How Cruel Aisha Chastises Her Husband

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My name is Aisha and I am a British-Indian woman who cuckolds and humiliates her husband. I am 5’9” tall, slim, with dark eyes, and flowing dark hair. I am thirty-six years old. My husband is not allowed to have sex with me, and he is not even allowed to see me wearing anything less than my underwear.Those who have read the previous stories in this series will know that before I started my relationship with Philip, the man who became my husband, I had explained to him that as well as completely controlling his sexual responses to me, I would take control of the way he looks at other women.I told him that every evening he would have to confess in exact detail any sexual thoughts he had had not just about me but about other women, glimpses of their underwear, even glances in the street. I would then chastise him, according to how serious I thought the offence had been.In the early days of our relationship, I stuck to this regime religiously, and in the years since we have made quite good progress in curbing his male lechery. Philip is in some ways an ideal candidate as, politically and morally, he recognizes that such conduct is wrong and offensive, and I think he genuinely wants to be helped to behave better.I am as sure as I can be that he has never concealed any of his transgressions from me to avoid punishment. I’m also sure that he has tried his very best to reduce the extent of them. But it is so ingrained into patriarchal society for men to ogle women as if they were mere objects or possessions that he always had plenty to confess.In the eleven years we have now been together, the last five of them married, it has become impractical to have these chastisement sessions every evening. Work and other activities just take up too much time. So I’ve also gradually allowed him not to report the more ‘trivial’ offences, such as glancing at women in the street, as it became too time-consuming and also a bit boring.Instead, over time, things have evolved so that we mainly focus on instances of his inappropriate behaviour at work. Phil is now forty, and he has become quite senior in the consultancy firm he works for. He is well-known as a strong advocate for women’s careers in the kocaeli escort bayan firm and the wider profession, and takes a leading role in promoting diversity and equal opportunities.Despite this, and almost entirely unknown to anyone but me, there is scarcely a day that goes by when he doesn’t look inappropriately at women he works with. It again goes to show just how deeply ingrained sexism is in our society.Almost invariably, these inappropriate looks involve looking at women’s breasts or legs, and especially catching glimpses of their underwear, most often their bras, partly as he has a ‘thing’, almost a fetish, about bras, and partly because they are the kind of women’s underwear most likely to be accidentally visible.A typical chastisement session begins with me ordering my husband to remove all his clothes. This in itself makes him feel vulnerable to me.I used to make him kneel before me, but in recent years I quite often have him stand instead. Strangely, the fact that he is taller than me actually enhances the sense of my power since it reveals how, despite being smaller, I control him.Usually, I leave him standing or kneeling naked on his own for a while, whilst I get on with other things in other rooms. This gives him time to reflect on what he has done, and to become nervous about what the punishment will be.I then enter the room. I don’t wear any special clothes for chastisement, just whatever I happen to be wearing that day. I may be dressed quite ‘sexily’, in a short dark skirt and a tight white blouse, for example, or whatever else I have worn for work.I actually slightly prefer to chastise him for wearing every-day, unattractive clothes, jeans and a cardigan, perhaps, or an old T-shirt and some tracksuit bottoms. Doing so emphasises that this isn’t intended to be for his sexual gratification.That said, because is not allowed to have sex with me, and is only allowed to have an orgasm about once a week, he is in a permanent state of sexual arousal. So whatever I wear excites him, and he feasts his eyes on, say, the swell of my breasts under a T-shirt almost as much as if I am wearing, say, a tight corset, stockings and suspenders as I sometimes do if kocaeli sınırsız escort I’m going to meet a boyfriend afterwards as, for reasons explained below, I often do.Sometimes, because I like it, I wear an old school uniform that I can still just about fit into. That produces a lot of excitement in Philip and, of course, just as with any other time he looks at me lasciviously, he also gets punished for that.Whatever I am wearing, when I enter the room I initially ignore him. I just fuss around, tidying things up, and sometimes coming in and out of the room, just to keep him on tenterhooks. Often, if I’m wearing make-up, I will re-apply it in front of him, or spend some time arranging my hair.Then, eventually, I begin, usually just with the single word, “So?”By this point, he can’t wait to unburden himself. I have him tell me all his transgressions since the last session in one go so that I can work out which are the most serious and plan the chastisement accordingly.Sometimes, I grasp his balls firmly in one hand, squeezing them painfully whilst he confesses. Whether I do that or not, I always look directly into his eyes, holding him with my cold stare.Typically, he might tell me about Laura. She is at more or less the same level in the firm as Phil, and she is in charge of implementing to policy against sexual harassment. So it is ironic that she is so often the recipient of his inappropriate looks and thoughts.My husband likes and respects Laura, but he is also strongly attracted to her. So, very often in a chastisement session, he will admit to having looked down the front of Laura’s blouse during a meeting. Under my questioning, he will describe exactly what kind of bra she was wearing – almost always a plain white one since, of course, she is just dressed for work, not for titillating lecherous men – and how much of her small breasts or cleavage he saw.Another frequent target of his lechery is Nichola. She is junior to him and he is her allocated mentor, which means that I punish him especially severely for abusing his position and her trust. Again, her bra is often the focus of his lust.Typically, he will admit to me that, izmit anal yapan escort without her realizing, he has looked at her wearing, say, a black bra under a white blouse, so he can make out the cups and straps. He is particularly attracted to her breasts, which are much larger than Laura’s, and he also often ogles her bum, especially if she is wearing a tight skirt. He also often notices her shoes, and is sexually excited by looking at them.Again, I will question him in detail about what he saw, and especially I will ascertain whether he experienced an erection and, if so, whether it was semi-hard or fully hard. He is also required to tell me whether he has masturbated thinking about the women he has looked at inappropriately.He is forbidden to masturbate, except to me and under my supervision, anyway, so that would be a transgression in itself, but more so if he has mentally abused another woman, especially someone like Nichola, who he is in a position of power over.It is surprising how often he does masturbate over women, sometimes in the office toilets, and I often wonder how many of his colleagues do the same thing, each cubicle inhabited by some lecherous man, each wanking his inadequate little cock.Most recently, he has had to confess several times about his inappropriate behaviour towards Kasia, who is doing an intern year at his firm as part of a degree course in her native country of Poland and is only twenty years old.It’s mainly the usual story about looking down or through her blouse at her bra and breasts. Unlike Laura, who almost always wears a white bra, and Sarah, whose bra is usually black, Kasia wears a wide variety of colours and styles. These include red, purple, pale blue, and navy blue and range from functional sports bras to gauzy, lacy half-cups.Kasia’s blouse is often slightly too small for her medium-sized breasts, so the buttons often strain, allowing Philip an illicit look. But, also, she apparently wears quite short skirts and he is often able to look up her skirt at her long, slim legs and sometimes sees her panties.This happens less often, and it is harder for him to see, so there is less obvious variety than with her bras. In fact, whatever colour her bra, it seems that she normally favours crisp, white panties. But on at least one occasion Phil confessed to having seen a dark blue pair. As someone who adores underwear myself, I must admit that I find his descriptions very interesting quite apart from his sexual reaction.

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