineset, and tools into your Charger, it should at least have AC to make up for having only a trunk.” “You keep your filthy copper away from Baby!” Jason’s mind had given him an incredibly vivid and painful image of his brother happily strapping equipment to the top of his poor car. “And you don’t need more than a regular cab,” the redhead continued unabated, “because transport priority is always volume, not people. I’m not playing chauffeur, so a bench seat for two or three is enough, and anyone else can go with the baggage.” “You are really something, bro,” Jason’s deep voice had a bit of a laugh in it as he tried to reconcile all the words he wanted to use to describe the man he loved. He looked over to his brother, who really was doing something to him today. Shawn was hiding his eyes behind a pair of black Oakleys, but had a big smile on his face. His long beard had been properly tamed and prepared for the drive, and looked great today. The only thing Jason would change would be for him to lose the clothes, as cute as he looked in a black ball cap, a red graphic tee, and cargo shorts. “And yet you didn’t even offer me road head,” Shawn laughed. “Dude, I am not giving you head on the way to visit dad. It’s not that long, and it’s not fair to dad either.” Jason had to adjust himself after saying that, his dick chubbing up a bit at the thought of what they were going to get up to. His black shorts weren’t leaving much to the imagination if anyone looked over. He had worn a button-up shirt with a dark camo pattern on it, and had left it completely unbuttoned. “That’s fair,” Shawn agreed. The lean man had seen how his brother looked today, and it probably would’ve been very easy to end up creaming his mouth and then not sharing the three day load that he had brewing. It had been a nice little drive for them. They had gotten all the usual days-off errands done that morning before they had to meet up and head out. Thankfully, the scattered showers predicted weren’t scattering their way. They made good time, and ended up getting to their dad’s place around 4:00 PM. “Did dad get a beater truck?” Jason wondered as they pulled up to the property. He didn’t recognize the old ’90s Dakota that was in various stages of primer sitting in the drive. “Probably someone from down the range road,” Shawn shrugged. “Maybe they’re hoping he can hire on their loser kids up north.” Their father had spent most of his life working in the oil plants in the north of the province, and had complained multiple times to them about the problems with the ‘hire a friend’ model of staffing. They parked next to the truck that had been dark blue at one point in its life, and headed up to the house. Their father answered the door before they even had a chance to ring the bell, since Jason had texted him when they were coming up the drive. Chuck was only wearing a towel emblazoned with tropical flowers, one hand held at the wrap around his waist to ensure it didn’t fall apart. For a man of 58, their dad looked good. His strong features had weathered well, and the mix of grey and chestnut hair gave him a distinguished look. He still had his heavy chevron moustache, but the stubble was close to a week’s worth this time. His mostly grey hair had been trimmed close again, but only the head. Chuck still had a chest covered in a mix of grey and brown hair that didn’t abate as it worked its way down his belly and lower. And while his belly showed that he was enjoying the good grub and beer, his arms still were developed enough to show that he wouldn’t shy away from using a big pipe wrench if needed. His crotch looked like he had at least a bit of a semi going on, to his sons’ amusement. “Hey boys,” Chuck grinned at them, gesturing for them to come in. “Hey dad,” Shawn said, giving his dad a hug that Jason joined in on. “Long time, no see,” he said as he reached down and squeezed his dad’s ass a bit. “Ha! Let’s go get comfortable before dinner. Rob and Cory got here just a little while ago, so we were taking a dip until you two came.” Shawn’s eyes glittered with sudden interest. The last time they were there, their dad had mentioned that he had done things with his brother, that is, Uncle Rob, when he was younger. He hadn’t described what he had done, but Chuck had brought it up right after Shawn had swallowed his and Jason’s loads. “Oh, that explains the truck,” Jason said nonchalantly as they followed their father through the house. The back deck turned out to be a bit of a mess. Some clothing tossed into three piles, and a few bottles of spirits and mixers on the table. The hot tub was bubbling, and Chuck tossed his towel onto the back of one of the deck chairs. Unlike last time, their father had brought out some furniture, including a table with a big umbrella over it for the drinks. Their dad had gone from just a bit aroused to almost fully erect since they had arrived, his seven and a half inch cock looking imposing with its veiny shaft. He went over to the table and picked up a half-filled tumbler and topped his rum and coke off while his sons got comfortable. “Hey boys,” their uncle rumbled in his deep bass. Uncle Rob was a big man, standing 6’5″ with a big beer belly on him. He had a shaved head with a full beard that was neatly trimmed at about three inches, which was also mostly grey at this point like his brother’s. His chest and belly were also covered in large amounts of very grey hair, and while he wasn’t supremely muscular like Jason, he still held his own at 60 as being a strong and beefy man. His left hand was holding a vodka screwdriver, while his right was idly stroking his balls under the water. “Uncle Rob,” Shawn said in the tone he called ‘customer service politeness’. He then nodded to the younger man next to his uncle. “Cory,” he greeted his cousin in the exact same way that was his attempt to hide his surprise. “Hey guys,” Cory said with a grin. Cory was a solidly built guy that didn’t quite look like he was really 32. His red hair was lighter than his cousin’s, more bright copper than rusty auburn, but even with the streaks of gray, he had a boyish charm about him. He wore his beard in an almost identical length to his dad, being blessed with the same thick facial hair growth. He had his hair buzzed short, making him look like a junior version of his dad, right down to the thick hair covering his barrel chest. Cory was one of those guys that was just naturally prone to being big and strong, and he seemed bigger than his 5’11” height by his presence. The ginger had leaned up to grab for his own drink, exposing the big red head of his hard cock for a moment before he reseated himself. “So I might have told Rob about what we all did the last time you boys came up,” Chuck started to say as his sons undressed. The two hadn’t wasted much time after scanning the scene. Both Shawn and Jason had worn their jocks up, thinking that they were going to give the old man a thrill. Turns out that dad had his own surprise. They were quickly buck naked and making themselves a drink to join the other men in being in the tub and rock hard. “I jerked off a lot right after you two left thinking about it,” Chuck confessed, “and it brought back a lot of good memories about the stuff me and Rob used to do when we were young.” “Very good memories,” istanbul travesti Rob rumbled in agreement. “So I asked him if he wanted to mess around a bit for old times’ sake before I headed back up.” “I very much did,” Uncle Rob continued. “So I headed over, and we fucked around a bit, and then after, I let it slip about our hot tub.” “And since Chuck accidentally let it slip about you guys, I figured I might as well tell him that Cory and me get it on.”‘ The men were actively stroking themselves at this point under the water. Fathers and sons, sharing in the experience of five handsome, masculine men all baring their sexual feelings together. Cory explained that when he fifteen, he had caught his father jerking off in the shop on their property. Rob had had four daughters in addition to his son, so there had been many times where the older man had retreated to the shop to just get away from the women. That had been the reason that Cory had sought refuge there as well. After the initial awkwardness of seeing his dad try to do up his pants and turn off his porn at the same time, they ended up getting in some guy time together. “Fuck, I still can’t believe it and this is the second time I’ve heard it,” Chuck said with a low growl in his voice. He had moved to sit between his sons, who were taking turns on stroking their dad’s cock and playing with his balls as they listened to the story. “Well, here we all are,” Rob spread his arms expansively. “And you two even wore sexy undies for us.” “I like the lack of gear right now,” Jason laughed. The big man couldn’t believe how hard he was right now. Everything about the situation was turning his crank. Naked with his brother. His father. His uncle and cousin. And they were all hairy, horny men just like him. “Shawn,” Chuck barked, “show Rob and Cory your piercing.” “Yes sir,” came a happily obedient response. As Shawn sat up on the edge, and held his fully erect seven inches straight out so that his kin could get a good look his PA. He gave his cock a couple pumps, showing how the stainless steel ring rode in his foreskin when drawn up, and how the metal came out behind the bottom of the head right beside the frenulum. “Right on,” Cory said with a whistle. “I guess we know who’s got the biggest balls here.” “Me,” grunted Rob as he hauled himself out to make his point. Like Chuck, Rob’s crotch was a mess of untrimmed grey hair, but his cock wasn’t a carbon copy of his brother’s. Rob’s dick was a girthy piece of six uncut inches that curved upwards to end in a fat head, but it wasn’t the snaky veins going up the shaft that were drawing the boys’ attention. Uncle Rob turned out to have a set of massive bull balls, low hanging and nearly as fuzzy as his legs. As Rob spread his legs, his balls rested against the tub rim in a way that seemed to accentuate the sheer amount of skin needed to let them hang like that. Rob loved showing off his big balls. Since his marriage had become virtually sexless a long time ago, Rob had taken to a variety of outlets. The most recent one was finding younger guys on hookup apps and letting them play with his heavy nuts as foreplay. But first came watching porn in the garage and jerking off. But then Cory showed up and he suddenly had a horny buddy that also needed to get his rocks off. They had started off just jerking off together, but eventually they ended up pushing boundaries and going to jerking each other off. That progressed to eventual making out and oral, and finally, they had gotten drunk one night to celebrate Cory getting accepted to university, and that had been the first time that they had fucked each other. “Dad gave up his ass to me as congrats, and I let him punch my V-card,” Cory extemporated as he fisted his own thick meat now that he had gotten up to sit next to his dad. Cory’s cock looked very similar to his father’s, only it was a little longer and his balls were only large instead of massive. His light red hair made it look like there was only a little bit of fuzz down there until the light caught it at the right angle. To the touch, Cory was easily as hairy as any other one of the men there that wasn’t Jason. “Fuck, I wish dad took mine,” Shawn said as he went over to his uncle and started to roll Rob’s bull balls in his hand. He put one hand around the big man’s shoulder, and grinned as Rob reached over to pinch his nipple. “I knew that you’d be on board for stuff like this,” Rob growled softly as they continued to feel each other up. “You don’t get this-” he gave Shawn’s PA a tug to punctuate his statement, “-without an open mind.” “It’s not your mind I want to open,” Shawn retorted before going in for a long kiss. He felt his uncle’s thick tongue take control of the situation and invade his mouth. Rob pulled him in close, and soon Shawn was sitting on his uncle’s lap, feel that thick, mature meat ride up and down his crack and they moaned into each other’s mouth. The redhead’s dick pushed against Rob’s hairy belly, making their contact feel even more amazing from the friction. “Fucking right,” Cory said as he watched his dad and cousin start to make out. He looked over to where Chuck and Jason had gotten out as well, and had spread out a beach towel on the deck to lay on, watching Shawn and Rob explore each other. Between the two of them, Cory wasn’t sure who he found hotter. Uncle Chuck was an amazing piece of well-aged daddy manflesh, but Jason looked like a pinnacle of male health in its prime. The younger ginger pulled his feet out of the tub and headed over to where the other two were laying. “Mind if I join you?” Chuck had a lewd grin as he made space for his nephew between them, and soon the older man was making out with Cory while Jason began to suck his cousin off. Cory reached over and began to work Chuck’s dick as they continued to rub each other. Feeling their strong hands on him really made Cory’s blood run hot, as rough masculinity usually did to the younger man. He felt Jason’s mouth pull off his dick, and rub up against the big man’s hairy chest as Jason began to go down on his dad. “Fucking right,” Cory repeated as he moved his head so he could watch Jason’s handsome face take Chuck’s prong to the root. Watching the muscular man take great pleasure in his actions was really making Cory start to leak as he ground his dick against Jason’s chest. It was just too hot of a scene for him to tear his eyes away from; Jason’s dark beard slowly disappearing from sight as the mechanic buried his nose in his father’s grey bush and then slid back up the shaft to suck on the head. “You’ve gotten good at this,” Chuck remarked to his son as the big man pulled off for a bit of air and to start licking at Chuck’s hairy balls. He heard Jason take a deep sniff of his father’s scent, and make a contented sound before continuing his assault. The older man began to play with his nipples as Cory decided to taste his uncle’s meat for himself. Chuck’s cock jumped as he saw Cory’s tongue tease his cockhead, rewarding his nephew with a big glob of precum to lick up. He groaned in complete enjoyment as Jason began to lick up his shaft, meeting Cory’s mouth. The two of them began to lick at Chuck’s shaft and each other’s mouths as they worked their way around the older man’s hardness. Meanwhile, Rob and Shawn had moved next to them to spread out themselves, and the bald man was currently watching the scene on all fours while Shawn ate his ass. He could feel Shawn’s big beard flicking against his low hangers and shaft as his nephew jammed his tongue up his hairy hole with gusto. Rob’s fat cock was drooling precum onto the towel underneath him from the physical sensations and from watching his brother receive his own intense tongue action. “Fuck my boy’s face, Chuck,” Rob growled as he watched Cory start to go down on Chuck. Watching Cory suck on his uncle’s dripping cock really made Rob’s cock twitch. He was proud of how good Cory was in the bedroom. Even when he’d played with other guys, there was something about his boy’s techniques that really made Rob savour every time they played. The bald man heard a bit of a squishing sound as Shawn pulled off him, but then felt a wet finger against his hole. As he groaned in pleasure at the penetration, he felt his lean nephew start to jack him off slowly. “Fuck, you’ve got a hot hole, Uncle Rob.” Shawn felt a big slug of precum ooze from his cock as he said the words. It felt so amazing, getting his uncle’s hot and welcoming hole prepared kadıköy travesti for the violation that was to come. Uncle Rob turned out to have a manly musk that reminded him of old leather and cigar smoke, and it had been hard to tear his face away from it all. Seeing that big, hairy man bent over, ready and eager to take his cock, really got Shawn’s juices flowing. He looked over for a moment, and saw his dad playing with the other two, Jason and Cory licking and fondling Chuck’s chest and belly. “Aw yeah, boy,” Rob exclaimed as he felt Shawn put the lubed up head of his cock to his hairy hole. He adjusted his position a touch, spread his knees a bit more on the towel, put shoulders down a bit and ass up. The big bald man breathed deeply and relaxed as he welcomed the feeling of his nephew’s pierced cock entering him. Shawn moaned deeply as he felt his cock sink into Rob’s big ass. The older man wanted it, his body craving cock so eagerly that Shawn had slid in almost effortlessly. As the thinner man began to slowly pump himself into Rob’s ass, he quickly built up steam as he felt his uncle easily take him. Quickly enough, the long-bearded redhead began to really pound his uncle’s hairy ass. Shawn kept going balls deep over and over again, slamming Rob’s prostate with increasing intensity as Rob goaded him to be rougher. Rob didn’t dare move a muscle as Shawn continued to demolish his hole. The metal piercing was sending a bolt of electricity straight to his dick every time that his nephew hit his prostate. His fat curved cock was leaking all over the towel that they were fucking on, spurting in rhythm with Shawn’s thrusts. And not even five feet from his eyes, Rob watched his son slowly descend on Chuck’s erection. Chuck had laid back, and Cory was guiding the older man’s cock to his lubed up hole as he squatted down onto his uncle. He felt the tip of Chuck’s wet cock graze his hole and shuddered in anticipation as he began to let it slide into him. The young man let out a deep sigh as he felt the head slip inside him, his own cock still rock hard as he began to slowly let Chuck fill him. Chuck’s cock was stretching him pleasantly as he controlled himself from slamming down on it prematurely. “Good boy,” Chuck told him, as he put one hand on Cory’s hairy thigh, and wrapped his right around his nephew’s hard cock. As he felt Chuck squeeze his shaft, Cory moaned deeply and let himself bottom out on Chuck’s meat. He looked down to see the handsome man underneath him slowly start to milk him as he adjusted to having the hard cock deep in his ass. He ground his ass against his hairy uncle, letting that big cock rub inside him with every movement. His stocky ginger frame was almost vibrating from the pleasure he was receiving as he began to slowly fuck himself on his uncle’s prick. Chuck continued to encourage his nephew, stroking his cock while the younger man took his dick deep into that hairy hole. He heard his brother moan loudly, and looked over to see that Jason had crawled behind both Shawn and Rob. Jason had gotten on his back, and slid between his brother’s legs, getting a good view of his uncle’s fat ass getting plowed by Shawn’s pierced cock. He had positioned himself to be able to stick his face right in Rob’s crotch and was sucking his uncle’s fat cock as Rob continued to get pounded. Jason was making sloppy sounds of happiness as he took Rob’s drooling meat down his throat, feeling how completely aroused his uncle was from everything. As Cory continued to fuck himself harder and harder, Chuck wasn’t sure how long he was going to be able to last. He wanted to ask Cory if he was ready to take his load, but it was coming too fast. Just seeing the hot young man, just entering maturity with the grey creeping into his beard, slamming his thick body down hard onto Chuck’s cock. Cory’s needy hole was pulling his foreskin back as he raised up, and then brought back as he squatted back down until the ginger ass was again pressed deep onto his uncle. Cory’s chest hair was catching the light as he rode Chuck harder and faster, highlighting just how hair-covered his big frame really was. It was finally too much for Chuck. The feeling of how hot his nephew’s ass was on his cock, combined with the sight of Cory enraptured by the dicking he was receiving, was causing the older man’s balls to pull up tight. The sounds of Rob grunting as he was being serviced by Jason and pounded by Shawn were enough to put him over the edge. His big bald bear of a brother was getting the full service care of his sons, right there next to him. He stopped playing with Cory’s cock and balls, his baser instincts needing his hands somewhere else. “Fuck!” Chuck grabbed Cory’s thighs and pulled him down and he thrust his dick hard upwards, driving his prick deep into his nephew as he began to blow. He gripped those big hairy legs as tight as possible as he humped his load as deep as possible. As his cock pumped shot after shot of his semen into Cory, Chuck could only keep his eyes locked on Cory. It felt so filthy, breeding his nephew right there as part of their orgy, that even after Chuck finished spewing his load into the broad man, he wanted to keep his cock planted there. And as Chuck recovered from his orgasm, he noticed that Cory was still rocking himself on his uncle’s still hard cock, but his attention was elsewhere. Rob was almost insensible at this point, babbling a stream of profanities mindlessly as his cock and hole were being worked over by Chuck’s boys. Seeing Cory get bred was enough to push him over the edge, and as Shawn continued his assault on his uncle’s prostate, the bald man roared as he dumped his load into Jason’s mouth. Rob’s bull balls had been in overdrive from everything, and Jason was barely able to keep up swallowing. The older man’s load was so copious that by the time he stopped shooting, a stream had worked its way down Jason’s cheek, leaving a light trail through his beard. Gasping for air as he finished swallowing his uncle’s load, Jason leaned his head back. He licked his lips as he slid back a bit and watched his brother’s assault on Rob’s hole. Shawn’s sweaty balls were slapping hard against Rob’s big ass as his meaty cock plowed on. Jason barely even wanted to touch himself, so absorbed by what was going on right above him. “Get ready: Gonna breed you like dad bred your boy.” Shawn’s statement sounded like it was through gritted teeth. His movements had become erratic, all force as lust drove him to use his uncle’s hole to get himself off. The feeling of Rob’s hole milking his cock had brought him to the edge, and hearing Rob’s . He finally couldn’t hold back any more, and groaned loudly as he shot the load he had been saving for this night. Shawn nearly collapsed against Rob’s hairy back as he got his release, his big beard trapped between his furry chest and his uncle’s sweaty skin. He felt Rob have to brace himself to keep from pitching forward, but the older man had a lot of strength in his thick limbs. Shawn raised him self up a bit, arching his back as he finished seeding his uncle. The lean man was breathing heavy as he slowly withdrew himself and stumbled back. Jason had watched the whole thing from below, and he didn’t think he’d seen anything so hot as when his brother had pulled out of Rob. Shawn’s cock was slick with lube and his juices, and a long string stretched from his piercing to Rob’s manhole as he withdrew, before breaking abruptly. Jason had been so absorbed that he hadn’t even noticed that Cory had gotten off of Chuck’s cock. Cory had moved behind them, and quickly moved in as soon as the shorter redhead vacated Rob’s ass. His breath caught for a moment as Cory straddled over him and got ready to take his cousin’s sloppy seconds. Cory’s thick cock was leaking profusely as he slid into his father’s well-fucked ass, eliciting a satisfied moan from Rob. Cory had always loved the feeling of his dad’s fat ass, how big and hairy it was, and how his cock looked as it fucked him. He loved fucking his dad, getting their rocks off together in ways that only they could really appreciate. Usually, he preferred not sharing the old man with anyone else, even on those times they had played together with a hookup or a few friends with benefits, but this was different. The feeling of Shawn’s steaming load lubing up his dad’s well-used hole, squelching as he drove deep, set him off. His balls, sent into overdrive from Chuck’s pounding him earlier, let bakırköy travesti loose, and he grunted as he gave his dad a second load. He groaned loudly as he held himself pressed hard into his father, his belly shaking with his panting as he continued to pump shot after shot in. After what felt like a dozen big shots, he was finally spent and had to sit down. Cory was still breathing heavily as he walked over to where Shawn was sitting. Chuck had moved close and had started making out with his brother as Cory had started to assault his hole. They continued even as Cory withdrew, Chuck laying down and jerking his still hard cock while Rob was still on his knees, leaning on one arm and stroking his hard meat with the other. Rob didn’t notice that Jason had gotten to his feet until he felt the big hands on his ass. Jason spread his uncle’s cheeks, and licked his teeth at what he saw. Rob’s hairy ass was absolutely what he liked to see: a big, masculine ass with a freshly fucked hole oozing spunk. He brought his massively thick member up Rob’s crack, and gathered some of the leaking cum with his fat cockhead. Jason rubbed in on Rob’s hole for a bit as he lined himself up, then ran his thumb across the glob that had gathered. He licked it clean with a satisfied snort. “Get ready,” the big mechanic said shortly, the only warning he gave his uncle as he drove his fat cock balls deep in one hard thrust. Rob gasped into Chuck’s mouth as he felt every inch of Jason slam into him. Jason hadn’t taken him gently at all, and it felt like he hadn’t just been taking two cocks. There was only the feeling of the hard girth of Jason’s prong driving deep into him, and the big head that had been spreading him open slamming into his battered prostate. Jason had closed his eyes as he settled into a steady pistoning rhythm. The big mechanic’s bearded face was painted with his pleasure at feeling a beefy ass on his thick meat. His head was tilted back with his mouth partially open as a trickle of drool leaked with every moan of pleasure. Jason’s rough hands were gripping his uncle’s waist to keep him in position as he continued to drive deep. He was lost in the moment, existing only to take that hairy ass and use it to get off. He knew it wasn’t going to be a long fuck, not after getting so close to the edge from seeing the others get off. Cory and Shawn were quietly cuddling as they watched Rob take the fattest cock on the deck. Shawn knew exactly how thick his brother was, and was a little surprised to see that Rob’s erection hadn’t waned as Jason took his hole. Rob and Chuck had broken off their making out, and now Rob was just begging to be fucked and bred hard while his brother was whispering something in his ear. “Fuck!” The big mechanic swore loudly as he added his own load to that fat ass. He continued to pound Rob hard, slamming his hairy cock deep into his uncle’s sloppy hole. Jason felt his cock pulse with shot after shot for what felt like an eternity. He opened his eyes and looked down to see his hairy shaft pull out from a thoroughly gaped hole, and a torrent of white cum slip out as his head came free. Jason quickly dropped down and buried his face in Rob’s hairy ass. His uncle’s hole felt even more puffy and worn against his tongue than it had looked after he had finished sodomizing the older man. He licked up the mixed loads that had spilled down, and began to probe Rob’s ruined hole for more. His tongue worked into the folds of his uncle’s asshole as he inhaled the deep, rich scent that they had all created. He could smell the familiar scent of his brother’s sweat and cum overlaid on Rob’s earthy musk and with hints of what had to be Cory’s brand. It smelled of men and sex and a testosterone fuelled overdrive that had compelled them to seek pleasure as a group. It wasn’t until Jason felt as hand on his head that his reverie broke. He let himself be guided and looked up, and there was his father with a dripping cock right in front of him. Chuck was pumping his cock furiously, his fist slipping his foreskin back and forth over the head, dark and angry looking with arousal. Jason looked up at his dad with bright eyes, and opened his mouth wide. He stuck his tongue out, waiting for the coming load with the remains of what he had felched out of Rob still pale in his mouth. Uncle Rob had gotten to his feet and now both of the older men were standing side by side, fisting their cocks. “Aw, fuck,” Rob blew first, and the first shot came out in a lazy arc that landed on Jason’s dark chest hair as the younger man turned to catch it. Rob continued to milk out his second load of the day onto his nephew’s tongue as he greedily was letting it pool in his mouth. It wasn’t a big load, but it still turned Jason’s tongue white with his translucent milk. Seeing his brother blow sent Chuck over the edge. Jason didn’t even have a chance to swallow Rob’s load before Chuck pushed him away and spurted into his son’s maw. The muscular man tried to swallow quickly in order to catch it all, but it ended up causing a trail of sperm down his chin in the second his mouth closed. He dove onto his dad’s meat and sucked at it hungrily, trying to coax the last drops from the dick that made him. Chuck groaned as he held his son’s bearded face against him, feeling the breaths out of Jason’s nose in his pubic hair. His quickly softening cock slipped from Jason’s mouth as Chuck stepped back, and sat down on one of deck chairs. Shawn and Cory had stayed sitting on the deck, but Rob went over to sit next to Chuck. That left Jason on his own in the middle of the towel, who promptly slumped onto his ass and had a massive grin plastered across his handsome face. “Fuck,” the darkly bearded man said, the first one of them to speak after it all, “that was something.” “You’re telling me,” Rob agreed. The bald man wasn’t sure his ass was going to be the same after taking Jason’s thick dick in addition to Shawn and Cory’s. It was a welcome feeling, though, the stretching he had received. “I need a drink,” Shawn said, getting up to pour himself rum and some cranberry juice. “Fucking wiped now, boys.” “Me too,” Jason added, still grinning like the cat that ate the canary. “Gotta wash down all your delicious loads.” “Can’t believe you raised a bigger cumhound than mine, Chuck,” Rob said as he shook his head. He watched Jason’s statuesque backside as the burly man went over to the drinks table. “Fucking rights.” “Both my sons make me proud,” Chuck beamed, his chest puffed out a bit. He was truly proud of his boys, and not just because they were Grade A stud cocksmen. That was just the final proof of what amazing men they had grown up to be. “For sure,” Rob agreed. He felt the same way about his own son. Cory’s beefy backside was pointed at them as the youngest of them returned to the hot tub. Shawn and Jason soon joined Cory in the tub, eager for the warm jets against their sated bodies. The three of them were soon joking around, settling into the usual complaints about work and life. Chuck caught a snippet of them starting to have a pissing contest on who had it hardest with work. “I’m going to go get the burgers ready for the barbeque,” Chuck called to them as he headed into the house. His brother followed him, leaving their sons to their drinks and soak. “I’m glad you took me up on the visit,” Chuck said as he took the tray of patties he had made the prior night out of the fridge. He put it on the counter next to the bag of buns, and shut the fridge door. They could all grab fixings in here rather than letting them sit outside. One thing that all five of them had in common was that they were particular about what they put on a burger, and Chuck had no interest in setting up another full table just for that. “I’m glad that you told me, cause I wanted to tell you about Cory but never could figure out how to bring it up.” Rob had always worried that his brother would’ve judged him for the way that he had bonded with his son. Even in the infrequent times that they had come together, gotten wasted together, then came together, it had never really felt like the right time. Chuck snickered a bit at his brother’s sheepish tone. “I don’t think we have to worry about that now.” They both started laughing at that, and then Rob went over to put his arms around Chuck. He gave his brother a big hug before moving in for a long kiss. They took their time, enjoying the taste of each other’s tongue, and letting their hands roam over each other. “I’m worrying that we aren’t eating,” Rob said with a laugh, giving his belly a shake and grabbing the tray of meat. As he turned to go back out, Chuck gave his brother’s ass a light slap. He wasn’t wrong, since they had all worked up an appetite getting reacquainted.

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