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She lay back on her bed, thinking of her boyfriend lying next to her. She dreamed him kissing her, running his fingers up and down her body. She the new lingerie she bought, black thigh stockings, black gstring and black bra. They were going out this weekend and she wanted to surprise him in the evening. Normally she didn’t wear these things.

She squeezed her nipples, through her bra, playing with them like he would, her hands moving down her body to her clit. Closing her eyes picturing him kissing down her body as he rubbed her clit. She loved him rubbing her clit and fingering her. She was getting wet thinking about it.

she slid a finger in her pussy, then 2. She wanted him so badly right now to be doing this for her. His tongue would be licking her clit, toying with her pussy. She now had 2 fingers fucking her pussy and her other hand rubbing her clit. She didn’t take her gstring off, just played with it on.

She swapped her hands, her fingers covered in her pussy felt hot and wet on her clit, almost like his tongue would be, while her fingers in her pussy found her spot.

She rolled onto her stomach, grinding her hips down on the bed, forcing her fingers on her clit harder. She felt herself building up to cum and worked herself harder, she wanted to cum. She wanted his tongue in her pussy when she did, working its way in her pussy. She pressed harder and felt it, she let out a deep moan as she came. She licked her fingers clean, loving the taste of when she came.

She wasn’t satisfied, normally now he’d take his hard cock and start fucking her pussy. She reached over to her drawer, pulling out her dildo. He didn’t like her using toys, but fuck it, if he wasn’t here to fuck, something had to. She’d bought a new toy she was going to try out tonight, a black butt plug. They’d been trying to have anal sex, but she was a too tight to really enjoy it.

Rubbing the dildo against her pussy she used her fingers to get it nice and wet before sliding it deep in her pussy. She did exactly what he would be doing, using long slow movements first, before starting to get faster.

She loved being fucked from behind by him and taking the dildo from her pussy she got on her knees. Luckily her dildo had a suction cup and stuck almost anywhere. She stuck it against the bedhead and backed herself onto it, picturing his hand holding her hips so he could really fuck her hard. She felt another orgasm on its way as she rubbed her clit, she was just about to cum when she thought she heard his voice, pausing, wondering if it was just in her head or was he really here?

There it was again, he was definitely in the house! ‘Shit shit shit’ she panicked, hoping he wouldn’t walk in on her right now. She pulled herself off the dildo and grabbed her night-gown, wrapping it around her. She went out to meet him, hair all over the place and face flushed.

‘Hey babe’ she called out to him, ‘didn’t think you were coming here until tomorrow.’

‘Decided to surprise you,’ he replied, looking up and down her, ‘though it appears I’m the one surprised.’

She decided to play along, opening the gown ‘See something you like’ as almanbahis şikayet she twirled around, showing off her ass in the gstring.

He moved straight to her, grabbing her and kissing her. He tasted her pussy on her lips, broke the kiss and looked at her. ‘What?’ she said, looking slyly at him. He could tell what she’d been doing.

She pulled him into the bedroom and fell on the bed, completely forgetting about the dildo she stuck to the bedhead and the butt plug on the bedside table, until he saw it ‘What is that?’ he said, pointing it out. ‘Ummm’ she tried thinking what to say. ‘I need something more than fingers when you’re not here. Don’t worry, its smaller then you. And that is something I was going to try ‘ pointing out the black butt plug. ‘maybe you can help me with it’ she suggested. She was on her hands and knees and crawled over to him. ‘Don’t be upset, they are harmless toys. They will never replace the real thing’ she stated, rubbing his hard cock through his pants.

‘I’m not upset’ he replied, ‘but I did have a surprise for you, but it doesn’t really seem like a surprise now.’ ‘what is it?’ she questioned, shocked that her would buy her something.

He left the room to go to his bag, she took off her gown. He returned with a black bag and handed it to her. She took it out and saw it was a black soft collar and leash. ‘What is this for?’ she asked. ‘It’s for you to wear while we fuck’, taking it from her and putting it around her neck.

‘Now lay back and let me taste more of that pussy’ he demanded, taking his shirt off.

she laid back on the bed as he kissed up her legs. He bent her knees as she spread her legs, his tongue teasing her clit and pussy through the lace of her gstring, she could feel his hot breath on her clit. His tongue snaked under her gstring, flicking her pussy lips as he rub her. Her gstring, already damp from earlier, was now wet from his attention. He pulled the gstring aside and his tongue found her throbbing clit. As soon as it did she almost came, she tried controlling her breathing, she wanted this to last. She ran her fingers through his hair as his tongue worked her clit, his fingers teasing her pussy. He slid two fingers in her wet pussy, fingering her hard. She was moaning harder as his tongue flicked her clit before his whole mouth was pressed against her pussy, she couldn’t hold back anymore and her whole body tensed up, her hands pulling his mouth and tongue harder on her pussy. She held her breathe as the orgasm went through her until she moaned loudly, shaking as the feeling spread throughout her. He came of her and stood up, pulling his pants off, releasing his cock. She could see the top of his cock glistening with precum. She needed to taste it on her tongue.

She moved forward ready to take his cock in her mouth when he stopped her.

‘Not like this’ he said, laying down on the bed, ‘I want to lick your clit while you suck me.’

Realising what he wanted, she straddled his face, before she could get near his cock her clit was in his mouth again. His tongue was moving between her ass and clit, teasing both.

She managed to get his cock almanbahis canlı casino in her mouth, his precum sweet on her tongue.

She was too busy sucking his cock to notice what he was doing, until she felt pressure against her ass. He’d gotten the plug she’d bought and lubed it up. He had the tip against her ass and was slowly pressing it in. She felt her ass slowly giving way, she almost fell forward and moaned as the tip went it. He moved around in circles, working her ass. ‘Please stick it in me’ she moaned as he kept teasing her with it. He was moving it in a little deeper each time and pulling it out whilst his tongue went back to her clit. ‘please more’ she moaned, unable to concentrate on his cock anymore as the pleasure built up in her pussy and ass. Slowly he kept working the plug in until it was fully in, she lay there, breathing and moaning as he kept licking her clit. She hadn’t realised it was fully in her ass until she felt both his arms around her legs, pulling her pussy down on his tongue.

‘Hows that feel in there?’ he asked her.

‘Just keep eating me, I want to cum’ she demanded, he slid a finger in her pussy, turning it up so it was rubbing against the plug in her ass. Her head was between his legs, moaning as she wanted to cum. This time there wasn’t any build up, it just hit her like a ton of bricks as his second finger hit her gspot. Her body rocked as the orgasm spread through her, concentrating on her ass which clenched around the plug and through her pussy, where her cum ran down his face.

Before she had a chance to recover he’d moved out from under her and slid his cock into her pussy, grabbing her hips and pounding into her. She moaned with every thrust, loving the feeling of being fucked hard, though this time it felt even better with the plug in his ass. It almost made her pussy feel tighter as he fucked it.

He leant forward and grabbed the leash, giving it a gentle pull backwards. It sent another jolt of pleasure through her. She loved being all his and his alone.

He pulled out of her pussy ‘taste your pussy’ he told her. She didn’t need to be told twice. She spun around and eagerly licked her pussy off him loving the taste. He laid back on bed as she kept sucking him. She stopped sucking and moved her hips up to his, holding his cock in her hands she slid her pussy down on him, she was in control and wanted to have his cock where she wanted it. She moved her hips around, which she found gave her the added pleasure in her ass when the plug was moved as it hit his leg.

She found the spot she wanted and ground her hips into him, his cock rubbing her gspot.

‘please rub my clit’ she pleaded with him. She reached around and started playing with the plug in her ass as he rubbed her clit. The overwhelming feeling was too much for her. She was breathing and moaning quickly and heavily.

She started wondering what it would being double penetrated as she was feeling so good right now.

She was ready to get her ass fucked.

She hoped off and laid next to him.

He knew what she wanted and slowly pulled the plug from her ass. It was just almanbahis casino as good coming out as it was going in.

He rubbed some lubed on his cock and slowly pushed it in her ass. She held her breathe as she felt herself taking him in. Once he was fully in she relaxed and he started slowly fucking her. She rubbed her clit as her built up the pace.

Moaning as her ass was being fucked she had an idea. ‘Stop’ she told him. ‘Why?’ he asked, his cock buried deep in her ass.

‘I want to try something, don’t worry, you’ll get to fuck my ass more’ she laughed.

He slowly pulled out of her ass as she searched for the dildo. ‘Why do you want that?’ He asked. ‘Wait and see’ she said.

She found it and held it on the bed, it pointing straight towards her pussy.

‘What are you doing? He questioned as she squatted down on it, it slipping easily into her pussy. She was crouched forward on her knees, the dildo deep in her pussy. ‘Wait are you waiting for? Fuck my ass!’ She told him, her ass presented to him. He lined his cock up and slid back in her ass. ‘Ohhhhhhh’ she let out as her pussy and ass we now full. He stayed there for a minute until she was ready. He started fucking her ass slowly as she moved the dildo in her pussy.

She’d never felt this before, she was so full and got herself in a rhythm so as he pushed in her ass, she pulled the dildo out of her pussy, then sliding it back in her pussy as he pulled back in her ass.

‘Fuck fuck fuck so goooood’ she kept thinking, a massive orgasm building up.

Waves of pleasure went through her body as her pussy and ass were fucked.

She could feel the 2 cocks rubbing between her pussy and ass, sending her into ecstasy.

‘I want to watch you cum’ he told her.

He pulled out of her ass, she pulled the dildo out of her pussy. ‘I want you to cum in my pussy’ she told him as she laid on her back, working the dildo in her ass, she got it all the way in then he slid in her pussy. She held the dildo deep in her ass as he fucked her pussy. She rubbed her clit as another massive orgasm built up in her. Her pussy started spasming, squeezing his cock. Her moaning got heavier and heavier, she felt her pussy and ass ready to explode as her whole body tensed up.

She started cumming, her eyes rolling back in her head as her whole body shook with waves of pleasure like she’d never experienced before.

She couldn’t control the feeling as her pussy squeezed his cock. He kept fucking her hard through the orgasm as a new sensation built up.

She almost felt like she needed to pee, before it released, she came all over him. She squirted a little from her pussy, hitting hit, drenching her pussy and his cock. Her eyes rolled back in head again.

This was too much for him to handle, seeing his gf orgasming so intensely. He felt the pressure in his balls rising as his whole body felt it coming.

He let out a loud powerful moan as a massive orgasm went through him.

He shot load after load deep in her pussy. She felt his cum shooting inside which instantly sent her into a final orgasm. Her pulled out and she took his cock in her mouth, sucking the last of his cum out of him and licking her cum off his cock.

The dildo popped out of her ass.

Never had she been so truly fucked before.

She knew she was going to be sore in the morning but right now she didn’t care.

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