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He knew one thing in life and that was that he hated fags because God hated fags. His pastor said so. Leviticus said so. Didn’t everyone just know?

Ralph sat naked in front of his computer at home in his parents’ basement. He was of stocky build and he kept his head shaved close.

Gays were the enemy of his way of life. Pastor Dwayne said so. If they were the enemy, then, Ralph reasoned, to defeat your enemy, you must know your enemy. That was the only reason he was on this website. Otherwise, he’d never be caught dead with gay porn on his screen.

It was all filth. He pulled up a video based on a particularly vile thumbnail preview. It showed two adult men kissing-on the lips!

The video started playing and Ralph was agitated to see two very normal looking guys lock in an embrace and begin to kiss each other with great passion. Ralph’s own tongue probed around the inside of his mouth as his saliva began to pool and collect. The men’s faces were in profile and close-up now and Ralph could see their lascivious tongues interlacing with each other, twisting and tangling as the gay couple canoodled.

Their open-mouth kissing was appalling, Ralph thought. They illegal bahis were probably spreading some disease to each other right now before his eyes. They were so gay.

Unconsciously, Ralph began rubbing himself slowly.

The performers broke their embrace long enough to remove each other’s clothing right down to and including the socks and underwear. Ralph had never been naked in front of another man, nor any woman either. For two men to be naked together and enjoying it-they were clearly homos.

Ralph rubbed his erection more intensely. He reached over to the desk and poured some lubricant on his hand to reduce the friction.

The gay actors fell on a bed and continued snogging for some time. Ralph could see all their private parts. Their asses, their penises. He watched as the two men’s peckers got hard. Then one of the porn stars kissed his way down the other man’s neck, and licked down his chest to his abdomen and beyond until he was looking straight down on his lover’s cock. He kissed it and lapped at it and then he took it full in his mouth and started to suck it. His cheeks caved in as he began to really go to work on it.

Ralph reached across to his desk and picked up a very large carrot he had selected illegal bahis siteleri from Ma’s refrigerator earlier. He would have to be careful. If carrots kept disappearing, Ma might notice. He opened his mouth wide and guided the carrot in, engulfing the end of it and pushing until it hit the back of his throat. Then he began to suck on it like the actor in the movie sucked the cock and he started jerking it in and out of his mouth.

How can those homos do this? Ralph asked himself. It’s so gay.

The men in the video wriggled their way around the bed until they were in a sixty-nine position so they could suck each other off.

“Those cocksuckers,” Ralph said, moaning slightly.

Ralph continued to push the carrot in and out of his mouth while he masturbated with his other hand.

After a few minutes of this, Ralph was breathing hard and so were the actors in the porn video.

One of the men broke position and forcefully turned his friend over so that his ass was facing up. As the actor did this, Ralph was applying lube to the carrot he had just had in his mouth. When the porn star used his cock to penetrate the other actor’s ass, Ralph leaned way back in his chair and shoved the lubricated carrot canlı bahis siteleri through his asshole. He grunted. He began to saw the carrot in and out of his ass in time to the rhythm of the actors on the screen. Those queers.

Ralph watched as the actors continued shagging for some time before the man on the bottom turned over so he was face up. The other man reinserted his cock and resumed fucking him. Ralph’s carrot continued fucking him too.

The bottom began to tug at his own dick, masturbating himself fiercely for about a minute before he blew his load all over his chest.

Ralph didn’t realize it, but he licked his lips. He kept wanking.

A minute later, the top pulled his cock out of his co-star and came all over his belly and his chest.

Ralph wasn’t far behind. He tossed the carrot aside so he could pull his pud with his right hand and seconds later, he ejaculated great gobs of sticky semen all over his own abdomen. He moaned with a pleasure he attributed to anything but the idea of homosexuality.

On the video, the top was licking the sperm off his friend and Ralph mirrored the action the only way he could, by gathering up the steaming cum off his belly with one hand and holding it up to his mouth to eat it.

“Oh, those faggots,” he groaned.

He still didn’t really feel like he understood the enemy fully. He would need to undertake further research. And he would probably need to buy Ma some more carrots.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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