House in the Woods

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House in the WoodsOne night my husband, Mitch, came home from work in a very amorous mood. He kissed me hard and made my body tingle from head to toe. My pussy was wet in seconds. He asked me if I would trust him and indulge him in a fantasy tomorrow. It would be Saturday and I didn’t have anything pressing on the schedule so I said “Sure.” I asked him what the fantasy was and he said I’d just have to trust him, but that he hoped I’d enjoy it. Saturday morning came and Mitch had laid out some lingerie for me. It was a white/black dot whisper lace dream angel’s demi bra that barely covered my nipples, a skimpy white/black dot whisper lace v-string thong, and a garter belt with stockings. He told me that he was going to dress me to make sure I got it right. As his hands fastened the bra his fingers slid around to the front and tweaked my nipples. He then slid the thong onto me, his hands running up my legs and gently stroking my ass. Next he slid the garter up and then slowly slid the stockings up my legs. I was already turned on from his simple act of dressing me. I waited for the rest of the outfit but nothing appeared. I asked him about it and he told me this was all I’d be wearing today, and for the rest of the weekend. I couldn’t begin to imagine what he had in mind.I soon learned that we would not be staying at home. Mitch told me to go get in the car. I headed for the garage, and he said “No, we’re taking my car.” His car was parked on the street. If I walked out like this, all the neighbors would see me. I was overcome with both fear and excitement. As I walked to the street, I saw a few of our neighbors out working on their yards. I could feel the men staring at me and when I looked at each of them I saw that I was right. I got in the car and we started to drive. I asked him where we were going and he replied, “You’ll have to wait and see.” We drove for about an hour and passed through several toll booths on the way. Even though we have a device to avoid the toll lanes, Mitch made sure to drive through lanes and pay cash so that each toll worker would see me. At each stop he asked “Do you like looking at my wife?” The toll workers were happy to tell him that they liked what they saw and would actually like to see more. Sometimes he would reach over and pull my tits out of the bra and lick my nipples, other times he would reach over and finger me while the workers watched. I was wet after each and every stop. I’m not normally an exhibitionist, but these displays were really getting to me.After another hour we pulled up in front of a little cabin in the woods. There was no one else around us and I was walking quickly to the cabin when he told me to stop. There was a picnic table outside the cabin and he told me to lay down on it. Mitch then told me that I had been a good girl and should be rewarded. He pulled my thong to the side and proceeded to lick my pussy with fury, making me come quickly. He kissed me and told me to lick my juices off his face. I could barely contain myself as I licked his face and sucked his tongue clean.We entered the cabin to find a quaintly decorated single room. There was a bed, sofa and dining room table, along with some accessories. It was clean and warm with a beautiful fireplace. I headed toward the bed, since I thought he’d want to continue what he started outside. I was in for a big surprise. Mitch reached into his duffle bag, which I thought held his clothes. Instead he pulled out a set of restraints and fastened them to my arms. Tingles of excitement shot through my body. He pulled out a chair and I thought he was going to attach the restraints to it. Instead he climbed on the chair and reached toward the ceiling. There were two screw eyes anchored into one of the beams. He attached the restraints to the screws and left me standing there. Fortunately, my arms were at my sides, but I didn’t have much room to move. Then I saw him head towards the door and he told me he’d be back later. I couldn’t imagine where he was going. Every so often I could hear hunters walking through the woods. ataşehir escort They’d walk past the cabin. Most never even looked in the window, but a few did. They stopped and stared at me in my skimpy outfit. I shivered as I anticipated what would happen next. One came in.”I don’t see a car here. Is there anyone with you?” he asked.I quietly whispered, “No.” He walked around me, touching me, stroking me. I shivered with anticipation.”Who hooked you up?” he queried.”My husband did. He left a while ago and I’m not sure when he’s going to be back,” I answered.He eased down his pants and began to stroke himself as he stared at me, telling me what he liked about my body and how sexy I was. It wasn’t long before he came and shot his load all over my stomach. He then kissed me and thanked me. He tweaked my nipples and slapped my ass on the way out. He rejoined his hunting friends and went back to the woods.I don’t know how long I stood there, but it felt like hours. I finally heard Mitch return. I heard the car door slam twice and waited for him to come in. He asked me how I had been. I told him about the hunter, and he said “I’m glad that he found you as sexy as I do.” What he said next had my body trembling. He told me, “There will be plenty more of that to come.” I had no idea what he was talking about when he called out and said “You can come in now.” My mouth must have dropped in shock when another man walked in. Mitch told me this was Robert, a friend of his from work who had seen me several times and told my husband that he had thought of fucking me. Now he was getting his chance. I could barely stay standing. Jolts of electricity were heading straight to my nipples and pussy while I wrestled with uncertainty of what would happen.Both men walked over to me and began to touch me. The simplest touch had me on fire. Here I was, completely exposed and unable to resist with two sexy men touching every inch of my body. There was not an inch of my skin that wasn’t explored. I felt hands touch me and was uncertain of who touched me where. I felt lips and tongues traveling up and down my skin. I drenched my tiny thong as they continued to explore my body. My husband again reached into the duffle bag while he told Robert to undo my bra. He slid it down my arms as much as the restraints would allow. I had never been naked in front of anyone other than my husband, but the excitement was amazing. I felt two feathers lightly traveling over my body. I was so turned on that even the slightest touch made me come. Wave after wave washed over me. I heard Robert ask my husband if he could finally get into my mouth. Mitch told me that Robert had admired my mouth and had often thought of having my lips wrapped around his cock. Mitch gave his approval to Robert. I was wondering how this was going to work since I was tied up and standing in the middle of the kitchen area. I saw him get a chair and stand on it until his dick was level with my face. His cock was larger than Mitch’s and I was worried how I was going to take it and if I was going to gag. I didn’t have much choice as the tip of his cock entered my mouth and parted my lips. He stretched my mouth wide and eased his length in. It was exciting to have someone else in my mouth as Mitch watched. I heard him say, “She is a great cocksucker. Give it to her and she will work it well.” Robert shoved further into my mouth until I thought I would gag. He took things slowly with me and I sucked and licked with everything I had. I worked to fight the gag reflex and eventually relaxed to where I could take all of him in. I felt Mitch begin to touch me and tell me how much he liked watching me suck this cock. He worked my nipples as I worked my mouth and up and down Robert’s shaft. One hand continued to work my nipples as the other one slid down my stomach and he began to finger my pussy. He commented about how wet I was and slipped first one finger, then two and then three into my soaking wet snatch. He fucked me fast and I matched the rhythm on Robert ümraniye escort and ground my pussy on his fingers. I let out a loud scream as I came all over his hand. This did Robert in as he shot his load. Part of it went down my throat, and then he pulled out and shot the rest of my face. I eagerly licked as much as I could get.Before he came down, Robert undid my restraints. I thought they were going to leave them loose, but instead they removed my bra, then laid me across the kitchen table and attached the restraints to the legs. I was now spread eagle across the table. I heard them talking about the fact that my pussy wasn’t shaved and they would really prefer it shaved and clean. From the duffle bag came a razor and shaving cream, along with a scissors to cut my thong in half at the cotton gusset (allowing my panties to hang from my waist). Mitch went to the sink and wet a washcloth. They proceeded to clean me up and then applied the shaving cream to my pussy and my ass, taking extra care around my clit, making sure to rub their thumbs over it from time to time. They each took turns with the razor, making sure that every speck of hair was gone. I didn’t realize how exciting being shaved could be. Now that I had no hair covering anything, every inch of my pussy seemed even more sensitive. Mitch said that he wanted to find out what it was like to eat a clean pussy and he planted his mouth right over my clit. I came as soon as his tongue touched me, but he didn’t stop there. He continued to give me a tongue lashing while Robert licked and nibbled on my tits. I wanted to reach out and grab his cock but I was restrained and couldn’t reach him. I begged him to let me suck him again. He went back to fucking my face as I got my pussy licked and tongue fucked. It didn’t take long for me to come again.My husband now told Robert that I was ready and it was time for him to fuck me. They slid me down to make sure I was at the edge of the table. Robert stood at the end and eased his long, thick cock into me. I was so wet he slid in easily. Mitch climbed on the table and straddled my face. I eagerly began to suck every inch of him while I got filled with cock. A change was happening in me. I was eager to have as much cock as I could get. I wanted to do everything possible to please both Mitch and Robert. Mitch fucked my face faster than he ever had before. He was enjoying this every bit as much as I was. I felt Robert grow harder and larger with each thrust. I knew he had to be close to coming. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in as tight as I could and tightened my pussy muscles around him. I heard him let out a loud moan. We all knew what was going to happen and my husband told him to shoot his load on my tits. Robert quickly came around the table and shot it right onto me. A moment later my husband groaned and he pulled out to shoot his load on my face. I opened my mouth to take in what I could get. They undid my restraints and I reached up to rub the come into my tits and then lick my fingers. The feeling of their hot, sticky cum on my body was amazing. By now my body was jelly and I could barely move. They picked me up and carried me to the bed where they reattached my restraints. I never took off the garter and stockings and the restraints never left my wrists, they were only attached to different things. The three of us were on the bed together, hands rubbing over my body. We must have dozed off together, because the next thing I knew I felt a tongue on each of my tits. The fire in my belly started again. Four hands and two tongues explored my body. I had no choice but to lie back and enjoy the sensations. As I felt Mitch and Robert’s hard cocks press against me, I knew they were enjoying it as well. I wanted to reach out and stroke them, suck them, fuck them. I begged them to allow me to, but they both stated that my restraints would remain in place. They did undo them long enough to turn me over onto my hands and knees, giving them access to every inch kadıköy escort of my skin. They took turns offering me their cocks to suck. I was happy to have them. My body ached and hummed from the pleasure, but I wanted more. Mitch is a leg and ass man. He licked and kissed my legs, traveling from my toes up to the crack of my ass, where he spent time running his tongue along the crack, then down spreading my ass for him to lavish attention on my virgin asshole. In the past he had asked me to allow his cock to penetrate it, but I had refused. Now I was powerless to stop him. The realization both excited and frightened me. Robert slid down under my body, giving him access to my tits. He played with them well. My pussy was wet with desire. I needed a cock. I begged him to fuck me. He lowered me down onto his hard cock. He felt magnificent as he slid into me. He filled my pussy, giving me the sensations I wanted and needed. He grabbed my hips, sliding me up and down his shaft. Mitch’s tongue played at the entrance of my ass as I joyfully rode Robert’s cock. With my ass spread wide, Mitch slid a finger into my tight, puckered hole. I cried out as his finger pushed into me while Robert’s cock slid into my wet pussy. I was experiencing sensations that were completely new to me. It was amazing. If I had known how good this felt, I’d have let Mitch into my ass a long time ago, or maybe it was just the combination of the pleasure I was receiving from Robert. Mitch continued to probe my ass by adding fingers one at a time until three slid in and out easily. He asked me if I was ready for his cock.”Oh yes baby. I want your cock in my ass. Please fuck me,”‘ I pleaded.Mitch gave me what we both wanted, but ever so slowly. His cock was larger than the width of his fingers. It stretched me further, giving me pain that gradually lead to pleasure. I was full of cock and it felt magnificent. Both Mitch and Robert told me they could feel the other cock in me. It added an extra excitement to our coupling. They allowed me to ride them, setting the pace and force. As I became more comfortable I increased both pace and force. I couldn’t get enough of them. They seemed to want more as well. Their hands traveled over my body, rubbing my nipples, gently slapping my ass, exploring my face, and anywhere else they could touch. It felt like everywhere they touched was electrified. Harder and faster, harder and faster, until I felt like I couldn’t get any more. Balls slapping against my ass and pussy. Cocks hardening in me. Hands giving me additional pleasure. I had reached my peak. My body went stiff as my ass and pussy tightened around each one. Robert was nearly ready to cum and needed me moving. He grabbed my hips, slamming me down onto his cock. The force prolonged by orgasm and brought him to his. “Ohhhh, fucking, yes,” he cried out as he filled my pussy with his cum. I felt his cock pulse with each spurt. He was followed a few seconds later by Mitch. Robert had gone still, so Mitch was thrusting deep into my ass as he shot his load. Robert’s cock was still hard, but he was no longer moving. Only Mitch could muster the energy. It waned after his cock was drained. I was sandwiched between the two of them, sticky with cum dripping from both holes as well as hot and sweaty, as were Mitch and Robert.We spent the weekend together. My restraints were always fastened, just in different locations throughout the cabin. One of the most amazing sensations was as my hands were fastened to the shower curtain rod and my body was washed by Mitch and Robert. Their hands sliding over my body, slick with soapy water, would have brought me to my knees if I had been able to move enough. Mitch and Robert held me up as they double penetrated me in the shower. When the weekend was over, my skin felt raw from being touched and fucked, but I had never been more satisfied. Driving home was nearly torturous. With my panties hanging from the rear view mirror and my shaved pussy, the texture of the seat fabric on my pussy lips had me drenching the seat. When Mitch and I arrived home, we walked to the front porch, with the little bit of clothing that I had left, he pressed me against the front door and plunged into me from behind in clear daylight giving our neighbors a view to remember.From now on anytime my husband wants to surprise me again, he is welcome to do so and I will submit as his loving wife.

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