Helping Out a Friend

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This is a true story about consenting adults.

A few years ago I was working for a large telecom’s manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia. I worked an afternoon shift from 4pm until 12pm as a radio test technician and occupied a desk on the factory floor that was essentially surrounded on 3 sides by equipment. A small 5 foot partition with a one drawer filing cabinet behind me made a seat for any visitors, so when they sat down behind me I could swivel around and talk to them at eye-level in a mostly private enclosure. After 7pm the factory was dimly lit and most of us worked in our own areas with little contact outside of breaks.

At 10pm one Tuesday, I was testing some cellular equipment and I realized that someone had quietly sat down on the filing cabinet behind me. I got a little whiff of perfume so I knew it was likely to be one of the women from the factory floor, which was a bit unusual. I was intending to finish the test I was just working on but then I heard a little whimper and a sniff.

I spun around to find one of the Australian women sitting there, she had clearly been crying and was obviously in pain. Her name was Emma – I didn’t know her especially well but she was always friendly to me – she was late 30s and had recently had a baby. The father of her baby had left shortly after the birth and Emma had returned to work on the afternoon shift leaving the baby at home with her mother. Emma was slim with shoulder length dark hair and an infectious smile – I liked her a lot but it was just a casual work friendship.

But here was Emma looking at me with tears in her eyes. I reached out to take both of her hands in mine, and as gently as I could I asked what was wrong. She burst into tears in front of me and looked away as she composed herself again. I didn’t know what the hell was going on, so I just waited for her to catch her breath.

Emma whispered to me “Ryan, I can’t feed my baby”. I looked at her, waiting for more information.

“I can’t feed my baby” she repeated, and letting go, she placed her hands under her breasts for emphasis.

This conversation was already so far off our normal workplace chat that the expression on my face must have been priceless. Emma took a more direct approach.

“Ryan – I’m making so much milk for my baby, but I can’t feed her while I’m here. My breasts are so painful that I can’t do my work. I’m leaking, I can’t concentrate and I’m worried I will lose my job because of it”.

Suddenly it became clear why she was so upset. Emma was in pain, worried about not making her numbers for the assembly quota, and undoubtedly missing her baby as well. All up – a perfect storm. No wonder she was crying in front of me. She had slipped away to confide in someone she trusted, who was outside of her immediate circle of friends.

Being an engineer and a man, the natural instinct is always to try and fix problems. But I’ve also been around long enough to know that women quite often don’t want you to “fix” things, rather it’s a case of just listening and hatay escort sympathizing as best as possible, and so that’s what I intended to do.

But then she burst into tears again. I couldn’t stand seeing her cry so I began asking some of the obvious questions, starting with breast-pumps.

“I tried a pump but it just won’t seal consistently” she said. “It just ended up leaking so much air that it was a complete waste of time and made me feel like a total failure. And it cost so much money, I can’t afford to try a different model.”

The few suggestions I had, Emma had already tried unsuccessfully. She started to talk about giving up work as the only option, but I knew money was tight for her since the baby’s father had left. But there was one thing she hadn’t thought of, and finally I decided to broach it.

I gave her a cheeky smile and said “You can’t afford to stop working, you can’t pump milk and you can’t bring your baby to work. So how about if someone else was to take your milk?”.

Her head snapped up as she realized what I had suggested, and for a moment I thought I was in serious trouble. But then I saw her face soften slightly as she thought more about the idea.

“I just want the pain to go away, would you really do that for me?”

Fuck yes I thought to myself. Emma had just had a baby and so her breasts were quite prominent, even as she tried to be modest. The idea of wrapping my mouth around her nipples and taking her milk was suddenly all I could think about, and I had to avoid bringing attention to the bulge that was already forming in my pants.

“Listen Emma, I know it’s a bit weird, but I’ll help if you want. Its late and the offices out the back are always dark and empty at this time of night. If you want to try, go out to the first office and wait for me, but don’t turn the lights on. I’ll be there in a few minutes”.

She actually smiled for the first time which was a huge relief for me and I watched her walking towards the doorway leading out to the back offices. She was a actually a good looking woman and the skirt she was wearing showed off a very nice ass.

I sat at my desk for a few minutes trying not to think about her. No chance of that. Would she really let me suckle the milk from her breasts? It was one my all-time favorite fantasies and it seemed like it was about to come true.

I couldn’t wait any longer and walked towards the exit which led to the offices. My colleagues were all busy at their own work stations so almost no one even noticed me leaving.

The office was dark, and I could just make out Emma sitting on the desk. Over the past few minutes I had I had thought about how this was going to work. Emma was a little bit taller than me and I had come up with a plan. But I needed to take control of the situation.

“I can’t cope with this much longer Ryan, please be quick”.

I slid down until I was sitting on the carpet, my back against the office wall with my legs straight out in front of me. Good to go.

“Emma, hurma escort to make this work I need you to come over here and sit down on my lap facing me.”

I felt like a bit of a bastard as there were other ways we could have done it, but I knew that this way her breasts would be at the perfect height for my mouth. However, I also knew she was wearing a skirt, and so when she straddled me to sit on my lap that it was possible that I might manage to start some other action.

Emma wasn’t hanging around, she plopped herself down on my lap straight away and she managed to tuck her skirt between her legs so she wasn’t crushing herself directly on the bulge of my cock.

I could see the outline of her modest top in front of me, – I could smell the fabric softener in her clothes and the hint of perfume that I had noticed earlier. And I could smell a slight musky smell which I later realized was probably milk that had already leaked from her tits.

Oh my god she smelt good. I inhaled her scent. This was going to be a totally wild ride no matter what ended up happening.

Emma leaned down from above me and kissed my forehead.

“Ryan, you need to help me now”.

She unbuttoned her blouse, and then I realized that while she had been waiting for me, she had removed her bra. Her wonderful breasts simply fell forward out of her unbuttoned blouse and her right breast landed softly against my cheek. I could feel the tip of her rigid nipple pressing against my skin.

It was time to start, but before I could even latch onto her nipple I felt tiny little dribbles of milk running down my cheek. Milk was spontaneously spraying everywhere, it was so erotic.

I reached up and moved her breast so that I could latch onto her nipple and this caused a tiny whimper from her. I wasn’t sure if it was pain or excitement, but it was a sexy woman noise that would set any man on fire.

I closed my mouth around her breast and was rewarded with milk radiating into my mouth. My lips were gently sealed around her areola leaving my tongue free to drill around her wonderfully tight nipple and start flicking it and pushing into the tip of it. It reminded me so much of my other favorite thing in life – sucking an inflamed clitoris through my pursed lips and then using the tip of my tongue to probe, caress and flick it from side to side, driving the owner towards an explosive orgasm.

Emma touched my head and held it still as I suckled her breast. Her fingers were gently rubbing through my hair, lightly dragging across my scalp. Heaven. Her breathing had quickly turned heavy and ragged as I danced my tongue around her nipple, clearly teasing her. She started grinding into my lap as I continued to drink from her, only the slightest amount of actual sucking was needed to keep her milk flooding into my mouth.

Emma was clearly as aroused as I was at this point, and I had been lightly holding her petite waist. Slowly I slipped my hands underneath her skirt and onto the top of ığdır escort her thighs, before I pushed around and cupped her magnificent ass cheeks. I pulled her hips closer to me which bought the crotch of her panties almost directly on top of me. The bulge of my cock was essentially sitting length-ways in the crevice of her sex, albeit separated by a few layers of material. She resumed grinding her hips back and forth me with renewed vigor, no doubt now that she was trying to bring on an orgasm.

But the flow of milk from her right breast was now dwindling and I could sense that the suction I was now applying was starting to hurt. She pushed my head gently backwards and I reluctantly gave up her nipple, allowing it to run through my lips and making a gratuitous slurping pop from my lips as it finally escaped from me.

Emma stopped me before I could move to her left breast and then leaned down and gave me the most sensuous tongue kiss that I had ever had in my life. My hands were still roaming around her backside and I could feel her pushing her crotch hard down against me with a lot of weight.

She got up off me slowly, but Emma wasn’t going anywhere. She reached under her skirt and quickly dropped her underwear around her ankles before kicking them away one foot at a time.

“You too Ryan. I’m running out of time so we need to finish this off.”

This was turning into the best night of my life.

Emma helped me to unbuckle my jeans and them shuck everything off, leaving my erection exposed. My cock is modest in size, but it’s always rock hard and I was definitely ready to be inside her.

Emma lowered herself back on top of me and I could feel the wetness of her cunt lips dragging up and down my shaft and across the head of my cock.

I reached under her skirt to pull her forward once again, so that I could capture her left breast in my mouth. Just as I latched onto her breast, she dropped onto me so that my cock was embedded in her wet and sticky cunt. She was absolutely gushing with juices, I had never felt anything like it.

Straight away she started to fuck me aggressively and I had to actively suck on her breast to avoid having it dragged away from my mouth. The harder I sucked, the more she pounded her hips back and forth.

Suddenly she froze mid stroke and made a long silent scream as the muscles in her tummy danced in unison and made her pussy convulse around my beaten cock. This was simply all too much for me and I released every ounce of cum that I had deep inside her welcoming pussy.

Neither of us breathed for several seconds as we both relaxed from our orgasm. We both knew that Emma needed to get back to the factory floor before she was missed, so while I remained wedged inside her I quickly drained the remaining milk from her now tender left breast. Emma lifted off my cock and it seemed like a gallon of our cum dripped out of her cunt and onto my cock and balls.

I could see that she had retrieved her modest panties and put them back on, and then produced her bra and refitted it before heading for the door.

“I’ve gotta go Ryan, I’ll leave you to clean up. I’m going to be making milk for a few months yet, maybe we can help each other out?”

Then she disappeared though the door. Good times are coming.

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