Holiday adventures a new beginning

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Holiday adventures a new beginningHomeDartmoor, in the winter as rugged and rough as the thorny gorse bushes that thrive on the hillsides, in the summer as beautiful as the woodland that nestles along the banks of streams that trickle into the rivers.It is my home of choice outside the bustling city of Exeter, where I’ve worked for the past 10 years. My job is a high salaried, its high-profile stressful working for the city council. Big budgets, hiring and firing people all the daily problems all add to the stress, but I love my job. I guess I’m a straight-talking person who has no problem talking to strangers or speaking my mind.That’s why I choose to live on Dartmoor away from the stress and the hustle and bustle of the city.My name is Helen Thorpe, I am 55 years old, my life is comfortable, c***dren grown up and left home, loving husband, nice car, nice home and great holidays, I loved my holidays. I work hard and relax well when I can.By the Pool BarOne holiday in particular changed my life and my outlook forever.I had just turned 49 and as we stepped off the plane onto the warm tarmac of Jamaica, I needed this holiday, it seems every year holidays become more welcome. The cool blue waters, white sand and 30-degree heat, perfect for a much-needed break away from it all.Three days into the holiday, my hubby was sat reading under the parasol by the pool and I was sat relaxing at the pool bar having a cocktail. Two American women of a similar age group to me were sat chatting close by I could hear every word of their conversation.I was amazed at their frankness, to my initial disgust they were here with a group of people all of whom were swinger’s. I sat in disbelief as the two women discussed how many people had fucked them the night before, how they made out with the other women in the group, which guys were good fucks and how much they were looking forward to the rest of the holiday and how they were looking to fuck some of the local black guys at the resort.“I love black dick” said one “although I would like to go with a black girl, I’ve never tried that before” she added. It was difficult not to tune into the openness of the conversation.Eventually one of them left and made her way to the bathroom, after she’d gone the other sat there and ordered another drink, before looking over to me. “you want a drink honey” she said with a relaxed American accent.“I’m good thanks, I’ve got a full one already” we made small talk for a while, her name was Alice she was 52 with a healthy golden tan, she wasn’t that tall and she wasn’t overweight but had a good curvy figure, little of her body was covered by her small white bikini, her sun dyed blonde hair was tied up in a bun and large sunglasses hid her eyes.Ever the one to be open and talkative “I overheard your conversation” I quizzed her with a slight annoyance.“oh, we aren’t too shy about why we are on holiday” she replied “are you hear for that reason? it’s a bit of a swinging convention this week”“no” I showed my disgust with a curt reply, I guess looking back my whole up bringing was sheltered from that type of thing, I was taught sex was for two people and was private, it was very much the sort of attitude that for women it was a case of ‘lie back and think of England’ don’t enjoy it and get on with it.“you should try it honey you have a beautiful body, the guys, and girls would love you” embarrassed that Alice was clearly looking at me I shifted in the water in a vain attempt to hide my body.“don’t you feel used” I asked “all those people getting what they want from you” Alice laughed “oh that old stereotype, I love it honey, I love being used and after all let’s be honest whose using who here?” she smiled as she replied before moving around to sit on the underwater shelf next to me.“you know honey, I’m 52 now and having a full sex life makes me feel good, it keeps your mind active and your body healthy and I hope to carry on like this for years and years, Jez live your life a little” Alice looked direct at me now.“I have more freedom in my life than 90% of the people I know, and through that freedom I have control, in who I see, what I do and when I do it, this lifestyle has given me complete liberation, freedom to be me, the real me” she said with conviction“what about your husband” I questioned further. “Tony loves it” she replied “we are both free to do what we want, the only thing we make sure of is each other always know who we are seeing and what we are doing and we practice safe sex, I guess over the years I have become the one who loves the physical side of sex, Tony joins in but sometimes he is happy to watch”“happy to watch you being fucked!” I interrupted as the conversation became more down to earth “he loves it sometimes if I’m with another guy or a few guys he will sit and watch and masturbate, sometimes I watch him fucking another woman, but I nearly always end up joining in” she said with a giggle.Still trying to take the conversation in I drunk down the cocktail and this time accepted Alice’s offer of another.As we drank and talked, I delved deeper into her life, I found myself asking more and more questions as my opposition to what she does slid away to an understanding “do you just go to swinging conventions where else do you do it” I asked.“honey we go to conventions, we have swinging parties, I met people online sometimes I go alone sometimes I might meet a couple of guys on a night out, sometimes we go dogging, it’s up to me I decide what I want to do and when and I always let Tony know”“don’t you feel like a slut with all this” I enquired? “hell yes” she boomed with laughter “it’s a big part of it I love dressing up in sexy underwear and clothes, the looks on the men’s faces and how they lust for me is a turn on, I’m no beauty queen but these guys make you feel great and that makes me want to fuck with them, suck their cocks, take part in fetishes if I want, so I’m as slutty as the men, look some men like sex, some don’t, some women like sex some don’t what’s the problem?” she argued.Alice had lost me now she spoke with such freedom I began to admire her openness and how she never once got offended by my questions. I looked around to check my husband was still there he looked like he had drifted off to sleep so I spoke more to Alice. Suddenly the conversation took a profound turn, as Alice spoke about Bonobo’s “look at the life of Bonobo’s” she said “a relative of chimpanzee’s, they don’t form monogamous sexual relationships, they mostly don’t discriminate age or sex, they enjoy group sex and multiple partners they use sex to bond and avoid conflicts, the females hold the key to this, it’s almost like sex is an way to control male behaviour and bond with other females”I listened with intent fascination as this woman showed an acute knowledge of what she was talking about and what she believed in.“many of us are the same” she continued “if only more people had open sexual relationships, the world would be a better place, I think we need more sluts and open-minded women” she said with great sincerity of her belief. We talked for some time on the same subject before I returned to Alan my husband, who by now was ready to head to the hotel restaurant for lunch. I didn’t mention my conversation as it was something I’d never really discussed before with Alan.The InviteFor days as we enjoyed the beaches and hours of sunshine, I couldn’t get my mind off Alice and our conversation her openness and honesty had left a mark on me and I was feeling like it was changing my perception. Half way through our holiday one evening at supper, I spoke to Alan “what are your honest feelings about swingers” I blurted out, Alan nearly choked on his food at the random question, “blimey Helen were did that come from?” he said in shock. I looked at his face trying to see if he was angry or upset at my topic of choice. I explained my chance meeting with Alice and what they were doing here, “if I’m honest I think there is something engaging and refreshing about it all” he said “I admire anyone who has the guts to do what they really want to do, as long as no one gets hurt I don’t see a problem”I was surprised at Alan’s reply we had never really discussed this sort of thing, we had a good sex life I love sexy lingerie and loved dressing up for him, but like many couples we drifted apart sexually as the years had rolled by.We talked more about my meeting with Alice as the evening wore on and I guess we were both feeling pretty horny as we tumbled into bed that evening the worst for wear with drink.There seemed to be an added edge as we shagged, as Tony went down on me to lick my pussy my mind drifted to imagining Alice being fucked by a istanbul escort couple of guys as her husband Tony watched her. It was the first time in a long time that I came whilst Tony’s tongue probed my wet pussy. That evening after Alan had fallen asleep my mind drifted to what it would be like dressing up for men and fucking who ever I pleased. Slowly I gently played with my clit and with a satisfied feeling I drifted off to sleep as the warm Jamaican night air blew across my naked body.Over the next few days, I had seen Alice a few times each time we chatted about the same subject. One afternoon on the same sunken step by the pool bar, Alice looked at me and said “we have hired the big beach hut and private beach down by the sea, why don’t you come down for the party”Alarmed I stuttered “oh I couldn’t” looking for excuses I said “besides how could I leave Alan”“don’t be daft” Alice replied I’m not going to not invite your husband, besides it’s a party with a BBQ, yes people will be horny and a few might act a bit outrageous but it’s not like a roman orgy, people will break up in groups head to the beach or back to their rooms, we’ve invited some of the hotel staff a lot of the black guys love the chance to fuck some the girls, give it a try”I didn’t know how I’d come this far, in the space of a week from an off-hand chat about swinging at the pool bar, I had changed my perception and thoughts on sex completely and here I was about to commit me and my husband to go to a party full of swingers.I paused deep in thought why Alice waited for an answer “come on honey the guys and girls love you Brits, you don’t have to take part in anything, you can party and go home, you can stay and watch or you and Alan can have a little fun together or if you’re feeling really adventurous you can join in”.Feeling like I was a teen again, I snapped “yes, yes okay we’ll come” Alice leaped forward with a splash of water and hugged me I could smell her perfume and felt her large breasts squeeze into mine as she squealed with delight.“great 8pm tomorrow night at the beach hut, ask for me, be ready to party and make sure you wear something sexy. With that she kissed me full on the lips and swam away, her curvy ass wiggled on the surface in the water as she disappeared to the side.How to tell Alan, what to tell Alan, ‘Alan sweetie we are going to a swingers party’ ‘Alan do you mind if I fuck someone different tonight’ ‘do you fancy going to a party and watching people have sex afterwards’ the approach whirled around my mind for hours before I decided to leave it and tell him at supper that evening. “we’ve been invited to a private party at the beach hut down on the beach tonight Alan” I said in a cheery off hand way “really” he said who with” “that American lady Alice I’ve been talking to” I said fully expecting him to lose his cool, although he rarely did “the swinger” he said quizzically “well yes but it’s a party not a sex show”Alan sat quietly for a second before he surprised me with his response, “I’m happy to go along darling” he said “might be kind of fun” “we don’t have to get involved with well you know” I said quietly “all that goes on after the party”, Alan looked at me and said “as long as you are happy and sure you know what you’re doing you know I’ll support you all the way, I just like to see you happy and enjoying yourself you know I trust you”His candour made me realise why I married him, he had no insecurities and wasn’t driven by jealousy or hate his was a love without boundaries.All the next day in the build up to the evening I couldn’t get my mind off the party, who would be there, what would happen, would Alan get upset what was I going to wear a million question and no answers.The Beach HutI stepped out of the shower at 6.30 that evening and looked in the mirror at 49 I was quite proud of myself, I stand at 5ft 5” my hair is shoulder length and thick golden blonde I feel I have good shapely legs, my skin is smooth and my figure is good, my breasts are large but not disproportionate, I look at my pussy neatly trimmed for this evening. I’ve moisturised my skin and its glistening as the sun shines through the open window of our hotel room.Now what to wear? I’m frustrated as I’ve not brought much that you would consider sexy or slutty.‘I’ve brought black hold ups with a lacy top, as I roll them up my leg’s I catch a glimpse of my calf muscles I’ve always had strong calf muscles and love how my legs look with a pair of high heels.My hold ups look good on, as I find a pair of high cut black lacy panties and bra to match, I made up my face and I’m wearing with a deep red lipstick.Alan walked in as I stood in front of the mirror, he eyes me up and down as I’m stood there in my hold ups, bra and panties. “wow red hot in black” he said “I can see you getting some attention tonight” I look at him wondering if he was having doubts, “you know Alan we can stay here or go for a walk down by the beach if you prefer” trying to be understanding for him.“sweetheart I wouldn’t miss tonight if we don’t go, we will always wonder what would have been”Alan was sincere in his words I’d never known him not be. My stomach knotted as I slipped on a short black skirt that stopped tantalisingly in line with my holdup’s so as I walked or if I leaned over you could see the stocking tops. I had a silver see through top that hung over my chest you could clearly see my black lacy bra below and the deep neckline showed my deep cleavage that just invited attention.“beautiful” Alan remarked on the edge of being slutty I’m going to enjoy seeing you get some attention tonight” his remarks surprised me and echoed in my mind for a few seconds as my heart went in my mouth at the thought of Alan sat back watching so many men chat me up.Alan’s openness and his remarks that I looked both beautiful and slutty gave me a tingling feeling inside as I began to get a feeling of trepidation and excitement about the evening.At the beach hut I asked the burly black doorman for Alice, who quickly appeared “honey I’m so pleased you are here and boy do you look good, I could fuck you right here and now the boys are going to love you” I’d gotten used to Alice’s forward approach now and quickly introduced Alan.Alice stood there in a small white dress that sat just below her ass her legs were tanned and golden, the dress was strapless and looked to be struggling to keep her boobs in, I noticed her nipples were large and clearly showing through the white material.Alice quickly grabbed Alan and I by the hand, “drinks are free and the food is on the BBQ just outside on the beach” she said “lets meet my husband and some friends”At the bar we met a few couples and drank and chatted, they all had a welcoming American way around them open and honest and sincere. I looked around the room it was relax people talked the guys mostly wore shorts and shirts, some of the women were wearing just bikinis and all the others looked really sexy.I was receiving a fair bit of attention from three of the guys, Alice’s husband Tony among them, they weren’t shy in looking at my cleavage and were complimentary over my dress and figure, which made me feel good about myself.As the evening wore on’ we ate and drank and party just like any other party, a few couples were engaged in some heavy kissing here and there but there was nothing that could give it away that these people were all swingers.Later that evening Alice grabbed me by the hand “come on honey let’s dance a little with these lads, I think I might be with them a little later” she said with a wink.My heart suddenly pounded as I panicked that she thought I would be involved in this, I scanned around for Alan who was deep in conversation with another guy, I loved how I could leave Alan with other people and not have to worry about him.On the dance floor we danced with a mixed group of about 5 men, a couple were younger black guys who I’d seen working in the resort the other 3 I guessed were with Alice a couple were our age group and I younger guy perhaps around 30.It was easy to get carried away with the rhythm of the music, and I watched as Alice teased and tantalised the two black lads, one of the older guys grabbed my hands and we twisted and turned on the dance floor.Before I knew it as a group we had moved closer one of the young black guys was behind me now and I could feel his body as he pressed into my back, almost without thinking I was pressing back into his groin wriggling my ass invitingly, one of the older American guys moved closer in front of me close enough for my tits to occasionally press against his chest as we all avcılar escort gyrated and danced close on the dance floor.I could feel the black guy behind me press into my ass and back again, this time putting his hands on my hips, I was sure I could feel the distinctive bulge of his hard cock pressing against my ass.I began to get lost in the moment and pushed further against him almost rhythmically pumping him as my arms reached around to feel his body. The guy in front of me smiled as we continued dancing occasionally, he would move in closer and press his chest into mine and push his hips toward my pussy clearly indicating he wanted to go further.The dancing was hot and sweaty and as I felt the young black guys cock pushing into my ass, I knew that I needed it tonight, if not from these guys then Alan. Alan where was Alan I looked around to see him still talking to a few guys, I caught his eye as he winked and smiled in an approving manner, I felt strange that here I was dancing close to strangers while my husband was no more than 10 feet away.I felt the tug of my hand and looked around to see Alice’s face smiling at me, “we’re going outside for some fresh air and sit by the water for a while” she said with a knowing voice.“what you and these guys” I panicked again my heart rate going up. “come with us you can chat and talk and maybe I’ll give you something to watch if you like” Alice said with a mischievous grin.The BeachOutside the beach hut a beach fire crackled and popped as the moon set the water alight with a silvery glow that shimmered across the ripples. There were cold beers in buckets around what can only be described as picnic benches long enough to sit about 5 people either side, some soft music played from speakers that were dotted around the beach.As we sat down, I noticed a woman lying naked on a sun lounger close by, she had her legs open and both hands were holding a guy’s head between her legs, she was groaning and moaning softly as the guy was clearly licking her pussy. It seemed a surreal moment for that to be going on whilst everyone sat down like it wasn’t happening. I drank my cold beer as the young black guy and the older white American guy sat either side of me, we spoke for a while exchanging names, the black guy was called Junior and the American guy was called Dave. I told them I’d never been to this sort of thing before and made it clear that I wasn’t going back to any rooms afterwards.It wasn’t long before I noticed that Alice had stopped drinking and across the bench from me was kissing the guy next to her, my eyes almost popped out of my head as I watched as the other black guy who was sat next to her casually reached over and dropped the top of Alice’s little white dress down over her breasts revealing Alice’s beautiful large golden tits.His dark hand immediately caressed the golden skin of the breast nearest him seeking out Alice’s dark nipples which by now were standing out urging the guy to play with them.Alice stopped kissing one of the guys and turned to the black guy smiled and started kissing him, it was clear to me her tongue was seeking out his with some urgency as she latched on to him.I watched as the two men either side of her played and toyed with her tits, tweaking and playing with the hard tips. The third guy had now got up and was stood behind Alice his hands smoothed down her chest towards her already occupied tits.I couldn’t see what was going on under the table but assumed that the insides of Alice’s upper legs were receiving as much male attention as the top half was.I watched in abject fascination, I’d never seen anything like this before, deep inside I could feel my stomach knotting and my heart was pounding, my pussy was already damp from closeness of the dancing and I could feel that my panties were damp and sticking to my pussy. I caught Alice’s eye and she smiled as she stood up, “time we all got aquatinted” she said in her soft American accent “I’ve got a lot of fucking to do tonight and it’s only just starting. Alice wiggled her hips and her white dress dropped down, she stood there in front of everyone without a care in the world her large tits already crying out for more attention and a little white pair of panties covered her pussy. The guy behind her brought his arms around to Alice’s tits and again caressed and played with them, the black guy had already started to slide his hand down Alice’s panties his fingers seeking the softness of her wet pussy lips. The third guy now had managed to latch his mouth on to one of Alice’s nipples as she squealed with delight at the attention.Alice moved away and I watched as the black guy carefully took down her panties, her pussy was fully shaved and glistened wet under the moonlight.“come on boys” Alice spoke as she moved to lean over the table her heavy breast hung low over the wood as she pushed her ass out inviting the guys to mount her from behind. Alice was going to get what she wanted and it was going to start with a good fucking, her stance offered the guys to take her, and that’s just what they did.The black guy was first quickly dropping his shorts and removing his shirt I could see his large erect cock spring out of his pants. Quickly he positioned himself behind Alice’s waiting ass, the bulbous head of his cock seeking out her wet pussy lips.In no time the guy was thrusting into Alice with every thrust her tits swung and heaved around, one of the other three guys removed his clothes and climbed onto bench, his cock wasn’t massive but he immediately offered it up to Alice to suck.Alice’s mouth opened up gratefully almost taking all of his shaft and taking it straight into her mouth. My concentration on what was going on was broken as I felt the hand of the young black guy Junior move across my skirt on my thigh his fingers working their way across the black material.I was just about to push his hand away when I stopped and just ignored what he was doing I returned my attention to Alice.Watching Alice was like watching a master craftsman at work, as with no hesitation she gave herself to the men around her, but without ever losing control of what she was doing.The face of the black guy who was pounding Alice doggy style as she leant over the bench, began to contort I could see his muscles in his chest almost straining to break free of his body his hands gripped her hips harder as he fucked her and as his body began to tense ready to release his spunk.Alice moaned and cried out “fuck me come on take me, shot your spunk over my ass” almost instantly I watched as the guy pulled his large black dick out of Alice’s pussy as he shot his pent up spunk up her ass the first shot landed in the middle of her back and the rest seemed to spurt for an age as it settled down the cheeks of her ass and dripped onto her tight little asshole.By now Junior’s hand had reached the top of my skirt above my pussy, my heart skipped a beat as I felt his fingers run down the lace of my stocking tops, he knew what he wanted and I was powerless to stop him.The skin around the top of my leg tingled with his touch, here I was on holiday allowing a total stranger to touch me up, my emotions fired all over the place, a touch of guilt that Alan was near-by, the electric sensation of allowing a stranger play with me my heart was in my mouth and I couldn’t take my eyes of Alice.Alice had shifted now and was laying on her back on the bench, her legs open and pussy waiting to be fucked again, the guy who had put his cock in her mouth had moved around and was stood between her legs.I watched as Alice’s hands dropped down to spread her pussy lips wide, giving the guy no doubt what she wanted, “come on Bill you’ve been here before honey” the guy studied the wet pink inside of her pussy that was still gaping from being filled with the large black cock. The invite was gratefully accepted by Bill who moved forward his erect cock slid easily into Alice’s pussy, the guy’s face was etched with pleasure as he delved deep inside, Alice let out a little sigh of relief as the third guy started to suck her nipples.By now the black guy was spent and moved away to sit on the sand and watch.I gasped under my breath as Juniors fingers now ran down the front of my black panties, I could feel my pussy creaming up as the lacy material soaked up the juice.I opened my legs slightly giving Junior permission to touch me, what I was watching in front of me with Alice was almost a****listic it was raw sex and fucking exciting.Juniors finger slipped inside the tight rim of my panties his fingers toyed with the neatly trimmed hair on my now swollen pussy as they felt there way around, şirinevler escort I closed my eyes and quietly moaned at this welcome invasion between my legs. ‘oh fuck’ I thought as I couldn’t stop what was going on, his fingers felt soft and the thought that Junior’s cock was probably as hard as rock flashed through my mind, as the excitement of giving myself to this young black guy became overwhelming.Alice by now had lifted her legs in the air to allow Bill to get deep inside, the guy sucking her tits hand slipped his cock out and Alice’s wandering hand had a firm grip on the shaft as she deftly wanked it causing the guy to moan as she did.I looked down below the bench and opened my legs wider now so Juniors probing fingers could find their way to their destination, I slowly lifted my hips so I could move my skirt up higher, the feeling of Juniors fingers gently edging around my pussy lips had me moaning.Un-noticed to me from where I was sat the other American guy Dave next to me had unzipped his shorts and had his cock out, I looked as his hand glided up and down the shaft his fingers smoothing pre cum over the head making it glisten.I couldn’t resist as I watched this and almost spell-bound I reached out my hand and took the base of his cock, the guy looked at me and smiled and without a word let go of his cock leaving me to wank it. The skin on his shaft felt soft against his long hard erection as my hand and fingers easily slid over the tip as the juices seeped out of the small slit in the end of his cock.I felt I needed to pleasure him in the same way as Junior was now fingering me. Two of Juniors fingers slipped easily past my pussy lips and into my juicy pussy. I opened my legs as far as I could to allow him inside his fingers brushed against the walls of my pussy as more juice lubricated his access.Alice’s voice broke my thoughts as I heard her say “deeper Bill, you can fill me tonight, shot that cum deep inside” she looked at the other guy who she was wanking, “shot your load over my tits” was her almost direct instruction.If Alan was near-by he would have been shocked at the vision in front of him, Alice laying back on a wooden bench naked with her legs open about to receive two loads of spunk one deep inside her pussy the other over her tits, of a bigger shock would be if could see me, legs open with a young black man fingering my pussy whilst I masturbated the long slim cock of the guy next to me.Juniors had two fingers pushing in and out of me and he had moved to allow his thumb to rub against my clit. The sensation of this finger fucking had my insides building with pressure I could feel the muscles in my pussy clench tightly around Juniors fingers as they fucked me, my hips were now thrusting with his fingers as I felt my body explode and release wave after wave of pleasure.“oh god that’s good” I moaned my hand was now working the shaft of the guy next to me so hard that I felt his cock arch in my hand and spurts of white-hot juice shot out of the tip and over my hand and fingers.My body slumped as Junior slipped his fingers out from my wet pussy. I could feel my panties creamed with pussy juice, as they again covered my aching pussy. I looked down at my hand the guy next to me had gone limp now my hand was covered in warm sticky cum. Without thinking I watched the look on this stranger’s face as I brought my hand up to my mouth and my tongue licked some of the spunk from my skin. His spunk tasted salty as some of it slid down my throat. “baby you are one hot lady” he said watching my willing actions.Alice let out a cry and I could see her gripping Bill as his cock must have stiffened and he shot his load deep between her legs. The guy next to her shot loads of steaming spunk, I watched as it flew through the night sky and splattered her tits coating her with the hot substance. It was clear to me Alice was cumming as her body trembled as Bill released his seed deep inside her pussy.Junior took my hand “I think it’s time my cock had a little action baby” he smiled at me as he spoke, I stood up and turned around as Junior removed my top, I didn’t need any help with my bra and unclipped it, it was nice to feel my large tits fall free and feel the cool air of the night sky around them.Junior had taken off his clothes his black skin shone under the moon light and his chest muscles and bi-ceps looked perfect in the half light.Junior led me to the edge of the bench and with no effort lifted me on to it, as I laid back, I could see his cock standing out proud and erect, waiting to take me. I laid back and lifted my skirt as Junior knelt down and pulled my panties down leaving them on the beach below us, I felt my legs being forced open as while he was kneeling there, he quickly pushed my knees apart and buried his face into my pussy.The feeling was electric as his tongue immediately pushed into soft flesh of my pussy, I gasped as his tongue lapped hungrily at my juices, circling my clit and at one stage I almost took off as his tongue slipped around my tight ass hole and back up to my pussy.As I turned my head, I could see Alice watching intently as she cleaned the spunk from her tits and her hand brushed across the trails of spunk that dripped from her well fucked pussy lips.Junior had stood up now as I looked down my body laid across the bench, I pulled my knees up my legs open as my pussy hungrily waited for his black cock to enter me.Junior moved forward and I gasped as this young black man slowly slid his large cock into my pussy, my pussy lips slowly widened as he began to fill me. The feeling of his cock slowly filling my pussy was unreal as he pushed deep inside me.I held my legs up with my hands behind my knees in an attempt to help him enter me, quickly he was thrusting and pumping me with some force, the large head of his cock brushed against my clit as it forced in and out, I loved the electric feeling of my erect clit tingling bringing my pussy back to life again.Junior fucked me hard every thrust moved my whole body on the bench, as I lay there taking his cock, I felt like that dirty little slut Alice and I had spoken about being fucked by a young man whilst people around watched. It was an almost alluring feeling I was being taken but it was fantastic to be the exhibitionist for those people.I felt Juniors cock tense inside of me and reached out pulling the black skin on his ass as far as I could between my legs. The feeling of his cock arching inside of me and his spunk shooting deep into my pussy had me shouting out “god, fuck yesssss”As Junior slipped his half erect cock out of me, I could feel some warm spunk dribble down the inside of my legs, so much more was inside of me mingling with my juices.Alice broke the silence “honey I knew you couldn’t resist there is nothing like a good fuck under the stars”The ReturnA few minutes later I straightened my clothes, my panties were wet and sandy so I couldn’t put them on, as I headed back up to beach hut Alice holding my hand we laughed and joked, I could feel the gentle trickle of spunk running down my leg.Alan, shit Alan where was he, what would he say if he knew what I had done. At the beach hut sat outside was Alan with Alice’s husband from his position he had seen everything.“you girls looked to have had a good time” Tony said, I looked straight at Alan worried I would have ruined the holiday. Alan had a broad smile on his face “that was quite a show” he said winking at me.I hugged him and said if it was okay, I wanted to go back to the hotel room with him, Alice tried hard to encourage me to stay as for her the night of sex had only just begun.As we walked Alan held me and asked me how I felt, “honestly” I said “unbelievable I had enjoyed every second of the experience on the beach, watching Alice, wanking Dave, being fingered by Junior and fucked over the bench was all just mind blowing, I felt like it was something I always should have been doing”Alan was genuinely interested and listened as I told him what had happened, as we undressed in our room and laid on the bed naked, I leaned over Alan and straddled his hard cock, he slipped easily into my pussy which was still wet from Juniors spunk. I fucked Alan hard quickly draining his seed adding it to Juniors deep in my belly leaving me with a warm satisfied feeling I was almost glowing with satisfaction at the evening’s events.Over the final few days nothing else happened on that holiday, we exchanged details with Alice and promised to keep in touch hoping one day that we would meet up again for more adventures.On the flight home Alan and I discussed what would happen at home I was keen for more adventures and try new things and Alan was 100% supportive and he was literally encouraging me to get out there and do it, we knew my high profile job would be a problem but it wasn’t going to stop me, as we flew over the South Western approaches I could see Dartmoor below and hoped that that beautiful scenery, like the beautiful scenery I’d just come from might soon hold the key to more sexual adventures.

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