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HotwifeBored and just us, we wondered what to do with a k**less night. I was still thinking of the fantasy my wife had told me the night before, had totally turned me on that she had thought like that. Had always had the Paul fantasy myself as she had been comfortable with him and of course his big cock and he had always been very attracted to her. We started playin some poker … It was her night to kick my butt so told her the night was hers. I am feeling like a naughty girl and being bad for you daddy. I rushed as she said this, i love my vocal slut. I feel like showing off and teasing and watching guys squirm hehe. Your definitely good at that I commented.Too messed to go to the bar but could see if anyone we know is online. I head to the store figuring there wouldnt be anyone .. There never is. When i get back shes on the computer to my surprise and ask whats she doin? Kinda funny but got on here and who says hello but Paul especially after last nights fantasy. Maybe his ears were ringing I joke and you reply think I rang more than his ears lol. That was hot i say and you agree was a nice fantasy.So whats new with Paul? I ask. Not much you reply same as us bored but he has some honey oil real stuff he says. Tell him to share i joke and you tell him and he says he’ll be right over. Hes serious you say and i dont care if you want, can play cards or something. You tell him sure why not and give directions. I bettet get ready you say and i reply dolled up like your fantasy. Maybe .. You joke and smile. You head into the bedroom and i relax and have a drink. Much later you come out in a nice dress shirt and long black skirt and hair drawn back in one pigtail and dark makeup. You look smokin i comment and you say jokingly hope Paul thinks so.Half hour later we hear a knock and its him. He looks much older and mature. We catch up a little while we all smoke some oil .. It is the real stuff. We start to play some poker. My wife wins the first game and i ask her what she wants. Paul looks quizzically and i say we usually play for favors or dares or something to make it interesting. Ok she says well play truth or dare so I pick dare and Paul says truth. Master i dare you hit on the next women that walks by the house. Ugh i say. And Paul have you ever fantasized about me? I laugh to myself knowing her fantasy from last night. I expect him to say no whether he has or not but to my surprise he say honestly yes him and his ex used to roleplay and she would be you for the eveing. Wow we say cool. Haveta get moredetails on that you say and giggle, i am surprised and am wondering if she is flirting with him but say nah.I sit on the porch and wait for a girl. I just hope i dont get hit or yelled at. I can see you guys watching from the window. Finally a girl about 20 comes along .. Omg i think not a yoing one ugh. I look and you guys are egging me on and figure canlı bahis what the hell all in fun. I say hello as she approaches and ask if she has a light. She digs in her purse and comes up with one and is aurprised when i light a doobie. Nice she says and i offer and she actually takes a hit. She seems kewl so i figure what the heck .. You have a very pretty smile and ask her name. Its naomi she says and thanks me. If your ever interested .. And i offer my number and tto my amazement i dont get hit but she takes it and says i think your a little too old for me but can hang out and smoke sometime, you have good weed. Deal i say and she heads off. I head in and you guys want to knwo what happened so i fill you in. Too young and hot for me i say lol and you reply not atvall look at me and you smile. Yes i do have one dirty young thing and you say anything for you daddy and wink and we laugh. E play another and Paul wins. I pick truth and he says since your wife asked have you guys ever fantasized about me. We laugh and i look at you and you say go ahead. Well yea we have and I show him the story we had written last night. Wow he says nice but just fantasy you say. Of course and now dirty girl truth or dare. You pick dare and he says i dare you to read me your fantasy. You blush but agree and sit on the couch. I get very aroused watching you tell him. How good he felt up against you and how you enjoyed teasing him and taking his hard cock. You looked into his eyes and said i loved you watching me and then having you play with me and teasing and pleasing your big cock. You fucked me so hard .. It felt so good and i moaned and came all over your cock and it tasted so good when you came all over my face. Wow he said that was hot.The third game i won and Paul picks dare and so does my slut. I tell you guys to sit on either end of the couch facing each other and rub yourself with clothes on while i read another fantasy i had written of the night at the bar and then back at the hotel. At first you look awkward but as i continue and things ger heated i notice you are enjoying watching him while listening to me. Maybe helped that as he listened and looked at you his bulge got bigger and you smiled when you noticed. Guess i do turn you on you laughed.That was hot you both agreed, you have the best fantasies. I smile and agree and we play obe more tie breaker for all the marbles. Winner names the favor if all agree. Paul is out first and i get excited hoping ill win and what to do. I pick up kings and aftet raising and you reraise im all in and you show aces. Ugh i say and soon it is over. Well we aay and you have to think about it. We smoke another and relax.You say i know, i will text and you have to do whatever i say. Ok we agree and am excited at the thought of what shell text. I will text both so everyone knows. First thing we get is i enjoyed you bahis siteleri watching me Paul while you watched Master. Tell me another fantasy while you watch from the other room Master. She leads him to the loveseat..i have a perfect view. He oes on to say how he came over one night and dominated you and did as he pmeased making you scream with pleasure. That was fun and you guys relaxed. I headed to the washroom and when i came out all was quiet. I peaked around the corner and was surprised to see him massaging your neck. Feels goid you say and he tells you to relax you feel tense. Could be all that aexual tension you laugh and he agrees. I have something that could use massaging he jokes. Oh yea and i am shocked to see you reach back and grab his shorts and say would this be it. Uh hu is his reply and you giggle and stop. You moan softly as he massages you and i watch as he leans over and kisses your ahoulders and neck and am surprised when enjoy it.You pull away and shake and say wow better stop but before you do he grabs and kisses you deeply. Oh wow you say not sure about this. Just thought you might enjoy some reality and he unzips his pants and pulls out his half hard cock and leans back and strokes it. I know you want my big cock he says, you always enjoyedbit ixn your lips didnt you and you get red faced but agree. Was always so soft you say and loved how you got hard while you fucked my face and you giggle . She watches Paul stroke it intently and i rush. Undo your blouse baby girl he tells you and you say your not sure but he demands take it off for me so I can see those big beautiful tits. You smile and unbutton your shirt, nice and slow he says tease me and you comply. I cant fucking believe it, my little girl being used by another guy. I am excited and jealous. You remove your shirt revealing your leather strap bra and he smiles. Very nice and now the skirt and you stand up and drop it to the floor revealing your black garter and fishnets no panties. Paul smiles and says yum says for me littlw girl? You reply yes was just a fantasy but make it reality daddy and you giggle. He grabs the back of your head and pulls you close and kissez you deeply and fondles your big firm tits. You moan softly and he leads your hand to his cock. You smile and grasp firmly and stroke it from tip to bottom. He grabs your hips firmly in one hand and rubs your pussy with the other. You pant oh yea and he slowly drives 2 fingers insdie you. He holds you tight and you moan loudly and gasp as he fills your pussy. You pant and stroke him hard and he tells you grind my fingers deep inside you little girl and you begin to fuck his fingers as i watch .. You look so hot. Fuck yea you moan as you rock back and forth. He smacks your ass repeatedly and you whimper with delight. Take me daddy and you fuck wildly and explode all over him. Good girl he says and stands bahis şirketleri up dangling his cock in front of your face. Yum you say and look up at him. He rubs the head on your lips and you open your mouth and stick out your tongue for him to slide his cock all over. He pumps his cock slow all over your face and then stops. Enjoy it baby and you wrap your lips around his shaft and engulf it all. You drool all over it and letbit slide on your tongue mouth open and then suck it hard and drive it deep until you gag. Fuck yes you gag and he moans amazing lips slut. He then grabs your head and holds it tight while he slowly enjoys your mouth. Use me daddy you say and look up at him and he fucks your mouth harder. You are panting and gagging and drooling everywhere as he uses your mouth with his 10 inch hard cock. He pulls out and bends over and pushes you on your back and spreads your legs.He buri res his face and i rush as you moan and tell him to eat your littke pussy. He sucks wildly tastes so good and teases your ass with his tongeu and you squeal. He inserts 2 fingers and pumps you while sucking on your clit. You writhe and shake and arch your back take my cum daddy and squirt all over his face. He laps it all up and then gets up and slaps his hard cock on your soaked pussy. Fuck me daddy you say fuck me good. He sticks in the head and you moan its so big and he slowly druves in02:58every inch and you squeal with deligjt. He grabs your big tits tigtht and ducks you deep his hips slapping against yours. You moan louder and louder and and look at him i want to ride your big cock and be your alut daddy. He sits and you straddle him sitting on his now throbbing cock until it is all deep inside you. You grind it wildly while he massages your bouncing itits. Fuck me good you dirty girl and grabs your ass tigjtly and smacks it hard. You cry aloud and fuck harder amd harder and he slaps you harddr and harder and call you his dirty bitch until you shake and explode ag02:59again. Fuck yes you pant did you come for me and he replies not yet and flips you on all fours. He pushes your head doqn and drives his cock deep and you squeal loudly and smile. He rides yoh and.i can hear his hips smack against your tight ass. Thats it you moan fuck me hard with that big cock. He pulls you back by your pigtail and slams you deep and hard til you explode again. Im gonna cum dirty girl and you say all over my face pkease daddy. He smiles and stands up and you kneel in front looking up and givgling moufh open. So sexy he says and strones it hard. You stick out your tongue give it to me Paul and smile sweet and he moans and shoots a stream across your face. Yes! You exclaim and he shoots another across your tongue and another down your throat which makes you gag. Yum you cry and he tells you to suck it all out. Yiu suck it deep and hard and he shudders and drives it deep. Take my cum whore and explodes again. You swallow and lap up all you can. Tastes ao good and you both collapse. I enter and you smile. He fucked me good daddy nd i smile and say yes he did fuck you good you dirty whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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