His Office Kitten Pt. 2

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He is such an asshole, Maritza thought to herself as she completed the last bit of filing for her boss, Mr. Bryant Richardson. But such a hottie. She had overheard her coworkers talking about him earlier in the breakroom, of how he had just ended his ten-year marriage to his high school sweetheart. Apparently, she was a mega asshole that made his life a living hell. While she empathized with him, she still found his workplace demeanor unacceptable and demeaning.“You need to get properly fucked, Boss Man,” she spoke out loud as she filed away the last document for him.“I don’t get fucked, darling. I do the fucking.”Maritza’s eyes widened and her cheeks flushed. When she turned around and set her gaze on him, she froze and gulped. He was looking especially delicious in his navy three-piece suit, black tie, and black leather dress shoes. His forest green eyes pierced into her very soul, making her sensitive nipples harden and her clit throb incessantly. She couldn’t deny her visceral arousal to him. And when he approached her and gently caressed her tan, smooth cheek, she shivered.“Tell me, baby girl. Would you go tell on me if I ravaged you right now?”She firmly shook her head. “Of course not, sir.”“Mm.” His heavy-lidded eyes scanned down her curvy, Latina body. “I’ve always coveted you, little one. Even ankara travesti when I was married. You are so beautiful and sexy.”“I am?”“Of course. I’d have to be blind to not acknowledge your beauty.”She inhaled his masculine scent and a rush of unfiltered adrenaline coursed through her body as she slowly brought her hand to his crotch. A hiss escaped Bryant as she stroked his erect, straining cock through his slacks.“I’m so sensitive,” he whispered. “I haven’t touched myself for two weeks.”“You’re so big, sir.” She giggled and sweetly nuzzled his jaw with her forehead. “I want to stroke you and make you come hard. Can I do that?”His eyes rolled back. “Fuck yes, baby doll. Stroke my big, fat cock and make me come everywhere. So much is going to come out.”Another giggle escaped her before she gingerly kissed his neck, which was a little fuzzy, just the way she loved. Bryant quickly pulled down his zipper and pulled out his thick, veiny nine-inch cock, which had a big drop of pre-cum on the slit. Maritza moaned as she used it as lubrication and slowly began to stroke him. He shuddered when she spat on his cockhead and used her warm, slick spit to work his throbbing member.“Yes,” he said through gritted teeth. “Stroke me faster, baby. Squeeze it harder.”Maritza did as she was told. He was travesti ankara so hard yet so soft at the same time; she loved hearing the wet, slippery sounds of her little hand working up and down his big cock. With her free hand, she cupped his heavy, smooth-shaven balls and gently massed them, coaxing a sexy moan from him.“I’m going to come.” He violently shuddered against her. “I’m going to come so hard. Fuck!”His hips jerked against her and Maritza avidly watched as his beautiful cock spurted out strand after strand of hot, thick cum. He hissed and his knees buckled from the forceful orgasm that she so lovingly gave him. She purred and stared at the pools of cum on the floor before she gently kissed him. A moan escaped her when he placed his hands on her round ass and deepened the kiss by slipping his tongue into her mouth, tasting her.“My turn,” he growled into her ear. “Turn around, baby doll.”She whimpered. “You’re going to make me come so hard, Daddy.”“Mm. You promise, princess? You’re not going to fake it for me?”“Of course not, Sir. I don’t lie.”“We’ll see about that.”Maritza gasped as he swiveled her around until her ass was pressed against his crotch. With his mouth still on her ear, he slowly caressed her body before he lifted her skirt and pulled aside her thong to expose ankara travestiler her trimmed, drenched cunt. She avidly stared as his middle finger moved up and down her slit and she moaned when he growled into her ear.“So fucking wet,” he whispered. “I can’t wait to be balls deep in this pussy and make it come hard.”She swiveled her hips against his hand. “Choke me and call me your little slut, Sir. Please.”He quickly wrapped his left hand around her throat and lightly choked her. Her eyes rolled back and more arousal seeped from her cunt, flooding his finger in slick warmth. Her womb throbbed painfully for release, but she denied herself the orgasm, wanting to prolong the delicious pleasure he was giving her.“Mm, my little slut,” he whispered. “I love how fucking wet you are. Be a good girl and come for Daddy. Come for me.”Maritza screamed his name out loud as her womb contracted and she jerked away from him before she squirted all over his hand. She whimpered and her knees buckled as she violently shook all over. Bryant growled and lightly smacked her sopping wet cunt.“Fuck yes.” He choked her a little harder. “Squirt again for me, my little fuck doll. Drench my hand in your cum.”Her legs violently shook and her knees buckled before she whimpered and came even harder than before. Bryant hissed as her cum gushed out of her, creating a small pool on the floor in between her legs. She gasped when he lifted her skirt all the way up and he pressed his wet, hard cock against her drenched opening. They both stood completely still before he gently kissed her ear.

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