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Vanessa White and her husband Earl had gotten married about six months ago. She was a virgin when she and her husband were married. Earl had hoped that his young wife would start to enjoy sexual intercourse more. He didn’t like that she would lay like a cold fish in the bedroom. He wanted to have his wife be more playful and like to have sex. This didn’t seem to be in the cards. She was often quiet and would just go through the motions of having sex. This angered her husband. Earl liked to hear his wife use dirty talking when they made love. Vanessa hated saying those things and really didn’t enjoy sex at all. Earl would buy his wife sexy lingerie and would expect her to wear it when they made love. He also wanted her to masturbate when he was at work. Earl was a very sexual fella and wanted his wife to be just as sexy. He wanted his wife to take sexy pictures of herself and text them to him at the office. Vanessa would do these things, but really didn’t enjoy sex. She wondered if there was anything wrong with her. She never seemed to even have any orgasms. Earl was getting angrier by the minute. Vanessa found everything to be embarrassing. She didn’t like to perform oral sex on her husband and even hated it when he wanted to lick her pussy. She just would say it was gross and would stiffen her body up so much she’d never have orgasms. She’d complained that sex hurt. Earl took her to the doctor and the doctor checked her out. There was nothing wrong with her medically. Vanessa was depressed and was fearful that her husband would want a divorce. She wished she could be more sexual. She wanted to please her husband, but just didn’t know how. She had called her stepfather almanbahis and told him she wanted to come over for a visit. She was hoping he’d be able to give her some sexual advice. He was always helpful in her life. Vanessa’s mother had passed away a year before she got married. She kept in touch with her stepfather. ** Vanessa had told Earl she’d be visiting her stepfather for the evening. He was angry with her anyway and would like an evening away from her. Vanessa packed an overnight bag and left to go to her stepfather’s house. She was happy to get away from her husband as well. She drove for about an hour and then pulled off the highway and continued on to her stepfather’s home. She was looking forward to spending time with somebody who loved her. Her husband loved her, except she really felt like he treated her more like a trophy. He wanted her to act a certain way. He was kind of controlling she had thought. Vanessa had finally arrived at her childhood home. She hadn’t seen her stepfather since their wedding. However, they talked on the phone frequently. She got out of her car and opened her trunk to retrieve her overnight bag. She walked to the front door and rang the bell. Shortly after that, the door opened and her stepfather approached her and gave her a hug. “So good to see you dear. How are you doing?” “It’s so nice to see you, David. I’ve missed you so much.” “Come in and sit down. Would you like something to drink?” “Wine would be wonderful. Thanks so much!” “Of course. Sit down.” Her stepdad went into the kitchen to get the wine. Vanessa looked at pictures that were hung on the walls. Her mother loved pictures and displayed them proudly. almanbahis yeni giriş Vanessa really missed her mother dearly. “Here you go dear. How’s married life? How’s Earl?” “He’s good. Although, we’ve been fighting a little.” Vanessa was very upset and started to cry. The tears were flowing down her face. “What’s wrong with you dear?” “I’m just miserable that’s all. Marriage is a lot different then I thought it would be.” David moved closer to his stepdaughter and held her tight. He played with her hair and patted her softly on her back. “Tell me what’s wrong. What has my pretty girl so upset.” “It’s just so embarrassing. I’m embarrassed to say.” “I can’t help you if you don’t tell me. What’s wrong princess? Tell daddy what’s the matter.” “You’ll just laugh at me. I’m so embarrassed.” “Tell me pumpkin. Daddy is here to help you.” “Okay. I’m not enjoying sex as much as Earl. I was a virgin on our wedding day. I’m just not that experienced. Earl want’s sex all the time and wants me to do all kinds of things. I just am not into it.” David held his stepdaughter and tried to make her feel better. He soothed her while she told him the details. “He’s just not loving and expects me to act like a whore. I need to be cuddled and loved and told that I’m beautiful. He buys me stuff that’s only sexually themed. He never buys me flowers or perfume or even candy. Just lingerie, dildos, vibrators, movies. He wants me to be a sexy wife with a wet pussy who wants to be fucked in every direction. I just can’t stand it. He wants sex every day. He wants me to talk to him with these horrible words. It’s just not who I am. I’m a good girl.” “I think you just almanbahis giriş need somebody to show you affection. Why don’t we go upstairs and I’ll draw you a bath? Let me take care of my princess. Daddy can help you with your problem. Daddy would love to show you how to enjoy sex. Would you like that, pumpkin?” “Yes. I want you to show me. I love you David. I’ve always loved you. I’m older now and since mom has died I wanted you to know. Please show me how to be a better wife. Love me and teach me how.” David leaned in and gave Vanessa a passionate kiss. His tongue explored her mouth. David stood up and took Vanessa’s hands and walked her upstairs to the bathroom. When they got upstairs, he helped her out of her shirt. He unhooked her bra and unzipped her jeans. She kicked off her shoes. He pulled her panties down her legs and held her tight. They kissed passionately for several minutes. David broke away and started a bath for her. He squeezed some bubble bath into the water and turned around and held her tight. He held her buttocks in his hands while passionately kissing his stepdaughter. “Step into the tub. This will take all your pain away.” “Is this like a magical bath?” “It’s not magical silly. Just a bath filled with love. A bath for my princess.”  “Okay.” Vanessa got into the bathtub. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to go get your wine. Two minutes!” David left the bathroom and Vanessa moved her body deeper into the tub. The bath was filled with bubbles. David turned on some music and came back with her wine. He handed her the glass. “This is wonderful. Thank you so much.” “Just relax.” Vanessa continued to drink the wine and David started to massage her neck. He moved his fingers up and down over her collarbone. She was moaning out softly while his fingers gave her a nice massage. She felt tingly all over her body. She repositioned herself so he could spray water onto her hair.

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