He Loves Me, He Loves YOU Not…Ch. 2

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Justin and I remained fuck buddies. We went over to each others houses everyday whenever Sarah would be working. One day, we were at Justin’s and Justin was in the middle eating me out madly when the phone rang. It was Sarah. Sarah said she was going to be coming over. She was starting to get suspicious of why Justin and I were hanging out so much. Justin didn’t really care so he just continued to lap up my wet juices.

“Uhhhh…yessssss……your tongue feels so good on my cunt Justin…” I moaned. Justin kept slurping my juices and biting on my clit. I loved it when he bit on my clit. It always makes me want to cum right then, but Justin would somehow find a way to hold it back.

Justin then put me on his face. I kept riding his face as he ate me out. I bended over to suck his large 8 inch cock. As we were licking and sucking, there was a loud knock on his door. Justin pushed me off and got up. Justin then opened his door. Sarah was standing there.

“What the fuck are you doing with my best friend?!” Sarah yelled at Justin. “We were just having a canlı bahis little fun babe. That’s all. She’s not as good as you.” Justin said as he put his arm around Sarah giving her a hug. “If you still fantasize about that threesome, MAYBE I’ll do it. If I get paid though.” Sarah said. “Alright. I really want this..I will treat you to a nice dinner and any movie or concert you want to go to. How about that instead of paying you? You’re not no prostitute sexy.” “That sounds good to me.”

Sarah came in the room and Justin shut the door and locked it. Sarah was wearing a black shirt with black skirt, black panty hoes, and dress shoes. She looked really sexy. She came up to me and started kissing me. Justin was behind Sarah undressing her. She had on a black thong. It was sooo sexy. I got on my knees and begin licking Sarah’s pussy threw her thong. Sarah was squirming with pleasure. I then put my finger inside her thong and fingered her. She moaned lightly and wanted me to put my middle finger in her too. So I had two fingers filling her love hole. She was kind of tight bahis siteleri but she wasn’t as tight as I was. It was like her and Justin only fucked like maybe once. Sarah bended down and started kissing me and Justin removed her thong. Sarah’s hands were fondling my breasts. Her hands felt just as good as Justin’s.

Justin then carried Sarah over to the bed. He bended Sarah over and started to eat her out from behind. I got on the bed and laid and Sarah was eating me out. “Oh yesssss Sarah” I moaned. Her tongue was like a dog’s tongue…long, wet and hot. Sarah ate me out like she was a pro, like she did it before when she was drunk at some party. She would suck on my clit for like 3 minutes then go back to my love hole eating it and stretching it out with her tongue. Justin kept licking Sarah’s ass crack and Sarah would sometimes squirm in delight. Justin then kissed Sarah on her neck and Sarah came up and kissed me on the lips with her tongue in my mouth. I could taste my juices on her tongue. I tasted really sweet and warm. No wonder she spent what seemed like bahis şirketleri hours down there. If I was really flexible, I’d eat myself out too.

“I wanna see some girl on girl action and stroke myself.” Justin said. “You got it.” I said.

I begin kissing Sarah with my tongue again playing with her breasts. They were nice and big and pretty firm. She was a great kisser. She then took her tongue out of my mouth and bit my lips. It hurt a little but it did feel good. She then licked all the way down my neck to my nipples. “Mmm….Sarah….” I said as I started to pinch her nipples. Justin was sitting in a computer chair watching us and stroking his cock. It really excited me to see Justin masturbating.

I then sat on Sarah’s face as she ate me out. I started to eat her out too. She was really wet and turned on. Her clit was hard and juices kept flowing out of her lips. She had a shaved pussy so I licked up her juices. “Ohhhh god Sam yessssss…..yesssssssssssss…..I’m gonna cum!!!” Sarah said in excitement as she was about to cum from my tongue.

Sarah and Justin both came and Justin ended up fucking us both. We became fuck buddies until we were 25 years old when they decided to get married. I was also dating a guy name Vic and we were also planning on getting married.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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