House of Repentance,the Interview.PART I.

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House of Repentance,the Interview.PART I.It has been a month now since I had one of the strangest experiences of my life.Thinking back I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do,I didn’t even think that I would be permitted to interview Sr.Concepta,but the ‘services’,if you can can call them that ,provided by the Monks and Nuns of Perpetual Repentance was certainly of interest to people and me being a free lance reporter I was determined to get an interview and try to find out what was the driving force behind the nuns and monks who administered,by all accounts,severe punishment to anyone who entered the convent and wished to repent. I had put my request in writing addressed to :Mother Superior,Convent of Perpetual Repentance,Old Convent Road. My letter went something like this:Dear Mother Superior,I am writing to you in the hope that you will permit me to interview you regarding your recent invitation to people who wish to repent and receive just discipline for transgressions in their lives. I am only too willing to put your message across and would be very pleased and excited to meet with you in person.I do hope to hear from you soon.I remain,Yours Faithfully,Siun MaCarthyJournalist.A week passed before I received a reply,a short reply which read,” You may attend for an interview with Mother Superior Concepta on Wednesday next at 10am”. I was thrilled. Finally I could ask all the questions I wished. I had heard many stories of canings,spankings of both male and female penitents. I had heard of whippings on bare bottoms of males and females of humiliation by both nuns and monks of males and females. I had heard of nuns and monks travelling to universities to punish naughty students,I had heard of boyfriends and girlfriends being stripped naked etiler escort in front of each other and spanked and flogged for having sex outside of marriage;the stories I heard were endless;however I would finally get to see for myself,Wednesday finally arrived and I made my way to the convent. I was permitted entry through the large wrought iron gates and directed inside a door to a large reception area. There was a very severe looking middle aged nun sitting behind a table which was situated on a platform so that she looked down on those being received. She looked at me from head to toe and I felt a little uneasy when I saw her lick her lips and smile a smile that was more of sexual attraction that welcoming.Another nun led me along a stone flagged corridor to a room. I was told to sit outside and wait until I was called in. I sat and waited,note pad in hand. Somewhere in the distance I heard a curious sound,it sounded like something swishing through the air and then a male voice crying out,a moment later the same swishing sound and then a female voice crying out. I heard raised voices coming from a room to my right. I looked up and down the corridor,there was no one about so I decided to eavesdrop . I listened at the door and heard a shrill female voice saying,” You are wicked and you must be punished,the both of you,take off your clothing and bend over that desk!”. Upon hearing this I immediately sank to my knees and looked through the keyhole to see two people,one male and one female undressing before a nun,the nun held an ugly looking strap in her hand. I was amazed,I gazed at the guys nakedness and another question came into my mind to ask Mother Superior. As my mind raced I watched ümraniye escort as the boy and girl bent over the desk and the nun began to swing the strap,first on the guy’s bare bum and then at the girls’ bare bum. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,the nun was smiling as she brought the strap down on their bare bottoms.I must confess at this stage I felt a little excited but before I was seen I reluctantly dragged myself away and retook my seat.I sat for about ten minutes before the door I was waiting outside opened and I was called inside. I stood in the room and watched as a middle aged short and skinny nun took a seat and stared at me. I didn’t know if I should sit or wait until I was invited but after a few seconds this nun beckoned me to a seat opposite her. As I approached the seat my eyes were drawn to a large table,on the table was a school cane and a folded thick belt. I became nervous. The interview went like this.ME- Hi,I am Siun ,thank you for meeting me Mother Superior.NUN- You are very welcome,now young lady,what would you like to ask?ME- I am interested in the service that you have spoken about,the service that is offered here,(my mind flashed to the beating I witnessed in the other room).NUN- Many are interested in the service we offer,so many in fact that we have been busy everyday since I invited those who felt they need some discipline and correction in their lives to come and visit us here at the convent. We provide for people who wish to avail of repentance by means of corporal punishment.ME- I see ,so both boys and girls are corrected here;for what exactly,I mean why would someone wish to be punished? (again I was thinking about what I had seen in the next room,the sarıyer escort naked bottoms of that boy and girl being viciously beaten by that smiling nun).NUN- People have always being sinful and repentance by means of flagellating the flesh is one way of making someone repent their sins and wicked behaviour and indeed thoughts. While a penitant is being beaten they experience a freedom from their trangressions,a released of negative energy that is the cause of all sin,this negative energy is the work of the Devil and so purging of the flesh drives out the wickedness’suffering is the key to becoming a pure person,but unfortunately for many who visit us here this purging can take awhile.(She smiled when she said that last part about purging).ME- But Mother Superior,how can a nun punish a man? ( my thoughts again returned to what I had witnessed in the next room,the boy being beaten had become erect and the nun wielding the strap must have seen this).NUN- We deal with many boys and girls here,of all ages,married and single. I myself have dealt with men who become excited you may say at the prospect or while being punished or indeed witnessing their wives or girlfriends over my knee being spanked. It is the discipline of the wicked I must focus on and when that boy is over my knee I make sure that the spanking I give is extra hard. I do also use my cane on the erect penis’ of errant boys or indeed one of the good monks may take the errant male to out whipping room and flog him as well as humiliate him but in most cases the correction we administer here ,whether that be spanking,flogging or indeed caning is in most cases sufficient to leave an impression on any errant male or female.ME- But Mother Superior do you become excited while correcting boys and girls?( The question had left my lips before I knew it,besides I was thinking of that smiling nun whipping the boy and girl with that strap).NUN- Yes,I wouldn’t be human if I did not feel a certain excitement as I viewed someone in all their nakedness before I corrected them.ME- I understand,( fuck she was smiling).

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