Housekeeper pt1

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Housekeeper pt11.PreludeAfter almost 20 years of legal profession, I was now an accomplished lawyer: I had my own firm, several younger lawyers working for me, big and important clients, a sports car, and a house on the hills overlooking the city.But my personal life was a mess: I had no friends, only coworkers and clients, and most importantly, my wife left me. We met during college, and had a very torrid relationship at the beginning. We were virgins when we met, so we discovered everything together. And we weren’t afraid to experiment new things: after kissing, we moved quickly to pussy licking and blowjobs, to regular fucking, and afterwards to anal. But we didn’t stop there. Once, when I was deep inside her ass, she told me that I don’t know what I’m missing feeling a dick in my ass. That did it for me, and almost immediately I exploded inside her. As usual, I licked her clean of the mess I made in her pussy, before sharing the cum with her.The following night, during what I believed is the regular prelude blowjob, she inserted her middle finger in my anus, and started massaging my prostate. Actually, the whole day she studied how to do it on the internet, and she was good at it. It didn’t take me long to shoot several ropes of cum in her mouth. From this, we progressed to small anal toys for couples, and all culminated one day, when she was waiting for me in the bedroom wearing a strap-on. It was a slim and small one, not more than 6 inches, but it looked impressively on her slender frame. In fact, having a flat chest, with two small mounds with big nipples, she a had the looks of a very androgynous person. My anus wasn’t totally unprepared, due to our previous experiments, but I felt a little bit anxious about having another person fucking my ass, even if it was my beautiful wife. She was very attentive, and prepared me with a lot of patience. I laid down on my back, and she licked and played with my ass until I relaxed completely. After my asshole was well lubed and dilated, she started slowly penetrating me. It was such a strange feeling, seeing such a beautiful woman on top of me, but instead of her riding my dick, her dick slowly inserting inside of me, touching my prostate. That night I had one of my most powerful orgasms ever. I got covered in my own cum, like those girls in the German bukkake movies. Next nights we played the more conventional way, me fucking her ass and pussy. But during the week-end she was waiting for me again with the strap-on. Each time we repeated the experience, she let loose a little bit more, fucking me a little bit stronger, and I loved it.But during this time, my professional career hit off, and I started having more and more success. I don’t know if my love life helped me, but I became the new star of the legal profession in our city. And my working hours got longer, and each month I started getting home later and later. If in the beginning we were making love almost every night, now there were weeks when we hardly met. She tried warning me, telling me to cool down a little and focus on the more important things in life, but I was telling myself, and trying to convince her as well, that everything I was doing was for us, for our family. We started fighting, and that gave me a reason to come home even later. And one day, out of the blue (or so it seemed to me at that time), I came home to find her gone. She filed the divorce papers, and moved back to her home town. I tried to reconcile, but it was too late.For me, this was a reason to dive myself even more in work, until I was practically living at the office, in long conferences with my clients and associates.After living alone for more than a year, during which I avoided all human interaction other than for professional purposes, my main associate died. The doctors said he died from exhaustion, his immune system had failed him. He left behind a wife and two k**s, and this experience forced me to reevaluate my life, and my priorities. For the first time, I started looking around, and at my life, more objectively. I was still in pretty good shape, but my face looked 10 years older than my actual age of 40. My house was a dump, filled with used clothes, old stuff, documents, empty bottles, and dirty dishes. Not knowing what to do, I called my only friend I could trust: my ex-wife. She got a new job in her home town, was dating a doctor, and she told me to do the same: start over, put order in my life, reevaluate my priorities.Now that I realized how dirty my house was, like a mirror of the mess I had in my own life, I couldn’t live in there anymore, so I moved temporarily at a hotel. I asked Sarah, my assistant, to hire a maid to clean up and tidy the house, and to take care of it from now on. After seeing the current state of my home, my assistant, disgusted, suggested that I should hire a live-in maid, to avoid getting back into such a deplorable state, and istanbul escort to have somebody taking care of my domestic life on a regular basis. I agreed, but suggested that it should be a male housekeeper, because I wasn’t ready to have a new permanent female presence in my house, other than my wife. I left the house keys to my assistant, and she promised to let me know when the home shall be livable again. My focus now should be the reorganization of the law firm, sharing the load with my partners and associates, and putting my life back in order before it was too late. And in the next week I did just that. Right after the finalization of all the meetings and paperwork, my assistant informed me that my house was once again ready for me to move back, and that my new housekeeper arranged everything perfectly, and was waiting for me.2.The housekeeperWhen I got back home late in the evening, since there was now a housekeeper inside, I thought not letting myself in, but meet him more formally. So, I ringed at the door. And, without any warning, the door opened, like the housekeeper was expecting me right behind it. There, framed by the light from the hallway, instead of the British type butler I imagined, stood the most striking Asian girl: petite, no more than 5,5 feet, slim, brunette, and with a skin complexion like a light chocolate milk. Her beautiful brown eyes were inspecting me, curiously, but she clearly knew who I was. She stepped aside, allowing me to go in. But I was frozen, unable to move. I wanted to say something, but couldn’t find my words. Instead, I continued looking at her. She was dressed simply, with a cute floral dress, that covered her knees. Her feet were bare, and looked tiny.”Good evening!” she said. “I’m Mali, your new housekeeper.” She was showing the sweetest smile, and it looked a very sincere smile, like she was really happy seeing me, it wasn’t the professional smile used by salesmen. And patiently, she waited for me to enter, the smile never leaving her face, and her eyes.After what felt like an eternity, I realized that I probably looked very dumb, standing there outside the door of my own house.”Uh… uh… Good evening!” I answered, and got inside. She closed the door behind me, and followed me to the living room. There, I sat down on the couch, and she remained standing.”Uh… please, take a seat. I mean… feel like home… you’re already been living here for more than a week” I said, trying to look more casual.She sat on the edge of the armchair in front of the couch, and waited patiently for me to speak. “Sorry if I looked so surprised back there, but I wasn’t expecting… you.”Her face changed immediately, looking very concerned. “Do you not like me, is there something wrong?””Uh… I was expecting a male housekeeper, so at least this is what my assistant told me she hired.””Oh… she didn’t tell you…” Her face was now flushed, and it was clear that she was extremely embarrassed.”Uh… you see, technically I’m a boy. I’m a katoey, or how it’s called in English, a ladyboy. I thought Sarah told you…” And, if possible, her face became scarlet under her light chocolate complexion, and her eyes started to glitter with tears.”I don’t know what to say about it,” I told her, not sure if I understood correctly. I came home expecting to find a male housekeeper, imagining something like in the movies, an old man with a British accent, like Alfred Pennyworth from the Batman movies, and here I was in my living room with a very feminine girl, who pretended she’s a boy, or a lady boy how she pointed out. I think that this confusion was visible on my face, because she started crying silently, and big tears appeared in her eyes.”Please do not fire me!” she said sobbing, “I don’t have any place to go for the moment! I’ve done all the work that needed to be done in the house. I promise that I’ll not disappoint you!””Oh, no, I’m not going to fire you,” I said, “Sorry, I’m just confused with all this new information. It’s all very surprising to me. Please understand! I have nothing against you.”But clearly, she didn’t believe me, because now she started crying for real. I left the coach, and kneeled next to her armchair, trying to show her a very calm expression. I always had a soft spot for crying women.”Please stop crying, I’m not going to fire you, believe me!” I didn’t know what to do, so I held her hand. She was trembling like a poplar leaf in the summer breeze.”I… I… cleaned everything, I… put everything in order… just like I thought it should be…” she started telling be between sobs. “I tried to do everything as good as possible…””I know,” I answered, and for the first time I looked around. The room looked like new, everything was shiny, clean and at the right place. “Thank you! You did a great job!” And telling her this, I squeezed a little avcılar escort bit her hand, to give her confidence. Her small hand was still trembling, and that is when I realized that I was thing about this person as a “her”, as a girl. She wasn’t properly a woman, so fragile, with a kind of innocence in her eyes, she looked about like 18 years.”How old are you?” I asked her.”I’m 23 years old” she told me.”And how did my assistant find you?”She hesitated a little bit, looking at first at me, and looking after at my hand holding her small trembling hand. She seemed to regain a little bit her control, now that we started discussing.”I was working part-time at a Thai massage parlor downtown, where she comes weekly. Her massage ther****t, who’s a friend of mine, wasn’t available that day, so they called me to replace her. As soon as I entered the room, she recognized I’m not a genetic girl, and she started asking me questions. That’s how she found out all about me. Two weeks ago, she called me through my friend, her regular ther****t, asking me if I was interested working as a live-in housekeeper for her boss.””And you accepted just like that?” I asked her curiously.”No, not at first. I was afraid that something like this could happen, to get rejected for who I am. But I really needed a job, and she told me you’re the most open-minded person she knows.” She avoided my eyes, saying these words, like if she was acknowledging her specific situation.I was looking directly at her, and observed that this discussion was embarrassing her, that she wasn’t comfortable, especially after the initial shock when she realized I didn’t knew in advance she was a boy, or a ladyboy, as she said it. I decided to let things go for the moment, but I had one more curiosity.”You said you are a girl-boy, or a ladyboy. It seems to me that I heard this expression before, but I don’t think I really know the meaning of the term,” I said, still holding her hand.The scarlet color sparkled again on her face. She looked in my eyes for a brief moment, and she quickly diverted her eyes.”A ladyboy, or a katoey, as it is called back home, in Thailand, is a person born as a boy, but feels inside like a female. We still have our boy parts, but we’re acting and presenting as females, looking as feminine as possible.””I get it now. That’s why I couldn’t tell at first. You look just like a girl, every bit of it. I wouldn’t have known if you didn’t tell me from the start.”Clearly my words were comforting her, because I could feel from her hand that she regained her control. Now she was not just abandoning her hand in mine, but she was holding my hand as well.”Thank you, you’re very kind to say this,” she replied.”One more question” I said, because now I was really curious. “How did my assistant know you’re a ladyboy?””I think a woman knows. And besides she’s been to Thailand, and seen probably a lot of ladyboys over there. In fact, my friend, her regular massage ther****t, is a ladyboy as well.””Mali, first of all, I want to thank you for everything you’ve done with the house. As much as I saw, it’s all sparkling clean and in order. It’s clear that you know what you’re doing. I think it’s enough talking for tonight, we should go to bed, and we’ll get to know each other better in the next few days. I’m positive that everything will work out just fine with us.” I tried to sound as convincing as possible, and stood up. She was calm know, and she stood up as well.”Where are you sleeping?” I asked.”There was an unused room, next to yours, that looked like a guest bedroom. I thought it’s okay to settle in there, to be close to you, if you needed anything.””Perfect. Now go and sleep.” I told her, preparing to leave. But just as I was heading to my room, I remembered something, and it was my time to feel ashamed. So, I turned quickly, startling her a bit. “I’m sorry if I’ve been rude, I just realized I never introduced myself.” I extended my hand, and said “I’m Mike.””Uh… your assistant told me, uh… Mike.” She hesitated, and she shook my hand lightly. “Do you prefer to call you by your first name?””Yes, if you don’t mind. I’ll be Mike, and you’ll be Mali, ok?” After saying that, I turned again to walk to my bedroom.”Mike?” I heard her calling me, with a timid voice. I turned again, and looked at her. “Uh… at what time do you prefer to wake up?””Don’t bother, Mali”, I told her, “I have my own routine in the morning. I’m an early bird, and I wake up at 6.””Uh… ok… uh… Mike,” was all she said. And while I walked to my bedroom, I heard her again, this time a little bit louder “Good night, Mike!”I have been rude again, leaving like this without a word, so I turned a little bit ashamed, and told her “Good night, Mali! Sleep well!”When I entered my bedroom, I realized I wasn’t so calm as it appeared. All this unexpected situation startled me, and put me in what seemed şirinevler escort an uncomfortable position. Don’t get me wrong, but having to live next to boy who looked like a girl, or a girl that still has her boy parts, wasn’t my usual cup of tea.After I showered, I laid down in bed, connected the tv to my smart phone, and searched the internet for the term “ladyboy”. I first read the Wikipedia article, and then a I saw some clips on YouTube. It seems that in Thailand ladyboys are a normal and accepted presence, and I saw several interviews with some striking beautiful ladyboys. If they wouldn’t have been presented as ladyboys, I would never have assumed they’re something other than genetic women.When I was falling asleep, I heard Mali showering in the guest room’s en-suite bathroom. Probably she stayed a little bit late. And I fell asleep, dreaming of traveling to Thailand, and sleeping on a beach.3.The first dayIn the morning, I woke up with several seconds before the alarm, as usual. After I peed, and washed my face and teeth, I went to the kitchen, only in my pajama pants, to grab a coffee and something to eat. I was still sleepy, and something was off with the house, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. But as I approached the kitchen, I heard somebody in there. And then it all came back to me. Of course, the new housekeeper! I was preparing to turn around, and go back to my room and get dressed more properly, but right in that moment she appeared in the kitchen door.”Good morning, Mike!” she said with the most crystal-clear voice, and only a hint of an exotic accent. I stopped frozen in my tracks, losing my voice for a second. “Uh… good morning… uh…” What a dumb fool I was, I did not only forget about her, slumbering as I was, but I couldn’t even remember her name!”I’m sorry, I can’t seem to recall your name…” I told her ashamed, with half a voice.”It’s Mali, and it’s no problem, Mike” she told me. She looked more self-controlled than in the evening, and was wearing the same dress. She was barefoot, and her feet were just so tiny and delicate… When I realized I was staring at her feet, I felt deeply ashamed, and seemed that all the blood rushed to my face.”Sorry, Mali. Good morning!”And I rapidly added “I am still very sleepy, and just forgot about you being here. I’ll go and get dressed more properly.””Please, don’t! This is your house, please act like it and do whatever you want!” She said the words so fast, and her tone was so sincere, that I complied, and entered the kitchen as I was.There was a huge difference between this kitchen, and the old kitchen I remembered. It looked almost as if somebody redecorated, or as if it was another kitchen all together. Even the smell was fresh, and the aroma of coffee was lingering in the air.”What have you done to the kitchen, Mali?” I asked her surprised.”Have I done something wrong?” she asked me right away, sounding a little scared.”No, not at all! It looks… how should I put it? It looks like a new and totally different kitchen! Thank you!” I added quickly.”Oh… I just cleaned everything thoroughly, and thrown away everything that was rotten, and all the empty bottles, you know…” and she just remained like this, expectantly.”Well, it looks amazing. Thank you!”Than I noticed that on the table was already a plate on which there was a steaming omelet, a glass of fresh orange juice, and a cup of coffee.”Please, have a seat Mike” she told me.”But you’re not eating?” I asked her, as she was standing there, near the table, waiting for me to sit down.”I’ll eat after you leave, now I have to serve you”, she told me, like it was the most natural thing in the world.”Nonsense! You’re not my servant, you don’t have to “serve” me. You’re a housekeeper, and you’re helping me keep the house clean. I don’t want it any other way. Is that ok with you?” I said that in my most clear, professional tone.She looked at me confused, but replied meekly, like expecting a trap “Ok.”Without asking her, I took a new plate and a glass from the cabinet, and transferred her half of the omelet, and of the orange juice.”Now, please sit down, and let’s have breakfast together. It’s enough for both of us.”She sat down, I did the same, and we both started eating. As usual, I finished quickly, during which time she only took a few bites.”So, what are your plans for today?” I asked her after she finished her omelet.”Well, I’ll make sure everything is prepared for when you get home” she answered after she swallowed her last bite.”And what does exactly mean? I never had a housekeeper before, so please be patient with me” I told her.”I’ll go shopping for some food, and some cleaning products. Than I’ll cook dinner, and set the table for you.””Ok. How much money do you need for shopping?””I still have some from what your assistant gave me when I was hired. It will be enough for the next few days,” she answered.”Oh! I’ll have to check this with her, and pay her back. From now on, please tell me if you need anything, ok?””I’ll do just that. And…” she looked at me a little uncertain. “I was thinking about buying some massage oil, but I don’t know what your preference is. I mean, you prefer it scented with a specific aroma, or without a fragrance

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