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Hookers Ch3I’d like to share some more hooker experiences as some of you enjoyed my previous posts! Now I’m a submissive by nature, and like to think that I’m pretty kind-hearted! lol I do however have a cruel streak in me, and sometimes I enjoy humiliating girls! This chapter is about the few hookers I’ve humiliated over the years. It does contain some watersports and some light s**t so if that’s not your cup of tea, you’ve been warned!The first time I thought about wanting to make a girl do something nasty, I was about 22. I had a fantasy about domming a really submissive girl and making her do whatever I wanted. Now I’m usually the one wanting to be humiliated and dominated so it was new to me to want to do it to someone else! I went out driving and after stopping and talking to a few hookers, drove off with one in my car! Now I had asked all of them if they’d blow me without a condom and the one I picked up was the only one into it. She was younger, blonde, skinny, and looked strung out. We parked in a secluded spot and I took my pants off and leaned back, exposing my little dick to her. Now I had been out partying the night before, and didn’t shower before picking her up, and I know that my crotch was rank because even I could smell it! I’d been out at the bar, and as I’m sure a lot of you know, when you’re hammered and pissing at a busy urinal you don’t always shake the best! Add the fact that I had jerked off before going to bed without wiping up and the fact that I’m uncut and you can imagine how raunchy the inside of my foreskin was! She pulled on my little dicklette trying to get it hard, but I fought off the urge telling her to suck me. She slowly lowered her head and I seen her wretch a bit as she peeled my tiny foreskin back revealing my little cock head, covered in white dick cheese! She sat back up and told me she couldn’t do it without a condom because I was unwashed and I simply told her to give my money back and I’d find another crackwhore to blow me. Her face turned beet-red and she told me she really needed the money and again leaned over, putting her face inches from my stinky crotch. This time she didn’t pull my foreskin back, just took it all in her mouth and started sucking. As I got hard, my foreskin obviously pulled back and when she started gagging I knew she had tasted that nasty head cheese! She stopped sucking and just jerked me but I told her to keep sucking me. She relented and put my istanbul escort rank cock back in her mouth and sucked furiously to get me to cum! I held back and started telling her:”MMMMMMMMMMMMM nice! Suck that nasty little cock you crackwhore! What a dirty cocksucker you are! Like the taste? You’re nasty for sucking my little rank dick!”She stopped to say something but I pushed her head back down and poked my little dickie in and out of her mouth. I then told her to lick my sweaty balls and jack me off onto her face, which she reluctantly did! I spewed my jizz over her left cheek as her tongue flicked over my tight little nut sack. She wiped her face and opened the door and puked! She told me I was disgusting for making her do that and told me she’d walk back as she didn’t even want to see my face! Of course my car also reeked of dirty cock and I’m sure she would’ve puked again had she not gotten out! I drove away, very satisfied!Now I will admit, that after that first time I felt guilty while driving home! It actually took a few years before I did anything like that again. I went back to being the submissive one and letting them humiliate me! That was until I picked up this one hooker, she was late twenties, brunette, and very dirty looking. I almost told her to forget it, but as it was raining out, it was slim pickings for hookers! As she started drying off I noticed she reeked of piss! She noticed the look on my face and apologized for her stench as she had let some old guy piss on her earlier that day! She then told me I could do the same before she blew me for a very cheap rate!! I accepted and took her to an empty apartment I had keys for and we went into the bathroom. She stripped down to her panties and I told her to keep them on as she climbed into the tub. I stood in front of her and relaxed my bladder, pissing all over her face! It was exciting to say the least! I told her to open her mouth and watched as put her mouth over my little cock and drank the last of my piss! She then sucked me and got me hard and just as I was gearing up to cum she stopped and asked me if I liked having my butt licked! I turned around and felt her tongue my asshole as she reached around and jerked my dick with her thumb and finger! I came and realized she caught my jizz in her other hand and watched as she rubbed it all over her body, mixing it with my piss! We avcılar escort dressed and I took her where she wanted to go, her leaving a nasty stench in my car!After this second time, I started making girls blow my unwashed rank cock quite regularly! They were all pretty much like the first except I only ever had one other puke from it! I would do this maybe three or four times a year and as I got older, and fatter, it made the experience even more humiliating! I still occasionally pick up a girl and humiliate her somehow! The best experience I ever had doing this happened a few years back!I was actually dating a girl at the time, and we had gone out the night before and I had gotten pretty drunk off of whiskey! Now whiskey gives me the runs big time the next day and this time was no different! My girlfriend had to leave for a business trip in the morning and didn’t drink much, but we did have sex twice before she left. Once when we got home and once just before she left! I still had her dried cunt juice all over my little dick and pubes, and decided I was going to humiliate some poor hooker by licking me clean! As I was getting ready to go it hit me! The shits! I ran to the bathroom and exploded!! It was really gross!! It was all pretty much water and it was like I had an enema, that’s how much liquid came out! Anyways, as I sat on the shitter I could feel the liquid running down my cheeks, and came up with an idea! When I was finished, I stood up and grabbed my girlfriends hair dryer and dried all the liquid ass juice that had leaked onto my ass cheeks and anus! Once it was all dry I put my piss stained undies on from the night before and set out to find a hooker!I drove around for over an hour looking for the perfect one to humiliate! Very few girls will lick your ass for you, so finding a desperate one is key! I finally saw one I thought would be perfect! She was early twenties, dirty hair, glasses, and was very chubby! I know most johns won’t pick up a fat hooker and hoped she was desparate! I was right! She had been out earlier that day and didn’t get picked up and thanked me for stopping as she’d only been back out a short time. I took her to a wooded area I frequent and we walked to my spot. I didn’t pay her right away telling her I wanted to make sure she’d do eveything I wanted and she agreed, although reluctantly! I had already asked her if she’d eat my ass and when I stripped şirinevler escort down and bent over she got behind me and was about to started licking when she paused!”Is there a problem” I asked.”uh….no………..I’ve just never done this before. Sorry! Here let me pleasure you” she replied, just before I felt her tongue lightly graze my asshole. I reached back and grabbed her head and pulled her face into my fat ass telling her to lick it good! She started licking as I moved her head up and down the length of my ass crack, rubbing her face in my dried up filth! I looked down and realized I had a hard on and told her to reach around me and jerk me off. When I felt that she had licked me good, I turned around and made her not suck but lick all the dried up pussy juice and cum form my dicklette! I even had her suck all the dried up white flakes from my pubes before I turned around and once again bent over, exposing my fat disgusting ass to her. She immediatly started rimming me again and jerking my tiny dick! That’s when I felt it comming! My ass was about to explode again, and I don’t konw what came over me as I’ve never done any s**t games ever, but I held her head to my ass and let it go! The sound was loud and the smell was instantaneous! So stinky!! She didn’t do anything at first. I turned around and looked at her and she just sat back on her knees with my liquid shit running down her face and just stared off into space! Then all of a sudden her face contorted and she started BAWLING!! Not just normal crying but wailing, bawling! I don’t know what came over me but I grabbed my dickie and wanked it as fast as I could, stepping right up to her. As she wailed, I shot a huge load of jizz all over her face, it mixing with her tears! When I finally came down form my orgasm, I grabbed my underwear and started wiping her face off. She stopped crying by that point and just looked up at me, not saying a word. I told her it was an accident and that I was sorry and theat I’d give her double what she asked for! She just took her shirt off and finished wiping her face and stood there staring off into space. I told her to come to my car to get her money and she followed me and got in. I asked where she wanted to go but she didn’t say anything, just stared off into space. I took her back to where I picked her up and handed her double what we had agreed on. She just looked at the money and then at me and took the cash never saying a word, and got out. As I drove away, I watched her in my rearview, she just stood in the same spot staring at the money in her hands, never moving. I never saw that girl out hooking again, nor have I ever done anything like it again! I do still get some hookers to lick my bum, but I’ve never shit on another one!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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