House Of Debauchery Part 1

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House Of Debauchery Part 1Alternate Title: How my Mother Became A Prostitute – Another story I haven’t proofread this one can hear the rythmic creaking of the bed in next room. The moans of obvious pleasure and dirty talk between a man and a woman leaves no doubt that they are having sex. The woman is Gina, my girlfriend. The man is her customer.I met Gina about an year back. Actually I saw her ad to provide “guilty pleasure and full relaxation” to men. I was 17 with raging hormones and nice long dick. Gina, was 42. She had a soft face and lines of age had already made their mark on her face, especially under her big green eyes. When I saw her the first time, Gina had her dark hair pulled behind in a bun. She looked quite pretty with lipstick on her full lips and mascara and eye shadow to accentuate her already beautiful eyes. She had big round breasts that must have been the dream of every man but the angels of youth had left her body and her boobs sagged so far down that her long black pierced nipples touched her belly. Once could see ripples of baby fat and love handles on her sides. It was clear that no matter how hard she tried to keep in shape, the slowing metabolism of 42 year old body made it difficult to have a flat belly. What was amazing was the how her waist flared into 2 magnificient hips. Big, wide and oh so soft they were the wet dream of every boy and man who liked big butts. They were not grossly over fatty but just enough to give her the hourglass figure that any prostitute needs to lure young guys like me.When i first saw her, she was actually sitting on her “service” bed and had a robe on but even then I could tell how sexy her matronly hips were.I loved Gina from the first time I saw her. She was an independent provider and worked out of her home. She was gentle, funny and warm.She had a body and mannerisms that makes one feel happy and comfortable. Most of her clients, she told me came back for more and she always welcomed them with open arms and open legs.However, when I first met Gina, she refused to sleep with me.”I can’t. You are too young.” she said looking at my face.”But I setup an appointment.” I replied taking my shoes off. I knew that prostitutes always wanted to get more and maybe this was her way of raising the price.”No. I mean how do I know that you don’t work for law enforcement.” she said and smiled revealing her perfect white teeth.By now I was turned on beyond self control. She was the sexiest woman I had ever seen and she was sitting 2 feet away from me, half dressed and ready to be taken. I wouldn’t have stopped even if she asked for more money. The funny part was that she didn’t.”I want to see some ID and I want you to tell me if you are Police.” she sounded genuinely concerned. “I can go to jail if you are u******e hun.” all through the conversation I had been stripping and by now I was down to my underpants. I was frustrated with her and it showed as an 8″ hard on through my boxer shorts. But Gina didn’t move. She still had her robe on, a gentle smile as if she understood what I was going through but she sat on her bed cross legged, waiting for me to show her the ID.I realized that she will not let me touch her unless I do show her the proof of age. I fished out my wallet from the levi’s on floor and fumbled through it to find the my license. I gave it to her. She looked the picture and then back at me and then she looked at the date of birth.She stood up and stepped closer to me, carefully avoiding my hard cock jutting through my shorts. She ran her fingers through my hair and as I leaned forward to kiss her, she grabbed my hair.”Oh honey! I am sorry but I can’t provide any service to you. You are still 17 and frankly I am too old to land up in jail now.” I tried to kiss her again.”Please.” she turned her face away. “Just come back in a few months and I will give you everything that you want. But you must leave now.” I stood in the middle of the room while Gina sat on her bed. I was dejected, my arms falling down to my sides. My cock was already soft.I looked at Gina once more and realized that she wouldn’t entertain me. I made one last ditch effort , “Are you sure?” “I am sorry” she said. I could see she was genuinely unhappy, almost sad that she was turning away a client. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes. My cock peeked its head through my underwear and then I looked back at her and smiled.”But when you come back, I will give you a free one hun.” she said smiling.In that moment I realized that she didn’t care about the money. She was really sad she couldn’t take care of my needs. This feeling sent a chill through my spine. Within few seconds my cock was hard again. It sprung forth so suddenly that it caught Gina by surprise.She fell back half way and this sudden movement caused her robe to open. I saw her large, sagging breasts and dark aereols. Her pierced nipples almost touched her naval. She still had her legs crossed so i couldn’t get a view of her cunt but she had really, nice and smooth thigs and hips. Before she could pull her robe back, I was on top of her. She tried to push me aways but i held her arms and started kissing her lips muttering “I love you. God! I love you”.I realized she wasn’t struggling very hard. After a few seconds I didn’t even have to hold her hands and in a minute of so she had her arms around me as i kissed her and mashed her tits with my chest.”What are you doing?” she whispered and ran her fingers through my hair.”I want you” I said looking into her eyes.”I know.” She replied and opened her legs.We didn’t speak a word after that. She scooted back on bed, took off her robe and opened her legs wider. I kneeled between them and then as we kissed and embraced, we fell back on her bed. She guided my cock into her vagina and i was surprised to feel how loose it was.”Ofcourse” I thought “A 45 year old whore like her can’t have a tight, 18y/o pussy”.Gina now had both her hands on my naked hips and pulled me in with every thrust.She had her eyes open and looked into my eyes encouraging me.”Oh Yeah. That’s it. Fuck me, suck me, make me yours.” she whispered in my ears.I kissed her while massaging her large tits. In a minute of so I came.I came a lot in her. I could feel jets after jets of cum shooting out of my cock and into her wet and loose, oversized pussy with large, dark labia. Gina felt it too. She grabbed my hips with both hands and pulled me in hard as if she didn’t want to let me go ever.As I came she muttered “Yes! That’s it! Cum in me baby. cum in my pussy.”I felt spent in a few seconds I could feel Gina’s loose but surprisingly agile cunt squeezing the remaining cum out of my cock. I smiled. She was a whore but she liked what she did. She was really good at it.My cock lost its erection very rapidly and in a few more seconds it plopped out of the slimy cunt of this 45 year old prostitute even though i still lay on top of her, Gina held my face in her hands and started kissing me all over. “My little baby. My darling. My man. You came so much. I can feel your cum soaking every part of my pussy.” I smiled.”Did you like it honey?” she asked stroking my hair gently.”I loved it.” I said still panting.”Maybe we should do it again.” she suggested playfully.”I just got 60 bucks.” I confessed. Now that i had cum, I didn’t care. I wanted to leave.”Oh!” She looked disappointed. “Come to me next time when you have money.” I lifted myself from the bed. Gina made no attempt to move. She was lying on her back, her legs opened. Her large breasts flopped on either side of her chest and her freshly fucked pussy red and raw. She was smiling as I pulled my jeans back up.That was about 3 months back. Since then I visited Gina, every week, sometimes a couple of times a week depending upon how much cash I had.We were now getting comfortable with each other. Gina knew what I liked and provided me exactly that.Then a few week back she asked me istanbul escort out. It started very casually when I visited her at about 9 PM on my way back home from library. After sex she suggested we go out to eat. I was hungry but broke. I had just given her my last 50 bucks. She smiled and told me the dinner was on her. For some reason, going out for dinner with an older prostitute was exciting.Gina drove us to a nice Italian restaurant a few miles from her place. While we waited outside she held my hand and kissed me several times while people watched. I knew it was pretty weird for all those people to see a young teenager with a 45 year old whore dressed in a micro mini, pink pantyhose and pumps, bare midriff showing her belly hanging out on top of her skirt. A small black blouse with no bra made her look more of a whore than if she were completely naked.I enjoyed the thrill of depravity and let her grab my butt as she kissed me on my neck and lips.Once we were seated, Gina ordered the wine and the food and we made out in our booth. She paid close to $75 for the dinner that night.After that I started visiting her whenever I could. Sometimes I showed up in the morning and sometimes on my way back. We had sex almost every single time I was there. I loved cumming her in big pussy and off late Gina had been encouraging me to ask her out more often.She often called me on friday and saturday night and after sex suggested we go out for a movie or dinner, even arcades. Needless to say I didn’t mind. Heck, why should I? She paid for the evening while I loved showing off my slutty, older girlfriend to all those horny teenagers out there. Did I say girlfriend? Yes, that’s how it started.I showed up at around 6 in the evening at Gina’s place. She wanted me to take her to a movie.I reached her house and knocked as I alwasy did but she didn’t open the door. I waited for a few minutes and then as I started walking towards the back door, I heard the door open. I saw a man in jeans and white t-shirt coming out of the house. He looked around sheepishly and walked hurriedly towards a car parked some distance away on the street. I knew he was one of Gina’s clients. I don’t know why but I felt a sudden pang of jealousy but before I could think further my cell phone rang. It was Gina and she was asking me when I will come to pick her up.”I am here. ” I said knocking on the door. I heard her hurried steps coming towards the door and then she asked, “Is it you honey.” ” Yes” was all I could manage.She opened the door halfway, staying out of sight but giving me enough room to enter. This is how she always opened the door, even the first time when I came to see her.I entered the house and found her in a sheer red robe and nothing underneath. The living room was dark but her smooth, naked body was glowing in the faint light coming from her service room. She kissed me lightly on the lips.”Just give me 20 minutes. I will freshen up. Do you want to eat something honey?” she asked me walking back inside the house, to the bathroom I figured.”No.” I was short.”What’s wrong baby?” she asked me from the bathroom.”Nothing” I said. After a minute of silence I asked “Who was that man?” ” Oh My God!” she exclaimed. “You are jealous!” I could see the excitement in her voice.I looked away but she squatted in front of me and held my face in her arms. We looked into each other’s eyes and then she said ” Baby! I love you but you know what I do. This is how we met.” I couldn’t say anything. She was right.”We have been seeing each other for 3 months.” she continued. “I know that you like me but you are more than just a client to me.” “Look at me”, she said, “You don’t even pay for sex half the time and you’ve been asking me out almost every weekend.” That wasn’t true. The bitch made me ask her out. But I kept quiet and let her talk.”I know a man doesn’t like to see his girlfriend doing other guys but this is my job. I like it and this the only way I know how to make money. If you love me, you will have to accept me for who I am.” “A whore”, I muttered.”Yes, a whore. A prostitute. A woman who sells her body to make money” she spoke rather firmly.”I like you” I said.”That’s all?” she prodded me then looking me straight in the eyes she said “That’s not good enough for me Dave. I am looking for a man. A man who will stand tall and say I am his girlfriend, his lover. I love you darling but I can’t go on with you just liking me.” I looked away.”When I met you, I thought you were mature beyond your years. Maybe I was wrong” she said to me raising her voice.That was it. No man can hear that he is not a man enough and I was no different.”I love you” I blurted out before I knew what was happening. That fucking bitch knew how to manipulate men both through her cunt and her mouth! I was trapped but I felt a sudden calm.”Oh honey!” she squealed, “I love you too”. With that she helped me with my underwear and took my flaccid cock in her mouth. For next few minutes my girlfriend sucked my cock like a whore that she really was.I could see the top of her head bobbing up and down on my now erect penis while her loose tits flopped side to side.From there on I never paid Gina and she never asked for the money either.A few weeks passed in a bliss where I was always satisfied. I would show up at her place unannounced and use the spare key to enter her house. More often than not I found her with client. As I waited in the bedroom I could always hear her having sex in service room with one of her johns. She would often come to the bedroom right after the men left and told me how much she loved me even when her body would be covered with bite marks left by her clients. I was under no illusion.I knew Gina liked to have sex but I also knew that she really cared for me.My mother by now was not clueless either. She knew I had a new girlfriend and she knew the name but nothing else. She often teased me about her saying things like most women lost their little boys after he moves away to live with his girlfriend but she had lost me the day I met Gina. She was a good sport about it though and always asked me to bring Gina home someday.I think it was summer and I was relaxing at Gina’s place. She was in her service room with 2 clients having a threesome and I could hear all of them panting and encouraging each other to fuck and cum.Finally, after almost an hour the men left. I didn’t hear Gina closing the door after them so I got up and walked out in the living room. The door was still open. I kicked it shut and then walked into the service room. Gina was lying on her back. Her knees folded and open. Her tits were hanging on either side while her large loose cunt had been fucked open. Her body was covered in sweat and she had a smile on her lips .I could tell she had a good time. A few 20s on the side table was her payment from this session.”Do you need a drink?” I asked her. This didn’t bother me anymore “Sure” she said smiling. “And by the way, your mom called. She wants me to come over for dinner on Sat night.” “What?” I stopped and wheeled around.”Yeah! It was not easy talking to her. I had a man in my ass and another in my cunt and she wanted to talk.” Gina said grinning. “I had to signal the men to be quiet and told her I was in the middle of something and will call her back soon.” “She must have found your number in my pocket.” I said.”So?” She looked at me and asked “are you gonna take me to see your mom or not?” “I have to, don’t I?” I said smiling weakly. “After all you are my girlfriend”.Gina got up and walked on her knees coming closer to me. She kissed me lightly on the lips and said “Don’t worry honey. I will be a good girl. She is going to love me.”My mother hated her! She threw a fit when she saw a 45 year old whore dressed in red vinyl micro mini and red latex thigh high boots, a sheer white blouse with no bra and of course no panties! This is how Gina had decided to dress up for her first avcılar escort meeting with her 18 year old boyfriend’s mom.”Who the fuck is this?” mom yelled. “What the fuck are you thinking Dave?” “Oh for Christ’s sake. Calm down Carol” Gina suggested taking a bite out of ginger bread mom had made for us.She was sitting at the dinner table almost amused at my mom’s temper.”Shut the fuck up you bitch” mom snapped at her. “I am talking to my son who has obviously lost his mind.” She turned towards me “What is wrong with you? Can’t you see this woman is all wrong for you? She is as old as me!” mom had tears in her eyes by now.She grabbed my shirt and shook me as if trying to wake me up. “What the hell were you thinking bringing this old whore into my house?” “Mom” I said ” Calm down. Gina is a nice girl and we love each other.” “Yeah! Listen to your son Carol.” Gina chimed in knowing well that mom will flip out. “For once let him be the man that he really is.” “He is my baby and you stay out of this you fucking bitch” mom roared. I held her arm to stop her from pouncing upon Gina and shredding her to pieces.”Mom! Please.” I pleaded. “You are making a scene” “Are you mad?” mom couldn’t believe her ears. “Can’t you see what this slut has done to you? You don’t love her and I know she doesn’t love you. She just wants sex from a young boy and I bet it doesn’t matter if she gets it from you or your friend Carl.” “I don’t like Carl that much.” Gina butted in again “But Mike, now there’s a fine young man with a dick a woman can suck all day” she said licking her lips.Mom stood in the room speechless, while Gina kept sipping her.water.”What’s the matter Carol?” she said ” Didn’t your son tell you what I do for living?” Mom turned to me, her mouth open and her breath coming in short, quick gasps. I saw her large breasts rising and falling as she breathed heavily as if she had just run a mile.”What the fuck is this bitch talking about?” she asked almost whispering.”Mom, Gina is in service industry. She gives men sensual massages” “SHE IS A WHORE” mom lost her self control and ran towards Gina. “I will kill you you fucking bitch. I am gonna tear you apart.” She grabbed Gina who was still sitting on a chair by her hair and pulled her down. “Get the fuck out of my house you fucking slut.” mom was yelling hysterically.I had to rescue my girlfriend. I grabbed mom’s arms and pulled her away. “Let her go mom. Please!” My mother started sobbing and then collapsed in my arms. She was hurt, she was wounded and I knew it will be a while before she regains consiousness.I looked at Gina and said ” you could have been gentle with her” “Your mom has the right to know about us Dave. She cares for you and I can’t lie to her.” Mom was on the floor and I had her head in my lap and I caressed her forehead.Gina stood up and was straightening her hair “I think it is much better that I told her the truth now.” “What if she doesn’t accept you?” my doubts resurfaced.”Don’t tell me you can’t leave mama. You are a grown up man. Please don’t tell me you need mommy.” Gina said sarcastically.”Bitch” I muttered.In a few minutes mom regained her consiousness. I helped her sit on a chair and gave her some coffee.Gina was sitting across the table facing mom. Both women stared at each other for quite sometime before my mother spoke.”I want you out of my son’s life. He is too young for you and anyway you can have hundreds of other men you sleep with.” “I will not leave Dave. I love him” Gina said firmly Mom looked at me and then back at Gina and said “I have given Dave everything he needed and I can die for him Gina.” “Yes. you can die for him.” Gina said. “But can you send him to college? Can you buy him the new car that he wants? No Carol. You can’t. So what good is your dying? I love your son and I can give him all that he wants. I may be a prostitute but I love your son and that is all that matters. Look Carol you have a choice. Either we can all live happily together or Dave will move in with me.” Mom looked at me again and I looked away.”Do you really love this woman Dave?” she asked me.”Yes mom. Gina is the first woman I have ever felt comfortable with.She didn’t ask me for sex, I asked her and has given me everything that I need.” “It is settled then.” Mom said with a tone of finality. “You can move in with your girlfriend” “REally mom!” I said. I felt like someone had lifted the load off my chest ” I love you mom.” “And I love you too dear. I can see that Gina can give you much more than what I will be able to and you two are obviously in love so why should I stand in your way.” Gina looked at me and then said “actually, Dave has already told me how much he loves you Carol and I think he really needs you around.” I had no idea what Gina had in mind but I liked the fact that she was acknowledging me in front of my mother.Mom was confused too.”Dave and I want to be together but we would love to have you with us.” Gina said.”Are you asking me to move n with you guys?” mom said looking at Gina and then at me.”My work keeps my quite busy and I can’t work around the house that much. Also even though Dave is a grown up man, he needs adult supervision. Your supervision. I am worried that he may not be putting enough effort in his studies.” Mom looked at me and grinned and said “Yeah. I alwasy had to keep a check on this little monstor. Otherwise he spends more time masturbating than studying.” “You said it!” Gina said. “I caught him jacking off right after we had sex. Twice!” Both women looked at me and started laughing loudly even as my face became red with embarassment.” Gina” my mother said “We have a big house here. We got a few rooms.How about you move in with us?” In 2 days Gina came to live with us. She didn’t have much stuff. Mom gave her the room below that Gina could use as her service room.Of 2 rooms above, 1 was set aside as my study room. While 3rd became our bedroom. In the beginning mom suggested she will sleep in Gina’s service room but often Gina would have clients late night while mom wanted to sleep early as her shift started at 6 AM on certain days of the week.Finally we all agreed that mom could sleep with us in our bedroom – the bed was large enough for 3 of us. Gina and I used her service room to have sex but sometimes during the night if we were both horny and didn’t want to go down, we would just have sex in the bed with mom sleeping right next to her. Gina was alwasys loud during sex – with me and with her clients and she didn’t care if mom was in bed with us.But my mother was a lovely woman. She would just turn around and try to sleep even when her son and his girlfriend were fucking each other like a****ls in heat. At times she would actually ask us if she should go downstairs but unless we were trying something crazy like a little role play or s&m, we let mom stay.In a few weeks even that stopped. Gina didn’t wear anything but her sheer robes in the house and soon mom got used to seeing her naked.Now she didn’t even turn around while Gina and I had sex and after a few weeks she even started encouraging us to fuck more and give her the grandc***d.One evening as I entered the house, I heard Gina and mom giggling in her service room. I peaked inside. Gina had only a thong on. She was sitting on the bed and her large naked breasts were flat on her chest and belly. Mom was sitting across her. She was topless but had a robe and panties on. Her rather large breasts were exposed and Gina was rubbing them.I couldn’t understand what my naked girlfriend was doing to my half naked mother but I hoped they were not getting ready to have sex.Thankfully they were not.As they heard me come in, both women turned to look at me. Mom blushed but Gina smiled and stood up on the bed and then started walking towards me, her tits flopping side to side.”Hi Honey. You are home early” she said kissing me , almost oblivious to her nakedness.”What are you doing?” I asked looking at mom.”Oh that! Not what you şirinevler escort think!” Gina shrieked “You got a dirty little mind hun but I am not having sex with my boyfriend’s mom.” “Then what?” I asked still ooking at mom.”I am helping your mother to pump her breasts.” Gina said going back to the bed. I saw a few bottles filled with white liquid.As I stared blankly Gina continued her explanation. “Your mom told me how she breast fed you till you were 13. No wonder you like women with big boobs.” “Anyway, she is still lactating and if her breasts are not pumped properly it causes lot of discomfort and pain. I am helping her get the milk out. Look how much came from just one breast” she held up a bottle with the white liquid.Then I watched Gina take my mother’s right breast in her hand. She caressed it and then pinched the nipple. Streams of white milk shot forth and sprayed Gina’s breasts and belly. Both women giggled.”Help me here hun” Gina said. “Please hold the bottle while I milk your mom” Mesmerized I did what she asked. I knew we were just helping mom with her chronic pain. I watched Gina milk my mother’s large breasts for next few minutes, till the bottle filled up. Mom just looked at her breasts or at me and Gina and smiled weakly.”I think that’s enough for today” Gina said. “How do you feel Carol.” “Great!” mom sighed. “It really feels good. I haven’t felt this satisfied since I last fed Dave” “Oh good” Gina said. ” May be you should let Dave breast feed again.I tell you, he still loves it!” Both women started laughing their breasts and belly jiggling.I had other things on my mind.”What happens to the milk?” I asked rather seriously.This sent the women in fresh gales of laughter and mom even fell back.Then Gina picked up a bottle and thrust it between my lips. I tasted the fresh, sweet milk of my mother. It brought back lot of memories but above all I felt happy and safe. I started suckling at the plastic nipple and emptied the bottle in a few minutes. Both Gina and my mother watched me with amusement but then mom ran her fingers through my hair and called me her baby.That night Gina nad I had wild sex while mom watched. Gina was on her back , her legs pinned behind her ears while i pounded her cunt.We both reached our climax in a few minutes and my cum filled Gina’s cunt and then started dripping on her thighs.”I am glad Dave is with you Gina.” mom said as both Gina and I caught our breaths. I was still on top of her, my cock buried in her cunt.”There’s so much he can learn from you that a girl his age wouldn’t know.” Gina nad I kissed passionately and then we both kissed mom goodnight.Next few days were uneventful. I often found Gina pumping my mother’s milk laden breasts in her service room while they talked.After both the bottles were full, the women offered me the sweet nectar. This satisfied my hunger but gave me a terrible hardon that Gina would suck till I climaxed in her mouth. Sometimes mom would watch and encourage us and sometimes she just left us alone.One night I woke up in the middle of the night. I was alone in the bed. Both Gina and mom were downstairs, watching TV.I got up and walked out of the room. I looked down and saw both the women sitting and tlaking in the faint light of TV. They were naked.”And have you noticed how much my breasts have grown?” mom said to Gina.”That’s just the milk Carol. I think you should start nursing Dave again. It is obvious you want to.” Gina replied.”But he is a big boy now. I like the fact that he likes my milk but I don’t want him to suck on my tits. I don’t want him to turn into a mama’s boy.” “Well, that’s your choice. But if you want to feed your son, I don’t mind” Gina said. “By the way, I think my ass is spreading faster than before.” “Really” mom said Gina got up and turned around, thrusting her large, fleshy ass out at my mother.”Well. It used to be size 38 when I met Dave. I think it is 42 now. I don’t know what to do Carol. My clients like my ass but I don’t want it to grow too much.” Gina said looking over her shoulder at mom Mom touched the large, white globes of my girlfriend’s magnificient behind with both hands and then started massaging them.”Well I think your hips look beautiful Gina. I have seen how much Dave likes them. He can’t seem to get enough of your ass.” “Frankly, I wish I looked like you.” Gina complained. “You have a perfect body Carol. Your tits are large, your nipples are long, you are lactating and your ass is perfectly round and still firm.” “Oh stop!” mom giggled.”I am serious.” Gina said turning around and facing mom. “So many of my clients are ogling you when they are fucking me. Some even tried talking to me about you while they were in my pussy!” Mom continued to giggle and laugh. It was obvious she was very flattered.Gina bent over and cupped mom’s breasts. She then lifted them as if she were weighing the melons in a grocery store.”Have you ever considered working with me?” Gina asked.Mom was astonished. “What? I am not a whore. You know that I work” “As a clerk. Yeah I know. How much do you make Carol? 20 bucks an hour? 25? I can make over 400 a day with just a couple of hours of work.” “I can’t do what you do?” mom said looking away.”Why not Carol? You think you are better than me?” Mom didn’t say anything.”Look at me.” Gina commanded my mother. “We need more money and I want to spend more time with Dave. I want you to take a client tomorrow and help me.” I walked back into the room.A few minutes later, Gina and mom returned and lay on either side of me. They were both excited. Gina grabbed my flaccid cock and shook it hard to get an erection. When that didn’t work, she grabbed my balls and took the head in her mouth.In a few minutes she was on top of me, inserting my cock in her cunt.”Open your legs you motherfucker.” she cursed loudly.Both mom and I squirmend but she didn’t care. “Give me your cock you fucking son of a bitch. I know you are not sleeping you asshole.” Suddenly i saw mom turning around to face us.She put her hand on my arm and smiled gently. “Do what she says honey” My cock was now buried in Gina’s cunt and she started bobbing up and down fucking herself.”Now tell him” Gina said “Dave. Honey.” my mother said haltingly . “I will start working with Gina from tomorrow. Together we can make lot of money quickly.” “Sure mom” I said smiling.This happened about a month back.I return home to find my mother or my girlfriend fucking strange men everyday. Sometimes they are both doing the clients and sometimes they are both resting after servicing a few clients.Together they are making up 20 grand a month, most of which is being put into property, stocks and other assets.Just like Gina, mom loves being a prostitute and because she has a fresher body, she is able to charge a lot more than Gina.Gina and I got marred last week. We held the ceremony in our backyard.Gina wore a red vinyl skirt and little stars on her nipples and nothing else.My mother decided to wear an expensive silky, white dress with no underwear. The dress was so sheer it showed her large nipples and cunt lips clearly.The women invited their regular clients for the wedding. A few black and Mexican men.Before the wedding, the black guys fucked Gina and filled her ass and cunt with fresh, hot cum. My mother then brought the bride out where I waited.The priest married us in a few minutes and my bride kissed me deeply.We went into the service room and had group sex. The mexican men fucked my wife while i watched. Then i fucked her cum filled cunt while mom took the men out for drinks and lunch. Gina reminded me that I have to share her with other men all my life by making me lick her cum filled cunt.When we came out, we found mom in the center of the lawn. She had lifted her dress around her waist, exposing her large white ass to the group of men who surrounded her. Loud music played and we all watched my mother performing a cabaret where she rubbed her privates on the bodies of our guests.Later that night the3 of us left for our honeymoon to Hawaii.The women worked out of the hotel room in the morning and we all went out during the day.It has been a good life for me so far. Gina is still milking my mother’s breasts every morning and I get to drink the milk.We are saving a lot too and both women hope to retire in a couple of years.

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